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A New Beginning

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"Does it feel good Scarlet? Do you enjoy our touch? Can you feel it everywhere? You are definitely making us feel amazing. Just the brush of your hand brings me intense pleasure. I want to feel you to She was as broken as they come. Running from her past and closed off to anyone she came across. They fell for her on sight and knew they wanted her forever. But can they protect her when her past catches up to her? Will they stand by her or chase her away for good?

Erotica / Romance
Sunny 85
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Chapter 1

Ryder wasn’t thinking and he sure as hell wasn’t listening to the cute little woman behind the desk. He had to admit she was quite pretty with her red hair cut short and her pixie like facial features. She wasn’t tall but she had curves any man would enjoy. She was very animated when she discussed their upcoming partnership. He noticed the way her eyes twinkled with enjoyment while talking about things she obviously enjoyed very much. But she held no appeal for him. Maybe it was the girl last night or simply being as tired as he was but he couldn’t force himself to really listen to what she was droning on about so enthusiastically. He only truly wanted to go home and drop to his oh so inviting bed

Ryder was exhausted. That was the only was to describe how he felt. He knew he had a meeting with the publicist and still went out drinking with his brother the night before. He knew his brother wouldn’t leave before last call and went anyhow. Of course the pretty brunet they had found to dance with may have had something to do with how late they stayed out. As for how long they stayed up you’d have to ask Candice. Or was her name Charlotte?

Either way after a few hours of enjoyment they had called her a cab and as the gentlemen they were walked her to the door before falling down and passing out. In his defense they were celebrating the completion of their second book and the meeting with the publicist. But when he got to the meeting he could barely keep his eyes open and felt resentful towards his twin Gabe for making him deal with the business side of this.

Thinking only of his bed he quickly stood and made his way to the door. As soon as he opened it he couldn’t help but let out a groan. There before him was the most gorgeous ass he had ever seen. It was attached to the most glorious legs that in the black pencil skirt seemed to go on forever. How could anyone have an ass that perfectly round.

His hands were itching to reach out and feel it. Maybe he would then run his hands down those mile long legs and see if they felt as soft as they looked. What the hell was she doing bending over giving anyone that walked by a perfect view of her body? Ryder suddenly felt like throwing his jacket over her so no one would ever see the site before him. Silently he wished she would stand and turn so he could see the face that belonged to that breathtaking view.

He quickly remembered he was here for the books he and his brother had written knowing that if he signed the deal not only would they be published again but he would have more meetings hoping to glimpse the face that came with those lick-able legs. He quickly turned, closing the door and returning to the woman behind the desk.

“I think this is going to be a great partnership. Where do I sign?” He asked her with the woman killing smirk of his. He watched as her eyes widened and couldn’t help but chuckle to himself. This was going to be so much more fun than he had originally thought it would be. He couldn’t wait to get home to his brother to tell him of his discovery.

As he was walking to his sleek black mustang he spotted that perfect ass again hurrying across the street. He wanted to see her face. He couldn’t understand why she affected him so badly. He just knew she did. He quickly changed the direction he was heading and went into the little deli and ordered a sandwich. He sat across the deli looking around for that beautiful ass.

He spotted the new publicist across the the way and looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her long blonde hair gently curling down her arms. Soft supple skin he could just imagine brushing his fingers across. Was her skin truly as soft as it looked? High cheekbones and a perfect oval face to match. He gazed at her luscious heart shaped lips as her tongue darted across them quickly tightening his jeans. Pictures of him running his tongue along those lips as his fingers ran down her cheek and gently sliding them down her neck invaded his mind.

Ryder couldn’t help but look at her eyes. Even from a distance he could see the cat like shape and couldn’t help but imagine them rolling back in her head in ecstasy with her lips parted on a gentle moan. Suddenly she laughed gently at something the publicist said and he let out a little gasp as a new image hit his mind. His jeans continued to grow tighter the longer he stared at this perfect woman and he knew he had to have her.

Quickly leaving the deli he tried to calm his raging desire and headed towards home where he knew his brother would be waiting for him. He had so much to tell him he was unsure of where to start first. Their new contract or the goddess in heels? He would decide when the time came but figured he would go with the deal first since he didn’t remember nearly as much about that as he did the goddess. He could remember every little thing about her in great detail.

As he drove home he wondered how his brother would react to her. Would she be everything they wanted? Hopefully she wouldn’t be easy to get. They both loved a good challenge and she seemed to be just that. What would it take to get her to accept them both? Would she even speak to them? What was her name? He felt a deep ache in his chest simply thinking of her. He had never felt this intensely for any woman before. What was so different about her that brought all of these emotions to the surface? He hoped to have a few answers before the week was over at the very least.

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

Scarlet entered the office 15 minutes early as she did everyday. Hurrying along the hallways with her eyes downcast or simply looking away from everyone hoping to get to her office before anyone could say anything to her. Grasping her Starbucks cup tightly she entered her office quickly and sat down firing her computer up. She quickly pulled up her schedule.

Deliver the mail, three press releases for upcoming events, her boss had four appointments, lunch with Cammy, and afterwards she had the budget and weekly progress reports to type up. Sure it was a full day but it was simple for her and routine which is how she lived. She never noticed the looks she got as she went about her daily routine. She was in fact always watched.

As she stood from her desk to deliver the daily mail, all of the letters slipped from her hand gracefully falling to the floor. As she bent down to pick them up she thought she heard a loud groan and quickly stood back up looking for the sound. As she glanced around she shook her head at her silliness and figured she was just hearing things. Quickly gathering the letters she rushed out of the office and about her daily work.

As usual she looked at no one and spoke very few words in passing to those whom she delivered the mail to. She didn’t really need to though as she rushed around so quickly no one really had any time to say anything to her. She was content with this part of her life as she really didn’t want anyone intruding on her solitude. It only ever brought pain and when she had moved a year and a half ago to this state she had vowed to never let anyone get close enough to hurt her again. She had learned self-defense in that time and made sure she learned it very well. Words couldn’t ever hurt her again. She had made herself emotionless and oblivious to everyone around her.

At lunch time she rushed to the little deli across the street. Her best friend and boss Cammy was already there waiting for her with a New England Ham with a large coke. She rushed over to the table quickly muttering “Sorry, I got caught up in work.” as she took her seat.

“It’s OK I know how hard you work.” Cammy said laughing lightly. Scar just smirked at her friend and picked up her sandwich taking a large bite not caring who saw her eat like a pig. The sandwich just seemed to melt along her tongue. She loved coming here for lunch. They always made her food to perfection and she knew when she left the coffee she grabbed to go would be exquisite. How anyone could make a sandwich that took your mouth to heaven she had no idea. She could cook quite well even if it was just for herself. But the likes of the food they made in this little no name deli were something she had yet to experience anywhere but here.

“So anything new?” Cammy asked her this question and the answer was always the same.

Scar rolled her eyes and simply said “No and you know that. Everything is just the same as this morning when you asked.” They quickly ate their lunch knowing they needed to get back to work.

“I can’t believe I actually landed that last client. I was sure he was going to leave and never look back. It would have been a shame to because then I wouldn’t have years to drool over the muscles on that man. How he can write all those novels with his brother and still look so damn good in jeans I’ll never know. I do wonder what his brother looks like though. They are said to be twins so I imagine like his brother but you can’t help but wonder. I mean imagine two of them walking around the office at any given time. The entire female population are going to all die of a heart attack if he is even as remotely good looking as his brother.” Scarlet just rolled her eyes at her friend again knowing how boy crazy she was.

He probably was good looking but Scar never paid attention to anything like that on any one around her. From past experience she knew better than to look twice at anyone. “What does he write?” She found herself asking. She would need to know to determine the press releases and promotions she did for them. A specific genre called for certain types of layouts.

" Mystery novels. They are more than I could ever hope for. I may even let you help with these as he already has two written and let me tell you they are superb.” Scar knew her boss wasn’t joking either. Cammy would never even think about taking on a client who couldn’t write well. From the look on the other woman’s face she knew these stories were everything she was looking for and more. She found herself getting excited about reading the newest books just from the look on her boss’s face. That must be some story line she thought to herself.

“They are dark and thrilling in more ways than just one. I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like them in a while. Don’t get me wrong, our other clients are amazing in their own rights. These books though, there’s something about them that reaches out and forces you to keep reading until you finish them. I honestly couldn’t put them down.” She heard Cammy continue.

“How did you get him to sign you said he was leaving?” She suddenly asked. Cammy had her ways of convincing people to do exactly what she wanted but she hadn’t heard any yelling coming from the office. Come to think of it she hadn’t been asked for even coffee for the meeting. When a client needed convinced we were the best way to go she normally had to bring something in to convince them.

" I’m still not sure how that happened. He was heading for the door. He even had it open when he groaned and turned around. I honestly thought he hit himself with the door. He came back to my desk and said ‘I think this is going to be a great partnership. Where do I sign?’ To say I was shocked is an understatement.” Scar was already thinking of the press releases and book signings she would have to arrange for the new books. She knew if he already had two out they would release them about a year apart.

During that time they would have to hype the original quite a bit and then with a book signing release they would coordinate a few more events after for the first few months. After the hype died from the first book they would start on the second. Meanwhile Mr. Mystery writer should be writing a third. Well at least he had help from the missing twin.

“I need to get the missing brother to come in though. He was a complete no show. It was almost like they were testing me and my professionalism. I don’t mind. They aren’t the first and most certainly won’t be the last to ever do that. But still for one to not even show was odd when they both need to sign to finalize everything. That was my first doubtful moment because if they were serious about signing why wouldn’t they both show?” Scarlet needed to know how much time she would be spending on this project before they actually got to work on it.

“When are we going to start their press releases?” Cammy could only give a guess of within the net month or so due to not knowing when the second brother would be in to finalize everything.

Staring in the distance she didn’t notice as her friend went into a launch about what the new writer looked like. She was too busy planning all the things she needed to do to notice the handsome man staring at her from across the deli. Soon enough they had finished their lunch and had headed back to the office. Cammy finishing the paperwork from earlier clients and Scarlet jotting notes and ideas for the new client in her computer. She often did this as she needed to follow a list to actually get everything that she did everyday.

She loved this part of her job. The quiet that surrounded her and her thoughts as she thought of all the different things they could do for a launching. The after party that even though she never attended she truly loved planning. The day quickly finished and Scarlet rushed off to the dock again the same as she did every day.

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