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Together, Maybe

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Silence was my life. Until I met him. I didnt want to get over my ex but there was something about this man that made me want to forget. He was good for me. Good for my son. Good for my life in general. But I dont think I can risk another heart break.

Shawna Chapman
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Chapter 1

Some say there's peace in silence. Some say solace. While that may be true for some people it's not for others. To me silence is just there. It lives with me every day. When I wake up first thing and see my toddler, Dax, still sleeping in his bed. It's there when he's gone. Sometimes it's there when he's here. Silence is my life. I've learned to accept it. After all I have no choice. Aiden has moved on. I'm told to move on and let go but how do you do that when he stares at me every day? Dax is the spitting image of Aiden. Right down to the mannerisms and attitude. So instead I accept silence.

The alarm on my cellphone chimes making Frankie's ears perk up. My rottie. The best investment I've ever made. He's great with Dax and the intimidation factor plays a nice roll in ensuring neither of us get messed with. It's a comforting thing.

Smiling I grab his leash and watch as he beats me to the front door. He sits and waits like a good boy as I put my shoes on and hook him up. We step outside and Frankie waits for me to lock the door before we continue our walk. Took me a minute to teach him to wait. Now it's like he's been doing it all along.

The weather is perfect for a walk. The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. There's a smell in the air that says winter is finally over and spring has arrived. I love that smell. The change in season. There's nothing more beautiful then the changing leaves of the fall. The first snowfall in the winter or the first rain in the spring. Even that first hot summer day is a welcome change. The firsts are what get you. Every time.

Even outside there's silence. A small breeze to rustle the trees but beyond that nothing. Unless I'm tuning it all out which could very well be. Not that I mind really. I'm used to being alone by now. Even if I didn't want to be. I have to be for Dax. Everything now is for Dax.

A hard body stopped me in my tracks and I almost landed on my bottom. Strong hands caught me as Frankie barked and wagged his tail. He wasn't worried about this person which was a relief. I did feel kind if stupid though. I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going. Just day dreaming again.

"Are you alright?" A deep voice caressed my skin and gave me goosebumps.

I looked up and finally focused on the deliciousness in front of me. Hazel blue eyes. Dark hair. Not black or brown but a mixture of both. Stubble on his jaw. From what I could see his whole neck was tattooed and it looked to disappear into his shirt. A shirt that was doing its worst to hide the toned body underneath. I picked my jaw up from the ground and nodded. No sound or air was coming out of me as I stared. It was his eyes and that voice. My whole body was stirring. Like I was being newly awakened.

"Are you sure?" He asked with genuine concern.

I nodded again because what could I really do? Apparently my brain had a melt down and I was no longer able to form coherent sentence's. He set me to rights and made sure I really was good before winking at me and walking off. Holy hell was he a ball of sex. Of course without any shame I watched him walk away. His black basketball shorts revealing calf muscles that I really wanted to lick.

Yeah something was seriously wrong with me. I've never in my life found a mans legs so attractive. But damn did I want to take a bite out of his. Feel them and find out if they are as hard as they looked. Even with the dark hair on his legs. I wouldn't mind one bit. That's what was starting to concern me. I really needed to get a grip. Something had to be wrong with me. Probably lack of sex. I was used to getting it on the regular with Aiden. But it's been almost a year since we broke up. Almost a year without so much as thinking of sex. That really has to be it. There couldn't possibly be any other reason. At least I hoped not anyway. The complication of a relationship isn't something I really need right now.

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