A New Beginning

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Chapter 16

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

It had been about a week since I had been to work for more than to turn in some ideas I had about up coming events. I hadn’t really seen the office but twice in the entire time I had been on vacation. I had spoken to Cammy several times and had video conferences with her and a few clients. She said that I looked great and seemed to be doing well. I always had to assure her I was fine and she always assured me I was doing great work from where I was and to take all the time I needed if this was the kind of work I was going to be handing in. I couldn’t let my work slack just because I was going through something personal that I couldn’t seem to get a grip on.

Cammy was obviously curious about who I was spending time with. She asked outlandish questions at first. Things like did they kidnap me, was I joining a cult, did I have a fever that made my brain act so different from my normal. My only friend really was weird some times. I reassured her none of those things were happening even if I couldn’t exactly explain what was. I definitely didn’t want her to know I was sleeping with them. After a while her questions stopped thankfully.

We had only spent one night at my place that entire time. Turns out my bed really isn’t big enough for three people. I ended up sleeping on Ryder’s chest while Gabe laid on his side with his arm thrown over my back. Its a really good thing we didn’t move around while we slept. The funniest part was when Gabe woke up and stretched, rolling over and falling out of bed with a thud. He let out a surprised yelp when he hit as I jerked upright to see what was going on. After seeing him in the floor I did the one hing none of us expected. I laughed. I laughed harder than I ever had in my life actually. My head ended up on Ryder’s chest while dripping tears down onto him as I laughed until I cried. I don’t even know why I found it that funny but I did.

I never even realized both men had frozen simply staring at me in awe. “ I fall out of bed and potentially harm myself and you laugh yourself silly? I’m wounded love!” Gabe exclaimed from his position still in the floor. He was pouting handsomely and I could tell he was playing.

“But it’s such an amazing and beautiful laugh Gabe. If all it takes to hear that adorable sound every day is pushing you out of bed every morning I’m certainly willing to make the sacrifice.” Ryder of course wouldn’t fall out himself to hear me laugh. It was cute how playful they were being. I was still lost in small chuckles but it was finally calming down. As I calmed down I finally took into account Ryder’s hardening body beneath me and Gabe sliding onto the bed. The rest of that morning was spent doing things that still brought a blush to my face and a heat to my body. Apparently laughing turned them on.

We had agreed that it would be better to just stay at theirs and I would come home and pick up anything I needed. It was a light and easy week even when I could see the questions burning in their eyes. They never pushed and I was becoming used to that and thankful for it. They opened up my life to fun and laughing. I mean I have laughed before but it never made me feel this weightless. It seemed to ease the tightness inside of me. The more time I spent with these two the lighter I became about life. I was truly beginning to see life through new eyes and the mistrust I have felt towards everyone was disappearing with these two.

That thought was what sent me into the office where I am now. I’m supposed to be planning our first photo shoot. Instead I’m replaying all of the events from the week trying to figure out where exactly they had found their way inside my walls. Could I shut them out again if I needed to? How was it possible that not even the person I proclaim as my best friend has made it this far in? These two were going to hurt me worse than any one in my life and that was saying something. I knew physical and mental pain intimately inside and out. I’d lived through more of it in my life than I ever wished to admit to. Would this time be the one that finally broke me?

I considered the fact that I hadn’t killed myself at a young age a strength. The fact that not one of them had ever succeeded in breaking me completely a complete strength. Until now. Now I felt as if they had broken me in some way. I had never really lived. I’d never had happiness or let myself go. I’d never gone out and done any of the things we had done in one short week. I spent my life buried in my work and my ever present waves. Before the waves of the ocean I could always find a lake or river. Something that took away the pain. These two are as powerful as my waves though.

I found the more time I spent with them the less I needed my waves. They seemed to not only siphon off the pain but they brought great distractions from it as well. It wasn’t all sexual either. I mean they had held my hand at the zoo pointing out all of the different animals and their funny behavior. They goofed around making me laugh all the time. Ryder had ended up taking pictures at all of our outings claiming he wanted to have visual memories of our entire time together. Gabe had admitted the same but said his picture taking skills sucked. He’d taken a great one of my elbow which I had heartily laughed at.

It couldn’t stay like this forever though. I had work and they had books to write. I’m sure that’s what they did every time I locked myself in this office. They had so much to catch up on due to all the time they spent with me. I know that I was weighing down their lives and taking away important time from their work. I had learned not to mention it though. The last time I had was two nights ago. Gabe had gotten so mad that I had shrunk back into Ryder terrified of what his brother might do.

He had yelled at me how tired he was of hearing how sorry I was. That if he and his brother had not wanted me here or had not wanted to do the things they were they wouldn’t be. I gave a shudder thinking about that night. I hate to admit that I was finally scared of one of them on a more personal level. Ryder had tried to stop him but he wasn’t having it. He continued to yell until I had shakily apologized for upsetting him again with tears pouring down my face. He had finally noticed how tightly I gripped Ryder and the fact that my whole body was shaking in fear. I had flinched as he made his way to the bed. When he touched me I literally jumped into Ryder’s lap trying to escape whatever was coming next.

The entire episode had done something to me. Ryder was whispering sweet things into my ear as Gabe finally laid his hand on my thigh. He had looked deeply in my eyes before speaking. “Are you afraid of me Love? I would never hurt you! I am so sorry I got upset. It just pains me that you feel as if your a burden in our lives. We want you here. More than that we truly need you here. Harming you would harm me baby. It would tear me apart to hurt you and I am so sorry. You will never know how truly sorry I am that I scared you.” He had whispered to me.

“Who is it that has instilled such fear in you of a mans fist honey? No woman should ever fear being hit by a man. Whoever it is , is not truly a man but a wimpy little boy who needs to feel masculine by hurting a woman. You are dealing with real men now. We would never hurt you like that.”Ryder and his burning questions had my mind whirling. I never did answer his question but for the first time since knowing them I had wanted to. I had wanted to pour out the pain of my past into someone and in my fear I had almost let it go.

Instead I had just remained in Ryder’s lap letting them sooth me until I was lulled into a deep sleep. They had reassured me and stroked my quivering flesh until all I thought about was them. I wasn’t thinking of my past when I fell asleep. My mind had wandered to what we were going to do the next day. I’m sure that was their plan when they had started discussing it. The next day had been our trip to the mall. I had no intentions of buying anything but they had told me I could get anything I wanted. So with my head on Ryder’s chest I had fallen asleep trying to picture the stores at the mall. I pictured all of the different designs that the building may hold. I was already thinking of what they were going to childishly try to pull tomorrow.

Okay I am going to drive myself insane trying to pinpoint exactly where they had broken past my defenses. I can’t find a single moment but a hundred different ones. They were just there and I was scared. I always seemed to be scared no matter how many times I tried to convince myself I had lived through worse. I still wasn’t truly ready to open up to them no matter how many little questions they would ask. I wasn’t sure anymore if it was because I feared they would take it as an idea or if I was scared they would look at me in disgust.

These men had taken place in my life way to quickly and I was sure it was all going to turn out bad for me. One way or the other once they truly knew my past I knew they would be gone if only in the sense that they were replaced with people I would no longer recognize. I couldn’t help but hope for the first time in my life that I could continue to be treated the way they were treating me. I now wanted it. I wanted the look in their eyes to remain that way. I wanted the gentleness to continue. For the first time in my life I wanted the pleasure, the passion, the calmness, the fun, and the laughter.

Scared and wanting I left the office seeking the reassurance their mere presence seemed to bring. I searched the entire upstairs where the office was located. They were no where to be found. I slowly walked down the stairs heading for the kitchen with my mind occupied with all of the thoughts creating chaos inside of me. I finally found Gabe standing at the counter making himself a snack. I waked straight up to him wrapping my arms around him as best as I could. He slowly turned in my arms so he was facing me and wrapped his tightly around me. “How is work going baby? Any more plans for our shoot? Have you decided where it’s going to be at yet?” I didn’t answer him. I just tightened my arms around him letting his touch sooth my chaotic brain.

This was the effect they seemed to have on me. They took all of the chaos in me and made it calm. He must have sensed something was wrong because he tightened his arms around me and began to rock slightly. “Are you alright Love? Did something happen while you were working? Please talk to me your scaring me right now.” He kept his words quiet trying not to startle me. See this is what I’m talking about. They are always taking care of me. Right now it was emotionally and it was exactly what I needed at the moment.

“I’m okay. My brain won’t shut up and I just needed your arms to help me calm it. I’m sorry for interrupting your snack but please just hold me for a while longer.” Being in his arms felt right. Nothing ever felt right but this did. It never mattered if it was Ryder or Gabe. It always just felt right like this was where I belonged. I gasped as he bent and lifted me. I never even looked up to see where he was carrying me.

I finally looked up when I felt Ryder next to us as we sat down on the couch. “Everything okay?” Ryder’s simple questions never had a simple answer. I didn’t answer him either. I just pulled him into us holding onto him to. I didn’t cry and they didn’t ask any more questions as we all just sat there holing each other. I never noticed the silent communication going on over my head. I didn’t care they had muted my over active brain and I was once again at peace no longer focusing on the conflict going on inside of me over these two men.

Lips on my neck brought me out of my peaceful state. “What are you guys doing?” I thought we were just going to hold each other for a while and I was confused after being brought out of my silence.

“Well we missed our snack. We don’t mind at all because you needed us but we figured we would have a different kind of snack. Considering I’m sitting here remembering how great you taste on my pallet, I think it’s only fair that you become the snack. You wouldn’t mind if I tasted these delectable breasts right?” As he said this his hands cupped both of my breasts. The atmosphere completely changed in those few seconds. He pinched my both of my nipples simultaneously causing me to gasp and my nipples to instantly harden.

“But my favorite bit to taste is that deliciously responsive pussy of yours. You wouldn’t mind if I made a snack of that right baby? I want to side my tongue between those amazing lips savoring the flavor that is so uniquely you. I want to pull that perfect clit between my lips feasting on your flesh until you scream. Only then will I allow myself to dip my tongue into the most flavor filled spot. That’s right baby once I get you to scream I’m going to slide my tongue deeply into your tight little hole and feast on your perfect flavor. And only after I have had my fill of you will I allow you to cum into my mouth finally giving me the snack I so desperately crave at the moment. “ Ryder’s hands had followed Gabe’s words. He had yet to speak but his hands did the talking for him.

His fingers had only increased my want for Gabe’s tongue as they slid between my folds, pinching and rubbing my clit before sliding deeply inside of me. Ryder’s fingers pumped into me unrelentingly as Gabe slid his hands under my shirt sliding his nails lightly up my body seeking my breasts. He skipped over them lightly to scrape his nails down the other side of my neck and back down to my breasts finally touching my naked flesh exactly where I wanted him to be. When his hands reached my nipples he pinched them while biting the flesh of my neck. My insides clenched around Ryder’s fingers as he continued to pump inside of me curling and then retreating.

“Would you like that baby? I can feel just how much your liking this already. The clench of your body feels amazing around my dick. I want to be buried inside of you to feel it around me again. I wish it was my hard cock you clenched around. I want to pump into you until you scream baby. Do you want that after my brother makes a meal of this gorgeous body?” Ryder’s words caused me to shudder violently just picturing the pleasure these two would bring me.

My shirt left my body rather suddenly as I was laid back and pressed into the soft material of the couch. Gabe’s mouth quickly latched onto my nipple pulling as much of me into his mouth as he could. I felt the urgency behind his movements wanting so much more. Ryder lifted my hips sliding my pants from my body so I laid before the both of them fully naked. His fingers delved back into my waiting heat unexpectedly causing me to arch my back and release a quiet moan at the sensations they caused. Gabe’s hand drew little patterns on my stomach as they continued their assault on my body. Just as I was reaching my peak and ready to fall over the edge both men retreated from my body.

“Ah ah ah baby not yet. Remember I want that delicious nectar to only be released into my mouth. It’s to be my snack today. YOU are to be my snack today.” As he said this Ryder moved to the head of me as Gabe slid closer to the place he claimed to want to be, between my legs. I opened them wider wanting what his words were offering. Ryder took my lips in a passionate kiss that had my toes curling. He didn’t ask for entrance to my mouth but simply rammed his way in taking my tongue on a furious fight for dominance. Much the same way Gabe slammed his tongue between my lower lips running his tongue along everywhere he could touch. They were rough and passionate and I was loving every moment of it.

Gabe was true to his word pulling my swollen clit into his mouth and alternating between roughly sucking and gently licking the tender area. I pulled back from Ryder throwing my head back into the couch feeling like I would explode from the pleasure. I wasn’t sure if I should scream so he would finally slide his tongue into my waiting heat or hold on longer just to feel the sensations running through my body. The choice was taken out of my hands as Ryder clamped down onto my nipple scraping his teeth along my flesh. The pain and pleasure mixed together causing me to scream out both of their names as my hips lifted and I began grinding into Gabe’s face wanting more.

They didn’t disappoint either. Gabe finally slid into my tight core. He moaned at the taste I presume. I didn’t really care why as the vibrations sent my body into another violent shudder. I was coiled so tightly I was sure I would shatter when I finally found my release. These two are relentless when they want something and right now they wanted me to fall over that edge they were holding me onto. As Gabe’s tongue slid rapidly in and out of me his fingers found my nub rotating quickly in little circles bringing me even more pleasure.

“Give my brother what he wants baby. It’s the only way he’s going to stop. He won’t stop until he has devoured all of those sweet juices pouring from this delectable body baby. Cum for him. Hell cum for me! I want to watch your face as you explode around his tongue.” At Ryder’s words my body convulsed with my release as I squeezed Gabe’s tongue rhythmically. My head thrashed as my hips bucked into Gabe. He took everything I had leaving me a quivering mess of pleasure catching my breath. He wasn’t satisfied until he wrung every thing out of my body and then licked me clean. Only then did he slide from between my thighs.

It took me several moments to catch my breath from the intense release I had just been given. As my heart rate and breathing slowed I was finally able to open my eyes. When I did the sight before me simply took my breath from me once again. Both men were staring at me with such hunger in their eyes that I almost looked away from the intensity of it. The flames in their eyes only served to reignite the heat in my body. “Oh no baby we weren’t nearly finished with you just yet. It’s so cute how you thought we were done. I personally am never going to get my fill of this body. Haven’t I already shown you that? I only ever remove myself from your body because I have to not because I want to. I could happily spend my life filling this amazing body pumping orgasm after orgasm through you. “ That just sent sparks into flames throughout my entire body causing my core to clench.

They lifted my body positioning me over the back of the couch. “Lean over a little love and give me that perfect ass of yours. I want to try something different and I don’t want you to freak out. If you truly don’t like it I will stop but I have the feeling you are going to love what I’m about to do.” I was curious as to what he meant. Wasn’t taking me bent over the couch different enough? I had never even noticed Gabe had left the room until I spotted him returning handing Ryder a bottle of I don’t know what. Gabe bent to my level so we were eye level while Ryder ran his hands along my spine.

“Don’t freak out baby and tell us at any time if you want him to stop okay. He isn’t going to fully penetrate you this time simply prepare you for what will eventually happen.” I didn’t understand him until I felt a cold liquid slide along my crack causing me to gasp. Ryder’s hands quickly spread the lube around my rear entrance causing me to tense. I’m really not sure about this. I knew that penetration there hurt for days and caused pain beyond belief for the first day or so.

“Shh baby relax. He’s not going to hurt you I promise. If he does I’ll personally beat the shit out of him okay. This will bring you more pleasure than you ever thought possible but you have to relax and trust us with your body.” He looked directly into my eyes as he spoke and his words calmed me enough to be curious as to how they could possibly make this pleasurable. As I relaxed Ryder slowly pressed a finger into me going slowly and never forcing his way into me. He would pull back out only to go even further into me pumping in a gentle rhythm. He continued with this same slow gentle rhythm until I completely relaxed realizing this didn’t hurt. That was when he reached around to slide his other hand between my folds caressing there as well.

“See how much you like this baby. It has you dripping for me already. Are you ready for more? God I so want to give you more.”At Ryder’s words I could only give a quick nod of my head still staring into Gabe’s eyes. Ryder slid his fingers deeply into my core as his other hand continued to pump into my ass. Gabe slid his hands into my hair holding my head in place as he leaned forward and proceeded to devour my lips. It seemed as if the pleasure radiating from my face caused him to lose complete control for a moment and he couldn’t hold himself back from me any longer. He kissed me as if his life depended on it sucking my bottom lip into his mouth hungrily devouring my mouth.

I felt Ryder’s hands leave my body and heard shuffling behind me but couldn’t turn my head to see what he was doing. I continued to let Gabe devour my mouth as I felt Ryder’s hands return to me. This time he slid two fingers into my star entrance as I felt his tip press against my needy core. Suddenly Gabe stood up dropping his pants to around his ankles as I simply took my fill of him with my greedy eyes. “I want those perfect lips around me as my brother takes you from behind. I want to bury myself balls deep into that perfect mouth until I feel you scream around me with pleasure.” When he finished speaking Ryder thrust deeply into me making sure his fingers thrust into my ass an the same speed.

My gasp of pleasure was enough to allow Gabe to slide between my parted lips pressing himself as deeply as he could. The couch prevented him from going to deeply into my throat. His hands reached forward grasping my nipples as they both slammed in and out of me. I pressed my ass back into Ryder wanting him deeper causing me to lean over the couch more for Gabe to slide into my mouth more. I moaned around him not being able to hold in my pleasure any longer. Ryder let go of my hip and wrapping it around me to torment my clit as his other hand pumped into my back entrance in time with his co ck pumping into my core. They seemed to be in perfect tune with each other as their motions were in perfect sink. My body began to tighten as their thrusts became rough seeking their own pleasure along with mine.

I was so close to cumming that it made me slightly dizzy. I never knew your body could experience the type of pleasure they were causing now. If someone had told me that any kind of penetration in my ass would feel this good I would have called them liars and walked away. But oh god did it feel good in combination with the rest of what they were doing to my body. I screamed my release sucking Gabe even harder unable to control my thrusts back into Ryder as I fell over the edge clenching everywhere. My ass clenched Ryder’s fingers as my core clenched his co ck and my clit was throbbing with my release. I figured it only fair that my mouth clench Gabe just as tightly as the rest of me clenched his brother. Both men uttered a harsh “Fuck.” as they slammed even harder into me finding their own release within me. I swallowed all that Gabe had to give me.

Our movements slowed as we came down from our high. Gabe slid out of my mouth leaning into the couch.”Now whose the snack?” I couldn’t help but ask. Gabe had ended up my snack as much as I had been his. He made his way around to slump onto the couch as Ryder finally removed himself from me slumping on my other side. I was content simply sitting here naked between these two pleasure gods.

“I am so glad you trusted us with your body because that was amazing. You do realize that is what you did right? In that moment you trusted that we would take care of you and not hurt you. For that I am honored and proud at the same time. I will forever treasure that moment with you. We both will.” At Ryder’s words I tensed realizing that was exactly what I had done. See what I mean about conflict and chaos. I wanted to trust them and was terrified to do so. And yet in the throes of passion that is exactly what I had done.

“I hope you realize you can trust us with other things baby. Whatever upset you so much before you can tell us. We will understand. We will help you through whatever it is that drove you into my arms earlier. I won’t force you to tell me what was going on but I am going to reassure you over and over until you believe me that we can help you through whatever it is. We want to be there for you. We want to comfort you and help you. We want to love you and make you feel amazing and happy. We are here for you if you ever do decide to trust us with your heart and mind along with your body.” All of this came tumbling out of Gabe. I paused feeling put on the spot.

Should I tell them why I was like that earlier? Could they really understand and help me through the war inside my own heart and head? Would they truly still be standing there and not get mad once I revealed a little portion of what is going on inside of me? Can I reveal even that little portion of myself to these two? What the hell was I going to do as they both stared at me expectantly?

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