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Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Love twist 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Richa came to her friend's house for group study; her friend's name was Max. Richa smiled and said in her mind, with a naughty feel, "I will do my best today and express my feelings for him." Richa had taken her sister Mia with her as well, as she wanted to meet his elder brother Sam, as she was also in love.

Max was preparing lunch with Sam, as he told his brother that his friend was coming for group today. Sam helped him and said not to worry about lunch; it was prepared. Richa and Mia reached Max's house.

Max opened the door, and Richa kissed him passionately and purposefully. Max supported her by kissing her aggressively, but he heard Sam's shoe voice and stopped kissing her. Richa saw Sam then walk over, kissed him on the lips gently, and said hi. Max takes Richa to his room, and she runs, leaving Mia alone. Mia walks towards her but falls over accidentally on Sam; he smiles and says, "You are so beautiful and hot sexy girl. Come sit with me closely."

Sam takes her to his room and makes her comfortable. Richa hugs Max and confesses her love for him.

Max gets happy and then kisses her aggressively. Richa and Max were kissing and making noises when Sam-Mia entered the room after hearing their voices. Sam-Mia got happy for them, and they went back to Sam's room.

Sam imagine how he will kiss her in wild way as first time. He woke up from dreamland as she called his name.

Mia says to Sam, "I am happy for my sister but sad that I will be alone now." Sam was feeling attraction towards Mia, and he saw her boobs from her net bra, as Mia was only wearing a bra with shorts.

Sam touches her boobs and says, "I can help you stay indulgent if you want." Mia smiled and said, "I am hungry. Lunch is there?"

Sam nods his head and takes her to the dining area. He holds her hand and then kisses her lips purposefully. Mia took his hand in her shorts and then started kissing aggressively.

Sam took her hand under his pants and told her to rub his dick. She feels warm and press it by rubbing gently. They were doing this while kissing each other deeply. Mia was sucking his tongue deeply in his mouth, he swallowing her saliva. They stopped kissing and gasped faster. Mia appreciated his kissing style and says, "Hm... Your kiss is tasty and swallowing your saliva is more yummy. Your cum must be more interesting to taste now as got excited to taste it."

Mia was rubbing his dick by pressing it and he was playing with pussy by putting finger after massaging her pussy. They kissed aggressively and bites each other in wild way while kissing.

Max and Richa came out of the room kissing each other. Sam had removed her bra and was sucking her boobs. Max and Richa stopped kissing when they saw Sam sucking Mia's boobs. Sam stopped sucking her boobs and says, "Wear the bra and keep it wet. As I want to see while lunch. As it will keep remembering me about incomplete romance ride and waiting for you to eat completely."

Mia says with hestiation and excitement, "I am just twenty-two, and you are twenty-seven... You always look after my pussy and boobs as if you want to eat it .May I know why?"

Sam smiles by making her wear the bra and says, "I've loved you since childhood, and Richa is my attraction. I feel good whenever I see you both, especially since you're driving me insane. Richa is younger than my brother Max, and as he is twenty-five... Then also want group study with Richa. He was more interested in sleeping with girls than in studying. Seems this reason is to get close to Richa. Well, few days ago I was you changing the clothes in your room. As I came to meet you for pinned up my files as you assist in my office work."

Mia smiles and hugs him tightly with happiness, she says with serious look, "Then you should come and do whatever you want. I never will say no."

Mia sits on a chair beside Sam; Richa sits beside Sam; and Max sits beside Richa. Mia says in her mind, "I will get satisfied today. My desire to sleep with a guy is going to be fulfilled. He is such a stunning guy, and he is so eager to taste me. I thought he should attack me and make him mine." They all have lunch together and then sit in the living room to talk.

Sam saw Richa wink an eye, and Max says, in a shameless way, "Guys, can we have group sex? See, we can't hide our feelings from each other. Sam you and I have so have sexy ladies today. Time to fuck them."

Richa with excitement, removes her clothes and says, "Max, you are not the first guy I am sleeping with. I slept with fifty guys, but you were the most attractive one. Mia is doing this for the first time, so Sam should make her experience memorable. See me and noticed completely."

Max and Sam see Richa's body get surprised. Max says in a hilarious way, "You shameless girl and fucking girl. Seems daily have sex." Mia says with happiness, "Talking about this matter is nice. You know Max, she fucked five guys daily, but today only you. I daily see her fucking. Exciting talk is that she fucks in the morning, afternoon, evening, and whole night. Today took pause only for you."

Sam removes the bra and shorts of Mia. Max saw her nude get crazy and said, "Sam, your love is waiting for you. Fuck her such way, and her screams should be louder." Mia says to him, "Sam in the bathtub, please... The bathroom is where I want to fuck for the first time. No protection to be use, and I want to marry you." Sam gets happy with words, and he says, "Now, see what I do with you."

Richa says with evilness, "Sam, listen afterwards fuck me, please. I wait for new guys and like to fuck with anyone... I fucked with my cook also." Sam nods and kisses Mia as he takes her in his arms towards bathroom. Mia was spitting in his mouth, and he was swallowing it with happiness. They both sat in the bathtub; Sam spread her legs and took her pussy in his mouth. He was licking, sucking, and gently biting it like he was thirsty to taste it.

Here on the couch, Sam was fucking Richa and pressing her neck to make her sound low. He says with anger, "You shameless girls slept with so many men. I'll force you to use it in the same way, which means we'll marry for name sake. I can't rely on one girl daily. I will sleep with you with a new girl or boy every day by making you feel special."

Richa smiled and took his hand in her mouth, licking his hand. He saw his dick is completely in her; he tried to push his ball into her pussy, and she was helping him in it. They were so hot and sweaty that the couch got wet. He then made her swallow his cum by putting his dick in her mouth. His dick was nine inches long and two inches wide. Her pussy hole got big due to his balls being penetrated forcefully by him, and she got up as she felt pain in her pussy. He kept stroking her continuously, then got faster at doing it; she sucked his nipples and licking his chest, neck and chin.

In the bathtub, Mia says in an intense voice, "Fuck me now... please... I can't wait. I want to lose my virginity by you completely, Sam. Please fuck me in a bad way. I should feel your pain, suffering for me but happiness returns knowing that you gave me the best one this should feel." Sam saw his twelve-inch dick giving massage by her hand and tried to push in her pussy. She moaned as he pushed a little and slowly got in, then slowly stroked. She was grabbing his arms and saying, "Fuck me. Fuck me. Making yours. Fucking you ass. Shameless guy, fucking me. Go deep in tone my pussy."

Sam made her sink into the bathtub water by kissing her passionately. He was kissing and fucking at the same time, and they both sank in the water for ten minutes. They came out and gasped, but he didn't stop fucking her pussy. She was shivering because of the cold water, as he poured a big bowl of ice cubes in the bathtub before getting in the water.

Mia who lost her virginity and became his forever, got one. His dick was completely in her pussy, as he does it roughly. She was screaming and stopping him, but he didn't stop got more faster strokes in her pussy. He continuously fucking her for one hour, and she saw that her pussy was getting red and hot with warm wetness because of pussyjuice.

He stopped fucking and starts drinking her pussy juice completely by cleaning her pussy with his tongue. He rested with her in the bathtub, and he saw his dick again stand, so he fucked for four times by trying different positions. It was ten p.m., and they were on the bed naked and lie in 69 position.

A few minutes later, Mia was swallowing his cum. As he took a big bowl and put his cum in it five times, she was swallowing it directly from the bowl. He was admiring her and fucking her ass. She was liking as ass fucking was great experience for her, as she told him that she will drink cum from bowl and he will fuck her ass that time.

Here in Max's room, Richa had been riding Max for an hour continuously. He was lying on the bed, seeing her bouncing boobs which was shining due to sweat. He lying on the bed because he was tired, and Richa was full of moody intent to fuck him, not tired; she was jumping over him. His dick leaked cum a fourth time, and Richa took cum in her mouth again, then, after swallowing it, slept beside him.

After one hour, Richa knocks on the door of Sam's room. "What are you doing here?" Sam asked as he opened the door. Richa was naked, and she kissed him aggressively, then said, "See I was kissing you. I came here to say that if Mia looks okay, then they can have group sex for two days or a week if they want." Sam smiled evilly and grabbed her in his arms; he saw his dick then fucked her at the doorstep.

Richa was enjoying his fucking at doorstep. He holding her leg and fucking her with excitement and said, "Hm... nice, it's enjoyable. Get faster and listen now. You and I will never marry, and they both will also be never marry. What say you?"

Sam nodded his head and saw his dick get in her pussy half, and he said, "He didn't fuck you in a nice way. As my dick should get in you completely inside you easily but not happening. Don't worry, get him here, as my bed is big and we four can easily manage." Richa told him to continue fucking her later, and they stopped in between to keep things suspenseful.

Sam come back holding his dick and Mia noticed it. Mia asked Sam, "Was you fucking her at the door step and now come so easily?" Sam says with happiness, " I want to continue but she gone in between leaving it. I know you can't wait for me. But now Max will fuck you, and I am going to fuck Richa. She is waiting for me, and she has a great talent for getting fucked. If got chance want to fuck you both at same time together."

Richa and Max came to Sam's room. Their fucking session starts with excitement.

It was second day in the same room and same bed, Max got crazy for Mia. Mia told him to stop as he was doing in craziness; he toned her pussy as Sam again fucked her. Mia with two dick in her pussy and Richa massaging her pussy by spitting on it. Mia feels dizzy and Richa laughs then sucks her boobs and bites in anger.

Mia closed eyes and Max now fucking her ass. Sam was fucking her pussy and already felt with his cum fully. Richa saw Max putting his cum her ass. Richa got jealous seeing it. Richa grabbed Sam then kissed aggressively. Mia was sleeping as got tired.

Richa took advantage and kissed Sam - Max. After two hour taking rest they then fucked Richa for in wild way. Richa made Sam crazy for her says, "Stay with me and marry. That Mia is not having stamina like me of handling seven dicks at same time. Yes, I am speaking true. Max and you today made my day."

Max says with evilness, "You both are adventurous on bed which makes us both interesting. I fall in love with you both. We all can stay in one relationship if want!"

Mia got agreed to his talk and told Richa that she loved her suggestions already as always.

They fucked each other for the whole night, and they did not get married according to Richa's suggestion.

They were happy with each other's presence in their living relationship.

Mia was pregnant by Sam, as he had not married her, but Max gave her the freedom to stay in a relationship with his brother, whom she loves.

Richa was jealous of Mia, so she kept the condition that she would at night sleep with Sam and Max. Richa purposely does it to satisfy her own desires, and Mia accepts her condition for her coming baby as Sam wanted. Sam was with Richa for Max, as he suggested this condition to stay connected with each other for a lifetime. Max and Richa fucked daily new desires of their lives with unknown persons to fullfill their desires but making Mia and Sam suffer purposely.

Sam and Max in the swimming pool kissing each other with intense feeling. Richa was kissing Mia passionately as usual, they daily had habit of kissing each other. They both stopping kissing saw boys kissing got jealous, they interrupt by saying, "You both should kiss us not to each other." Sam grabs both the girls then kisses one by one aggressively. Max was sucking Mia boobs as wants to drink milk. Mia says with happiness, "It's reserved for you all." They drink her milk and Sam says, "Hm... Thanks great after sex milk feeding of yours is best. You make baby came here for us thanks. Keep feeding us and we will feed you a bowjob." Richa says with mischievous smile, "We are in relationship staying have great time. But really tell our group sex have always new experience with excitements."

Sam and Mia were madly and crazy in love for each other. They always finds ways for completing their love lust desires by a reason. Richa and Max always interrupt them and get in between them to satisfy theirs desires of lust.

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 The story ends and next chapter with new story !🔥

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