A New Beginning

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Chapter 11

I woke up feeling just as warm and secure as I had previously. The same masculine scent surrounded me on either side. Again there were no nightmares . This completely confused me at first. I laid there making sure not to move so I could think before the two men next to me distracted me again with amazing pleasure. My body still tingled with their administrations. Then I remembered. The pain. The heart ache. The loneliness. Years of it. Beyond the here and now. Oh God, did I remember. My heart threatened to pound out of my chest.

How could I? I let them touch me. I willingly touched them! I practically begged to have them inside me. I had to get out of here. I slowly slid to the bottom of the bed and climbed over the foot board. I grabbed sweats and a t-shirt that were scattered on the floor, grabbed my purse and quietly left the room. I quickly put the clothes on when I was safely downstairs. I slowly opened the front door cringing as it squeaked just slightly and escaped into the night air hoping not to get caught. The stupid thing was I didn’t even know where I was going so I had no sense of how to even get home. There isn’t anyone I would call. No one needs to know my humiliation or just how dirty I truly am.

After what felt like days of walking, but truly was only hours, I found the road leading to my pear. God, I hope my car is still there. I took the road as fast as I could hoping my car was still in the lot. My feet were covered in blisters and my entire body was burning from all the walking. My legs cramping up letting me know they were definitely not going to take much more. Finally I spotted my car and wanted to run to it. If it wasn’t for the pain I would. Don’t get me wrong I’m really fit but no one could do that for that many hours on end. I stumbled to my car while pulling my key out of my purse.

Once I got there I leaned heavily on the side of the car while sliding the key into the lock. I let out a sigh as I collapsed into my front seat. I really don’t think I could drive myself home. I’m way too exhausted. But maybe staring into my ocean from my car will not only help me regain strength but maybe it’ll help put these raging emotions into perspective. Perhaps the waves could carry away the ones pounding through my entire body. It was my last thought as I fell asleep behind the wheel of my locked car.

Ryder’s P.O.V.

Something was missing from me. I could feel something was wrong. It’s what woke me up actually. Yesterday was amazing so I don’t understand what could be wrong. Slowly opening my eyes I took in my surrounding. Where was my sleeping beauty? I listened hoping she was in the bathroom. Not hearing any sounds in the house I woke up Gabe hoping he knew something even though I was waking him up. Stupid I know but I’m just going to have to go with it. “ Gabe wake up Scar is gone. Do you know where she went?” My brother gave me a look that screamed are you stupid I just woke up. As my words sunk in I could see the panic set in as to where she might have gone.

I mean where could she go. Her car is at the beach. We haven’t charged her phone since she got here. She would never take our car. That leaves walking to where ever she was going. Now the question was how long ago did she leave. That would make a difference on where she could be. The bed was cold so obviously she had been gone for a while.

We both jumped out of bed running to get dressed. We had to find her. She was probably freaking out about yesterday. Damn it, how could we let her wake up by herself? One of us should have stayed awake. We both knew she had been through something painful for a long time. If her reactions to the way we took care of her were any indication her own family didn’t care for her. How could anyone ever harm someone as beautiful as her? She was precious. Her reactions elicited something possessive and protective in me.

Not just to our touch but to the way we handled her. Bathed her, fed her, treated her in general as a person. God, what if she felt violated? I don’t think I could handle it if she felt like we violated her. I have got to find her, but where? The only two places that made sense were either her car or her apartment. Gabe looked like he agreed with me when I saw his eyes light up. “Which is closer her car or her apartment?” He was better at the distance of places. I swear he aced geography. I barely attended so hey it was his decision as to where we would go first.

“ Her car is actually closer. I just hope she actually found her way. Who knows if she even knows anything in this area or how long she’s been in this town to find her way to the peer.” Oh great I hadn’t thought about that. Now I had another thing to think about. Seriously she could be lost and hurt. We have to get to her now.

We ran out of the house jumping into the car. Driving to the peer seemed to take forever. Please be here. I had been repeating that phrase in my head for the longest time. Every time we moved another mile, passed another stop sign or red light, every time another car passed us. Please let her be safe in her car. After what seemed like forever we finally made the turn into the lot that her car was in. It was still there. We pulled up net to it both breathing a sigh of relief as we saw her in the drivers seat.

I tensed back up when I noticed she was slumped to the side and wasn’t really moving. Oh man, she’s hurt! I threw my door open and ran to her, trying to pull open her locked door. After a minute I gave up and simply tried banging on her window hoping beyond hope that she would wake up. Hope stirred in me as I saw her head start to move. She turned her sleepy eyes to us in alarm as we continued to pound the window. Don’t ask me why we didn’t stop even though we could see she was okay. I just wanted to hold her and check her over for injuries.

She looked both panicked and determined as she slowly got out of her car. She looked at both of us before muttering “I can’t..I don’t understand...I’m sorry... I never should have...please don’t hurt me.” That was the final straw. As we both moved to comfort her she collapsed into our arms. She passed out from all of the stress. I can’t believe she just panicked until she completely passed out. My poor baby. No one was ever going to hurt her again. We would make sure of that.

“ Take her car back to our place. Maybe if she has it there she wont feel trapped and it might get her to trust we aren’t trying to keep or hurt her. Well at least we can hope it will. Who could make her like this? I swear if I ever get a hold of them I will strangle them with my bare hands.” I meant every word.

Gabe nodded while muttering, “I will as well. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for this girl.” He opened the back door so I could slide her in. I laid her down throwing the thin blanket over her that we kept in the back for emergencies and got in the drivers seat while Gabe climbed in her car. I motioned that he should take the lead so I could at least detour her by pulling in behind her car. We would move if we truly couldn’t convince her to stay.

Damn this was so weird. Who wanted this much of a commitment from a girl after just meeting them? I could already picture waking up to her in my arms every day. I should be running scared or at least letting her. I was never like this with females. They had one purpose and that was to warm my bed for a while. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not afraid of commitment. I simply never found anyone who held my attention for more than one night. Except the girl sleeping in my back seat right now.

Truth be told I haven’t even been properly inside of her but I some how knew she could hold my attention indefinitely. She was beautiful, graceful, a challenge and above all she was in pain. A pain I could only hope one day to heal. I had never seen it radiate from someone the way it does her. She intrigued me beyond what any woman has ever accomplished. I didn’t simply want to know what it felt like in her warm tight body.

I wondered what her eyes would look like full of complete happiness. What she would look like rounded with my child. Standing in the kitchen making food. Sprawled on the counter as my brother and I pleasured her into screaming our names over and over. Tied to our bed as we finished what we had started in the kitchen. Okay she is literally passed out in my back seat.

I really need to think of something else because I truly don’t want her to be scared of my harder than hard erection that was currently threatening to rip through my pants right now. Okay I seriously need to think about something else like right now. I’ll just focus on how she has been hurt in the past and how we might be able to help her.

I pulled up to the house cutting the engine. I swiftly moved to the backseat lifting Scar and walking to the house. Gabe let us both in and followed me upstairs to our room. Settling her on the bed safely between us I turned to my brother. “You know she is going to panic and think we want to hurt her when she wakes up. She practically begged us not to before she passed out. I don’t ever want to see her like that again. No one will ever hurt her again if it is the last thing I do. How could anyone hurt her to the point of her being this terrified just because she left without us knowing? She should be able to come and go as she pleases from anyone! How are we going to fix this? I need to fix her, to see her happy.” I halted my rant noticing I had tightened my hold on my sleeping beauty.

“It can’t be good for her passing out all the time, subjecting herself to the elements, and all of the stress wracking through her little body. We have to help her through this. I don’t see her surviving without us now that the flood gates to her emotions have opened. How she could hold all of this in for this long is beyond me. She is so strong. And so beautiful. I agree that I would do anything to see her happy without all of this on her shoulders. And you are right brother. We will never allow anyone to hurt her again. This is all so fast and sudden, but I can’t see our lives without her. We simply have to convince her of that among other things.” Gabe replied to my rant stroking her jaw.

What were we going to do when she woke up though? She was obviously stressed before she passed out. Not to mention the walk to her car alone would have exhausted anyone. Add them both together and she would probably be out for a while. I didn’t mind her sleeping. At least she’ll have an escape for a while.

“ We will have to call her boss about a few extra days off. I’m sure she will want to know what is going on and that Scar is okay as well. They seem to be close, but I doubt anyone is close enough to Scarlet to know of the pain inside her. Let alone what she has been through. We should probably just tell Cammy that she is going through an emotionally rough time. We’ll assure her that Scar is fine and that we will not leave her until she is better.” I looked at Gabe seriously.

“I’m not sure that would work. What if Scar doesn’t want her to know what is going on? She seems really private. Maybe we should just say she has been really stressed lately and needs an extended vacation. That way no personal info is given and she gets her time off. If she asks anything personal or if Scar is okay we will tell her Scar is fine, just in need of some serious down time.” He looked at me like I had grown a second head. “What?”

Gabe shook his head chuckling. “ You really are going to be good at taking care of her.” Little did he know that I thought the same about him taking care of our girl. We could do this together. It would probably take both of us to put this beautiful woman back together and give her the happiness she deserved.

I finally pulled myself away from sleeping beauty to call her boss. I walked into the hallway so I wouldn’t disturb her sleep. Dialing the number I went over what I wanted to say in my head. “Hello this is Cammy. How can I help you?” Finally she answered. Every minute away from Scar, I panicked thinking she would wake up without me.

“ Hi it’s Ryder. I’m calling to let you know that Scarlet is going to need to extend those few days you gave her if that’s okay with you. She has been pretty stressed and could really use the time off.” There was a silence on the other side of the phone for a moment or two.

“Can she do some small work from home? If so she can have all the time she wants. But are you sure this is my Scarlet you’re talking about? She has never taken one day off let alone several.” I never expected her to ask Scar to do work from home, but we have the office and a few laptops she can use.

“Sure she can do some work from home. Will she need anything? A laptop or files or anything? And yes it is the same Scarlet I met in your office.” Another stunned silence followed. Cammy seemed to be trying to absorb everything I was telling her without prying into Scars life to much.

“No she doesn’t need to come in for anything. I’ll drop it off to her and email her any instructions. I have to ask though. Is she okay?” I heard the worry in her voice and was quick to assure her that Scar just needed some time. It was truly easier than I thought it would be. I gave her our address to drop the work off to and hurried off the phone. Rushing into our room I could only hope Scar hadn’t woken up while I was gone. Gabe looked up as I slid into bed behind Scar with a questioning look.

“She’s good for a while. She’s going to have to do some work from home. Her boss is dropping off what she will need and she can use whatever she needs here, I’m sure it won’t take much of her time. I was actually thinking it would be a good distraction from time to time if she needed it.”

We just laid there staring at our Scar. Her beauty was beyond comparison. Especially in her sleep. She looked so peaceful and calm like this. I wish it could last forever. “Do you think she’ll stay long enough to accept us? I really believe the only way she is going to heal is if she is here with us.” I completely agreed, but now I had something else to worry about. She may very well want to leave and then we would both worry if she was okay and what she might do to herself. I don’t think I could handle her leaving until she had a better grip on her emotions. At least then I could handle letting her go. Okay maybe not, but I could lie to myself for a while.

“If she wants to go home then I’ll just follow to her place and take care of her there. There is no reason she has to be without us. It’s not like we can’t just grab our laptops and go with her. All of our work is there and we have back ups as well.” I was determined not to leave her until I had to.

“You’re right Ry. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. Of course we would follow her. The thought of her leaving on her own caused me to panic. What she could do to herself or how she would try to crawl back into her emotional shell and not being able to. All alone while she deals with the onslaught of pain. You see what it’s doing to her now. I can’t take even the thought of that let alone it actually happening.” Wow no matter how fast all of this was happening, we couldn’t freak out. We’re just going to have to go with our emotions. For this beauty between us we would hold it all together.

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