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Let The Music Play

By Monica Edwards All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


A story of young love, lust, romance, and loss. A student falling for her professor and bonding over music together. Their erotic journey together fraught with peril and destroyed by false allegations of sexual assault. Can they see it through or will things be tarnished for good by the time Leila leaves high school?

Chapter I

Leila sat in the music room, after hours, again, playing the violin. Well, more like trying to convince herself not to smash the damn thing against the wall. It wasn’t easy, but she knew if she wasn’t perfect at it, and she didn’t make first chair again this year her parents were going to be very disappointed.

It was always a struggle to please them, and last year when she only was second chair they didn’t even come to visit her, they didn’t come to a damn performance, she wasn’t good enough for them. Second chair was never good, second anything was never good, it had to be first chair. Everything always had to be first.

Tryouts were in three days, it was her senior year, and she had just turned eighteen, yet instead of going to celebrate a normal birthday with her friends she was in the music room, after hours, practicing furiously. It wasn’t that she really had any friends, unless one could count her roommate Rika, but much like her, Rika was a perfectionist as well and understood. Instead, she had just bought Leila some cupcakes and set them down on the counter of their room with a birthday card, knowing better than to bug her about trying to go out to celebrate.

One of the few American students at this boarding school in Japan, Leila was surprised she had even made a friend. Though she had been attending school there for six years now and had been living in Japan for far longer, she tended to be ignored by a lot of people. This school was far more international and prestigious than her last one. Which made her parents look good if she was an heiress she better have the best damn schooling possible. Public school just wasn’t an option for her anymore.

She sighed and thought about going out to have another cigarette. Now that she was eighteen the teachers and administrators weren’t on her ass anymore about doing that. It wasn’t counted as a demerit if she got caught now. Taking a deep breath she raised the instrument again and then grabbed the bow. For some reason each time she played this piece her timing was thrown off in the middle. She couldn’t ever seem to get it right.

Her eyes closed and she started to count silently in her head as her hand began to work the bow. Her posture correct, her fingering perfect, everything always started out correct but ended horribly wrong. She wasn’t sure why it was that way, but it was, and it was killing her.

Once again, when she got to the half way mark she noticed her timing had gone off. She yelled out and lifted the violin above her head to smash it violently on the floor when she heard a chuckle behind her. Angrily, she turned her head to see him standing there. Mr. Allistar. She really didn’t know why the hell he was laughing, he taught music sure but not for the students at her level. He really had no right.

“What’s so funny?” She sneered at him, “Shouldn’t you be off tutoring some slow kid on how to play the triangle?”

“You know,” He said coming to the room slowly. His dark velvety voice thick with that amazing accent echoing through the room gently, “You’d stop messing up if you didn’t start holding your breath half way through.”

“What are you even talking about?” She asked him, rolling her eyes and setting the violin back in its case. She was still holding the bow, though, and she pointed it at him accusingly. “Miss Anderson says I do just fine.”

“Miss Anderson only has her job because she’s sleeping with the headmaster.” He said and took a seat. She glared at him heavily. As far as she had been able to figure out, that had only just been a rumor and now here he was, a teacher, repeating it back to her. “I’m waiting for him to get bored of her and give me my job back.”

“So this was your job before now? You just started teaching here last year. What kind of lunatic are you?” Leila asked him.

“No, love, I was on paid leave for a bit then I came back. Headmaster Sakai had decided she was a better candidate for my position. I’ve been at this school for over twenty years I wanted to take a sabbatical and I come back to find this nonsense.” He explained, “Though I suppose I didn’t exactly have to come back at all, I really missed teaching. Now I get to watch her screw things up until she gets fired and I get my job back.”

“Why don’t you just complain to someone who is above Headmaster Sakai’s head?” Leila asked and set her bow in the case as well.

“More entertaining this way I suppose.” He shrugged. “So, in summation, don’t hold your breath when you get half way through.”

“I don’t hold my breath halfway through. If I did, by the time I finished I would pass out.” She said, which was the truth. She couldn’t have possibly finished the piece holding her breath from that point and when she finished playing it, she was never breathless.

“You only do it for about four measures. Then you start again. I’ve been watching you do it repeatedly, night after night when you come to practice.” He replied.

“And you decided to wait three days before the auditions to tell me what I was doing wrong? Pardon my language sir, but that makes you an asshole.” She growled at him. “I need to get back to my room.”

“Play it again.” He said.

“No, you’ve thrown me off and I’m not in the mood.” She snapped and went to close the case. “Besides why should I do anything for you when you are such a prick? You aren’t even my teacher.”

“True, but I am a teacher, and your language could get you written up.” He smirked.

“We aren’t in class.” She pointed out.

“Does that ever matter when it comes to a student getting a demerit?” He asked. He was right about that, this place was very strict if she just looked at him the wrong way she could be written up. Tugging at her uniform angrily she pulled the violin back out followed by the bow and got in place. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes, started the count in her head, and began to play again. The sooner she did this, the sooner he would shut up, and the sooner she could leave.

She really hadn’t had prolonged interaction with Ms. Allistar, she had seen him around, he had maybe yelled at her once for being too loud in the hall. She hadn’t realized how attractive he was until that moment. The playful grin, the dark yet soothing voice, and that hair. She had an amazing instant urge just to grab it and twist it around her fingers. So soft and silky. She felt her face heat up as she thought about it.

Leila was far from a virgin, she had become sexually active at sixteen and knew her way around the human body far better than most people her age. It was only because she felt that if she was going to learn to do something she was going to learn the most damn perfect way to do it. A mentality instilled in her by her parents at a young age. If she wanted to get noticed and rewarded she had to be the best. Not that her parents were ever going to enter her into some sort of sex contest but the mentality carried over into every aspect of her life.

She had explored facets of her sexuality she surmised most women didn’t even attempt until they were in their thirties, had been married for quite some time, and needed to spice things up in the bedroom with their husbands because vanilla life was getting boring. Though the idea of being ‘taught’ the ways of love by an older man was appealing, the truth was, she could probably teach him far more.

Why was she even thinking about this? It was such an impossibility. He wasn’t in there to seduce her, just annoy her, and being who she was she had to prove to him that she was actually doing everything right and it was most likely that her violin was out of tune, or once again she had practiced to a point where she was just tiring herself out and it was better to take a fresh approach tomorrow.

As she hit the half way point she felt hands on her waist, her eyes opened wide and she took in a gasp of air. It was Mr. Allistar and he was behind her, touching her. “Breathe.” He whispered in her ear. She started to turn her head but he grabbed it, holding it in place, “No one said to stop. Just keep breathing.”

She wanted to yell at him, though she wasn’t sure why she wanted to yell at him. Instead, she kept her eyes open and kept playing, breathing exactly like he had told her to do. This time she wasn’t screwing up. Not one note, she wasn’t going out of sync with the rhythm, she was actually doing it right. A smile spread across her face and her eyes closed again as she continued to play.

Just as she was lost in the music a second time, the hands were back on her waist, this time she was pulled closer to him, she could feel the covered bulge of a cock but at that point, she couldn’t tell if it was arousal or he was just that large. Of course, she knew rumors about him but she knew rumors about ever teacher.

“Breathe.” He said again, but this time he held her in place. If he wanted her to breathe evenly holding her like this most certainly wasn’t helping. He smelled amazing, felt amazing, his strong hands, his commanding voice. Was this even okay? She was an adult yes, but also a student. Then again she wasn’t exactly his student, not in his class at least. Who would really have to know about this? She wasn’t one to gossip and he would be far better experienced at anything than the horny little boys always trying to grope her.

“You aren’t exactly making it easy.” She whispered but kept playing.

“And why is that?” He asked slowly.

“I can feel your cock.” She nearly snarled. She was pretty sure none of this was appropriate anyway so she wasn’t going to mince words.

“How do you like that?” He mused aloud, there was a dark chuckle and as if it had been his intent all along he started to rub against her. She was much taller than most of the girls at the school, and she wore the highest heels that were allowed by the dress code standards there. He was tall as well, lanky was a good word for it, and with the way, they were positioned now the bulge was right on her ass. His chin almost rested on the top of her head.

“I don’t like it.” She whispered, but that was a lie, an incredible lie. He could probably hear how much it was in her tone of voice. He chuckled again and ran one hand from her waist down her thigh and under the skirt of her uniform.

“Don’t stop playing.” He whispered.

“How can I—”

“I won’t keep going if you stop.” He whispered in her ear. She swallowed hard. She knew from some of the other girls that he played piano, that’s what he mainly taught. He even had little groupies who fawned over the fact that he also composed. She thought it was immature and dull the way they cooed over him, which was why she had never gone out of her way to talk to him. Also, she had been under the impression he was basically the remedial music teacher and Miss Anderson was the one who could help her. Yet, Miss Anderson hadn’t ever told her she was holding her breath when she got half way through this piece.

His hand, those skilled fingers traced over the crotch of her panties. She knew she was aroused, incredibly so, and now he could feel it as well. There would be no use lying about it at that point. Telling him to stop, crying rape. She didn’t want it to stop anyway, he was giving her exactly what she was looking for.

“I’m a student you know.” She said breathlessly.

“Not my student.” He said, “And you aren’t exactly objecting are you?” She didn’t know how she was managing to keep going with the music but she also wasn’t completely fucking up either. It was like he had some sort of spell over her and she didn’t know how much she liked it or hated it. It wouldn’t exactly do for her to be getting aroused each time she played the damn violin, especially if she was going to have to be doing it a lot.

“You don’t even know me, we haven’t even talked before right now and I—” She was cut off in a gasp as the hand slipped into her panties and one of the long fingers entered her. She moaned and her hands started to shake.

“Breathe…you are almost at the end.” He told her.

“What do you….why me?” She asked but kept going. There was something so very strange about her sudden perfect playing but she listened to him and kept going. There was no way she’d be able to duplicate this later.

“I watch you every night when you come to practice. You always have the door shut, you never see me, but you also never seem to remember there is an observation room behind that mirror. It’s two-way glass. You are stunning when you play, an incredible talent, you just hold your breath at the wrong times for some reason. Possibly nerves. You need to relax.” He said and then his lips were on her neck. Soft at first, but then more firm and insistent, sucking then biting. She cried out softly, her legs felt like they might collapse from under her in a second. She was so close to the end of this piece and despite all the distractions she had yet to make one single mistake.

“So your suggestion here seems to be that maybe a good fuck would set me straight and make me the perfect violinist?” She whispered, tilting her head to the side just slightly to give him better access to her skin.

“And we finally draw the right conclusions, bravo.” He said right in her ear. A violent shudder ran through her and she finished the concerto. She scrambled to set down the violin, not wanting to damage it and she pulled out of his hold. Turning towards him her hands came to his face and grasped it firmly.

“I am not some little virginal student you can corrupt, I am far more experienced than you would think I know what I like and—” He didn’t let her finish, instead he pressed his lips against hers firmly and shoved her back into the wall by the door. It was late enough by that point that they would be the only two left in the building. She knew this because it was a Friday night, everyone would have wanted to get out of there, and she would have been left to lock up alone. It wasn’t unusual for that to be the case.

“Good, I’m not exactly into virgins.” He smiled looking down into her eyes. His own were so intense, full of lust, hunger and unknowingly her eyes reflected the same.

“We could get in a lot of trouble for this, sir.” She whispered.

“Then don’t tell anyone.” He said and kissed her again. His hand reached to pull the shade on the window to the door before locking it and he grabbed her by her exceedingly long hair, yanking her towards the baby grand piano. She was shoved down by the bench and bent at the waist, her hands instinctively clutching either side of it, her ass thrust back out towards him as he pushed her skirt up over her hips. A hand struck her ass, a loud ‘slap’ echoed through the room followed by a yelp.

“What was that—”

“I’m in control now Leila. Isn’t that what you want?” He asked her, there was another slap, across the other side and she nearly screamed. It was more the surprise than the pain, and even the pain wasn’t unwanted. He was reading her like a book, every move he made it was far more calculated than was possible. The man couldn’t have been telepathic, and he couldn’t have gained any of this knowledge of what she wanted just by observing her play the violin night after night. He’d been watching her longer, and in doing far more things than just practicing. Yet why question it? He wasn’t wrong and this was what she wanted. An older man, a dominant, a rough, controlling, expert at sexual satisfaction.

“Yes, sir.” She replied breathlessly after another moment. She felt his hands in the waistband of her panties, they were yanked down and she turned her head to look back at him.

“Eyes forward. Just breathe.” He laughed softly.

“But I—” She was cut off in another yelp as her ass was slapped again and then a hand ran over her wet cunt, firmly and teasingly. One again a finger was slipped in the rest of his hand cupping her gently, then a bit more firmly, provoking a rather loud moan.

“If you want this to continue I suggest you listen.” He told her. She nodded and turned her head forward. Her long braid that usually hung to the center of her back, slipping over her shoulder and resting slightly on the bench below her. She started to take in another breath when there was motion behind her. His hand was removed and seconds later it was replaced with his cock, and holy fuck was it one amazing cock.

Her mouth opened to scream but a hand was clasped over it, one finger shoved between her lips. The same one he had used on her twice already. Her groan was muffled but on instinct she started to suck at the digit, tasting herself. Her eyes closing, she thrust back to him. Without removing his first hand, his second one grabbed her braid and she felt it being pulled taught, then yanked back, tilting her head up. She was basically pinned in place at that point. Her screams would be muffled by his hand and he now had basically a handle to hold onto while he fucked her. Why was that even hot? She was being used, degraded, humiliated….and she was loving it.

The thrusts were quick and moderate at first, but the longer he went the harder and slower they got. More deliberate, intense. Her moans were almost constant. Tears burned her eyes from the tension he was creating on her head with how tightly her hair was being pulled. Her legs shook, her back arched and her arms trembled horribly. She was so close to orgasm, so incredibly close.


His moans were enchanting, perfect even, almost as if he were singing a love ballad with no words. Her entire body was on fire, every last nerve and when she finally did cum, it was shortly after him, after she felt the heat of his orgasm. She screamed into his hand, wanting nothing more than to collapse forward but he held her fast by her hair. He calmed, and she felt his body become less tense, his hand was removed from her mouth and she was pulled back up into a standing position. He held her close to him, his cock going flaccid and slipping out of her.

“Just breathe, Leila…” He whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. “I want to see you in here tomorrow at two. You have a lot more to learn but…I already see a vast improvement.” He whispered in her ear, and then just like that he was gone. It was almost as if he had vanished into thin air, but the reality of it was she had just been so damn stunned by what had just happened that she was frozen in time for the moment.

She scrambled to get some tissues from her bag once he was gone and clean up to the best of her ability so she could walk out of there without cum dripping down her thighs and legs. Though it was hard for her to believe that this had happened at all, she knew damn sure she’d be back in the music room at two tomorrow, even if it was a Saturday afternoon.

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