A New Beginning

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Chapter 13

Scarlet’s POV

I couldn’t think or breath. God what these two made me feel was amazing. My eyes finally rolled out of the back of my head and I allowed my lungs to expand with some much needed oxygen. I realized Gabe was speaking to me. I had to really focus to understand what he was saying.

“Such a beautiful girl. I want to slide myself so far inside of you my balls are caressing your skin. I want to feel you on every inch of me. I want to hear you scream my name. Would you like that love? Will you allow that for us? I promise to make you feel good.” Great! Where was the oxygen again? I had just gotten it back and now it was all gone again. These two were going to kill me with pleasure. Well it was better than a painful death I suppose. I couldn’t do anything other than slightly nod my head and moan at the thought. I don’t think I could handle both at once but if it was just Gabe I was okay with that.

“Over the island Gabe I want to watch her face, her body, her ecstasy. I want to see and hear the pleasure you bring her.” His demanding tone sent pleasure rolling down my spine making me wetter than I already was. They helped me stand and pushed me to the island in front of us. A hand between my shoulder blades pressed me firmly to the cold surface. I gasped at the contrast of the cold surface and my hot body. I felt Gabe slide into my body slowly. Burying himself as far as he could go. I had to lay my fore head on the counter to try and absorb all of the sensations running through my body. I felt Gabe’s hand run from the back of my neck, slowly gliding down my spine towards my hips and finally down my thigh.

On his journey back up to my neck he leaned in and gently asked, “Are you okay?” Well that explained why he hadn’t moved. His gentle gliding hand seemed to soothe me. It helped to calm me. I slowly nodded my head when I felt okay. He must have taken this as the go ahead to start moving slowly in and out because that is exactly what he did. He was still sliding his hands gently up and down my body. It was almost like he was trying not to overwhelm me and soothing me at the same time as pleasuring the both of us. I literally felt him everywhere.

He slid out completely once my breathing became ragged. I felt him hover near my entrance but refused to satisfy my curiosity as to what he was doing. I heard movement in front of me and still didn’t move. Gabe slammed into me fast, hard and deep as my eyes met Ryder. He had slid his hand into my hair and pulled my head up when Gabe had slammed into me. My cry of pleasure surprised me. I would normally freak out if someone pulled my hair.

Hell I would normally freak out if...”Oh God.” Gabe began to slam into me so hard I literally had to grasp the counter for something to hold on to. My back was arched from the way Ryder was holding my head up. He leaned forward sliding his tongue along my closed lips. His eyes never left mine as I moaned again and opened allowing him entrance. I couldn’t look away. His eyes had put me in a trance. Unidentifiable emotions rolled through his eyes like a massive thunder storm. The sound of skin slapping as Gabe continued to pound us to ecstasy and ragged breathing echoed around the room.

“I’m next love. I’m going to take my time loving your body. Where would you like me to take you baby? In the chair? Gabe can have plenty of access to caress you and love you from behind. Or I can prop you up on the counter. I’m sure that would put you at the perfect height as I slide in and out of your wonderful body. Gabe can lean against the wall and hold you up while I pound that tight little pussy of yours. Lean up a little honey. I want to feel those perfect breasts of yours. I want to feel you, run my tongue along you. Do you like my tongue on you?” My entire body clenched with his words. I lifted just enough for him to grab my tightened buds as Gabe let out a loud groan.

“Jesus Ryder keep talking to her. That was amazing. Do you like us talking to you that much baby? You are so wet and I swear his words had you trying to strangle my cock. I could barely move when you did that.” He let out another strangled groan as his words effected me the same way his brothers had. Except this time I shoved my hips into his matching his rhythm, trying to get as close to him as possible. I was getting closer to my release the more they talked to me. I can’t believe their talking was bringing me to orgasm this quickly. I definitely wasn’t going to last more than another minute if they kept it up.

“Let it go baby. Let us hear you scream. We want to know how good we make you feel. Cum for us.” This made me moan and slam harder into Gabe as the words tumbled out of his mouth. Ryder , still staring into my eyes, held my face firmly with one hand cupped beneath my chin as the other hand pinched and twisted my nipple almost painfully.

“ Cum. Now.” The command fell from his lips roughly. I couldn’t stop my reaction to those words. My body clenched tightly with my release over and over. I screamed their names as my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Both men muttered a sharp “Fuck”. Gabe continued to slam into me searching for his fast approaching release. Before my body quit rhythmically tightening around him I felt his release deep inside me as he hoarsely yelled my name.

I slumped down onto the counter as Gabe collapsed onto my back as we both tried to catch our breath. That was amazing. After a few moments Gabe slid out of me slowly shifting behind me. Suddenly arms lifted me from my position. I snuggled my head into their chest to exhausted to move. Fingers began to gently run through my hair moving it away from my face and behind my shoulders. It was soothing. I took strength from these hands. They seemed to re-energize my body.

Soon enough hands slid between my thighs gently wiping away the moisture that was there. They were cleaning me. Teeth grabbed and slid down my ear lobe slowly causing me to shiver. Surely they couldn’t expect me to do that again. “You are amazing. So tight, so wet, so responsive. I have never cum so hard or so fast in my life. I have never felt so satisfied.” Gabe whispered as he continued to bathe my ear and neck with attention.

As I lifted my head to see who I was sitting on my eyes met Ryder. His eyes seemed to be on fire. The way he looked at me made me shrink back into Gabe. He looked like he was going to either eat me alive or burn me alive. How one persons eyes can hold that much passion I’ll never know. It scared the crap out of me. Gabe stopped my backward movement “You’re okay baby. We’ve got you. We’re not going to hurt you. Only pleasure you. You’re safe with us.” At Gabe’s words I relaxed sightly into him.

I brought my eyes back to Ryder’s feeling ready to meet those expressive eyes. They were still on fire. His expression had not changed at all. My breathing became ragged simply by holding that steady gaze. My mind was completely blank. All I could do was feel. It seemed to heighten everything they did. Ryder’s hand slipped to my cheek gently caressing it. Gabe nibbled my neck while brushing his fingertips along my back every where. Ryder’s hand slowly slid down the other side of my neck to my collar bone.

He slid his fingers agonizingly slow across it. His eyes never left mine as his hands explored everywhere. My shoulders and arms came next. Gabe reached around to my side and began to brush there as well. Ryder had stroked my entire stomach and was now siding his hand down my hip to my thighs. My head now rested on Gabe’s chest as their gentle stroking relaxed me. I took comfort from them.

Ryder messaged my calf before brushing my feet. I brought my hand up to feel his chest. I wanted to touch them as well. I was going completely on instinct. No thoughts, no fears, no anything. Pure unadulterated instinct. If my body said do it I did. I slid my hand up to Ryder’s jaw feeling as he clenched his teeth. Stroking over his cheek bone and eyebrow. I buried my hand in his hair and brought his face right to mine placing my lips on his. Gabe was suddenly kneeling before me pushing my legs apart so he could get closer.

“Can I have some of that?” I didn’t have to think about it as I turned to do the same to him. They seemed to enjoy this as much as I did. Gabe’s hands were holding my thighs apart on the inside of my thighs so it surprised me when I felt a hand slowly part my lips and slide along the folds. I jumped at the contact not expecting that.

“Shh. Remember we’ve got you. Your safe. We simply want to make you feel good.” My body clenched at his words. It really didn’t seem to take a lot for them to make me wet. I wanted them again already. Ryder’s finger gently, teasingly circled my core. I wanted more. I wanted him to press his fingers in until he buried the entire thing in there. I wanted him to move them and simply bury his cock in me.

“Does it feel good Scarlet? Do you enjoy our touch? Can you feel it everywhere? You are definitely making us feel amazing. Just the brush of your hand brings me intense pleasure. I want to feel you touching me all day. I want to feel your mouth on me. Baby you are amazing and beautiful.” As Gabe said this he slid his hand to my breast brushing the tightened bud. It was maddening.

I wanted him to grab it, roll it with his fingertips, pinch and tug it. I wanted rough, sure movements not gentle sweet caressing. They seemed bound and determined to drive me insane. The thought alone had me soaking the hand Ryder was tormenting me with. My hips jerked towards his hand trying to let him know what I wanted. This caused both brothers to deeply inhale. They seemed to be trying to control themselves. I don’t want control.

I tried again by rotating my hips trying to force his fingers inside of me. “Ah ah ah baby. This goes at our pace. We will bring you to the height of pleasure before we allow you to cum. I can feel just how much you want us. I can hear it in every breath you take. I can see it in the goosebumps covering your skin. Trust me, I want nothing more than to lower my pants a little and bury myself into your tight pussy. I want to pound into you so hard your body doesn’t forget mine for a very long time. More than that though I want to give you an experience that doesn’t leave your mind for years to come. Please let me do this for you. We can bring you to heights you’ve never seen if you’ll only allow us to.”

My eyes closed while he was speaking. I was trying to absorb it all. I briefly nodded my head letting him know that was what I wanted as well. “Good girl. We won’t make you wait long. We just want to heighten this for you. Take a deep breath and try to relax. That’s it. Such a good girl. Every time you do as your told you will get a reward. Are you ready for it?” I could only nod my head. Hell half of his words didn’t make any sense at all. But the sound of his voice had my insides clenching.

I waited for a moment wondering what he was going to do. I felt Ryder’s hand at my back as if bracing me for his next move. Everything was slow and measured. I screamed as Ryder slammed two fingers into me, twisting just before they were buried completely in my body. That was exactly what I wanted. He withdrew them almost completely before slamming them back in again. As he continued Gabe felt now was the best time to pinch my nipples tightly between his perfect fingers.

My head was thrown back with my eyes closed as they continued to pleasure me. “I”m so close. Please don’t stop.” I never should have said anything because they both withdrew from me. I am glad I didn’t have to wait long for whatever was coming next though. Gabe stood up taking a step back as Ryder lifted me, twisting my body to straddle him perfectly. My legs wrapped around his waist as my hands slid around his neck looking for something to hold on to. Gabe slipped in behind me pressing against my back.

I felt Ryder shifting beneath me as he lifted me slightly off of his lap. I quit breathing all together when he lowered me back down instantly sliding completely into me. I had never felt anyone buried that deeply in me before. I leaned into him while adjusting to his hard length. This only made my ass press into Gabe more firmly. He pressed his firm cock between my cheeks. He pressed them tightly on himself holding them tightly as his hips jerked.

My back was pressed tightly to his front. His cock at a downward angle. With Ryder buried as deep as he was I briefly wondered what it would be like to have them both in me at once. I already felt very full. How would my body handle all of that? On the other hand it made me shiver in pleasure.

Before I could think any further, Ryder slowly lifted my hips so he pulled out leaving in only his tip. He again guided my hips back down making my movements very slow. Gabe just seemed to move in sync with us. They seemed to want everything so slow. It was an intense build. The feel of both men pressed against me both excited and comforted me in a way I could never explain.

“Does that feel good baby? Do you like Gabe pressed against you riding your ass? Do you want more? Some day soon Gabe is going to bury that hard length directly into your perfect hole back there. We are both going to take you, fill you until there is room for nothing else. You will be so satisfied when we are done that you’ll think of nothing but us filling you. We’ll introduce you to things you’ve never experienced bringing you pleasure over and over. Would you like that?” Ryder hissed at the end of his words as my body shuddered and tightened from them.

I couldn’t form any words as I was simply overwhelmed by pleasure. A sharp sting landed across the ass cheek Gabe was holding moments before. “Ryder asked you a question. Don’t you think you should answer him? We want to know what brings you pleasure. We have to know what makes you happy, what satisfies this amazing body of yours.”

“Yes.” It was the only word I could manage but it answered all of their questions. I couldn’t think to form any other coherent words. They seemed to understand as Ryder began to move my hips faster along his and Gabe’s lengths. I jerked my hips trying to make them go harder. This caused Ryder to quit guiding my hips and simply let me take what I wanted from them. I couldn’t get enough of these two.

Ryder slammed his hips up meeting my downward thrust as Gabe met my upwards ones. It was simply perfect and quickly brought me to a spine tingling, toe curling orgasm. I screamed both of their names as I fell over the edge into oblivion. My body couldn’t handle all of this pleasure. I’m pretty sure I blacked out for a few moments. Not before hearing both of them groan my name repeatedly as they reached their end as well.

We stayed there for several moments simply catching our breath. I don’t have any words to describe just how they made me feel. My body wanted them desperately that was certain. It never tired of being pleasured by these two. I had completely forgotten what my nightmare was even about at this point. I simply remember waking up screaming to being comforted by them. They said we would go to the beach today. I wonder if they still wanted to. I don’t have any shorts or anything here to swim in.

“I don’t have anything here to swim in or sit in the sun in.” This seemed to bring them back to their senses. Gabe moved back to allow Ryder to stand with me still tightly wrapped around him. He stayed buried inside me as he took us upstairs to the bathroom. Without a word we all went into the shower to clean up after all of that fun in the kitchen.

Once we were clean and dressed again Ryder laid me on the bed. Both of them sat on either side of me. “Why don’t you take a nap and we’ll get everything ready for the beach. By the time you wake up we’ll have you some clothes and everything else ready for the trip. We want you well rested for our day out and I know you must be exhausted after everything. You need to rest with everything that’s going on. One of us will be here with you the whole time so don’t worry your still safe.” Ryder’s words comforted me and lulled me to sleep while Gabe slid next to me holding me tightly. My eyes drifted closed as I listened to them murmur about things that needed to be done for our outing.

He was right I really did need a nap. I would worry about what was going to happen later. For now I was going to absorb the heat coming off of Gabe and think of my ocean that I would be seeing again shortly.

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