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Reita is a blood witch who was born different then others in her realm. Isolated from society with her familiar Heidi. Reita returns home one night to find a visitor in her home. What occurs after will change Reita's life forever. Faeghoul is the first book I ever wrote and the first in the Faeghoul series. This book is heavy Erotic but holds a message that I hope everyone can support. Finding happiness, accepting who you are, and society accepting that everyone is different and we are allowed to love whoever we want.

Erotica / Fantasy
Riku Rozier
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Chapter 1


I sit down on my favorite flat rock like every other night. Staring out into the horizon, it’s getting late but I don’t care. This world is exhausting enough but I am of age and I have no mate. Faeghoul is a realm in a way like Earth ,but our ears are more pointed, kind of like the elves in their realm. We have a different atmosphere where the colors of the world are more bright and everyone has a type of magic. The majority of the realm consists of witches like myself, beast folk, hybrids of other races.

The world has four different terrains that most of us have preference for: the deserts, ocean side, forest areas and the mountain sides. We find living in small communities works better. Each community has their own leaders or elders. With every community using coin as currency it makes it easier for us to buy and sell products in the marketplaces. My name is Reita, I stand at a good five feet five inches, my body is lean. I have ice blue hair and yes I was born this way.

The hair matches the eye. The sad thing is I am what humans call a blood witch and a hermaphrodite. I can control the blood in others’ bodies since my element is also water; it gives my power an extra kick. However, I find being known as one and that I won’t take anyone’s shit makes things a lot easier. Thank the gods I am a witch so I usually use glamor to cover the bulge that usually occurs when I am in public.

As one can imagine hermaphrodites are not socially accepted so those of us who are known as such live on our own. Or they ban together creating their own community My only friend is Heidi, my manticore familiar for some odd reason, she was abandoned by her pride. She won’t tell me why she was abandoned or why she has no interest in finding a pride of her own. I know that manticores usually find or have mates too which is what made me choose Heidi as my familiar.

Her lack of a mate much like me allowed us to bond. Hopefully, one day we both can find a mate. I pet her in between the ears. “Hey Heidi, have you ever heard the legends about true mates? They say that few are lucky enough to find their own. That it’s a mate that would fully accept you and a bond is formed with them that could never be broken.”

Heidi looks at me with disbelief and jaded eyes, the idea of true mates to her doesn’t exist. I guess it’s just something that I would want. Deciding it’s time for us to go, “ Heidi let’s go home.” I stand and wait for her to stretch before she kneels allowing me on her back before taking off. We fly through the air for fifteen minutes until we get home.

Signing as I slide off Heidi looks over at me concerned. I nod at her to let her know I am fine as I walk toward the front door. I place my palm on the door that automatically opens. Who needs a lock when you magic does just that. To be honest I am lonely but being a hermaphrodite doesn’t really leave you with much options when most men and women want nothing from you.

Even though in Faeghoul you can have multiple mates or pets. None want to take the chance with me. So I have a penis and vagina how the bloody hell is that my fault! It’s not like I could choose the way I came into this world. I make my way down the hall to my Japanese themed bathroom like much of my home.

I made some modifications like adding a full length wall mirror, an adjoining laundry area, rinsing shower area, a bathtub big enough to pass for a small pool and a shower area. In case I don’t feel like soaking in the huge bath or I’m too lazy to. It’s a huge space but I thought maybe I would get lucky one day if I ever find a mate of my own. Yet that day still has not happened I look into the mirror and think what could it be? I am wearing a cute tight crop top that hugs my 48DD breasts but also pushes them out.

To match my shorts that hug my ass. Taking off my favorite black boots I put them aside in the basket standing in my matching pink lace underwear. I look at how well the glamor is holding up with my thong. Normally you aren’t supposed to feel anything with the glamor but I can feel how constricting the thong is for my cock. I don’t have a pair of testicles lucky for me, I have my pussy, the only downside is that I am barren and sterile.

In the sense that I can cum but its not like normal people, my cum heightens the sexual pleasure in people. It won’t get them pregnant. However, if I release too much it could drive the person mad with lust and pleasure. Which is why when I masturbate I save all the cum to sell at the monthly good market. But I digress, stripping off the underwear and tossing all the clothes into the basket.

I release the glamor allowing my cock to breathe. It aches with so much cum build up as well as it being confined for so long. I rub my shaft to message the pain out. Walking over to my bathtub the water is always warm thanks to magic. I soak in the water and wash the day’s worries from my body.

Grabbing my loofah and soap I lather my body before rinsing it off. There is nothing better than a warm bath with rose petal soap. Finishing up I rise from the bath, I can hear Heidi in her space on the other side of the house. When a manticore snores it’s really hard to miss. Chuckling at her snoring I towel dry myself off before slipping on a custom made thong that actually fits my dick and tank.

Slipping on my soft slipper that I always keep a pair in here. I make my way to my room. Opening the bathroom door I walk across the hall to my room. Opening the door my jaw drops, though empathy may be my gift I can only enhance someone’s feelings, that is why my cum is so potent and why it sells so well. Which is why I wasn’t expecting the most sexy woman I have ever seen.

She had long lavender hair matching her piercing eyes, porcelain skin. Wearing a very short skirt that barely covers her pussy that I can see from the front of my room. With a matching tank top that hugged her huge 48DD tits together with a piece cut on in the center showing off the inner sides of them. She smiles at me rising from my bed, “Hello I’m Yue, I heard your Reita. The rumors don’t do you justice, you are quite stunning” she winks at me. “Cock and all to be frank.”

She walks over to me looking me up and down then holds her stare on my dick. “Ok Yue what is it I can do for you and why are you in my home” I ask.

She gets closer to me standing pushing her luscious breasts against me, “ I came here Reita to be your mate and I am in your home cause I have every intention of remaining here as your mate. You may be known for selling Kurocockosin but, I am not here for that. Either accept me as your mate or throw me out” she states with confidence as she starts to rub my cock through my thong.

Without warning she begins to kiss me. My eyes widen in shock as my cock starts to twitch against her touch. Opening my mouth allows her access which she hungrily accepts sliding her tongue into my mouth. Playing with my tongue in such mastery leaves me panting wanting more of her taste. Kissing her feels right sucking on her tongue.

I pull her tight against me, peeling off her shirt and tossing it to the desk next me. She isn’t wearing a bra and her breast bounces down, I break away from her kiss, taking her left tit in my hand I begin to suck on her nipple biting her, lavishing the taste of her nipple in my mouth. Yue begins to moan my name asking me to do the same to her right. I obey and switch tits lavishing and pulling on the right.

While sucking her nipple I slide my hand down under the skirt feeling she silk under my finger tips. It’s so wet the feeling against my fingers makes my cock so hard it aches. Sliding two fingers inside I hear her gasp as I wiggle them inside her. Pumping them in and out til her pussy clutches against my fingers. Sliding them out I rise and suck her cum off my fingers clean.

“You want me as a mate Yue I will have you as my mate but, don’t get mad at me if I become more than you ask for. I will not let you rest til I ravage you every day filling you up with my cum and watching you get high off its sexual properties til you are playing with yourself” I say looking at her expectantly. Pushing her onto my bed, I push a button on my night stand the wall to the right rotates to reveal a wall full of toys of all varieties vaginal, anal, and BDSM toys. Opting for a the vibrating anal plug. I go to Yue and open up her legs.

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