A New Beginning

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Chapter 15

Gabe’s POV

“Hey Ry she’s asleep you can quit telling her how I hit you with my bike and broke your arm.” I figured he needed to be told as he simply got a little quieter when she fell asleep.

“I know. I didn’t want her to wake up due to the silence. I was only going to finish the story.” Ryder defended his actions.

“I am so proud of her. She opened up to us and was so amazing through he whole thing. And the way she leaned into me for comfort was simply amazing. I can’t wait until she truly opens up to us. Whatever is hurting her runs deep. The haunted look in her eyes kills me.” I really did want that look to go away. She looked so tormented. Something weighed her very soul and I wanted to take that pain away. I wanted her to have amazing experiences and heal the broken pieces inside of her. We kept getting glimpses of what it was that happened. I truly am terrified what I’m thinking is what has happened to her or worse.

“We should get her home Gabe. Do you think she’s deep enough to be moved without waking up?” He honestly seemed worried about waking her up.

“No she should be fine. We won’t even wake her to change her if we are gentle enough. I’ll try to brush as much sand as I can off of her on the way home. I think if one of us is close enough for her to feel us through out the night she wont come around until morning.” I grabbed the excuse to hold her more. I’m sure Ryder saw through my excuse but I don’t care. She felt amazing in my arms. I gathered her up as Ryder packed everything and carried everything to the car.

I leaned against the passenger door gazing at her flawless face as I thought over the last several days. “She looks so peaceful right now like nothing Is hurting her and she is free to simply dream. Is it weird saying that seeing her so at peace makes me want to set her body on fire with passion? To take her from absolute peace to the height of pleasure and then repeat the process until she can’t walk away from us?” Wow Ryder needed to get a grip before he woke her up with his tension and lust.

“I want the same thing Ry, but she needs to sleep. We’ve distracted her mind by pleasuring her body. Now lets show her distractions with the world around her. Lets show her what having people in her life who truly care feels like. Lets just hold her for tonight. Let her know we’re there. Tomorrow will bring whatever comes next. Lets give her all sides. Now open the stupid door so we can take her home and hold her for the rest of the night. “ As I said this he seemed to snap out of his stupid trance and opened the door.

I slid in the back with her in my arms, settling in for the ride home. Ryder normally got to hold her like this while I dreamed of her face the whole way home. I cradled her head against me, the side of her face pressed into my chest. I began slowly moving my hands along her trying to softly remove the sand from her. I stilled as my hands brought a moan from her sleeping form hoping not to wake her. Looking up I caught Ryder staring at us in the rear view mirror. “She’s fine, still asleep. I’m not touching anywhere inappropriate or trying to wake her up she’s simply responding to my hands being on her, caressing her. Even in her sleep she responds to my touch.” I murmured to him reassuring him nothing was going on back here where he couldn’t see.

He just started shaking his head as if disagreeing with what I was saying. Okay, this has never happened. I had no idea what his look nor his head shaking meant. I always known when it came to my brother. We were the right hand to the left . One always knew what the other was doing, feeling and thinking.

“Watching the two of you this way makes me realize how much you miss out on every time you’ve driven us. I know how good it feels to be with her as you are now. Every other time I have sat where you are, admiring her, enjoying her in my arms, wishing she would see herself as I do. I loved the one on one time with her as much as I do our time together. It’s scary how much I feel for her. Tonight was encouraging. I was no where even close to giving up on her but I was becoming slightly desperate to get her to open up if even just a little. I’m sorry for earlier. I know it was wrong to try and seduce anything out of her.” He paused for a moment just watching the road as he drove.

I guess he was trying to gather his thoughts on how to justify his actions. Its no wonder I couldn’t guess what was on his mind. Ryder hasn’t apologized to me since we were younger. There hasn’t been a reason for either of us to even mutter those words to each other. I understand why he wanted to do what we fought about earlier. I just knew how wrong that approach could have gone. How far it could have set us back.

“She is just so responsive to our touch Gabe. We get to see a side of her that I am ninety nine percent sure no one ever has. It makes me want to test just how very responsive she is. I want to move slowly, lightly, to torture her skin with pleasure before giving her body what its craving. And it is a craving. I can see it in all of her reactions. She craves our touch when we are like that. She needs our comfort for things like tonight. I have never felt so needed. She needs us. And I … well I need her to. I need to comfort her, seduce her, tempt her, know her inside and out. Fuck Gabe, I want to be in her, surround her, consume her until her only thoughts are of us. The way mine seem to all be of her. She seems to consume my every thought and feeling since I have met her. I want to heal her. I want all of her. I just figured if our touch opened her up to us sexually, it would work mentally and emotionally as well. I wasn’t thinking and I’m sorry.”

I had a feeling that was his reasoning behind it all. Hell I feel the same way about her. I don’t know how this one woman has effected both of us this strongly but she has and I’m not going to fight myself over it. “I understand, believe me I do. I just knew it wouldn’t work and could have caused more harm than good. I was scared the darkness of her past would cause a horrible reaction to that kind of tactic. Remember what she said in the kitchen. I know she didn’t mean to let us know but she believes men just take what they want from her which is why I believe we are the first she has willingly given herself to. We’ve already been bulls in a china shop stampeding into her life. But we can give her a choice weather she stays or goes. We’d never force anything with her and seducing answers seemed a lot like forcing her. We both know how responsive she is. To use that against her for answers like those for our own means is wrong.” I paused simply staring at the beauty in my arms.

“Something dark happened in her past. I already knew that much but her reaction to some of our questions tonight confirmed that she has literally been to hell and back. On one hand I pray that she opens up and tells us just what those demons are. On the other, can I let the people live who have done her wrong. I’m not kidding when I say she consumes me. To know for sure what her demons are...Gabe what if they are worse than even we imagine them to be. We are already worried about putting her back together. How will we heal worse than what we’re thinking happened. How are we going to handle having what we’re thinking confirmed and still comfort her without breaking something?” All of these things weighed on me just as heavily.

“We think of her above anything else. We use the fact that she consumes us to control our actions. But I have to be honest with you Ry, the weight of not knowing is getting heavier every day. There are truly some sick perverts in this world. My imagination creates images that have me wanting to cut people into pieces and feed them to themselves. I need to know what’s happened in her past. I need to know if her past is still hunting her. I hope it wasn’t as bad as we think. I hope she’ll open up soon because if I’m honest not knowing is killing me.” Ryder didn’t say a word after that. He knew I was right. I just wish he had listened to me earlier

Both of us got out of the car when we got home and slowly made it upstairs to our room. I held her while Ryder removed her clothes and dressed her again. I waited until Ryder had changed his clothes to lay her next to him, making sure she still had the heat of one of our bodies, to help her sleep. I changed and climbed in with them. We all had a long road ahead of us. Demons were never easy to get over. I do worry that hers are still chasing her. How would we protect her if they caught up. She seemed terrified at the mention of being married and of her family. Has no one ever loved this woman properly?

She held her head high every day. She worked so hard at a job she seemed to not only love but is good at as well. She struggled through every day and so far until my brother and I entered her life, no one ever saw the pain buried deep in her soul. How is that? Do people never look closer than the surface any more?

I saw her smile today. Her laugh was amazing and real. I have never had such a small thing effect me the way coming from her did. With all of these thoughts consuming me I fell asleep holding her as tightly as I could. I hope it keeps her demons at bay until the sun can chase them away once more.

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

As soon as I woke up the boys let me know that we were going to my place for a while and I would be there with Ryder on my own while Gabe went and got my work. I really am looking forward to doing some work. I miss my daily routine even if I know I can’t mentally focus for long at the moment. I was currently in the shower while my boys fixed me breakfast. I wonder what treat they would have for me this morning.

I have to be honest with myself at least. I loved the way they took care of me. The fact they were getting my work and bringing it to me showed me they weren’t trying to control me. They genuinely seemed to want me to be happy. I’m still terrified they are going to flip a switch and become abusive and controlling but it’s all I’ve known. I won’t tell them of my past because it may cause them to be like that.

Who wouldn’t want someone to torture, to control and manipulate with pain and fear? If you knew someone let all of those things and worse happen to her wouldn’t it give you the idea to try it yourself? That’s what I was afraid of. I wanted to tell them what they wanted to know I just couldn’t. I need them, emotionally right now to get through the newest hit from my past. I hate admitting that even to myself. I sure as hell would never be telling them that.

I climbed out of the shower and went downstairs to what smelled like french toast and bacon. I moaned as I entered the room. It all looked so yummy and I was starving. I sat between both men and started cutting my food. It was starting to feel normal and routing to sit between them like this. Both hands landed on my thigh but surprisingly didn’t move after being laid there.

“So we were wondering if you wanted to stay at your place tonight. Maybe a touch of home for comfort? Your more than welcome to stay here as well we just wanted to give you a choice.” Maybe I was wrong and Gabe is getting as tired of my issues as I thought he was.

“Tired of me already boys?” I know I said it with a teasing smirk on my face but my heart dropped into my stomach. It stayed there pounding like a jackhammer. I finally opened up to someone and they wanted me gone. See, I knew that’s how this was going to go. I never ever ever should have let my guard down even a little! I should have kept this about pleasure and never allowed feelings into it. They already wanted me gone and haven’t even heard what my past truly is. It’s a good thing I didn’t tell them that isn’t it.

A loud smack brought me out of my thoughts quickly. “What my idiot brother meant to say is you have two choices. We can come stay at yours if you would like to have the comforts of your own things or while we are there today you can grab some things to bring back to ours. He did not ever mean to give you an option to get rid of us. I’m sorry love but your stuck with us for a very long time to come. If you just give us a chance, maybe you could even come to love having us in your life.” Ryder said this as he pulled his hand back from smacking Gabe up side his head.

The relief I had from those words had my shoulders relaxing and a sigh coming from my lips before I could stop it. I can’t believe how relieved I a that they still want me here. Aren’t I supposed to want them gone? Aren’t I supposed to be trying to get them to walk away from me? Well now I’m just confused by my intense reaction to Ryder’s words. Worse yet both of them slowly took in my reaction. And both ended up with the same dazzling smile realizing I was relieved at them not parting ways.

Well now I’m screwed. If either of them figured out just how much I was coming to accept how I felt about them I’d never get away from them. “It really is okay to want us near you. We won’t judge you nor use it against you. We just want to be here for you. We want to take care of you. I hope one day you accept that. I hope one day you get so used to it your shocked and upset when one of us does something stupid and forgets to do something for you.” Gabe’s words effected me a lot more than I let show. I think I’ve let them see enough for now. So with a simple nod I finished my breakfast in silence.

Neither twin moved his hand. I liked how it reminded me they were here for me even if no one spoke. For being as silent as we were all through breakfast and then cleaning it up and going to my house it never got uncomfortable. Ryder drove as Gabe sat in the back with his arm around me playing with the ends of my hair the entire ride. This was as relaxing as last night. I didn’t really want Gabe to go get my work because that meant he left me for a time, but I really wanted my work at the same time.

I figured it was Gabe to go because Ryder needed to stay near me after I turned to Gabe last night. It was kind of obvious when he reached back for my hand as he drove. These men were weird. Didn’t they know men were meant to hit and control women? Didn’t they know it was a mans job to cause a woman fear and pain every moment of every day? The only reprieve given was supposed to be when the man wasn’t present. Yet here I am with two men and I have yet to feel pain or fear of them.

I fear my past. I fear what they could do. I fear a lot of things. But when I am with them I, oddly, don’t fear them. They actually have a tendency to make me fee safe. That a by itself is weird. Even weirder is the fact that I didn’t have any nightmares while they were in bed next to me. It was amazing waking up every morning sweat free, no screaming, no horrible memories. That was something I wanted to do for a very long time.

When we reached the house both boys walked in with me. Gabe, however, kept walking, pulling me into the kitchen. “Ryder really kind of needs your reassurance right now. Neither of us mind that you turned to me last night or that it was my arms you fell asleep in. Ryder just needs your comfort for the day. Do you think you can do that for him? I know it sounds weird but he is dealing with some stuff right now and he needs some one there to reassure him every thing is going to be okay. He needs to know your going to want him as much as you want me. I know it’s a lot to ask but I don’t know how else to comfort him right now.” This was all murmured in my ear. I guess he doesn’t want Ryder knowing he’s asking me.

“Of course I can. It’s the least I can do after all you guys have done for me. Please be sure to get any specifics from Cammy on what I’m supposed to do while I’m out. I’ll need to make sure the work that I do while absent is even better than what I do while I’m there so she knows I’m not slacking. I’ll take care of Ryder while your gone. I do have a question though. He is going to be okay right? It’s no something horrible he’s stressing over? I don’t want to be added stress or a burden in any way especially if he’s going through something right now.” I wanted to know what was wrong.

“No Love, he just needs a bit of reassurance and affection right now. It’s nothing major. Just ask him to do stuff for you, sit close to him, let him know your here for him if he needs you and he will be fine.” I could do that. I mean these men have comforted me. They’ve taken my nightmares away. I could definitely do a few little things to let Ryder know I was here for him as well.

I nodded my head walking Gabe back to the door and seeing him off. I turned to see Ryder standing next to me. “Okay so if I’m going to be spending time at your place then I’m going to need some of my own things. Would you mind helping me get them together?” It was a good way to get him to do stuff with me right? Besides it was the only thing I could think of.

We made our way to my room to pack some appropriate clothes. I would do a better job if I could feel dressed for work while I did my work. I would definitely feel better if I could wear my own clothes during the day. And oh my gosh how I missed my ow hair brush. I know it seems strange but I spent a long time picking out a brush that was going to treat my head right. I could pack a few different kinds of shoes. I didn’t really need too much stuff considering I could come back whenever I wanted. I still don’t know how well it’s going to work out staying with these two. Last night did something to me. All of yesterday really had me thinking about a lot of things.

I woke up nightmare free, I was comforted and not pushed, they took care of me, they brought me actual pleasure, they have not hurt me once. I know I’m still on the fence about them. It feels like I’m teetering on a cliff and any moment I could plunge off into a very large unknown. It was terrifying and amazing at the same time. I, for some reason, just knew they would never let me fall. The way hey took care of me was amazing. I can’t believe I met these two, but after last night I really want to get to know them better. I know I could get hurt. Badly. But the part of me that cared about that was becoming quieter and quieter. I’ve been hurt before and survived. What could they do to me that was worse than I had already lived through?

“You know Ryder if there’s ever anything you want to talk to me about I’ll be here to listen. I know we haven’t known each other that long but I am a really good listener. Definitely better at that than I am talking. I would never betray your trust if you just wanted to get something off your mind.” I was in the closet picking out a couple of out fits when I thought it was best to let him know I would be here for him. It was what he needed right now according to his brother.

The reaction to my words was completely unexpected. “Baby there’s only one thing I want to get out of my system right now. I have to do it now before my brother comes back though. See I want you all to myself if even just for a little while.” I was pushed to the back wall of my closet, clothes surrounding the two of us.

“Ryder what are you doing?” I really was curious as to what he could get out of his system by pushing me into my clothes.

“Shh baby it’s okay, I’m here. I just want to see how much you respond when it’s just me and you. I want to watch you shiver as my hand slides down your stomach. I want to see how long it takes these perfect nipples to harden for my touch. I need to know how fast I can make your eyes darken with lust. Can you feel me pressed into your soft tender flesh? How fast can I make you drip just for me? I want to run my tongue along your entire body. Do you want that baby? Do you want just me? Can you let me love you without my brother being here?” I couldn’t breath.

Just from his words my body was on fire. One or both it didn’t seem to matter. A simple touch and I quivered in anticipation. His hands matched his words which made everything even more intense. How the hell did we get like this. Maybe this is how he got comfort? I quit thinking when his hand slid into not only my pants but my panties as well. His fingers slid between my already slick folds. “God your already soaked for me. So responsive.” He groaned.

I threw my head back letting a moan rip from my throat as his fingers slid deeply into my core. The movements were to slow. He was torturing me. I wanted him buried inside me as far as he could go. I wanted to feel his balls slapping my ass as he pounded into me seeking both of our releases. I wanted to have him slam into me until I couldn’t breath. I pushed my hips towards him trying to give him the hint of what my body wanted.

“Ah ah ah love. I want you slowly. I want your orgasm to be so intense you scream my name knowing it was only me that brought you to those heights. I want it engraved in your memory for the rest of your life that I gave you that kind of pleasure. I can feel how much you want me inside you. But I want to taste you first. Mmmm these beauties right here taste amazing.” I didn’t notice he had removed my shirt until his wet tongue came in contact with my already hardened nipple. He rolled his tongue around it before gently biting it. Just the simple sting meeting pleasure caused my insides to clench his finger trying to suck it deeper into me.

Knowing I was close he slid his finger out to play with my clit. He kissed down my stomach while removing my pants completely. “This isn’t fair Ryder. Here I am completely naked before you and you still get to have all of these clothes on.” I really wanted them gone. He picked me up sliding my thighs around his hips, pressing his jean covered cock into my core. The rough material made me cry out in pleasure while bucking in his hold.

“My clothes aren’t so bad now are they. The texture causes you to have spasms doesn’t it. Can you fee how hard you make me baby? I want to slide my entire length into that incredibly hot tight hole. Can you imagine it? How your wetness will allow me to slide into you easily bringing you to unimaginable heights. My finger clenching your ass as I hold on tightly ramming into you? Is that what you want baby?” His words had me clenching again. His words and touch set me on fire with wanting. I didn’t answer him. I just slid my hands to his zipper and pulled it down after unbuttoning his pants.

I didn’t need to speak actual words as I slid him from his pants. Who needed to remove them anyways? I pulled him out positioning him right at my core. As I began to slide down onto him he grabbed my hips. I guess this was going to be at his pace. I didn’t mind as long as he was inside of me quickly.

“How bad do you want it baby? Let me know how much you want to feel me inside of you.” He wasn’t going any further until he got what he wanted. I could tell that much. But what he wanted was almost impossible as I couldn’t seem to form coherent words.

“Please Ryder. Please I need you NOW.” Well that seemed to be all he needed as he slammed his complete length into me. I screamed his name as my eyes rolled into my head with pleasure. It was intense enough that I didn’t even realize we were in my closet.

“Hold onto the closet bar honey. That’s it hold tight I want to taste you as I pound this perfect pussy.” I grabbed the bar above my head as he leaned down to suckle my tight nipples. His rhythm never slowed as he bit my nipple roughly. My insides clenched his rock hard member as my hips circled and slammed into him seeking a release that was promising to make me explode. If he kept this up I wouldn’t last very long. I guess that was the idea as he grabbed my ass helping me slam into him harder meeting each of his thrusts.

One more bite and a passionately uttered “Come with me baby. Come now I can’t hold on any longer.” Had my entire body convulsing. My eyes rolled into my head as my toes curled. My entire body convulsed with the pulsing of pleasure radiating through me. I swear I saw mini explosions. I made sure to let him know that I knew exactly who caused this as I screamed his name. How he hell can he do that?

Letting go of the bar I slumped forward into him. He held tightly carrying me to the bed where we could both collapse. He stroked my body muttering every now and then “So responsive.” I had no idea what he meant but damn that was intense. “That was amazing. You are amazing as always. I love the way you respond to my touch. Thank you love I needed that.”

“Is everything okay Ryder? I can stay here if you need to deal with things. I’ve been by myself long enough to know how to take care of myself. I won’t be mad or upset if you need some time without me burdening your life.” I felt I needed to let him that I wouldn’t mind even if I would. There was no way I would be a bother to any one. If he had things he had to take care of I would gracefully bow out of the way.

“That would only make things worse. Scarlet I need you like I need my next breath. It would drive me insane to not have you near me. I know we haven’t known each other long. And I know we haven’t gotten to know each others life stories. I also know what I say net may scare you but it has to be said. Just know I’m here for you. I won’t hurt you because it would be like damaging my own soul. It’s like my soul recognizes yours and I need you right now. I’m beginning to think I’m always going to need you. Please don’t leave me right now. Spend this time off with my brother and I. Let us show you how you deserve to be treated. I don’t care where we spend it as long as we’re together.” He let all of this out without even taking a breath.

I was stunned into silence just thinking over everything he said. He needed me? Some one actually needed me. He sounded almost desperate to keep me with him. How could I say no to some one who needed me that much? I could so what he was asking. I mean being with them helped me as well so what harm would there be in spending my vacation with them?

“Please say yes. We won’t hurt you I promise. We will go any where you want. We can do anything you want. If you want some alone time or you need to work we will understand that as well. You can get to know us better. We can even plan one of our shoots and go on a small working vacation if you want. Anything just say yes.” His eyes said just how passionately he wanted this time with me. I couldn’t say no.

“Yes I’ll stay with you. How could I refuse when you need me so much? But I have to know that if I need some time alone you’ll let me have it. And we can go to the ocean anytime I want. I know you said you’d give me space when I needed and we could go anywhere I wanted but I need you to promise those things to me. Just those for now and I’ll spend this time with you.” Those were my only conditions at this point. I wouldn’t deny them my company anymore, but I needed my ocean and my privacy.

“I promise and I never break a promise. You have just made me a very happy man Scarlet. You have no idea what this means to me. I can’t wait to tell Gabe the good news.” As he finished talking the bedroom door opened. Speak of the devil and he shall appear right.

“Tell me what? You guys look like your getting tons done? How far did you get exactly before she ended up naked?” He didn’t look mad just curious. I was glad for that. I had finally decided to spend time with them, I really didn’t need jealousy entering the equation.

“Well we got some stuff done if that helps. She said she’d stay with us Gabe. As long as we give her some privacy when she needs it and go to the beach she’ll stay for her vacation.” This seemed to shock him for a moment as he stared deeply into my eyes. If he was looking for doubts he wouldn’t find them.

After several moments of or staring contest a wicked glint entered his eyes as a smirk graced his beautiful face. I should probably be scared of that mischievous look he had going on. “Well brother it seems we have some planning to do doesn’t it. After all we should make her time off worth while right. Come on you two get dressed we have a lot to do and so little time.” What was going through that erotic mind of his. If he thinks I missed the look of lust as he said that he’d be sadly mistaken. This was going to be one hell of a working vacation.

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