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Book 2 of The Diamond Warrior Collection Jordan and Madison have finally found each other. Only to be torn apart by revenge and hatred. How can Madison’s simple midwest life take such a drastic turn within less than a month? Find out how both their lives and their families get turned upside down. Can love save them or has someone or something more powerful stood in their way? t

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1- Jordan’s POV- Gone

The thunder shakes the room. I’m up on my feet in a second. Madison might be afraid of the storm being this high up in the hotel with all the windows. I look to the bed and she’s not there.

“What the hell?”

I walk to the bathroom, nothing.

I turn on the side lamp and put on my boxers. I make my way halfway down the stairs when I see the patio door wide open.

“What the fuck?”

I sprint downstairs to the door to see a puddle of water and an empty bottle.

“Madison? Baby where are you?”

I turn on the lights in the living room and kitchen.


“Madison? Where are you?”

I open the door to hotel hallway, no fuckin guards!

Her phone is sitting in the living room where her dress is still laying from last night.

I run upstairs to throw on some clothes. Then I head to my parents’ room. I bang on the door until my father opens.

“Good morning son.”

“She’s gone! Madison’s gone! They fucking took her!”

I run to my brothers’ rooms and bang on their doors as well as the guards.

“What do you means she’s gone? How do you know?” My dad asks as my mom hands him his robe.

“Gone as in taken, not with me. The fucking patio door was open, no guards at the door and she must have been drinking some water because a water bottle is spilled all over the floor.”

I’m pacing the hallway, my brothers start to come out of their rooms and the guards are standing in front of their doors.

“Where the fuck were you?”

I jump in front of Marcus’s face. Pushing on his chest.

“Answer me damnit! Where the fuck were you? Where were any of you?” I look around at the guards none of them making any eye contact only looking down at the floor.

“What the hell is going on?” Ben finally says as him and Liliana come out of their room.

“The fuckin rogues took her.” I inform him as I walk past back into my room.

My family and guards follow me in. Searching the balcony, the entire floor, asking the same damn questions over and over.

“I was asleep! How could I not hear her? How could I not sense someone was in our room? Call Jacomo and get the rest of the Pack here now!”

I tell Marcus as I bend down to pick up the water bottle.

“Do you smell that? It’s like a faint odor.” Brett brings the water bottle to his nose to smell again. “What the hell is that?”

He hands me the bottle back. It does have a smell. Very very mild but something is there. I take a small taste.

“It’s fuckin Rohypnol.”

“The date-rape drug? Why the hell would someone give her that? And how the hell would they have gotten into your room to put it in the waters? I mean how would they know she would drink one?” Brett asks me. Concern is all over his face. I know he loves Madison like blood and would do anything for her.

I look up to see my family circled around me. We have no answers to anything. No clues to go off, nothing!

“Who knew we were coming here?” Ben asks my dad.

“Everyone! Every Goddamn person knew we would be here this weekend. Pack members, employees, hotel staff. Everyone!” My dad shouts back. He goes to sit on the couch, phone in his hand texting like a maniac. He’s pissed.

“Sir.” Marcus enters the living room we are all in.

“What?” I bark at him.

“Sir. We have surveillance footage from the time Ms. Madison was taken.”

“Show me.”

He gives me the iPad and hits play.

2:58 am Two men in black scale the side of the building from the roof and make their way into our hotel room from the locked patio.

3:41 am A small shadow can be seen stumbling towards the open door.

3:46 am The shadow collapses to the ground out of site.

3:48 am Two large shadows pick up the smaller shadow and then it goes black.

“What the fuck? That’s it? You can’t see shit Marcus what can I do with this? How is this going to find Madison?” I yell at him as I chuck the iPad across the room.

She’s alone and incapacitated. She can’t defend herself in that state. She’s going to be scared. What if they have hurt her in anyway?

My blood continues to burn through my veins. I can’t calm down. I can feel my wolf coming through wanting to fight. I push him back and try to control my mind.

I have security pull street cams from every block of the hotel to get better video.

I run upstairs to grab my phone from my suite pants from the bedroom. I take a quick glance at the bed. The bedding is scattered around the room. The once romantic and perfect night of lovemaking, candles and rose petals, looks cold and distant in the light of morning.


I can hear my mom calling from the living room.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute.”

I pick up the black negligee Madison was wearing last night. It’s lying innocently amongst the curled up red rose petals and her high heels. Pure sadness takes over my current state. I slump down onto the floor. My back resting against the bed, I throw my head back hiding the mattress and start sobbing into her clothing. How could I let my mate be taken? I am the future, Alpha! I keep letting Madison down.

Suddenly I hear footsteps at the doorway of the bedroom. I look up to see my mom. She has Madison’s and my clothes from downstairs. Had it been anyone else I would have told them to get the fuck out. No one can see an Alpha cry, but my mom, she’s different.

“Can I come in darling?”

“Sure mom.”

I straight up. Clear my eyes and tuck Madison’s nightie under the covers.

My mom comes and sits on the floor next to me interlocking her arm with mine.

“You know we’re going to find her. She’s going to be ok. We’ll figure out who did this and take care of them. That’s a promise I will make sure I live to see completed. They have some news for us downstairs when you’re ready.”

My mom kisses me on the cheek, stands up, sets the clothes on the bed, and walks out.

Her confidence is comforting but nothing can make me feel better until I know Madison is safe.

I collect myself and head downstairs. Liliana gives me a big hug as soon as she sees me get off the last step. I can tell she’s been crying. Normally I’m not a hugger but I know this is hard for the family too, so I give a slight squeeze back.

I get into the living room, and everyone quiets down.

“Ok, what do we know? And where the hell is Jacomo?”

Brett starts. “They somehow manage to get away using the freight elevator from your hotel room to the garage level. From there, we can see they carry Madison to a waiting white painters van. Vin is scrubbed, no plate, blacked out windows.”

Ben follows. “Once they leave the garage using a parking pass, they head-.”

“Who’s parking pass?”

“Hers.” Ben says as Marcus brings out a blonde woman wearing a hotel uniform.

“Who the fuck is she?”

“Who the fuck am I? We have talked for the past year whenever you make reservations. I am always here when you check in, check out. I make sure you have everything you need. I’m Heather.”

“Oh, fucking hell, bitch he has assistances to do all that for him. He’s never talked to your sorry ass on the phone.”

Liliana shouts at the hotel employee and then gets in her face.

“Where the hell did they take my sister you piece of shit?”

“Liliana it’s okay, I’ll handle this.” I tell her as I come to her side. She is letting her emotions drive her, I can’t let that happen. We have someone that can finally give us some insight.

“All I was told was I could get paid $1000.00 for my parking pass and get a chance to take my shot with you.”

“I need you to listen to me very carefully because I’m only going to say this once. For your own safety, I suggest you start giving me names, locations and descriptions. NOW!”

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