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Inducing desires

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Set upon conflicting pasts, both heirs of two influential empires, set on a part to destroy one another, fall into the hands of there own desires, Ismael Ricardo so of Mr Ricardo finadd and Leonel Fernando, son of Cario Fernando, both powerful and elegant, are driven into lust spinning lobe which sets to keep peace at reach, but when desires come knocking a bridge of conflict is set upon hearts, seemingly wishing to destroy what was with no avail of repair, for lust wasn't only desired but greed followed suit, a greed which sort to end there existence, once and for all.

Erotica / Romance
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Billionaire's nig

StartFazing out the noisome sounds heralding his presence, Ismael deemed his eyes to the flashing lights of camera snaps.

"A step at a time" Ismeal muttered to himself, walking towards the halls doors.

Doors set ajar, Ismael walked in, drawing all attention towards himself, his elegance being the reason for such, no one seemed to resist the sight of his radiating splendor.

Feeling relieved from the anxiety he felt previously from his earlier reporters, Ismael heaved a sigh of relief, shutting his eyes, sucking in his breath, in preparations for what he did expect next.

"Welocome son" Ishmael hears his dad's voice, indicating his arrival.

Ismael shuts open his eyes, rolling them at the view of his father walking towards him, destesting his very presence.

"Thought for a while you wouldn't make it" Ismael's Dad stated, whispering into his ears, while giving him a hug.

"I wouldn't be, if I weren't forced to Dad” Ismael replied, whispering back, facing towards his mum, giving her too a hug.

“How well did you manage your Scopophobia, while dealing with those reporters outside?“ Ismael's mum questioned, worries plastered upon her face, while the walked to there seats.

Ismael kept silent, knowing fully well, his mum wasn't consigned about such problem of his, since she was the one to insist him being to the party.

"Mr Fernando" Ismael dad called upon a certain man, leading Ismael along him, with no prior warning.

On getting to where the man stood, Ismael rolled his eyes, to the pleasantries both party shared, after there introduction to that certain man, he had known or definitely heard about since his conception, it wasn't news that both men were long term rivalries.

"Nature calls" Ismael said to his dad, excusing himself, feeling bored over the elderly conversations, he felt his stomach twist at every sound of laughter the made.

Walking out of there presence felt relieving to Ismael, but nature seemed to be truly calling, although he had previously lied. Walking towards the left corner of the building, Ismael followed in accordance, the waitresses directions to the buldings restroom.

“Here at last” Ismael groaned, rushing into the restroom, somewhere he hope would give him few moments away from his family, also relieving off his stress.

He walked in, pushing open stalls which seemed unoccupied, finding one which seemed more comfortably away from the disturbing sound of slopping cock noises he had heard at a point, he stepped in.

“Christ knows, what slut could be yanking a man's cock over there” Ismael thought to himself while getting relieved.

Finished with his business, he walked out, turning on the sink water, washing off the soap he had applied. Ismael stretched forth his hands, aiming for the wiper, with wishes to get his hands dried off, seeing non at his disposal, Ismael retreated to flinging the liquid off his hands, while grumbling on the bad quality such situations entailed on a business.

"Stop, stop flinging that” Ismael heard a man speak behind him, making him jerk in fear “that's the hand dryer over there, if you aren't blind?“ The man behind spoke,pointing right beside Ismael, while dusting off the droplets of water which had fallen on him.

Ismael turned looking back to see who was behind him. A man with quite a good physic, a nice lined chin, fair skinned with a baritone voice and an alluring scent, reasoning such man to be someone's guard despite his rich looks, Ismael turned back, towards where he had been facing, ignoring him while drying out his hands.

"Rigorous lack of courtesy” the man mumbled, washing off his hands behind Ismael.

"And you who should learn minding your business and not just talking to anyone you meet” Ismael replied the man's comment, sizing him out with his eyes.

The man chuckled standing before Ismael, blocking his passage,He bore a surgeful feeling of dashing the younger looking male before him onto the wall. Sucking in his feelings, with a smile plastered on his face, the man turned to leave, straightening his clothes as he did, refraining from what he had wishes to do.

Ismael watched the man leave, walking out after him, towards the teemed hall to his family. His hands slightly brushing against his zipper, Ismael noticed its undone state, cursing under his breath, feeling raged at the days unending problems, while zipping up.

On reaching where his family were at, Ismael drew out a seat, sitting upon it, not minding Mr Fernando's family which shared the table with his.

Sitting, sipping wine, while typing into his phone, trying to avoid any concerns to what both old men seemed to be discussing, Ismael heard the chair beside him being pulled out “it is occupied“ Ismael tried informing, turning towards the one, who had already sat beside him.

“By who, if I may ask?“ The bathroom guy asked, facing Ismael, gazing at him for a response.

Ismael felt chills spread through his body at the man's gaze“By my family, if you aren't blind” Ismael responded, emphasising on the blind word, to deride him

“do you seem deaf or foolish, or are your brains numb to what I just said ” Ismael said loudly, being ignored by the man, who had taken to the meal before him.

“Ismael!“ Mrs Ricardo called, hearing Ismael's impolite words, trying to warn h on his choice of words.

Noticing what the lady tried doing, the man turned towards her, halting his meal for a second before speaking “Don't be bothered Mrs, seems your sons courtesy seems at bazaar today ” he spoke, with a smile on his face.

“And I hope you aren't trying to insult me?“ Ismael raged, getting the attention of there fathers.

“Ismael this is Leonel my son” Mr Fernando introduced, noticing there arising strife.

Ismael halted his rising anger at the indications of those words, retreating while glaring at his sisters Gianni, who had made a scornful remark.

“You would mind sealing your lips, if you wish not to test my wrath once more lady ” Ismael whispered, turning towards his sister, with a smirk on his face, causing fear upon her, once he had spoken.

“Don't threaten her for your flaws Mr” Leonels said to Ismael, cutting a piece of meat on on his plate.

“If you hadn't just come up and sat, such wouldn't be happening” Ismael retorted, focused on Leonel, turning his glare towards him.

“Wrong, you just lack courtesy and that's that” Leonel replied, slowly turning towards him, causing Gianni a laughter.

Ismael flashed a angered stare towards his sister, making her force in her laughter. Done speaking to the man he wished not know futher, he placed back his attention on his phone scrolling through it.

“Hi, Gianni here” Ismael's sister said offering Leonel a handshake, while flashing him a sluty look.

Leonel accepted her handshake, against his will on seeing the displeasure it brought to Ismael's soul, by his groaning sounds.

“Seriously, even before me?“ Ismael queried, staring at his sister “Don't you have an ounce of shame left?” Ismael questioned, pushing out his seat to leave, not really bothered by what had happened, but using as an excuse to leave.

"Why don't you both try getting acquainted with one another" Ismael's dad offered, a proposal Ismael and Leonel quickly accepted, walking out at once towards a seculded area, quite a distance from where there families sat.

"My pleasure finally getting to meet the Leonel Fernando" Ismael jeered, turning towards Leonel at there halting point.

"Had no idea you were a fan" Leonel replied, flashing an uninteresting smile.

"Don't flatter yourself " Ismael scoffed “I guess you ain't all the say, specialty being the way I met you beating your meat?“

Leonel chuckled once more staring at Ismael, he knew he had created an absord image of him in his mind, but cared not a bit, with his thoughts wandering around ways to exit the building where he stood, he had no intentions of defence.

“You ain't disagreeing to my view of you” Ismael stated once more, tired of Leonel's gaze upon him.

"Why should I?“ Leonel questioned, dropping of the cup he bore on his hwnds “A momentary relief from stress, shouldn't be much of a ruckus" he responded, taking his eyes off Ismael.

"Could we please get out of here?" Ismael spoke, revealing his real intentions, feeling he would loose his mind, within a sec of being at that building.

Leonel kept staring for a minute, not sure to accept Ismael's request or not too. Giving a smile, Leonel took off, walking briskly away towards the backdoor of the building, being followed suit by Ismael.

Seeing both men leave together, smeared a smack on Mr Fernando's lips, it seemed his work was being placed in progress.

"A nice sports car, you got " Ismael said to Lonel, jumping right into his vehicle unfazed by Leonel's glaring eyes.

"It shouldn't be your problem to get one" Leonel replied walking in, starting up his car engine.

"A possible fit, I do not have the luxury to purchase now" Ismael responded, earning him a glare from Leonel "A business in mind, can't afford spending careless cash" Ismael responded to Leonel's weird stare, trying to get it off him.

Leonel gave no response, driving off into the broad road, advancing towards a destination Ismael knew nothing of.

Arriving at there destination, Ismael was taken aback by where he had been taken too"From a party to a club house, really?" Ismael questioned, walking out the car and the stop of its engine.

“Never asked you to accompany” Ismael replied, walking towards the clubs door.

“But you never did say…” Ismael spoke, stautaring as he followed suite, his voice vivid with uncertainty.

Noticing Ismaels wavering voice and attitude, with questionable uncertainty to a proposed response, Leonel halted his steps forcing himself to ask if Ismael had ever been to a club house.

"Noo haven't, never have been the outgoing type" Ismael responded, with a hint of shame to his face.

Though flustered by the response, Leonel waved it off "better late than never" he said drawing open the clubs door.

Ismael walked in behind Leonel, wondering why the were allowed in through the back door.

Met by blasting sounds of music and noise filled cheers of dancing people, Ismael could feel the heat hovering around the building, the prevailing odour of alcoholic scent mixed with that of sweaty bodies, giving him an awkward feeling the moment he stepped in.

“Try getting a satisfactory experience" Leonel suggested to Ismael "not getting too drunk, would be the best idea" Leonel advised, walking off leaving Ismael all alone.

"A close watch on him" Leonel ordered a worker of his at club, "there be any arising problems, bring him to me" he demanded, walking into his private room, while Ismael moved to the bar, ordering himself a drink.

A sip after another, a drink to another, Ismael constantly and slowly took in while observing the present happenings of his surrounding.

Feeling tipsy, he slipped off his credit card, paying for the drinks he took, wasn't sure of what to do next, his only thoughts were to find Leonel, for a ride back home.

Walking away from the bar towards the part Leonel had left him,Ismael hoped to see him but got distracted by hands he felt grasp onto him pulling him away.

"A dance with me?" The man who held him requested, dragging him fort into dancing grounds, with no response issued by him.

"I do not wish too" Ismael replied incoherently, trying to free himself, from the man's clutches.

His body rocking against Ismael, with blurry eyes, and fading senses, Ismael internally cried for help, regretting his decision of stepping into a clubing premises.

Feeling the body behind him being whisked away to the ground, and another grip replacing the previous, Ismael turned to face Leonel, who had come to save him, jolting his senses back alive at the brush of Leonel's lips against his.

"Don't get to drunk, those were my words" Leonel rumbled, dragging Ismael off the dancing floor.

"just a little bit tipsy" Ismael responded to Leonel's statement, his words slurry, his feet wobbling as it marched, threatening to give up at just any point in time, while ot walked behind Leonel.

"And what's this called?" Ismael questioned, tumbling upon the mattress which sat before him, his legs giving up on him, as he was being dragged into a room.

Feeling reluctant to answer, Leonel kept mute for a moment, gazing at the wasted Ismael as he stared back awaitinga response"my private room” Leonel replied “other rooms, seem to be fully booked" he explained, sitting across on a desk.

Ismael cursed underneath his breath,feeling his stomach rumble, noticing his uneasiness Leonel advised he advance towards the bathroom, to go get showered.

Ismael stood up, feeling unbearable urge to throw up, staggering to the dizziness he felt, he plumated to the ground, spilling out stuffs off his mouth unto Leonel's clothing.

Leonel frantically stood up, watching Ismael laying on the floor, his annoyance at an uprising, yet withholding it not to to throw a fit he sat back where he had been. Ismael raised up his head, to Leonel's gaze upon him, his embarrassment being covered by a smile on his face.

"You look cute " Ismael said, chuckling a little bit, while trying to stand straight.

Leonel unable to hold down his expression, smiled at what Ismael's foolish reaction to the issue he caused.

"And a beautiful smile too" Ismael stated, now up, his fingers, moving accross Leonel's lips, making Leonel's heart flutter, an alien feeling he had just witnessed.

Having same sensation of throwing up once more, Ismael dashed towards the washroom, falling on his knees, throwing up whatever came forth from his throat.

Sitting on the washroom floor, Ismael awaited another uprising, trying not to mess himself up once more, by quickly moving out. Still seated, Ismael watched Leonel's walk in, glancing towards him, before Steeping right into the shower.

"No he wouldn't" Ismael mumbled to himself, turning his face away, while Leonel bent, taking off his clothes, exposing his nakedness.

Ismael heard the shower being turned on , with sounds of flushing water descending, he turned his eyes towards Leonel's directions, spreading it widely, taking in the image of his supposed living diety. Ismael felt wowed at the minute, never had he imagined to such extent what Leonel's clothes had hidden underneath. . Feeling his cock nudge his clothes, Ismael realised how turned on he was watching Leonel bath, slowly he stood up trying not to fall over, walking within a little pace, he matched towards Leonel, pausing for a while, he took off his clothes with wishes to join in on Leonel's bath, with his finger tip, Ismael trailed lines upon Leonel's back, coming right behind him.

"Shouldn't one respect anothers body?" Leonel questioned Ismael, feeling Ismael's hands trail towards his ass.

"A spare space? " Ismael responded, calming down his jerking body.

"Wait till I'm done" Leonel commanded, his tone deeper than it was at first, his bodies warmt increasing at Ismael's touch.

"The rumours weren't lies, you do have that sort of body" Ismael said, taking a seat upon the toilet seater.

“What rumours?“ Leonel questioned, trying not to end the conversation.

“that of a diety ” Ismael responded, belching to the alcohol, looking up to meet once more, Leonel's gaze on him. “Stop staring, it makes me think you're gay” Ismael stated “are you though?“ He asked, wishing for a favourable answer.

Leonel chuckled to Ismael's words"straight?" He questioned "was that a rumour too?"

"Are you then gay?" Ismael questioned once more, yet confused at Leonel's previous answer.

"One thing I'm not is straight" Leonel responded, with only those words escaping his lips, his reply gladening Ismaels soul.

Leonel switch off the shower being done bathing, he cleaned off his body, putting on a bathrobe, while Ismael watched, kindly observing the movement of his cock, ass and via his expression, enticing muscles, which made him suck unto his lips, bitting it a little bit.

Ismael walked towards Leonel while he placed the bathrobe on himself, placing hands upon Leonel's shoulders "a makeout with you tonight, wouldn't be bad" Ismael said In seductive whispers to Leonel's ears.

Leonel moved Ismael's hands off him, clearly seeing he wasn't in his right senses. Reluctant Ismael offered for kiss, tugging his lips forwards towards Leonel's lips.

Getting no response, Ismael heaved a sigh of rejection, wondering if he had no Alluring aura as he had thought. Deciding to make due with what he had at Leonels exit, no matter how perverted that seemed, Ismael drew out Leonel's previously used towel,getting done bathing, sniffed up on it groaning, muffling under his breath, to the testy scent he recieved, his mind wandering off to dreams of Leonel's embrace upon him, as he hugged unto it.

Walking out of the bathroom, with a bathrobe on, he sat on the previous position, where he had fallen. Seated now right beside Leonel, with his hands he carcassed Leonels ties, briskly moving his hands upon the fury bathrobe Leonel had on, meaning to gain entrance. With no reaction from Leonel, who laid on the bed, seeming asleep, he slid his hands down, moving them towards Leonel's cocks proposed position. Overtaken by lust over morality, he let loose his reluctancy, grasping hold of Leonel's hard cock, tugging unto them for a moment, he slowly knelt before Leonel, with wishes of not only seeing his cocks massive legnth nor just feeling, as it already sat in his grasp but to feel it deep in his throat.

"Do not move futher" Leonel demanded, shutting open his closed eyes, ending his miragful sleep.

Being jolted by Leonel's unexpected voice, a string of shame spread across Ismaels face, causing his fall on the bare floor. Leonel raising his body up, looked below him, seeing Ismael who had his face palmed close in Shame.

"Sit up and go to sleep” Leonel commanded “I do not wish in the slightest, to take advantage of you" Leonel said, falling back upon the mattress, shutting close his eyes.

Ismael rose up, walking accross the bed, he laid beside Leonel, being hit by Leonel's alluring scent as he laid, his resolve firmly returned, moving up once more, his lusty desires.

Slowly he placed his exposed ties onto Leonels, pushing further he let his hot breath caress Leonel's neck region, his hands placed upon Leonel's chest region.

"I'm not stiff to principles, stop, or I might let my desires take over" Leonel warned, sure it was his last.

Adamant to get what he wanted, Ismael pushed closer, placing a kiss upon Leonel's lips, his hands placed upon Leonels rocking cock, feeling its protruding veins, Ismael rubbed upon it, placing his head on Leonel's chest.

Pulling off his hands, Leonel sharply turned Ismael over, hovering over him “You seem not to heed to warning?” Leonel questioned, staring at Ismael like one who had his prey underneath.

Seeing the darkened lust vivid on Leonel's eyes, Ismael raised his knees, halting at its touch with Leonel's erected cock, slowly rocking against it, Leonel moaned, placing down his lips to Ismaels.

Leonel bent down after wards, slowly laying off the ropes which held there robes, throwing them off over the room, them to full nudity. Placing a kiss on every part of Ismaels body, momentarily grinding his cock against that of Ismaels, Leonel felt a string of cum drip off his cock. Ismael grabbed unto Leonel's butt, grinding intensely, squeezing his cheeks tightly, causing Leonel's groaning noises.

Standing up, Leonel turned Ismael over, spreading his butt cheeks, he placed his hard cock between them, grinding on them while he kissed onto Ismaels neck.

The constant frequency off there intimate kiss, laced with Leonel's movements upon his ass, as well as his cock rocking over the soft coated mattress, Ismael felt over the edge making him spill his seeds, a situation which allowed in the alcoholic effects which had eluded him for a while, sending him on oblivion's part, as he welcomed in his unconscious state, knowing not what took place next hence forth.

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