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A Monsters Mate

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Mila is a loner, she likes it that way, it's safer. Or so she thought. Sebastian was fond of the darkness, he was a master of it, and Mila was a light he planned to snuff out.......the only issue, Mila was his mate.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Darkness, it was all Sebastian knew, all he wanted to know. It surrounded him, consumed him. He leant back in the small chair he sat in, well small for him. He was 6'3 and athletic in build so most chairs in public places were small for him.

He was looking for prey, as old as he was he didn't have to feed as much as the younger ones but he hadn't fed for three weeks as he had been spending his time trying to appease the elders with his lack of mate.

Sebastian had been ruling his coven for 600 years without the need of a mate and yet suddenly the council were demanding he find his mate. He growled at himself thrusting his hand through his white hair.

"Bass, you look like you want to feed on the women before you but not in the fun way." Edward laughed as he took set next to him.

"Watch your tongue Teddy." Sebastian growled eyeing his second in command who didn't look in the least bothered by the scowl Sebastian sent him.

"All of these women look delectable and they are all more than willing to give you what you want Bass." Edward shrugged leaning his elbows against his thighs and beckoning a young woman to him with a crook of his finger, his shoulder length blonde hair creating a veil for his willing victim.

"Not one has caught my eye." Sebastian shrugged back trying to look far more relaxed than he was feeling. His whole body seemed to thrum tonight, as if it were anticipating something which Sebastian didn't understand.

"I don't understand why." Edward murmured against the small female's neck that had seemingly decided Edwards lap was the safest and best place to be.

"Where is the challenge." Sebastian countered as he watched the female wriggle on his friends lap in delight as his lips brushed against her beating pulse between her shoulder and neck, this was for feeding not killing.

Edward chuckled against the females neck. "I, for one, would like to see how many times I can make this woman cum for me as I feed on her, I want to know how long she will last until she is unconscious. " He laughed as the female purred in her agreement.

The woman sighed as Edward's hand disappeared under her skirt, her face flushing and the scent of her arousal filling the air.

Sex was not a private matter between a vampire and his food, unless the vampire was feeding from a mate. Vampires were sexual with an unending appetite for both blood and sex.

With his sensitive hearing Sebastian heard the momen Edward's fingers entered the females wet pussy.

"This one is quite tight Bass, not been fed on too much." Edward rasped agaisnst the womans neck the sounds of her arousal becoming louder with each thrust of Edward's fingers. "How about you cum for me and my friend here petal." Edward crooned lifting the womans skirt so Sebastian could watch as he thrust another finger inside her and she began rocking her hips in time.

"I told you no one here takes my interest, including her." Sebastian responded though his eyes were transfixed on his friends fingers that were thrusting harder and faster, disappearing into her wet tunnel. He couldn't help the lust that hit him when he noticed how wet his friends fingers were.

"Come on Bass, let's make her cum and taste her together." Edward moaned when the female rocked against him harder.

Sebastian was hungry, and women tasted so much sweeter when they were cuming. With inhumane speed he was behind the female one hand in her hair, the other travelling down her body.

"I need her cuming hard." Sebastian ground out pushing the material of the womans top downward so her small pert breasts were on display. "Suck Edward." He commanded, his other hand fisting in the womans hair pulling her head back so her neck was bare.

Edward did as he was told, the females moans grew louder. "Three fingers Edward, fuck her with three." Sebastian told him, the three of them moaning when Edward again done as he was told.

Sebastian moved his free hand down to the womans clit, he began to circle it slow at first but picking up pace and adding pressure as he listened to how wet she was with Edward's fingers pounding in to her pussy.

"Fuck!" The woman cried meeting Edward's thrusts as Sebastian grazed his teeth along her flesh.

"She's close." Edward moaned pumping his fingers harder and faster, Sebastians fingers strumming her clit in time with his friends creating a sensual rhythm. Both moved their heads to each side of her neck.

"Oh god yes, please!" The female begged feeling their tongues brush against her skin.

"There's no god here." Sebastian chuckled as he and Edward bit down, the moment her blood seeped from her wound she began to climax, hard and loud. Her body was shaking, her cries filled Sebastians ears and he found himself drinking deeply as he tasted her sweet blood made all the sweeter by her orgasm.

Neither he nor Edward let up, continuing their assault on her body making her cum again and again, drinking from her, before dragging another orgasm from her needy pussy until she was spent and their appetite was sated.

The woman slumped forward into Edwards lap. "See Bass, don't you feel better."

Sebastian straightened himself, he felt odd. He was still hungry though this woman had given more than her fair share, not that he would admit that to Edward.

"Yes." Was his reply as he started to walk away.

"Where are you going?"

"A walk, stay enjoy yourself." Sebastian tried to smile as he wove through the crowds of vampires and humans, he was hungry still and his body thrummed with a need to be filled with a blood he knew was somewhere near.

As he stepped out of the feeding club into the moonlight he took a deep breath, his instincts coming alive as a sweet smell assaulted his senses, making his gums and cock ache. "Mine." He found himself growling as his legs began moving of their own accord. "Mine."

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