A New Beginning

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Chapter 10

They walked me to the shower turning it on for me. Why do I let them touch me like that? Why does it feel so good? I have been touched before. I’m not Innocent, far from it. But it has never felt good. Painful, yes. Terrifying, yes. But never good. And now I’m letting them shower with me. I really should be running the other way screaming.

I laid there letting them make me feel good. Letting them make me feel things I have never felt before. I know I can’t let this continue but for right now I think I’m just going to see what my day brings. I need my ocean to answer my questions. I need those soft waves carrying away my emotions so I can analyze this whole mess.

I took Gabe’s hand as he helped me into the shower with Ryder following behind me closing the shower door. Ryder grabbed me around the waist and spun me around to face him leaning my head back against Gabe to wet my hair. Once it was Gabe grabbed my shampoo gently massaging my scalp as he cleaned my hair. Ryder grabbed the wash cloth on the shower edge slowly putting my body wash onto it lathering it into millions of little bubbles.

He started at me neck gently caressing my skin with gentle strokes gliding down my body to my shoulders and arms never once removing his gaze from my face. I felt like I was in a trance and simply couldn’t break the hold they had over me. As Gabe rinsed the shampoo from my hair Ryder slid the cloth down my stomach. Both men being just as gentle as before. Gabe had put conditioner in my hair letting it sit to soften my hair he used his hands to apply body wash across my back.

At the same time as Ryder squatted to reach my legs and his face right in front of my most sensitive area Gabe’s hands reached my butt not being able to stop himself from gently massaging that area. Ryder didn’t seem to be able to stop himself either as he leaned forward still cleaning my legs and placing a kiss to my lower lips. Both men moaned and I felt Ryder’s touch slip into my folds as Gabe started placing open mouth kisses on my neck.

“God you’re beautiful Love” Gabe whispered against my ear making me shudder.

“ And she tastes amazing” Came from Ryder while he lifted my leg over his shoulder to get better access. I leaned against Gabe not knowing what to say. I leaned my head to the side and let out a moan as Ryder took advantage of the better access. One of Gabe’s arms was around me holding me steady as I balanced on one leg as his other hand slid from the back to my very heated core.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted from them as I moaned out “Please more.” This seemed to set them on a whole new level as Gabe slid a finger inside of me gently testing out my walls and Ryder sucked my hardened bud harder while holding my hips in place so I couldn’t grind against him.

Gabe’s hand slid up my waist until he was firmly cupping my breast rubbing his thumb across my nipple cause my breathing to become even more harsh than it already was. At the same time I felt Ryder’s hand slip from my hip. I opened my eyes out of curiosity. Looking down I saw not only was Ryder staring at my face watching the pleasure he and his brother were bringing me but his hand had slipped to his hard cock.

I stood there slightly shocked and very turned on as I watched him pleasure himself while pleasuring me. He stroked very slowly from his tip to his base and back up squeezing and rotating his hand around the tip as he got to it. Ryder moaned sending vibrations through my core as Gabe twisted his finger inside of me on a much quicker thrust than he had been doing.

“Do you think you could take another Love?” Gabe muttered against my neck. I have no idea what he’s talking about but I simply nodded my head thinking I would figure it out as we went. I wasn’t disappointed as he roughly thrust a second finger into me stretching my walls. It wasn’t truly painful. It actually brought me more intense pleasure that caused me to moan loudly. Between what they were doing and Ryder staring at me I was on a whole other level than what I had felt earlier in my room.

“I have to feel you Love. Is that okay? I have to feel some part of you on me.” I again just nodded my head not knowing what he was talking about. Suddenly his hips dipped and I felt his hard cock slide between my butt cheeks. He didn’t enter me any other way simply rubbed himself there thrusting to the rhythm his fingers were taking.

Suddenly both men increased there tempos. The pressure from Ryder’s mouth increased as did the rhythm of his tong. Gabe increased both the thrust of his fingers and hips. Going rougher and harder. I don’t think I’m going to be able to take the intense pleasure they were bringing me. As my stomach clenched I started to panic at what I was feeling. My thoughts incoherent I tried pulling away, lifting my hips away from them.

“Wait.. it’s.. what.. no.” I don’t think I was making any sense. I was just scared of how it felt. I thought I was going to explode. My stomach was now clenching tightly and my whole body was screaming.

“It’s ok Love just let go. Don’t hold back we’ve got you. Come for us Love.” Gabe said against my neck still thrusting. Not once did he slow down or stop. If anything he increased his pace vigorously.

Ryder’s demand was way more effective on me though as he grazed me with his teeth and demanded ”Come. Now.” My entire body clenched and my core squeezed Gabe’s fingers, milking them with my internal convulsions. Throwing back my head I screamed out my pleasure letting them both know how I felt. In my haze I felt Gabe explode on my ass and I’m sure if I glance down it would show Ryder had released on the tub.

They both gentled their touch not stopping until I had ridden my orgasm to completion, prolonging my pleasure. Ryder stood as Gabe removed his fingers bringing them to his lips and sucking my fluid off of them moaning in the back of his throat as he tasted me on himself. “Ry’s right you taste amazing.” They quickly finished washing me and then themselves. Ryder picked me up by my waist placing me on the rug in front of the tub as Gabe grabbed a towel drying me from head to toe. He was so gentle with my entire body like I was made of glass and to much pressure would break me.

Once I was dry I felt Ryder’s hands slip around my legs holding something in front of me. Glancing down I saw him holding my panties for me to step into. They were going to dress me to? I stepped into them just as Gabe grabbed my shirt placing in gently over my head. I placed my arms through the holes. As Gabe smoothed my shirt over me Ryder helped me into someones sweats. They both took one of my sandals, taking turns placing them on my feet and securing them at my ankles.

When we were finished and dressed they both led me from the room and sat me on the bed while they got dressed in t-shirts and jeans. Casual and comfortable, they both still looked drop dead gorgeous. I still haven’t said anything besides incoherent muttering and moans for hours, but neither man seemed to notice this. If they did they didn’t comment on it and simply let me stay as silent as I wanted. I was speechless anyhow. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say as emotions pounded through my entire body, never settling on just one for longer than a half a second.

I certainly didn’t have time to absorb nor identify what they were. My body hummed with a quiet pleasure I have never felt before. They both approached the bed, but I wasn’t paying them much attention as Ryder slipped behind me settling his legs on either side of mine. Gabe sat next to me as close as he could with his brothers leg in the was.

Ryder caught my attention first as he glided my brush gently through the tangles in my hair. He brushed the side closest to Gabe first brushing it away from my face. When he was done and moved to the back of my head I leaned my head on Gabe moaning at the sensation of my hair being brushed. It felt like he was massaging my head while simply taking care of me. I closed my eyes and simply absorbed the sensations wanting to remember this forever as Gabe gently brushed his fingertips along the side of my face, tracing every curve.

They were taking care of me. Even more amazing was the fact that I was allowing them to. I don’t know why and I’m sure I don’t want to analyze why I am right now. I simply sat there enjoying the sensations. They would eventually hurt me, but for now I was just going to memorize them taking care of me. They are the first people in my life to ever treat me this way and I didn’t really want it to end even though I knew I would have to put an end to it sooner or later before they truly could hurt me.

I never want to forget how I felt, or their actions today. I felt cherished and loved by these two well built, gorgeous men. I don’t know why they were being this way and even though on one level it confused me, I simply pushed that to the side, deciding I would think about it later.

When Ryder was done, Gabe stood and held a hand out for me to take. Grasping his hand he helped me stand and led me downstairs with Ryder following us to the kitchen where he sat me down at the island we had eaten breakfast at. Turning to the fridge he started grabbing things out. It looked like he was making sandwiches for lunch. I didn’t realize that much time had passed or how hungry I truly was until I saw him preparing food for all of us.

Ryder sat next to be rubbing my back and staring at me while I stared at Gabe making our food. My stomach rumbled catching the attention of both men quickly. I looked at the counter top blushing brightly while both m en chuckled at me. “Well we had better feed that monster Gabe.” Gabe simply turned without a response finishing up the sandwiches. He placed my plate in front of me with some chips piled on the side and my sandwich cut in half. When is the last time someone cut my sandwich for me? The thought flashed through my head as I bit into the most mouth watering sandwich I have ever had. Not being able to hold back the moan from the taste is imply allowed my eyes to glide shut as I savored the taste. Every bite brought a moan from me in a way only amazing food can.

My eyes snapped open after half of my sandwich was gone. Looking down I saw a hand on each thigh and noticed the twins were breathing heavily not even eating their sandwiches. They were both staring at me like they were going to eat me for lunch. I raised my eyebrows looking between the both of them with a question in my eyes. “ If you keep moaning like that I don’t think I can stop myself from putting you on this counter and eating you for lunch. Trust me it would be just as filling as this food but I’m not sure you would like giving up the rest of your lunch.” Gabe whispered huskily into my ear while he grazed my ear with his teeth.

“ But if you want that all you have to do is push your plate away and say so. We’ll gladly pleasure you again and again until you can’t walk.” Came Ryder’s reply in my other ear as he mimicked his brothers action to my other ear. My head tipped back as a deeper moan escaped my lips and my eyes closed for an entirely different reason. Blushing I pulled myself together and leaned towards my plate grabbing the other half of my sandwich eating as quickly as I could so I didn’t have to say anything.

Half way through though I completely forgot getting lost in the flavor once again. My moans were more quiet as though I hoped they didn’t hear me but couldn’t stop them from escaping my mouth. Just as I finished my food my plate was abruptly removed from in front of me and the hands on my thighs tightened, squeezing without causing pain.

I gasped as their hands slid to the inside of my thighs gliding towards my core, igniting a fire in the pit of my stomach. I struggled to breath or concentrate or anything. Just as I thought I might get a clear thought I felt one hand on each breast making me harden through my shirt. Moaning and throwing my head back I felt their lips attack my neck and ears with open, wet kisses.

I was on sensation overload as they seemed to cover my entire body in fire and sensations. Both men moaned before gliding my shirt over my head and off of my body so they could touch my bare skin. They both seemed to get more pleasure from simply bringing it to me than anything I could think to do to them. So I sat there enjoying what they were doing to my body grasping the counter so I wouldn’t fall off the stool.

I cried out in surprised as Ryder suddenly twisted jumping onto the counter and lifting me from my chair to stand between his legs. He grasped either side of my face forcing me to look directly into his eyes. “We won’t go any further than you want us to. Please trust us. We don’t want to hurt you. But we do want to bring you as much pleasure as you will allow. We will stop if you say stop. I personally just want to touch you, kiss you, pleasure you until you scream my name. I want to watch as your face shows all of the pleasure we are bringing to your body. And then I want to do it again and again until you pass out from the pleasure.”

I didn’t have time to answer him as he crushed his lips down onto mine, keeping his hands cupping my face tenderly. I felt hands slide around me and caress my stomach and a hard body press to my back. I felt Gabe’s hard cock press into my ass as he pressed into me. I guess he didn’t want to be left out. I felt his hands glide down my body until he reached my ankles, unbuckling my sandals. I didn’t give it a second thought as Ryder let his tong glide along my bottom lip begging for entrance.

I opened to him quickly. He quickly took advantage sliding his tongue between my lips, passionately tasting very inch of my mouth. Gabe lifted each foot slipping my sandals off. His hands slid gently up my legs to my hips caressing the waist of my pants as if asking for permission to remove them. Getting no response other than my continued passionate kissing of Ryder, he slowly slid them off of me, giving me plenty of time to object if I wanted to.

As Gabe stood back up I leaned away from Ryder to run my hands from the hem of his shirt up his sides taking his shirt with him. I did it just as slowly as Gabe had removed my pants giving Ryder time to object if he wanted to. As I lifted it over his head I saw him staring at me intensely. I have no idea what he is thinking but I can feel the fire spread and intensify as I watch the way he is looking at me. Once his shirt was gone he wasted no time leaning back in to take my lips in a fierce kiss.

Gabe was suddenly pressed against every inch of my back. I could feel he had removed his shirt and pants. Wow either that took more time than I thought or he was really eager to feel my skin against his. Gabe caressed my inner thighs gently teasing my by bringing his hand to almost where I wanted them and then pulling them away. It was agonizing. I just wanted him to touch me. To feel the pleasure I had a while ago in the shower. Ryder pulled away to breath but his lips never left my skin as he leaned down kissing my neck and nibbling my ear. I allowed my hands to wander down his chest bringing a husky groan from his throat. As my reward for touching him, Gabe finally slid a finger between my lips rubbing my sensitive bundle of nerves.

He placed gentle kisses along my back as he swirled over my hardened bud slowly. My hands slid to Ryder’s thighs caressing them gently, telling him I wanted his pants gone without a word. He lifted his hips for me to pull them down his legs, taking his boxers with them so he sat before me completely naked. As he settled back to the counter he lowered his head taking my hardened nipple into his mouth sucking gently. I grabbed Ryder’s thighs and held on for dear life as Gabe thrust a finger into me just as my nipple entered Ryder’s mouth.

The only sound in the room was our moans of pleasure and our heavy breathing. Once i caught my balance from the onslaught, I slid my hands towards Ryder’s very erect member. I shuddered as Ryder leaned back blowing his cool breath across my sensitive breast. When he went towards my other side I quickly leaned forward pressing my lips to his chest. I was honestly just going on pure instinct as I had never done this before. I knew how to be forced, but I had never willingly done anything like this before these two men had entered my life. Pressing further into Gabe as I kissed my way down Ryder’s abs, both men let out groans at the same time.

Encouraged by their sounds of pleasure I leaned further down placing my lips around the tip of Ryder. His hips jerked at the contact as a gasp escaped his parted lips. They seemed to be allowing me to do whatever I wanted so I copied Ryder’s actions from earlier and slowly slid as much of him as I could pressing my tong into him the entire time. I slid back up catching Gabe’s rhythm as he pumped his fingers into me.

“I can’t take anymore Ry I have to know what she feels like around me. Baby can I be in you please I promise not to hurt you.” My moan was my only answer as I imagined what pleasure they could bring me like that if they brought me as much as they had simply with their mouths and hands. I pushed my ass more towards Gabe hoping he would catch my answer without words as my mouth was full and I had no intention of stopping what I was doing. Ryder tasted amazing against my tongue and his moans made my insides clench knowing I was bringing him pleasure. I moaned around him as I felt Gabe press into me slowly and gently. He stretched me to my limits hissing about how tight I was. This caused Ryder’s hips to buck towards me as me felt the vibrations.

Gabe slowly slid out, leaving only his tip inside me, before just as slowly sliding back in. It felt amazing and I again matched his rhythm making Ryder throw his head back moaning. Gabe repeated this process several times before increasing his speed. I let Ryder out of my mouth to catch my breath. Stroking him with my hand I tried to let both men know what I wanted. “ ...Stop.” Both men froze until I continued talking.” Don’t stop. God please don’t stop.”

This seemed to encourage both men as I slipped Ryder back into my mouth and he placed both hands on my breasts, running his thumbs over my hardened nipples. Gabe on the other hand thought this would be the perfect time to slam into me with such force that I had no choice but to be pushed into Ryder taking even more of him into my mouth. I screamed around his shaft as my pleasure peaked to an all time high. I’m sure I’m not going to survive this round. He continued slamming into me with as much force as he could pushing me into Ryder so keeping his pace was quite easy.

At the pace he was going and the rough passion he was giving me it didn’t take me long to reach my orgasm. I was literally whimpering against Ryder every time Gabe slammed into me. Ryder rolled both nipples between his fingers just as Gabe slammed into me and then swiveled his hips touching every part of me inside. That was all I could take. I screamed feeling my entire body release with my orgasm. That didn’t stop him though he kept up his fast rough thrusts prolonging my pleasure as long as he could. When my muscles finally quit milking him I felt him releases his seed deep in my body as Ryder’s poured down my throat. I swallowed every drop and then rested my head on his lower abdomen not being able to stand. We all stayed just like that catching our breath after that amazing experience.

After a while my legs began to buckle and I quickly felt Gabe slide out of me. Ryder held me up until Gabe picked me up and carried me up stairs. He placed me gently on the bed brushing the hair out of my face. I couldn’t stay awake anymore and felt myself drifting. There was a washcloth brought between my legs cleaning me before I was surrounded by amazing heat on either side of me. I felt the sheet pulled over my body but couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes. The last thing I heard before i fell into the black abyss that seemed to be pulling me in was, “ She is amazing.”

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