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First encounter (short story)

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[18+][erotic novel][slow update] Damien and Kamill just met but the air is getting hotter between them.

Erotica / Romance
Kendall Connor
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Chapter 1


From the group of women sitting at the table opposite, the brunette beauty caught my attention as soon as they walked through the bar door. Damn hard to spend your birthday alone, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And neither do the friends I have.

They promise me heat, wood, a party, and we’ll get drunk like this, get drunk like that... yeah, and here I am alone in this fucking bar, and they’re all swallowed up by the earth.

All of a sudden, I notice the girl group is half drunk, but the brunette’s not with them. I see her stumbling backwards, two guys carrying her instead.

I stand up and hurry over.

“Samantha, damn it, I thought I’d never find you.” I pull her into my arms, she’s not resisting, she’s barely conscious. Fuck these assholes drugged her.

“Dude!” one of them says, about to object, but the air stops in his lungs before he can make a fucking sound.

Yeah, there are advantages to being the size of a two-door closet. The two little fellow jumpers disappear so fast the floor is dusting after them, but not fast enough. They are stopped in the doorway before they can get out by the two bouncers. I called to one of them as I hurried for the brunette beauty.

Speaking of beauty, she has no strength, she’s completely unconscious. I take her in my arms and carry her out. I pick her up. Good thing I didn’t take a sip. I’m driving, neither would I had drunk if my friends showed up.

But I’d rather deal with the mylady in the back seat. Let’s go home.


What the hell? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Where am I? What happened?????!!!

“Calm down, Darling, you’re safe.” A booming voice in the background.

Oh my God, my head is splitting. I can’t open my eyes! Ahh, what happened? The answers will apparently be provided by Mr. Deep Voice.

“You’re probably a little distressed right now. Relax, nothing bad happened to you, thank God. Those two little cocksuckers started it, but they didn’t have time to take it. They’re probably sitting in the police station right now. I brought you to my place, I didn’t do anything to you, you slept for a day, and now you’re awake.”

Geez, I remember they brought out drinks and Sandra’s told us to feel free to drink because it was our night, but then nothing. Jesus, they just left me there? What kind of friends are they? Fuck them...

“There’s water next to you. But I’ll help you drink, you’re gonna need it.” A hand slips under my body and lifts me up. Strong, muscular, I can feel it.

Wooow, I’m wondering who this heroic saviour is.

The touch of the cool glass on my lips feels good and I drink the water like there’s no tomorrow. He dribbles it down my cheek a little, gets his fingers wet and slides his fingers into my mouth a little. Suddenly I hear a gasp of air above him, his fingers disappear, and I fall back onto the bed and sink back into the darkness.


Jesus, get a hold of yourself Damien. She’s totally fucked, stop thinking with your dick just this once.

I’m locked in the bathroom, my jeans are bulging from the little interlude just now. I’m hard as hell because of her lips now. They’re so soft and smooth to the touch, what it would be like to have them pressed around my cock... no, not this time. I must make sure she’s okay first. Then what happens after that is another matter entirely. But in the meantime, I’ve got to take care of the little fella, because I can’t parade with my erection in front of her.

I drop my pants and pull my boxers off. My cock is stiffening with all 20 inches of it, my balls are tensing and my cock is starving for an orgasm. Everything aches. Oh my god, just a girl I helped, what’s wrong with you little man?

I let the shower run, turn it on hot and get under. My hand grips my cock and I start to beat it. Water trickles down my body, over my stomach, down my legs. It doesn’t take much and I feel the familiar sensations. My balls contract and my cum shoots out onto the shower glass and dribbles further down my semi-hard cock.

What the hell? I haven’t come this much in a long time. The last time I came this hard, the way it ended...

I put on a comfortable pair of pants, I don’t bother with boxers, I can’t force it in anyway and go to look at the girl. She’s more alert now, a little too alert.


I finally managed to open my eyes and sat up in bed. He took the clothes off me and as soon as I set up I felt one of his shirts that he gave me. It smells masculine, especially soothing.

A lock clicks on a door opposite the bed and Adonis himself steps out through it. Jesus! Is this the guy who saved me? Hey, girl, you got yourself in a big mess. Not only is he muscular, but he’s handsome beyond measure, and by the look of his pants, he’s got quite a tool... wait, did he jerk off in there? Is that a little drinking interlude? Jesus...

My cheeks are turning every shade of red at the thoughts that flash into my head. I’m interrupted only by his deep growling voice.

“Darling, I see you’re awake.” He comes and gently lifts me out of bed.

“Wait, where are you taking me?” I gasp in surprise as we head for the bathroom.

“Where do you think? You need a bath and since you’re still weak, I’ll help you!”

What? This guy? See me naked? ME?!

“Don’t even try, you have to take a bath, I want you to get some proper rest and be clean. Don’t even bother being naked around me. I’ll take my clothes off if you want, so it won’t be weird.”

What? I’m getting redder, but I’m getting curious about this guy.

- All right, if you take your clothes off, I’ll agree to let you help me with a bath.

He presses his lips together, I knew that was the game. Well, let’s see how much we play.


You stupid bastard! “I’ll take my clothes off if it’s not weird for you” my ass! God, what am I getting myself into. This woman is a miracle. She’s stunningly beautiful, and she’s got a bomb body. Her tiny breasts are covered in sexy lingerie, and her luscious folds are too beautiful to imagine how nice it would be to explore. Ooh, this shower’s gonna be a long one.

I sit on the chair and pull her shirt off. The black bra is still on, eager to be removed.

“May I?” I look at her questioningly. I’m a gentleman, not some barbarian who rips bras off girls.

He nods, a look of curiosity in her eyes. You’re gonna kill me if you keep this up.

I stand her up and she leans against the sink, the pants falling off her shapely hips and the panties gently pulled off slowly by me. I can hardly breathe when I see the little fluffy thing between her legs. Oh my goodness, she’s shaving her pussy the way I like it best. My cock wants to get free, it’s just poking through my pants.

She looks down there and starts giggling.

“Your dick might want to get out.”

Oh well, teasing little girl. If you’re not careful, you’ll get a punishment. Oh, how I’d love that.

I’ll pull my top off and drop my pants. Her eyes drink in the sight of my body and her eyes stop on my cock. It’s like a glare, but she seems to lick her lips. Okay, concentrate on the shower.

I let the water run, wait until it’s warm enough and help her in, scooping her up.

We press our bodies against each other, and the chemistry is sparking.

I soap my hands and start to wash her off. The curve of her neck, the length of her arms, her back, her beautiful body pressed against me. Her nipples are hard and beg me to take them in my mouth, but I can’t. I let go, squeeze some more shower gel into my palm and wash her belly, then her legs, careful not to touch her where I shouldn’t.

As soon as I’ve washed the lather off her I want to move out, but her voice freezes me and I feel the battle is lost.

“I’m still dirty in two places...” she looks at me with big innocent eyes, even though we both know exactly what she’s done. Shee just signed both our death warrants.

I sigh, ignoring my aching cock and squeeze a little shower gel on her chest and then massage the shower gel into her chest with my hands. Her nipples are sensitive, and she moans under my hand. She leans against the wall and enjoys the massage with her eyes closed. My cock vibrates with blood, I go crazy.

I lick her breasts, her perfect little tits that fit in my hand, oooh.

Then my hand slides down to her folds. Wet and enjoying the massage. Here again I wash her gently but thoroughly, but after the rinse my hand is forgotten there. I walk up and down and massage her clitoris, causing a loud moan to escape.

I’m finished, I’m lost. I’m finished here.

She spreads her legs wider and opens up her wet hole for me to dip my cock into and taste the taste of this tiny girl.

“Ahh god, I beg you!” she moans and my hand is between her legs.

I can’t believe this bombshell is asking for it, I can hardly contain myself. I slip a finger between her lips into her pussy and start exploring until I hit a barrier.

Oh my God! Is she a virgin? How old is she anyway? Oh, Jesus.

Now is not the time to think about age when I’m fingering such a hot and perfect woman. She’s a virgin, but she’ll swallow my finger and ask for more. I stick another finger in and move it out. She just moans, she doesn’t need much and comes in sweet moans.

God, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve had a few flings, but no one’s ever made me feel so superstitious.

She relaxes in my arms and closes her eyes. Ohh I’m definitely going to have to put her to bed. I wipe her and lay her in bed with no clothes on. It’s warm so she won’t be cold, but I cover her up. Jesus what I’ve got myself into.

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