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Hunter's Escapades: Volume One

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Standalone, erotic stories of steamy sexual encounters from a male POV.

Hunter Ambrose
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Light chatter from the other patrons and the shaking of a metal mixer were likely the most commotion this bar ever saw. It was a relatively calm atmosphere despite it being Friday night, but at least the palm trees outside the windows were dancing in the breeze to the tune of the Spanish guitar playing behind me.

On my phone, a cute twenty year old blonde from Tinder had just given me her number.

“Hey you…” I sent back with a kissy face. “Send me something exciting for your contact photo. You’re much cuter than this than boring ‘T’”.

“You mean like this?” Taylor sent in return, attached to a selfie of her in the bath — only a single hand and a thin layer of bubbles covering a large set of tits. A pink gumdrop nipple poked through two of her fingers, making me determined to meet her the following night.

I chuckled and added it to her contact, unconcerned about who around me may have been looking over my shoulder at Taylor’s soapy tits. It looked much better than that drab default letter.

Smoky waves of Macallan washed over my tongue until the glass ran dry. The warmth filled me, rushing all over as another ten digits showed up in a banner notification from the lovely Hannah, age 22.

“Nate, I’ll have another, please.” I raised my empty drink to the bartender who nodded in acknowledgement.

“Excuse me…” I heard a sweet voice call from behind me. Its source was a young woman who was even better looking in person than the photos on her Tinder profile. “Are you Hunter?”

“That’s me.” I smiled, standing to meet her.

“What do you think?” She gestured proudly and presented her outfit to me.

I saw her stifling little giggles as I looked it over. Her nails were white as snow, her skin olive and warm. In the text exchange I had with her on the flight, I had told her to dress nice if she was going to meet me here. The Mandarin isn’t a place to dress like a slob. And here she was in a black cocktail dress, tight, with a shoulder cut out and single long sleeve– plus sparkling silver heels and a purse to match.

“Absolutely beautiful.” I remarked, pulling out the stool next to me so she could sit down. “But you’d look a lot better sitting next to me.”

The girl blushed and laughed at my charm, flattered and more than willing to accommodate my request. Two little tassels of hair that had escaped getting pulled back into her ponytail dangled and bounced as she walked forward and sat down.

“It’s nice to meet you.” She said nervously, struggling awkwardly to scoot the stool closer to the bar top as I settled in mine.

I bent down and grabbed the seat from underneath, just an inch away from her crossed, freshly shaven legs, and pulled the chair in my direction without difficulty.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Jade.” I winked, returning to an upright position as Nate set the new glass of Macallan on the decorative stone. “Nate, this is Jade. Let’s get her a sweet Riesling. Those are her favorite.” I requested, reminding Jade of our initial post-match conversation.

“The only sweet riesling we have right now is the Chateau St. Michelle. We only have those by the bottle at the moment, sir.”

“That’s fine. Just keep it on ice for her.” I confirmed and sent him off.

“Oh my gosh, it’s ok. You don’t have to buy me a whole bottle of wine. I’m not even going to drink it all anyway.” Jade placed her hand on my arm and then quickly pulled it away when I turned my gaze to her.

“Don’t worry about it, baby girl. I get my girls what they like. Drink however much of it you want.” I reassured her, on both counts.

“Well I definitely can’t drink all of it. I already had two shots before I left.” She confessed, moving her purse from her lap to the counter.

“You’ve already had two shots? What kind of a party did you think this was?” I lightly teased her.

“It was for the nerves…” she said quietly, pursing her lips.

“What’s got you nervous?” I asked with an understanding tone and caring eyes.

“I’ve just never done this before.”


“Drinks with a stranger. At his hotel. I just got out of a long relationship so this is kind of me just doing something new.” Jade confided in me as Nate came back with the Riesling.

He followed proper protocol: presenting the beige label with its black cursive typography before uncorking it and giving her a taste.

“Oh that’s so good…” Jade gushed. “I’ll definitely take more of that. Thank you.”

Nate poured the glass, and Jade curled her fingers around the stem to claim it as hers.

“Well…” I picked up my glass and held it up between us. “Here’s to trying new things.”

With a reverberating clink of the glasses, we sipped to her new age of exploration. Jade closed her eyes and savored the refreshing, fruity wine, adding it to her buzz.

“So what are you doing in Miami?” She inquired, with a voice that conveyed satisfied taste buds and eyes.

“I’m here for work.” I stated simply, snacking on a slice of prosciutto and cheese.

“What do you do?”

“I’m an entrepreneur. I sell things online.”

“That’s a very specific response.” Jade’s pearly whites made an appearance again as she giggled at my vagueness, curiously and nervously.

“Thank you.” I smirked. “Been working on it all week.”

“So what do you actually do? Like what businesses do you own?” She pressed, hoping to get a less enigmatic answer.

“I own a few. My biggest is a fitness brand, we sell leggings, sports bras, muscle shirts, and other stuff for your average gym bros and girls. The others are all digital media assets that earn passive income.”

“Really? That’s pretty cool. You must be doing pretty well if you’re at a hotel like this.”

“Eh. I do alright. It’s been a good year.” I winked.

“Ugh. I’m jealous. This year’s been shit.” Jade groaned and took a big sip.

I reached forward into the shiny metal bucket and topped off her glass. The ice crunched beneath the rigid glass bottle as I wiggled it back in. Jade squirmed about in her seat, making quiet rubbing noises on the white leather with her legs and dress. I caught her biting her lower lip and staring at my forearm that was exposed by my rolled up sleeves.

“Well then let’s change that tonight.” I smiled and nudged the charcuterie board in her direction.

“I’m so sorry…” She shook her head and piled cheese on a cracker with angry mannerisms. “I’m being a downer. The break up just really messed with my head. That fucking douchebag…”

“Hey…” I picked her chin up, encouraging eye contact. “It’s ok. You don’t need to apologize to me. But unless we’re gonna make him pay our bill tonight, let’s just have fun. I promise you won’t even remember his name by the time we’re done.”

Jade smiled slowly. If it weren’t for the naughtiness projecting through her gaze, it would have appeared anxious. In some ways, it was. We both understood what tonight was about, and Miss Jade was well aware of the type of man that was sitting in front of her.

This was exactly what she needed.

“That sounds good.” She agreed.

“Good.” I closed off the thread. “Careful looking at me like that. I’m more than just a piece of meat, you know.”

Jade swirled her finger around the rim of her glass and shook her head. She didn’t stop looking at me like that though.

“I’m sorry, but you’re really hot.” She confessed.

“Your flirting needs work.” I jested playfully. “I guess that’s one thing you can work on now that you’re a free woman.”

“Yeah, that and finally having a fucking orgasm.” She took a sip of her wine and nearly spit it out from laughter. “Oh my god. Sorry. TMI. I’m not a slut, I swear.”

“It’s ok. We’ve already established that you’re horny.” I teased again. “Never had an orgasm, though?”

“Well, not from a guy. I’ve had some pretty bad sex in my life.” Her eyes glared, making her disappointment with the male species abundantly clear.

“So that’s the fantasy that keeps you awake at night then?” I progressed, escalating the conversation further.

“Eh. I have a few of them.” She shrugged with a grin.

“Oh really? Curious Jade.” I sang and rested my leg against hers. “Let’s hear them.”

“Here?” Jade asked rhetorically with another giggle. “There’s people around.”

“Come in close and whisper them in my ear, then. Unless you’re already rearing to get up to my suite.” I replied softly, bringing our touching legs to her conscious attention with a quick glance down.

“Fuck…” she groaned excitedly.


“I have a feeling you’re gonna fulfill one of them.”

“Yeah? And what’s that?” I prodded, encouraging her to continue.

“I want a guy to just manhandle me. I’ve had sex but I’ve never been fucked.”

“Mmm. So you want to be a fuck doll for the night.”

Jade’s mouth was wide open, her tongue playing with her lower lip as she struggled to contain her thoughts. “Yeah…I was a good girl for three years. I don’t want to be good anymore.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” I warned her cryptically, linking her fantasy with our evening for good. “I’d hate to corrupt a cute girl like you.”

“Fuck…you’re trouble.” She giggled, leaning closer.

“Yeah. I am.” I returned, nodding as our pupils remained aligned.

“Good.” She mumbled softly, biting and licking that lip again. “That’s exactly what I need right now.”

She took another swig of her wine as I signaled Nate over, and let him know to charge everything to my room. The guitar in the background matched the crescendo, injecting some adrenaline and irresponsibility into Jade’s bloodstream as I got up from the barstool and extended my hand. Jade eyed my large, calloused palm, understanding that it would soon be touching much more than her hand.

“Come on.” I encouraged her.

Her skin was as soft and exotic as it looked, making her hand a perfect antonym to mine. It was the first mixture of gold and caramel, an omen of what was to come.

“Where are we going?” Jade asked innocently as we approached the elevator.

I clicked the button and then turned back to her, brushing those dark brown tassels back and whispered, “To get you in trouble.”

Her face was filled with shock of the erotic variety, flushed and hot. The tension was swirling. It was confined and exaggerated from the narrow mirrored walls of the elevator, especially given that we were the only ones on board. As the doors closed, I pulled Jade close to me, hand on hip. Phone in hand, I turned us to the wall and flipped open my camera.

“We’re gonna take a picture. That way you can show everyone you’re getting fucked by a real man tonight.” I whispered to her. “You ready?”

Jade’s hips bucked forward and back as my arm tightened around her waist, lowering down an inch or two while her lips began sucking and kissing on my neck. I snapped the picture, capturing that moment forever in time as Jade continued kissing me, leaving a faint hickey on my skin.

Her black dress barely covered her ass. There was a hint of cheek if you squinted hard enough or zoomed in on the photo. My face wasn’t in the shot, just my square, chiseled jawline with a touch of scruff, two muscled forearms and large hands accentuated by a white dress shirt and gray slacks, and the black case of my iPhone. Pure mystery and foreshadowing.

It was posted on her Instagram story later that night.

I pulled the dress over her ass and spanked it, leaving a pink handprint on her skin next to her black lace thong. The spank earned me a moan. She slid a dainty hand across my crotch and wiggled her ass around in the mirror for my pleasure.

“These are sexy.” I complimented her choice of panties, tugging at them with my fingers.

“Mmm…I’m glad you like them.” Jade murmured between her kisses. “I couldn’t wear the matching bra though.”

“That’s ok. You won’t be wearing these for much longer either.” I kissed her forehead and down her cheek, mindful of the floor counter in the top right corner of the car. “And I think I’ll keep them as a little souvenir.”

Those deep, chocolate brown eyes looked up at me filled with needs she was too shy to share. So I grabbed her by the chin and pushed her back into the same mirror we had just utilized for our sexy Kodak moment.

Just as Jade wished, we tore into each other in the few moments before our car reached the 16th floor. She took fistfuls of my shirt, following my tongue’s lead as it teased hers with swirling and ‘come hither’ motions.

Her kiss was thirsty. She drank up the feeling of her fantasy being validated and fulfilled. She wasted away under the microscope of carnal desire, understanding her only purpose here was to use and be used.

The air was sucked in with deep breaths as my fingers danced up her thigh. They traveled up and up and up, so close to the neediest place on her body. They were almost there, no more than half an inch away…

Then the final ding.

I released Jade and walked out of the elevator as if nothing had happened, leaving her there to fix herself as the couple waiting to travel down for a night on the town exchanged an awkward salutation with me.

“Hi.” I heard Jade sigh. “I’m so sorry.”

A few seconds later I heard the soft thump of heels and her heavy panting behind me. I scanned the keycard at the door and watched her racing to catch up to me as that couple entered the elevator with one last glance at us.

She made no effort to slow down, and slid her arms around my neck the second she was close enough to do so. We stumbled into my suite that way until we found another wall. My nimble hands found her zipper and tore the dress down her body, leaving that thong as the only clothing items left on her for now. Jade fought with me silently to lose the shirt while my hands roamed her. She eventually won, simply out of desperation, and before I knew it, I was down to my slacks and shoes.

“Oh my god…you are so fucking hot.” Jade’s hands pressed against my chest as she looked at my torso, melting and panting herself into a horny mess. “You are so fucking hot…oh fuck…” her voice turned a whimper as I sent two fingers beneath her panties. They had to peel away the fabric from the grool she was leaking.

My other hand returned to her throat and I held her against the wall as both fingers slid into a sopping wet, unbelievably cushioned pussy.

I chuckled softly as her eyes grew wide and those hips gyrated into my hand.

“Oh fuck…” she moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right, baby girl.” I growled and pushed my body against hers so that we were nearly parallel with the wall. “You wanted to get fucked…so you’re gonna get fucked. I will own this pussy for the rest of your life.”

“Yes..yes…I want you to fuck me so bad…” she let out in a high pitched whine in between those constant sighs and moans. “Fuck…Fuck me please. Fuck me please.”

The panties were no match for her wetness, they drowned underneath her waterfall as my fingers opened it up and released the flood. It trickled out, trailing down her legs until it became a gush.

“Oh fuck!” Jade spasmed, screaming and shaking violently as her eyes went white, her eyelids fluttering spastically and her entire body released itself into dead weight.

That was my cue. I picked her up and carried her to the bed, throwing her down with force and causing those cute titties of hers to bounce around. She attempted to sit up and meet me, but I flipped her over and smacked her ass again while she eagerly removed the thong.

I lowered to meet her instead, spreading her ass apart as she backed it up into my face and slipping my tongue along the inside. Jade shivered at the circles I drew along her asshole before I made a long line down her perineum to her dripping pussy.

“Holy shit. How did you find that so fast?” She gasped, noting the speed with which I singled out her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and tortured it with long, slow lapping motions with my tongue. Only a moan was offered in response. There was too much watery sweetness to enjoy for me to take my mouth off her for even one second.

Not until she came again.

Feeling her writhe underneath me sent my erection through the roof, threatening to rip the seams on my slacks into nothing but thread. So when she had finished, and collapsed her ass onto the bed, I decided it needed tending to.

Feet back on the floor, I grabbed her hands and rotated her across the mattress so that she was laying across the bed in front of me on her back and pawing at my zipper.

I assisted her after ditching my shoes. My cock was way too cramped in those pants. It quite literally sprung free over her face, ricochet and all. Jade smushed her breasts together with her hands as she kissed down my shaft, wiggling at the bottom so she could be in just the right spot to wrap her mouth around the tip.

She sucked on what she could take, doing her best despite her relative inexperience. The strokes were eager and her mouth was wet, salivating, drooling and spitting all over me.

Dissatisfied with how much dick she had access to in this position, she moved to her hands and knees and swallowed as much as she could handle. Those curly tendrils of hair swung about as wildly as her movements. She tried it fast and slow, but either way, she couldn’t take all of me. Her gag reflex stopped her two inches from the bottom.

She tried multiple times nonetheless — bless her heart. Miss Jade was determined. I didn’t even face fuck her, I just stood there pulling back her hair as she did it to herself.

I felt the pressure on my ass as her hands pulled me closer, unwilling to let her throat be relieved of me until she accomplished her goal.

After a few minutes of repeated effort, I picked her head up out of empathy and pity. A load of saliva spilled from her mouth and hit my cock at center mass, with the rest of it splashing down into the hard floor. Her lips were dripping as they smashed into mine, filling my mouth with slobber and spreading it across my cheeks and chin.

I pushed her back and crawled on top of her. Jade’s body sputtered like a short circuiting robot as she felt my cock press against her. She arched her hips every which way trying to find the right angle so that it would just slip in.

Finally it did, and the first few centimeters of my head penetrated her.

“You ready for it, baby girl?” I whispered softly. “Your mouth couldn’t handle it…do you think your pussy can?”

“Yes.” Jade interjected before I had even finished the question. “Yes. Yes. Just put it in. Please.”

“Mmmm, I don’t know…” I moaned, slipping in a little further. I was greeted by a striking, supple texture. Jade’s legs began shaking. She tried to make me budge and failed. “From the way your body’s reacting, I think I might break you.”

“Fucking break me then.” She demanded, wincing as I gingerly wrapped each finger around her throat once again.

Another little bit slipped in, and I let out a low, deep chuckle as little Jade melted into a puddle of torment. “Please, please, please stop teasing me…” came her half laugh, half cry for help.

I repositioned myself and lowered my body weight onto her, my lips meeting her ears.

“I’m going to ruin sex for you, forever.” I grunted, a mixture of feigned anger and hypnotic charm.

“Oh fuck….” She cried in satisfaction as I slowly pushed the remaining six and a half inches into her. Her hands wrapped around my shoulders and held on for dear life. I pulled out until almost all of it had been taken away, and then thrust slowly back in. Over and over as I ruined the rest of her life.

“Once you leave this hotel room, I’m never gonna fuck you again.” I held myself up a little so I could capture her eyes. “You understand? This is it. Take in everything. Savor it. Because you’re gonna lay awake at night, every night, thinking about this as your future husband lays asleep next to you. Nothing will ever top this — no matter how hard you try. Because I’m going to ruin you. Forever.”

“Oh my god…” Jade whimpered, pupils agape just like the mouth I dangled a stream of spit into.

The orgy of sensory overload caused that supple pussy to constrict, and a shiver overtook her. I pushed in as deep as I could go, even grabbing underneath her ass for assistance.

I laughed the whole way, turned on by the way this girl, who I had only just met, willingly descended into chaos under my influence.

“Oh fuck, Hunter!” She screamed, digging her nails into the skin of my shoulder blades.

I pulled her hair and thrust again– harder this time.

“That’s not my name.” I growled. “I’m daddy to you. Nothing else.”

“Yes, daddy. Fuck.”

“Cum for me again, love.” I instigated. “Consider it practice for all the times you’re gonna have to revisit this just to make yourself cum when another guy fucks you.”

Jade’s face flushed with redness, eyes showing her imagination tumbling down the sinful hole I had dug for her. She struggled to form her next words, straining and searching for a response that would communicate the indescribable, tumultuous ecstasy.

“Fucking SHIT…” she grunted.

“Oh fuck! Daddy!” She screamed.

Her pussy trapped me until the roller coaster had subsided, but I moved my hips in circles to keep it going until she was banging her hands on my chest out of hypersensitivity.

I flipped her over like a rag doll and smacked her ass as hard as I possibly could, leaving another, brighter red hand print that matched the blush in her cheeks. I spread her legs out and locked them beneath my own, and lowered down to put her in a choke hold, my other hand pulling back on her hair again.

“Oh my god. Fuck…” she panted against the crook of my bicep and forearm. That cute little ass was a nice cushion as I penetrated her once more. It was a nice complement to the soaking mess of her pussy.

“What’s my name, Jade?”


“Say it louder.”

“Daddy. Fuck! You’re my fucking daddy! Holy shit…”

“And what am I gonna do?”

“Ughh….fuck me…” Jade struggled, hyperventilating and slobbering all over my arm. Her nails sunk into my skin to the point of drawing drops of blood. It only served to rile me up more.

“What am I gonna do? Let me hear it so I know you understand.”

“You’re gonna ruin me.” She whispered.

“Louder, love. I can’t hear you.”

“Fucking ruin me!” She screamed, loud enough for the room next door to hear and doing her best to ram her ass back into me so I could go deeper. “Ruin my fucking life, daddy! Ruin my fucking life!”

The room was filled with grunts and moans and cries for the next several minutes as I shoved her head down into the pillow and pounded the absolute shit out of her pussy in that position. It sent her soul into the astral plane for a trip around the galaxy, culminating in an orgasm so powerful her pussy forced me out as she trickled like a creek down onto the stark white bedding. I stuck a few fingers inside to finish her off, curling down towards the mattress to torture her swollen g-spot into oblivion.

Jade convulsed so violently she turned back over with my fingers still inside her and almost writhed herself straight off the bed. I pulled her back and slowed my fingers, laughing sadistically while her consciousness resettled into her home dimension.

“Holy fuck…” she sputtered, her whole body shivering despite being as hot as the sun.

“I wasn’t lying, baby girl.” I kissed her forehead, and stuck a third finger in. They each disappeared until the last knuckle, swirling around inside her in big circles.

A long trail of cum spread from her as I pulled them out, eventually breaking and moistening her stomach. I stuck them in her mouth so she could like them clean.

“That’s how you taste. Pretty good huh?”

Jade moaned her approval. Her tongue licked each finger until there was nothing left but her own saliva.

“Good girl.” I said quietly, before picking her up and sitting back on my ass. Jade was impaled instantly. She put a hand to my chest to steady herself while her lungs continued to malfunction.

I grabbed her ass and fell backwards, keeping her in place so neither of us would get hurt.

Once on my back, I squeezed the sides of her neck with both hands and brought my feet up so that my knees were bent.

And I started pounding her again.

I started slow so that it matched the vibe, but it gradually increased in pace until Jade had worked up the strength to contribute.

My cock bottomed out in her, the muscles in her neck strained against my grip, and Jade had not one, but two heart stopping orgasms that made us pause and slow down until they had passed.

That smooth pussy had me losing control near the end. I could only take so much of her tight pulsations.

We stayed connected as I flipped her once more to her back, and I fucked her like it was the last romp I’d ever have. It was fast and deep and passionate, full of locked lips, dancing tongues, and trickling pre-cum. Her moans resumed, leaking out between each smack of our kisses and the creaking of the mattress.

And then I reached the point of no return.

I pulled out and yanked her up to her hands and knees, and exploded all over her face. Jade closed her eyes and basked in it, sighing with every string of white hot cum that plastered her.

She sat on her knees and giggled, temporarily blind but permanently happy. I surprised her with one last kiss, smearing my sweet but salty cum between our lips, noses, and cheeks, tasting and sharing it together.

“You look so cute with cum all over your face.” I complimented her, spitting and scraping it into her mouth with my thumbs so she could swallow it like a good girl. I wiped her eyes clean with her panties, and we sunk into a slow, long, passionate make out.

Jade had only one night with me, and she was determined to spend every second of it reaping the benefits.

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