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Lust and Sex Stories

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Stories of Fantasy Desires of Lust and Sex.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🔥🔥💦🤤😛💋

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Here is the first episode of desires love stories starts, its all about imagination not related to real stories. Its a fantasy romance desires love stories.

One night love moment:

The story about Lina and Ravish is their desired fantasy love story.

Lina is a lovely, beautiful, and mischievous young lady. Her personality is introverted, and she prefers to keep to herself. She once went to a nighttime party with her sister. Lina was hesitant to attend the party because it was located outside of town near the beach. Her sister Tina saw Lina feeling shy, and she whispered in her ear, "Hey sister come on, it's our friends. We are returning home after a month. I informed my family back home that we were on vacation, as they were also leaving the city. So, have fun, and I'd like to meet someone special to you." Lina says with a smiley face, "It's about your BF?"

Tina nodded as she noticed her boyfriend approaching. Tina kissed her boyfriend Ronnie in front of Lina. Lina notices Tina's sadness because she does not have a boyfriend. Lina and Tina are twin sisters, but everything about them is different from each other. Tina tells Ronnie about her sister Lina. Ronnie makes Tina run away and then comes near Lina. He holds her hand and kisses her cheek; Tina smiles and says, "Ronnie, it's my sister." Ronnie says with a naughty smile, "I just welcomed her to my private party. You remember my best friend? You will definitely like her as she also likes to talk less and stay away from crowds. Send her to my house, please. Look at her clothes. Are you here for a party or to attend college?"

Lina is saddened to see her lose her long-sleeved top, pencil jeans, and medium hair. Tina says with sadness, "Ronnie, please leave her alone. I brought her here to make her like us. Wait, Lina go inside the house. Ronnie, let's make your best friend meet with my sister." "Of course," Ronnie says, grabbing Tina in his arms. Let's go, but before that I will pick you up in my arms." Tina made him unbutton and remove his shirt before picking her up in his arms. She crossed her legs around his waist and started kissing him.

Lina feels a little uneasy and walks behind them. Tina unzips his jeans and holds his hard dick. She inserted it between her legs, and she moaned in a low voice. Tina introduces Lina to her crazy moves.

Lina was surprised to see Tina had gone insane. She entered a room with them and noticed a handsome man sitting there smoking a cigarette. Ronnie says with happiness, and Tina hides her face in his chest, "Hey, Ravish you have got a new friend, and she is similar to you. Lina is Tina's twin sister. We won't be able to come for a week due to our hectic schedule. Because we haven't seen each other in three days, we want to spend some quality time together." Ronnie introduces Lina to Ravish and then goes.

Ravish tells her to lock the room and sit beside him. Lina nods her head, and Ravish notices her beauty. Ravish gave an evil grin. Lina came to sit beside him on the couch, and he crushed the cigarette under his shoes. He saw the beer cans and offered to drink. Lina took it from his grasp with trepidation; she noticed he was watching a romance movie on TV. Lina finishes the beer can quickly, and he notices she is uneasy after seeing the movie scene. He puts his hand in her pants and then slowly massages her pussy, she watches him with shock. "It's feeling great," she says emphatically, "and the first meeting with soft touch makes me feel special." He grabs her pants and pulls the other one out; she licks his hand and forces her to do the same. Their lips touch each other, and they start kissing each other deeply with passionate feelings. They get away from each other.

Ravish jumped onto the bed and rested his head on her lap, startling her. Lina enjoyed it, and when he saw her, he exclaimed, "See, the scene is so interesting... That boy and girl are doing such naughty things with each other. I'd like to, but with whom? Can you do it with me?" Lina saw on the TV that the scene got shy and said, "Ravish, please switch off the TV. Can we talk?" Ravish switched off the TV and saw her blushing face. He gets up and gets close to her. He sees her pink lips, and he says, "We will talk in a different way. I know you don't know about it." Ravish put his hand under her top, then pressed her breast, then put his other hand under her pants. Lina says with a naughty smile, "Wait, it's hard for you right?" Ravish nodded his head, and she whispered, "I will do it. First, we need to remove the disturbances, which means clothes." Ravish smiled, and they undressed each other in a fantasy-like state of lustful desire.

They kissed each other passionately, and she holds his dick and gently rubbed it. Ravish saw her body go crazy, and he touched her boobs with his lips. He suckles her nipples and bites them gently. Lina saw his dick and became obsessed with touching it again; she began playing with it. He saw her pus and quickly inserted his fingers into it. She screamed, but no one could hear her because there was loud music playing in the house. When his hands were getting in and out of her pussy, she was dancing, and he smiled seeing her dance. He then says, "Oh, you are enjoying it. Great, and now I see the meeting is going to be held in this room."

He saw her then said, "I want to play with you the whole night." Lina sits on his lap and says, "I also want to play with you. Fuck it now." Ravish removed her shirt, tied her hands, and forced her to lay properly. Ravish considers fucking her mouth first; he informs her that he is fucking the dickens in. Lina got excited and said, "Hurry up. I can't wait." While laying her down, he fucked her mouth and kissed her pussy. He noticed she liked mouth fiddling and kept going; he noticed pussy and inserted his finger again. It was now wet, so he kissed her pussy and inserted his tongue a little deeply. She was moaning lower, and he fucking her mouth. Lina felt pain but avoided it and enjoyed the moments with him.

On the other side, Tina and Ronnie were dancing on the dance floor. He noticed everyone dancing and put his hand under his pants. She liked it and whispered in his ear, "Come on, darling. Do it, and no one will notice. Take the dick out, and let it get inside me." He unzipped his pants and slipped his dickey between her pant legs, letting it fall slightly. To conceal their intimate moment, he ties his shirt around her waist and fucks her pussy. She moaned in an intense way.

Ravish was now fizzing her a$$ in the room. He spit in her asshole and then raised his hand. She screamed, and as he was penetrating his hand, he came to a halt when he saw her in pain. She was horny and went insane. She feels a vibration and a current in her body. "Please stop hurting," she screams as she realises her hands are now tied. He slaps her cheeks and makes them red. "Enjoy the pain; it's your first time, so it's difficult to deal with," he said with an evil smile. I keep going then you will feel good. Wait, I'll call someone to help you." Ravish called someone from the washroom, and a guy came holding ice cubes and some food items.

"Hey, you're doing this alone," Ravish's brother Tammy says, licking his lips. "I want to also do it. I heard an awesome voice moaning and saw you both." He tells him to fuck her mouth.

Tammy says with a naughty smile, no. Tammy then climbs onto the bed, having left the tray on the table. Tammy saw Ravish fucking her ass, so he fucked her pussy and closed her mouth by putting an ice cube in it. He fucked her pussy, then pressed her boobs tightly and twisted her nipples gently. They were all wet from sweat, and she felt a hot sensation with wetness near her thighs. She saw they stopped and asked them both, "You both fucked me at the same time. But who are you?" Tammy smiled and saw her tie her hands. Ravish says, "We share everything, and now I've shared you with him. I see you like it, but for the time being, we've stopped making you feel good." Tammy tells him to taste this; he puts his hand in her pussy and then puts it in her mouth. She tastes it and says, "Hm...nice. I never thought about this excitement, and please leave me now." Ravish removes the tied shirt from her hand. She sits on Tammy's lap and says, "I am now more excited to spend time with you both. Can you both suck my boobs and insert the fingers in pussy at the same time?" Tammy and Ravish see each other and then follow her instructions. She moaned louder and felt thirsty. She stops them by saying, "I want to go to the washroom." "Oh, no need to go to the restroom," Tammy says evilly. "Pee in his mouth, little by little, and then give me a chance." Tammy was about to put his mouth there, but Ravish puts his mouth near the pussycat and happily drinks her entire pee. He licks her pussy and then Tammy makes him leave. They felt tasty.

Tammy noticed Ravish's dick and gave the signal to insert it into her pussy. Tammy forces her to sit on his lap, then closes her mouth with an ice cube and ties the cloth piece. He makes her see how pussy fucking is; she tries to scream but is unable to.Tammy bites between her boobs on her chest, and he then bites her neck and shoulder wildly. Ravish after fucking pussy gets tired but wants to complete his desires, so he kisses her pussy and deeply inserts his tongue. He brings BDMS toys for pussycat and asshole to play with. She got tired but they both did not stop fucking her ass, mouth, and pussy. She surrendered herself to them. They kept fucking one by one all night, hoping to exhaust Lina so she wouldn't forget them. Tammy got bored with her, and he says to Ravish, "I am going and I am bored with her. You are not bored with her?" Ravish said no, and he says, "She is sleeping now, and I am still fucking her pussy. I felt a connection, and from now on, you know she is mine. You go and find another girl for you."

Tammy wearing his shirt and pants says, "Okay, from now on, we are separate. Keep going, and her first time was an adventure with us. Bye." Ravish saw him go, and he lies beside her. He was tired and felt like sleeping. Tina came to talk to Lina about being comfortable staying here, but when she saw Tammy come out of the room buttoning his shirt, she got shocked. She stopped Tammy and asked where she was coming from, looking tired. Tammy takes Tina to a corner and says, "I fucked your sister with my big bro. I got bored with her, but he is not yet bored with her. He is still fucking her, and she is sleeping. She's a crazy little gone who gets tired of me but not of him." Tina says with a naughty smile, "Come to the washroom and tell her to make your mood good." Tammy says with a serious look, "Ronnie is possessive about you." Tina says with a mischievous smile, "That's the problem. He is sleeping now. We can go to the guest room, and I'll leave a note in his room saying I'm going shopping, but I've done online shopping before, so I have time. We have a time limit of three hours. I want to do this with your brother, but he never showed interest. I am glad you are ready to do it with me. I don't get tired doing this. Come, and I have a girl who is crazy about you." Tammy and Tina go out to dinner and spend quality time together.

Lina awakens from her sleep, feeling pain near and between her thighs. She saw Ravish sleeping, holding her hand. When she took off the bed sheet, she noticed that his cock had shrunk. She remembers the mouth-fucking and tasting the organisms. She touches his dick and again puts it in her mouth. She sucked it and fucked her mouth again. He was in trouble because he got tired. She put down his dick and went to the restroom. He awoke and went to the bathroom, where he noticed she was about to take a shower. He walks towards her and says, "Let me make you deeply clean." He saw him press his head in between his legs, and she got scared and felt nice. He gets up and says, holding her face in his palms, "It's got red there, and you need rest, dear. Your legs are shivering, and you can't stand up straight. I will help you take a bath."

They both take the bath together, then get ready. Tina and Tammy rocked the bed and messed up the room. They completed 65 positions and enjoyed their time together. Ronnie came in search of Tina and went to the guest room, where he became irritated when he saw Tina and Tammy on the bed. Ronnie says with an annoyed look, "Guys, here you are fucking. I know you're getting married, but keep Tina in mind for me. I considered fucking your sister, but it appears she is uninterested because Ravish is her choice." Tina and Tammy are both sad and tired. Tina stands up and walks away, draping the bed sheet, saying, "All right, we're meeting in their room at lunchtime." Then talk to her and ask him first if they agree, and then you'll know whether you have a chance or not." They all get ready in different rooms in the bungalow. Ravish saw Lina still looking at him with a shocked reaction. Lina says with hesitation, "I don't know you properly and got close to you." Ronnie walks towards Tina-Tammy and then says, "Let's go now, please."

Tina walked towards Ravish in her bikini and Tammy in his underwear. They enter the room and find Ravish and Lina sitting on the couch, discussing how their first meeting was so profoundly interesting. They came and joined them, and Ravish saw Ronnie seeing Lina in a different way. Ronnie asked Ravish: "Can he fuck Lina now?" Lina got shocked and ignored his demand; Ravish took notice and signed for Ronnie to force her to do it. Lina cried, and she saw Ronnie pick her up in his arms and take her onto the bed. "Oh, Lina, please enjoy yourself; you know Tammy and Ronnie used to do this with me every night," Tina exclaims. The whole night was an awesome moment. Lina's shirt was removed from her body by Ronnie, who noticed her big boobs and pussy.

Ronnie inserts a Dick forcefully into her pussy and strokes it by kissing her and pressing her boobs. She struggled to get away but got support after a few minutes. Tina saw Ravish then remove her bikini, and he saw her grab his arms. Tammy then runs towards the bed and tells Ronnie to fuck her mouth. Lina feels better now and thanks them for making her happy. Tina saw Ravish kissing her boobs; he bites her boobs. Lina was not able to scream as Tammy fucking her mouth and Ronnie fucking her asshole and pussy at the same time. Lina shook her head in pain. Ronnie kissed Tammy and left Lina; Lina then got between them. Ronnie and Tammy stopped kissing when Lina came between them. Lina says with sadness, "I want more excitement."

Lina notices Tina screaming and Ravish fucking her ass and pussy at the same time, fucking her pussy with a dick and sticking her ass with plastic. Ronnie and Tammy force Lina to stand doggy-style on the bed. Lina got red as their strokes were faster and made her tired. She falls asleep after sucking their dicks and swallowing all organisms. Tina was also sleepy next to Ravish. Ronnie and Tammy also slept with them. They all slept together for a few hours. Tina awoke to see her friends and sister Lina laughing together.

Tina thanks Lina because, because of her she got the chance to experience the touch of Ravish. Ravish woke up and saw Tina give a flying kiss, and he said, "I love you both; you are awesome. I have the same experience with both of you, with you being more naughty than she." Tina smiles and says, "I did it in college with many boys but then got serious with Tammy." Tammy forced him to wake up and pee in his mouth. Tammy drinks it and goes to sleep. Ravish asked can they talk in the gallery, Ravish asked her after reaching gallery, "You are serious for Tammy and now going to marry him.What is connection with Ronnie?" "Ronnie also makes me happy in everything," Tina lamented, "so I never leave him alone." Tammy didn't love him before, but he also needs him. We have sex together daily, but these three days we were missing each other. Ronnie wanted to fuck Lina for a new experience, and Tammy was jealous seeing me and him with another woman. It got uncomfortable, so he fucked with Lina." Ravish kissed Tina, and she jumped over him by crossing her legs around his waist. Lina woke up and saw that her body was now hurting more.

After a few days, Tammy got married to Tina, and Ravish got married to Lina. Ronnie started staying with them for Tina-Tammy's sake. They became accustomed to him.

The new story is wait so tuned to know about next episode!

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