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By His Rules

By Dineshree All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Mystery


Kit- everything that depicts independent woman of class, pride and success. Her heart - well, that's a different story, it is yet to be pumped into living I guess... And then, every storm, she never knew possible shakes her to the core of her being...

Chapter 1

By His Rules

“Let’s get a move on Kitty. I hate being stuck in traffic.” I had to roll my eyes, Delano was always dramatic. But I loved him to bits. I sigh as I mentally admit that having a gay best friend did come with an infinite number of perks, including having a fashion fundi to turn to. In my case, that meant, at my disposal 24/7 since he was my assistant and often home guest.

Yep, assistant to the most overly work-obsessed attorney, Kittania-Rose Grant. That’s me – work life = “Best of the Best”, social life = “on life support”. That pretty much summed me up. I worked on the most high-profiled cases alongside my legal partner, Nicolas Sanders, but, apart from that and my very close selection of people I called my own, I had little to keep me busy. I had money at my disposal from my heritage to use as I wished (which I had no use of) and I was in my piece of heaven on my country villa, so yes, I guess I can say, I was comfortable with life.

I had barely gulped down my coffee that I had Del pushing me out the door as he hurried me along.

“Woah, I need my work stuff you dictating drama queen!”

“I packed your stuff ages ago, so shut it and let’s get moving right this moment Missy!”

“Oi, are you listening? Good golly, Kitty, this is an important client! And I am not going to be with you over the next few days to keep updating you, so get your red-head out of the clouds and pay attention!” If anyone had to listen in on our out-of-office conversations, they would believe Del to be my boss. But he was right, I needed to pay attention. Over the next few days, Nico and I would be away with our newest client, Alfonso Libertino De Rossierio. Billionaire-businessman with knowledge and experience that surpassed his age by milestones, considered to be one of the most eligible men around, he ruled over his empire with class and sophistication that gained him many admirers, unfortunately, many enemies too. Which is where Nic and I stepped in, we were the newest to be linked to his team and we were meeting him for the first time to settle our role in place.

We stroll into the office with Del still blabbering on about the personal life of the client, something I had little interest in, but was clearly aware that Del was selling him to be quite the ideal. “Kit, great, you’re here.”

“Hey Jess, everything ok? It’s great to see you here.” Jess is Nico’s wife and not one for the office stops. “See for yourself, your partner is half dying in here.” Walking into Nic’s office, only to find a stuffed-nose, swollen-eyed, voiceless partner meant only one thing, ”Nicholas Sanders, get the help out of here and go home. You’re contaminating everything!” There was no way we could do this meeting now, not with Nic half-dead. “Sorry sport, you got to handle this one alone,” he was barely audible but I knew this client was important and an excellent boost for our firm. (By our, I do mean Nic’s and mine.) It wouldn’t be my first time taking on huge clients alone but for an odd reason, my gut turned over.

Del is too quick to change everything from here, “You” pointing at Nic, “get your sickly ass home. And you, Missy, best get going!” Del follows me down to the car to see me off but arriving at the exit, I notice two smartly dressed men who approach with reason, the taller one addresses me, “Miss Grant, am I correct?” as he extends his hand. “That’s correct. How can I help?” “I am Christiano, and this,” his colleague, “is Andrique. We work for Mr. De Rossierio and we will be escorting you to the meeting.” Well, I had not seen this coming. “Thank you gentlemen, but I have already made arrangements to,” I barely had any further chance to express my disconcern for the formalities, “Sorry Miss Grant, but those arrangements have been reassigned to being carried out by us. Direct orders from Mr. Rossierio himself.”

Great, I would be dealing with a spoilt money-brat for the next week all on my own but I had to put the client first so at this point, there was no choice but to agree.

It isn’t long before I’m being chauffeured in a rather sexy looking Bentley to a private airstrip. It does feel good to be given the VIP treatment, I guess Rossierio was one of those clients who went all out. Christiano leads me to the private jet as I catch a glimpse of Andrique moving my night bag (complimentary packing done by Del) to the jet. I guess around here everything is planned and executed to the perfection of Rossierio’s instructions. With those thoughts in mind, I walk straight into what I can only describe as a divine embrace. “Oh my gosh, I am so sor..” Those eyes, dark and mysterious as the ocean, waves crashing over me yet setting me on fire. His gaze penetrated through me to the very core of my sex and every inch of me buzzed. I have never been so overwhelmed before, so … erm... turned on. “Welcome on board, Miss Grant.” His voice melted me, what the fuck was going on with me! His right arm held me in place and I could feel the heat from his hand on the base of my back, the feel of his hand on me made my clit tingle. I was losing my damn mind! “I am so sorry Mr. Rossierio,” but my mild struggle to get on my feet only draws him closer and my heart is pounding. He smelled so delicious, enticing, I had to breathe in deeper. I catch the glimpse of fire in his eyes now and need to look away. An electric shock pulsates through me as he brushes the strands of hair away from my face and as the tips of fingers touch my face, my breath catches. Get a hold of yourself Kit! “Mmmm, you smell exquisite Miss Grant. Now if you would stop wriggling, I can help you get back on your feet. We are about to take off.” I didn’t even know if my legs could hold me at this point but as he guides me to my seat I am struck with the need to be close to him. If I could slap myself right now, I would. I actually should. I needed to remember this is a client! He bends over me to buckle me in as I sit and again I am feverish, wanting him with a craving I could not understand. “We can have a drink as soon as we are in the air. You should plug these in for now,” he instructs, as he hands me a tiny headset. If it were any other man, I would throw the headset at his head and walk out, but Mr. Rossierio was a different adventure and I did just as I was told. Not willingly by character, but my body obliged though. I could only watch as he buckled himself in across from me. The jet is luxurious to say the least and it suites him. He wears a dark navy suit, a white shirt and tie that matches his suite, everything seems crafted for his amazing physique. Right down to the elegant detail of his cuff-links and watch. Mr. Alfonso Libertino De Rossierio was dangerous in every way and I wanted desperately to unwrap him.

I cannot take my eyes off him as I plug in the headset. There is an exotically captivating instrumental intertwined with sounds of nature playing. It sounds all so sensual and I wish he could hear my hunger for him. Oh for crying out loud Kit, client.. client... he is a client. Rossierio looks up at me and for this moment it feels as though he knows, he knows how desperately I want him. Am I that readable? What the hell has gotten into me?!

He looks back at his ipad just as the seatbelt sign is turned off. Ok, so I guess that moment was all in my head. Feeling like a darn blundering teen virgin definitely does not define me. Now, I know I defined my social life as barely existent but I got my fun when I needed. I had my fair share of fuck-buddy minglings and it served its purpose. This wasn’t like those. I needed to know Rossierio in more than an intimate way. I most obviously needed to get my head checked for entertaining such thoughts about a client, a very prominent one at that too. I waited in silence as Rossierio continued whatever he was doing, and as hard as it was I forced myself into my legal zone. Thankfully Del had shoved Rossierios’s file at me as I was leaving so I had a means to remain occupied. So he was the only son, has a younger sister, is in the public eye for business related matters only and keeps his private life all hidden. The only details on file regarding his private life was his choices of dining, travel, educational background and known interests. “I do believe I am far more interesting in person than on paper Miss Grant,” he startled me out of my bubble as he handed me a glass of wine, a red boudoir. “Your preference in drinks.” He knew that?! ”Don’t look so surprised, I make it my duty to find out about every person I wish to work with. In your case, I reviewed as much as I could.” I am uncertain of how to respond as he looks at me over the rim of his glass, his gaze so intense I am caught between intrigue and fear. “And why would you waste precious time in that way, Mr. Rossierio?” Afterall, there was little to know about me apart from my extensive work portfolio. ”Let’s just get to the point, from the moment you stepped onto this plane, you had my attention. A rare situation but one glance was all it took to make me want to know more about you, so, in the past few minutes I made it my prerogative to find out as much about your private life as I could. From your reading interests to your family, friends and origins. Even your choice of wine." I could only gulp down the sip of wine I had just taken, I had never been “stalked” before but this was blatant stalking. So why was I enjoying this? Perhaps the gulp had given away my thoughts because his husky laugh only knocked my heated desire up a scale. “You are just amazingly alluring Kittania.” Oh heavens, if he called me that way again, I would be undone. ”I’m sorry Mr. Rossierio but this isn’t exactly a professional conversation.” His eyes darkened at that, “First off, you can stop with the formalities, Libertino will do. And secondly, until you began stirring my interest, I had intended on professional only. That has changed.” Not by my say, it had not. I am just about to argue my point when my phone rings, Del, life-saver! “Hello my love, are you missing me already?” Trying to sound convincing enough that I was talking to a lover and not my gay bff. “What the hell Kitty are you drunk?” Del wasn’t aware of my dilemma and I had to choke back a giggle, ”Oh, I miss you too love. I will be back before you know it. And I will make it all up to you.” I tried to lower my voice at the last line, and from the look on Rossierio’s face it was working. He looked quite annoyed, and it just made him more fuck-worthy. ”Ok then, on the account of having lost your marbles, I just wanted to say I have mailed you all the details you need for tonight and I am off to see Nic so get me on cell. And for friggin heck sake, sober up.” Del was off the line before I could say anything more. I would just text him and explain, besides, he was always game to play the fake boyfriend role. “If I may pry, Kittania, who might that have been?” Really, he was asking me this? “Well, Mr. Rossierio, that was my fiance’, which is what I was about to mention before that call." Obviously, I overplayed that by calling Del my fiance’ and I was being insistant on addressing Rossierio as formally as possible but it was the safest approach. Rossierio moved with such fluidity as he almost pounced on me, his face as close to mine as possible, his voice low, commanding, seductive and dangerously sexy, “Kittania, it would be in your best interest if you made a note to never lie to me. This little white lie will be the first and very last one you ever tell me." I would not be controlled, fuck how badly I wanted him, “Mr. Ross...” His lips found mine with an absolute purpose, and I tried but could not pull back. His tongue stroked mine and I tasted the gentle hint of wine in his kiss, as he reached out his hand behind my neck to hold me in place, a soft moan escaped me to sit upon his lips as his one kiss devoured any resistance I could have had. No, I couldn’t be so stupid! I barely managed to push him away, his eyes were darker now, holding my gaze in place, “If you call me Mr. Rossierio again, Kittania, I promise you, I will kiss the words out of your habit. Do I make myself clear?” I couldn’t believe this but I nod. “And as for a fiance’, you are not dating anyone to begin with. Although, I will admit, I am so captured by you, that, even a husband, would not be able to stop me from discovering you, in all possible ways.” I had never felt so utterly lost for words before, unable to stop the situation. It took just one kiss from him and need had turned into an aching for him. “Mr. Rossierio, this is unacceptable behavior and I shall not allow..” yet again his lips found mine. His lips were delectable and soft and his tongue found mine again and teased my desire, I hadn’t noticed when he had adjusted my seat into a semi-sleep position but he had and I realized his weight on me now. His hand warmed me as he barely stroked the side of my thigh, making me aware of the fact that my skirt had slowly risen during the seat adjustment. I could feel my panty dampen, my cunt moist and hot, lust fully taking over now. He moved his hand slightly further, resting a little higher now and he waited. Oh, heavens have mercy. He was waiting for me. I look up at him now and the fire in his eyes burns deep but holds tenderness. “I think I’ve made my feelings known, but I will not force this moment further" What, was that it? He sensed my thoughts yet again, his fingers faintly brushing over my lips, “Do not think for a moment that this is it, I said I will not force this moment but trust me when I say, I have every intention of pursuing you until you want me to give you what I want from you.” Right now, there was really nothing I could say, my mind was refusing to function and my intrigue for him kept deepening. He moved away, allowing me to straighten myself just as he poured another glass of wine and an attendant brought us a light meal. I only now became aware of the fact that we were not alone, but also, as the delightful aroma hit my senses, that I was actually hungry. “I have an excellent on-flight chef Kittania, please have a taste and tell me what you think.” I was not going to say no, before me lay Michelin style plating of creamed mushroom, devilled eggs with olive feta topping and a tender grilled piece of salmon. I can feel his eyes on me as I take my first bite of the meal and my taste buds are given an orgasm, “Oh my, this is absolutely amazing. Your chef is an artist, I envy you. Do you have him with you only on flights?" Libertino looks so pleased at this lighter conversation, “Gerald travels with me a lot, it is a perk of his employment so to speak. And he is also my resident chef at home, so he knows my likes pretty well.” “You have excellent tastes, then, I must say. I wish I could steal him away when I don’t feel like cooking or having Del’s creations.” I seem to be feeling lighter in spirits too it seems. “Well, I can have him cook up anything you want at anytime. And by the way, after meeting you, Kittania, I will agree, I do have excellent taste.”

I’m not the type of lady to blush or be easily thrilled by the fanciful words of a man, but Libertino was charming the panties off me. And that would become literal at any moment should he continue.

As I savor the flavors of each morsel, my professional mind is caught in an argument with the burning desire within the confines of my love tunnel that was taking over faster than I could control. What if he had thought that I was easy? Maybe this is how he tested his female business liaisons and I was about to lose this client! Or, even worse, what if he just played this predatory routine with every woman he met. I mean, after all, this is a man who has everything he could possibly want, he could afford absolutely anything, I am probably just a bored in-the-moment indulgence. So, I know, women tend to over think things but right now I can’t really help that. Overthinking is not one of my personality traits either so these thoughts are extensively annoying but I need to be made clear...

“Kittania, you are wearing a very concerned look right now. Not one suitable for the delectable meal in front of you.” Huh, what?! Damn, did this man see through me as though I am just a crystal glass. “Well, to be blatantly honest with you, I am more confused than concerned at this point.” I watch as he dabs his tender sweet lips and sets his napkin down, his eyes pierce through to my core again as he looks up and waits for me to continue. “What exactly just happened between us and what are your intentions? I have never mixed professional with personal and for reasons beyond my grasp at this moment in time, I have overstepped that line which I myself created and adhered to in all my professional context. I am a particularly work-driven woman, as I am sure, you have realized from the fact that you already looked me up. That all being said, with no intention of sounding like an over-cautious, over-expectant person, I would most infinitely appreciate clarification on what is unfolding between us.” Sigh, that was the legal mind of mine kicking in and being direct. And yet, he sits there, smiling ever so sexily at me. Hashtag, pussy moistening in progress.

I can see the flames of want simmering in his gaze and those flames defiantly stroke my need for him as my body is washed over my a feverish urge to stop thinking. “I can understand the confusion Kittania but in terms of you asking me to confirm what just transpired between us, either you are asking for me to show you through action as you desire more or it was not good enough that you have forgotten so soon. I would like to save my ego the bruise on that and assume in is the former rather than the latter.” He gets up and walks towards me and I gasp at the thought he is about to prove his assumption. Although disappointed mildly, I am please as he pulls away my serving tray and takes a seat on the ottoman in front of me. “I know that you took a moment there earlier on to delve into my personal side also, which means you found very little about me. Apart from what is known, that is. That one action of yours proves something valuable to me. Namely, you have an interest in me too and you have considered getting to know me better. Personally, I advise you to pursue that.” He smiles at this point and a sense of intrigue is awakened in me as he touches my hand. “Kittania, I am a private man, in my line of business, I have learned to protect privacy to avoid it becoming a point of weakness for others to play off. The business world is a harsh one when one has grown an empire like my father has. I keep private extremely private, but, and I find myself in awe at what I am about to say, I would for you to got to know the private side of my life.” His words catch my heart between beating and stilled and my soul is coaxed to a feeling I have not known before. “It is obvious you awaken desire in me to the point of barely being able to control my hunger to devour you over and time again, but you entice an interest in my soul too and that is a first. Please don’t ask me to explain how and how, I don’t have an answer and I want to explore this. So, I leave this conversation with one question which you should think on: Are you going to explore what I make you feel or not?”

He kisses me on my forehead as he goes back to his seat and the pilot announces our readiness to descent. My heart is racing, my soul is flying and my desire is ablaze...

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