A New Beginning

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Chapter 12

Gabe’s POV

Scarlet has been asleep for a day and a half. After laying with her for a few hours, Ry and I decided that one of us would remain in the room with her at all times. We eventually went to sleep last night after simply staring at our beauty, stroking her skin and hair softly, hoping to bring her peace even in her sleep, for what felt like hours. This morning was the same as we willed her to wake up. We knew she would sleep for a long time but this seemed excessive and worrying. Ryder and I were now just hoping she would come out of her deep sleep on her own soon. After a while we simply got out of bed one at a time to take a shower. I had just left the room about twenty minutes ago to make a very late breakfast. It was more lunch at this time. Ryder was at the bedside in a chair. It seemed like he was trying to prove his point that we could take care of her and do our work while surviving all at the same time. He was currently writing the new novel. I’m going to have to proof read the portion he gets through later. It’s not like his mind is in the right place to be doing the novel justice. I felt the same way. Which is why I let him attempt it while I cooked. Honestly, we had to eat to survive. We both knew that. I’m sure my brother felt the same as me and I could have,would rather have, spent every second next to Scar until she woke up. I was currently cooking us bacon sandwiches. I figured a light lunch all around.

I was placing our plates on a tray when a blood curdling scream ripped through the house. I took off running for the bedroom. What the hell was going on? I ran in to see Ryder holding our girl and quickly slid behind her holding her close. She looked terrified and still asleep. We held her between us tightly as the nightmare ripped through her. Suddenly Scar latched on to Ryder, while gripping my arm in place as if she were scared I would move it. The screaming had stopped but she seemed to be having a rough time catching her breath. It felt amazing having her cling to us the way she was. I know it’s wrong to feel that way , but she normally pushes us away when her emotions are like this. I simply wanted to soothe her. To chase away the nightmare and then make her forget she ever had one. I’m not sure it would be the best course to take considering her reaction last time. I still wanted to though. I began sliding my hands sensually along her sides hoping it would calm her some. I couldn’t help myself at this point. I had to touch her. I never could have stopped my lips from caressing her neck when she leaned into me either. She seems to be okay with the distraction but I need to make sure she isn’t going to freak out again afterwards. Ryder must have had the same idea because I heard him asking,”Love we’d be more than happy to distract you and give you exactly what your body is begging for right now, but are you sure this is what you want?” I think we were both holding our breath waiting for her answer. A green light would mean we get to show her how we feel about her even if we can’t quite put a name to it yet. We will be given a go ahead , for the first time, to comfort and take care of her.

She was quiet for so long I started wondering if she would ever answer. “Please, this isn’t just what I want but what I need right now. I need you. Both of you.” We both groaned at the same time. I couldn’t hold it in. This beautiful woman just gave us the go ahead to make love to her, to take care of her. I just hope she sticks to being able to handle it when we’re done. Irregardless if she could or not my hands slid to her stomach caressing it gently. Ryder had wrapped his hands in her hair and slammed his lips onto hers so I simply paced mine on her neck laying warm passionate kisses everywhere I could. I know I hit a good spot when she quietly moaned. But I wanted to hear them louder. I wanted her to give us everything she was feeling at the moment. I wanted to hear how we made her feel. “That’s it baby. Let us know it fees good. Let me know right where you like being touched.” I guess she liked me talking against that spot as well because her moan came out louder this time. God, what an amazing sound. I wanted to hear it over and over again. I couldn’t stop myself from attacking that spot with renewed vigor. At some point I molded my entire front to her back and slid my hands up to cup her breasts. I gently rolled her tightened nipples between my pointer finger and my thumb. Again she released one of those delicious moans the moment my hands hit their target.

God she was so responsive to even the slightest touch. I wanted to feel her skin against my hands. Ryder must have had the same idea because when I reached for the hem of her shirt I found it already bunched up and felt his hand in the waist band of her pants. I slid my hands up her beautiful stomach back to my original destination. When my hands made contact with her bare breasts her head jerked back against my shoulder baring her neck more for my mouth to slide along. When I finally reached her sensitive buds her hips jerked against my brother. I could tell she was getting close to her release when Ry said, “Do that again Gabe. Her whole body clenched. God she feels amazing. I just want to taste her everywhere.” Hmm, she likes us talking while doing this. His words caused a shiver to pass through her , a sigh to escape those beautiful lips and her hips to jerk uncontrollably against Ryder’s hand. It all gave me an idea. “That’s it baby. Let go. Cum for us.” As I said this against her neck I rolled her nipples in my hands, pinching roughly while Ryder slammed his hand into her and kissed her roughly swallowing her cries of pleasure. A groan escaped my lips as she went over the edge from our combined efforts. The room was filled with the scent of her arousal and the sounds of our heavy breathing mixed with Scars breathy moans of pleasure as she road out her climax. I need her naked. I need her writhing like this beneath me, above me, any way I can. God I simply need this woman now! But I need to wait. This is for her. We need to bring her enough pleasure that it chases the nightmare away. This thought alone was what I clung to so I wouldn’t simply take her now every way I could.

Ryder’s POV

I need her naked now! I need to taste her. To help cause those beautiful sounds to come out of her. And, oh God, I need to watch her fall over the edge again and again. It was the most amazing sight. Her pressing herself with total abandon against my brother. Her hips bucking off the bed meeting my thrusts with my fingers perfectly. It didn’t matter what speed I changed to she matched it. Not many could do that without catch up time. My God she was perfect. With those thoughts in mind I slid her pants and panties down her legs making sure to brush my hands along her thighs as I went. I kept my touch feather light as I leaned close for my breath to fan the inside of her thighs. She was slowly coming down from her euphoric high and I had no intentions of letting her come down to far. I wanted to see the ecstasy etch her face repeatedly. I wanted to feel her body tense with pleasure. I glanced up at Gabe to see him sliding her shirt up and off of her. She seemed pliable and simply willing to accept whatever we would give her. Her eyes sparkled with the pleasure we had given her moments before and she looked more than ready for more. I, for one, was prepared to give her as much pleasure as she could handle. I slid my hands and body up hers slightly. With a quick nod to Gabe indicating he should lay her back more I quickly found myself much closer to her core. I watched as her eyes widened. She was shocked by my hot breath against her very center, but never moved to stop me. I took this as a good sign. A quick glance at her face revealed not only her pleasure at the moment but also Gabe’s hands tweaking her perfect nipples. He had slid from under her replacing his body with a pillow to keep her slightly propped. This allowed his lips to slide from her neck to her collar bone. He seemed to be teasing her as much as I was.

I leaned forward, timing my hit, and slid my tongue over her clit at the exact moment Gabe took her nipple in his mouth. Hmm, over stimulation seemed to send her into a frenzy. Her hips left the bed as she arched up trying to get closer to the both of us at one time. Surprisingly, she managed to do just that. I began to roughly caress her clit with my fingers and chuckled against her causing her to whimper. God, I loved her reaction to our touch. I wonder what would happen if I stuck my tong right in her tightness. “Mm.” I moaned as her walls clenched on my tong from the vibrations I sent through her. I glanced up wanting to see the reaction etched on her face. Her head was thrown back as she writhed in pleasure. Gabe was still tormenting her rigid nipples alternating between the two as well as leaving bite marks along her neck. I decided a change was in order. I moved my wet mouth to her clit sucking it hard and slammed my fingers as far in her as they would go. Her moans almost sent me right over my edge of control. I got more aggressive in my attack on her body. I didn’t want to scare her but I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted in her, NOW! I slammed my fingers as hard and as fast as I could while passionately tugging her lower lips and letting my tong hit everything it could. By now she was whimpering constantly. I stopped what I was doing thinking this may be too aggressive or too much for her. “Don’t stop. Please God don’t stop.” She seemed incoherent but her words set free the animal in me. She was enjoying this, roughness and all. As Gabe attacked her mouth I slammed back down to her lower lips letting my roughness take over. I scraped my teeth on her clit as I twisted my fingers deep inside of her feeling every inch of her that I possibly could. Her release was amazingly powerful as I not only felt her walls clench rhythmically but watched her stomach muscles do the same.

Gabe quickly slid out of the way as I slid up her body lining myself up with her entrance. I didn’t want her to come down to far from her high before I slid into her waiting wetness. Gabe slid behind her again softly brushing the hair out of her face so we could both see her better. Before she could catch her breath I leaned into her ear and whispered “Are you sure Love? I can still stop.” I held my breath waiting for her answer. I really didn’t want to stop. I wanted to slam my entire length into her making her scream my name, but I would stop if she didn’t want to take it this far. I didn’t have to wait for long as she lifted her hips pressing into me with a moan. She seemed to be so wrapped in passion that she couldn’t form word but simply tried forcing me where she wanted me. I slammed my lips onto hers absorbing her sounds as I slowly slid into her as far as I could. She was so tight, so wet, I wasn’t sure I could last. “God you feel so good baby.” I moaned against her lips, staring deeply into her eyes. I wanted to watch the emotions flicker there. I wanted her to see those emotions reflected in my eyes as I took her yet again to the height of pleasure. I lifted up so Gabe could touch her as well. He needed to feel as a part of this as well. I knew I was the one buried inside her but if he could simply touch her intimately, he would indeed be helping her to pleasure again. Gabe took advantage quickly slipping his hands over her breasts and squeezing as much as he could fit in his hands massaging her. This set her eyes on fire and her hip to try slamming into me. “Harder please.” Now how could I deny her this moaned request. I slowly slid out leaving just the tip in her. I paused simply looking into her eyes. I wanted to see the pleasure on her face that came with my next move. She whimpered at my slow gentle movements. Wow she really did want rough. When I held back she tried to jerk her hips to get closer. It was beautiful. I lifter her legs further apart and slammed my hips forward with all of the power in my hips. Her head tipped back as a moan escaped her lips, her ass leaving the bed while she met my violent thrust. I ran my hand down her face trying to sooth her. “That’s it baby . Show me how good it feels. Tell me exactly what you want.” As I said this I slid back out of her to the tip again. A whimpered “Please.” escaped her as her hips once again left the bed. My palm cupped her cheek as I stared deeply onto her amazing eyes. “Please what Baby? Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.” I wanted to hear her say what she wanted, just how she wanted it. I wanted those amazing words to leave her naughty lips. “ Please make me cum. Please go harder. Please go faster. Just please.” Her pleading turned me on more than I ever imagined I could be. I couldn’t have stopped my hips from slamming forward even if I wanted to. Gabe’s hands became more aggressive pinching her nipples and he literally bit her neck leaving teeth marks as me went. Soothing it with his tong. All of these things made her walls clench and her eyes to set ablaze with the passion coursing through her. I lifted onto my knees bringing her hips up with me to get a better angle knowing i could hit her spot from this position. I began rapidly slamming into her just as she asked. I brought her to the edge quickly and decided I wasn’t ready for her to finish. The passionate look on her face had me wanting to prolong her pleasure. Her eyes were rolling back in her head so I slowed my pace. She moaned in protest when I completely pulled out of her. “Shh Baby. I’m no where near done with you yet. But don’t you think Gabe would love to be a little more involved. He wants to love you to. He wants you to love him. Do you want that? Do you want to love both of us as we love you baby?” I asked this lose to her ear feeling her shiver as my breath slid down her neck. She moaned out Gabe’s name taking him by surprise as she nodded letting me know it’s truly what she wanted. I flipped her over onto her hands and knees, her face hovering over Gabe’s exposed length. The perfect globes of her ass called to me and i couldn’t wait until Gabe and I took her at the same time, burying ourselves in her body as far as we could. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t ready for that yet. We could wait. I grabbed both globes caressing them lovingly while she stroked Gabe. She had pulled her head up to watch the pleasure on his face. I watched as he nodded his head. Oh God, she was asking permission to slide him in her mouth! She was moving to slow for me. I wanted to watch as he slid between those beautiful lips. I placed my hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her right where we both wanted her. Her lips slowly opened over his hard cock and slid slowly to the base. She was teasing him and me. As her head slowly came back up I had to wonder what she was doing inside that pretty mouth of hers as Gabe let out a loud groan flinging his head back in pleasure. “That’s it Love. Take as much of him as you can. Show him exactly how we are making you feel.” Her delicious moan had Gabe burying his hands into her hair tightening around it to help her get a rhythm he wanted. I lost it watching the pleasure radiate off of them both. I grasped her hips tightly so she wouldn’t go forward to much and lined myself up with her heavenly pussy. I waited until Gabe was as far into her mouth as he could go and slammed into her causing my balls to slap her ass. Her scream of pleasure had me backing out to do it again and Gabe to jerk his hips quickly in and out of her mouth. This time I held her hip with one hand, smacking her ass with the other while i slammed into her. Another scream of pleasure left her throat at my assault. We continued like this until my hand was imprinted into her perfect ass. When it was I leaned forward to leave wet, open kisses along her spine while soothing the sting from my hand. I continued to slam in and out of her quickly and roughly just the way she had asked me to. “She’s close Ryder. I can feel the desperation of her sucking. She needs a little something to push her over the edge and so do I. Make it happen quickly Ry. I’m holding on by a thread here man” She moaned at his words causing his face to contort. I was as close as they both were,I just wasn’t going to admit it out loud. I reached around her to roughly grab her clit praying this worked. Rubbing roughly in circles while slamming into her I leaned as close to her as I could. “Cum! Now!” I demanded in a husky dominating tone. I groaned out her name as her muscles milked me right over the edge into pure oblivion. All I could do was hold onto her hips and enjoy the ride until we finished. I slowed my movements trying to prolong our pleasure as much as I could.

Eventually I slid out of her to find her head resting on Gabe’s lower abdomen and Gabe leaned against the headboard. I pulled her to the side so she could snuggle back into me and Gabe could slide down and lean into her front holding her as well. I was stroking her hip hoping she was okay. “You are absolutely breathtaking Love. Are you okay?” Gabe asked irritating me because he beat me to asking the question running fiercely through my mind. But I didn’t say anything because I wanted to know just as badly that she was really okay. I laid gentle kisses on her shoulder trying to comfort her as Gabe slid his fingers down her face. We laid there simply waiting for her to answer. Gabe finally placed his finger gently beneath her chin lifting her face so she had to look him in the eyes. “Love?” We both tensed as she took a deep breath preparing to answer. “I think so? I’ve never done anything like this before. Don’t get me wrong I’m not pure, but I’ve never willingly let anyone touch me before. I’ve never wanted them to the way I did with you. I’m not sure how I feel about this entire situation. I’m happy and terrified. Satisfied and yet feel dirty. I’m pretty sure you both are going to see me as the slut I’m acting like and feel like. I’m so very confused and yet for the first time in my life I feel safe. Almost like you guys won’t hurt me and yet I don’t trust that feeling. I honestly don’t know how to feel right at the moment but I am trying my hardest to simply not dwell on it. What I do know is that I have to go to the bathroom and I’m actually kind of hungry.” Even though she whispered every word we both heard her words. She turned a lovely shade of red after saying all of that. Gabe picked her up and stood her to the side of the bed. He immediately lead her to the bathroom where she could wash up and relieve herself. I just laid there shocked at how much she had shared and said. I love the sound of her voice no matter how quiet it was. “Best close your gaping jaw brother before she comes back and see’s you looking like an idiot.” Well Gabe knew how to snap me out of my shock. My mouth snapped shut and I hopped out of bed to throw on some clothes before she came back. We didn’t need her to feel any more awkward than she did. I took clothes that I thought would fit her as best as they could and knocked on the bathroom door. “Love, I brought you some clothes. If you open the door a little I can slip them in to you.” The door opened about 2 inches and I slid he clothes in to her. She whispered a thank you and simply left the door slightly open while she got dressed. “There’s a tooth brush under the sink and a brush on the counter if you’d like.” Was my witty reply. It still took my breath away to hear her voice. “Hey Gabe how about reheating the food. She has to be starving by now.” With a nod he left the room. I hovered near the bathroom for Scar to come out. We still didn’t want to leave her alone.

She came out dressed in nothing but the sweats and a t-shirt I gave her. Barefoot, no bra, and the knowledge that she had no panties on all drove me wild. I don’t believe I am already this turned on. I just want to mess up her neatly brushed hair. Screw it, it looked better messed up anyways. I approached her quickly, not letting her back up, put my hands in her hair and pressed my lips to hers. I had to let out a moan at the taste of her lips on mine once more. I didn’t deepen the kiss. It was a simple sweet meeting of lips. I pulled back slightly. I had a few things I wanted to say and I wanted her to look in my eyes and see my honesty as I said them. “You are in no way, shape, or form anything even near o a slut. Neither I nor Gabe ever want to make you feel that way. And please don’t ever feel dirty because of us being together. What we do together does not ever make you dirty. It’s beautiful and caring. You have not only one man to worship you, protect you and care for you but two. I understand this is overwhelming for you. We are not going to hurt you. We actually want to do the complete opposite for you. We want to make you smile. We want to make you feel cherished. We want to make your body hum with pleasure. We want to make you feel alive and happy. We want to take care of you, comfort you. I know it will take a while for you to trust and believe us. Until you do I am just going to keep repeating and showing you all of these things. It’s what we want for you, for us together. We aren’t asking for anything other than that you allow us to do this for you. I can’t explain where these feelings come from, but my brother and I have the strongest pull to try and make your life better., happier. To protect and take care of you. That’s all we want is to follow our feelings and they seem to all lead to you. “ her eyes had widened as I spoke and her mouth formed a perfect circle showing her shock at my words. At the end of my speech her eyes narrowed and she bit her bottom lip. She didn’t believe me but she had to contemplate what I was saying. I figured I would I would give her time to absorb everything I had said. “On a brighter note I think Gabriel has brunch done so lets get you fed before any more deep,life altering thoughts or conversations.”

I grabbed her hand and led her down to the kitchen where Gabe had food lined up for us with juice and coffee. As we neared the island Scars stomach gave the cutest growl. Her face turned bright red. “Aw, she is just so cute!” Gabe’s words made the red on her cheeks go even brighter. I wonder how much of her that blush covers and how far we could make it go. “I know Gabe,she really is just too cute for her own good.” I said as I helped her into her seat. “Well this isn’t awkward at all.” I don’t think Scar meant for us to hear her muttered sarcasm. Looking over her head i caught Gabe’s eyes. He looked as mischievous as I felt. He had to have heard her as well. The question is do we make it more awkward or distract from the awkwardness. I noticed Gabe’s hand hovering over her thigh. Oh this would be fun. I did the same as my brother, careful not to let her feel the heat from my hand and waited for her to take a bite. I was sipping my coffee so I didn’t appear to be up to anything. The moment she bit into her food both of our hands landed on her thighs. She pretended to ignore us until we both slid our hands onto the inside of her thighs, knuckles bumping as we pulled her legs apart. I wonder how well she can eat while being pleasured. Her gasp had her almost choking on her food. I guess she wasn’t expecting this. I know we should just let her eat, but why let it get awkward or boring? Besides her face was beautiful while she was being pleasured. I in no way wanted her to start thinking anything negative either. How could either of us resist? I grazed my fingers on her core through her pants as soon as she took a drink. “Mm this orange juice is amazing.” oh so that’s how she wants to play this. I was laughing evilly in my head. As we ate we never stopped brushing some part of her. The sides of her breasts, her sides, her thighs, the vee where her legs met, her neck. It was funny, as well as arousing, watching her try to control herself. After we had finished eating we leaned into her more helping her eat. We whispered in her ear things like “God you’re beautiful.” as my hand brushed h side of her breast. My favorite reaction came when I nibbled her ear and lightly pressed her core whispering,”Mmm I can’t wait to taste you again.” Her breath caught, hips jerking forward and her eyes rolled up at just the thought of the pleasure we had brought her earlier. Gabe wasn’t any better than I was. he just had to tease her to breaking point as well. I saw his hand brush her nipple just as she took her last bite of food. He leaned in and whispered , “ Imagine, we can make you feel like you did earlier and better any time you want us to. We’ll stop any time you say, if you think we’re going to far. But I would love to dip my tong into your honey and take a nice long taste of your nectar. Ryder can lavish your breasts with attention right here on the island if you’d like. We could spread those beautiful thighs of yours and make you cum until you scream our names over and over. We can both take you at the same time pounding into your tight holes until you tremble from head to toe. Pleasure caressing every inch of you. And when we are done we can clean up and take you to the beach. We realize how much you love the ocean and what it means to you. What do you say Love? How does a day of pleasure and relaxing sound?” I noticed her distant look after that. She was over thinking this. “Just go with what your body says baby. Don’t think too much. It’ll just confuse what you truly want.” That seems to have done it for her. With a strangled sound she turned her head to Gabe, burying her hand in his hair and pressing her lips to his. At the same time she grabbed my hand pressing it firmly into her thigh showing her displeasure at my light, teasing touch. Now we’re getting somewhere. I used my other hand to push the empty dishes aside. I wanted to watch Gabe bend her over after I had my fill between her legs.

I knew Gabe wanted inside of her more than I needed it right now. I can’t wait until we convince her to let us both have her at the same time. I know I’ve said it already but I can’t help but think it again. For both of us to pleasure her at the same time had me hard simply thinking about it. I wonder if she would let us go one at a time right now. I guess there is only one way to find out. Gabe grabbed her perfect mounds, squeezing those perfectly hardened nubs. I wanted to taste her. I lifted her just enough from the chair to slide her pants off of her. I slid to the floor in front of her and littered her thighs with hot, wet kisses. Tasting every inch of skin I could. I slowly, sensually slid my hands up her thighs to her hips. I wanted to make sure she didn’t buck her hips. I wanted her to simply take he pleasure I was going o give her. I slowly made my way to my goal making sure to suck and taste every inch on the way there. I had no intention of doing anything other than bringing her pleasure with my mouth. Not being able to wait anymore, I liked her lower lips like I was asking for entrance to her mouth. My tong slipped between her folds slowly tasting every bit of her. Just as I thought they would her hips tried to buck off the chair at the contact. I heard Gabe whisper to her “ Just feel the pleasure love. Try not to move and simply take in everything we give you.” My hands held her firmly in place as i lingered over her clit teasing her repeatedly. When her hips tried to thrash wildly and her pleading moans came constantly i slid further down sliding my tong into her core. I suddenly really wanted to replace my tong with my dick. I showed her exactly what i wanted to do with my lower half thrusting deeply and quickly with my tong. Gabe’s hand came into view as he reached down to play with her clit while i loved her tight wet hole. A glance up showed Gabe’s other hand pinching and twisting her nipple while his mouth sucked her other one deeply into his mouth. I could tell he was ready to break and simply wanted to hurry her first orgasm along. As I thought this I moaned against her. It pushed her right over the edge causing me to moan again at the taste and feel of her orgasm around my tong. I lifted my head finally to see her head still thrown back in ecstasy with her eyes closed. Gabe’s hand was wrapped tightly in her hair as he lavished her neck. I couldn’t hear what he was saying to her but by the look on his face he was probably begging to be inside of her. The question is would she let him bend her over the way I wanted?

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