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Her dream mate

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Lacy finds solice in her dreams life. To escape the pain or reality. When she decides to run away her life changes in ways she could have never imagined. O'Malley finds himself fighting those around him to pick a mate rather than wait for his fated. Hopefully the healer will help him or will they leave him with more questions.

Erotica / Scifi
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The beginning

Lacy pov
* I find myself angry with him there has never been a threat of another girl here before. I run through the house looking for him. When I reach his door I hear another females voice. I push the door open with such force when it bounces back I feel it scrape my bare shoulder as it shuts behind me. "How could you?, We've supported each other for years and been intimate right here. Do you have no respect for me not to bring her here?" I look at her with so much venom in me I shout at her to leave and forbid her from ever coming here again. She vanishes within seconds. He grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me into an embrace. So firm I could barely move "how could you think I'd want another?" He said right to my face so I could see his bright blue eyes up close. As he goes to kiss me *

I wake up. That was an intense dream, I swear my shoulder still hurts from that door. I love seeing him in my dreams every night. Always the same man since I was a child. It's like we've grown up together. My solice in a life full of misery. Too bad dreams can't be a reality.

O'malley pov

How will I ever get on with my life if I only dream of her. Maybe talking to the pacts healer will guide me.

If I tell my mum I will go to the healer hopefully she will get off my back. I know its not normal for a male wolf to be unpaired at the age of 24 but I believe in my fated love.

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