A New Beginning

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Chapter 18

Gabe’s P.O.V.

Scarlet fell asleep in my arms. This beautiful woman had been through so much. No wonder she was so scared and closed off. I can only imagine having to live my life under those circumstances. “Did you hear how everyone treated her Ry? I can only imagine it just got worse as she got older. Can you imagine the torture she went through between six years and eighteen? What if it lasted past eighteen? How long was she in situations like the one she just described? How are we supposed to heal that? I’m not sure anymore that we are going to be able to put her back together.” I just stroked her hair feeling my heart break for this amazingly strong woman.

“I have an idea. Don’t start doubting the ability to heal a heart now. We can do this. Her nightmares are caused by painful memories right? Memories that scar her deeply from an early age right? What if we replace them? What if we explain to her which memory she should replace with whatever we do? In other words this nightmare by the sounds of it was her losing her virginity. We can replace that easily. We have to make sure we are the first she has willingly given herself to and replace the memory with the way it should have been.” He said all of this quickly like he was trying to crowd my doubts out of my mind.

I know if she woke up to me doubting the situation now that she had finally opened up it would only scar her more. I never wanted to hurt her. His idea made sense though. If nothing else it was worth a try. Ideas began flooding my mind of different ways we could replace her latest nightmare. “Hey Ryder did you ever notice that she doesn’t ever have nightmares when one of us is in the bed while she sleeps? Maybe it’s just me but every time she wakes up screaming it’s because we left her alone. I was thinking about that in the office before all of this happened. I admit I felt bad for leaving her by herself but now I feel even worse that she had to relive something like that in her dreams.”It was probably just me but I had to ask.

“I think your right. Maybe we make her feel safe even while she’s asleep. It would mean she cares though and with a theory like that I’d hate to have to test it. On the other hand we could just let it happen. Every time she sleeps alone we will make sure we are close just in case. And keep track of weather she has bad dreams or not but the more I think about it the more I think you’re right. If it turns out to be the case after a few days we simply won’t let her sleep by herself. Even if we have to sneak in after she’s out we’ll make sure she doesn’t have to relive any of that in her dreams ever again if we have to.” He doesn’t see the flaw in his plan does he?

“Ry that’s a great pan and all but what happens when she finally gets stronger and ends up going back to her place. What happens if she thinks it’s too soon for a move like that. I mean, I admit I’m falling for her, but come on don’t you think that’s moving really really fast?” Really fast. We couldn’t just force her to move in with us.

“Again lets just wait and see what happens. We can stop them while she’s here. We can help her now. So lets focus on now. Like how to replace that horrible memory she shared with us. Now I’m personally thinking of a few things we could do.” Ryder was as full of ideas as I was. I could see he never wanted to think of her not being with us. He was stuck on her being in our lives forever. I can’t blame him and I’m more than willing to just focus on the here and now. We could do this if we did it together and she agreed with our method of helping.

We sat for the next half hour planning exactly what we were going to do. When we were done we left the bed one at a time to set up everything that would be needed to set the memory of her life. It had to be perfect. It had to purge the old memory. It had to completely obliterate it. These were things the both of us agreed on as it seemed the only way this would work. So praying that it did we set it all up and laid on either side of our Scarlet just waiting for her little nap to be over so we could put our plan into action.

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

I woke up wrapped gently in strong arms and cotton sheets. I stretched trying to relieve the stiffness in my body. Memories of earlier floated into my mind causing my heart to pound rapidly as I anticipated their reaction to everything I had told them. I stiffened as I felt their hands slide down both of my arms. Here it comes, time for me to go home now. I won’t fight it. I need to make this as easy for them as possible.

“I get if you just want me to leave now. I wouldn’t want to deal with my kind of issues. I’ll make it easy for both of you and just go don″t worry. You don’t even have to make up a story to get rid of me. I get it trust me. And don’t worry about me working on your account. We can do everything else through email. I will continue to do the same work I always do. Just please honor what you said about not telling anyone. I don’t know why I told you. I must be losing my mind. I’m sorry I put all of that on you. It was a complete mistake and I think we should all just forget it ever happened, that any of this ever happened, and move on.” This is the best way. If they think it’s all my decision and it’s what I want then they won’t feel guilty. They won’t feel obliged to keep up this charade they have going on right now.

“I don’t think so Love. You are ours and will not be leaving anytime soon. Push those insane thoughts from your mind right now. You said if we gave you your space when you needed it and took you to the ocean you would spend this time with us. We have held up our end and you will hold up yours.” Ryder seemed aggravated about the whole situation. His arms had tightened on me making sure I could not leave not only the house but this bed as well.

“Now that all of that is out of the way we have a question for you. We expect an honest answer and once you’ve given your answer we want you to remain quiet and hear us out okay.” Gabe was being weird as well. Why are they not letting me go? Why put themselves through more of my craziness? I just nodded my head not knowing what the hell was going on. They were both crazy.

With my nod Ryder grabbed my head forcing me to meet his eyes . God his eyes. I could fall right into them. It’s like you could see everything he was feeling by looking into them. They mesmerized me every single time I stared into them like this. Something about them consumed me and I couldn’t look away from the storms that raged in these beautiful all consuming eyes. The only other thing that had ever mesmerized me like that were my waves and his brothers eyes of course. What was it about their eyes that reminded me of my waves?

Lips pressing against my neck distracted me just enough to pull out of whatever trance I had been in. “Did you even hear him Scar?”Gabe whispered into my ear after pulling away from my neck. Of course I hadn’t heard Ryder say anything. I was too busy getting lost in his eyes.

“No sorry what did you say?” My cheeks flamed as my eyes never left his. I can’t believe I had been caught out like that staring into his eyes.

“ It’s alright love. I don’t ever mind if you get lost staring into my eyes. I didn’t think you had heard me. I asked if my brother and I were truly the first you had willingly given your luscious body to. Are we truly the first to touch this beautiful body with not only your outright permission but with your desire of it as well?” How he made that sound like a passionate caress across my skin I will never know.

“Yes. It’s embarrassing to admit that to you but you are the first men I have ever truly desired to touch me and definitely the first to ever make it pleasurable.” Okay if I could get any redder I’m sure I’d turn into a tomato. Why all of the embarrassing questions? Didn’t I open up to them enough for one day they have to embarrass me more?

Ryder nodded his head as if that was the answer that he was expecting all along. “It’s perfect Love. We are honored that you chose to give yourself to us the way you have. But please allow us to give you the memory you should have had all along. Giving yourself to someone for the first time in your life should be special and a gift that is treasured forever not simply taken nor done out of distractions. It should be done with emotion and love and when there are two men you are giving yourself to it should be doubly special. Please allow us to give this to you.”Gabe’s words whispered into my ear as his lips continued to caress my neck near my ear.

For the first time since waking up I noticed that the sun had sunk beneath the horizon and the room was ablaze with candle light. I was covered in rose petals. There was soft, seductive music going in the background and both men were dressed in black dress slacks and white button down shirts. They didn’t have ties on but a few buttons were opened at their necks. A tray sat next to the bed with fruit slices and a scarf. It was amazing what they had accomplished while I had slept. I don’t know what your first time is supposed to feel like but this felt perfect.

“The scarf is to show your trust in us. We want to see just how much you trust us. If you don’t like a single thing about tonight all you have to do is say stop okay and just like that we will stop. We won’t be angry and we won’t lash out. This is all for you love.” They had noticed my confused look towards the material then. But honestly I couldn’t think why it would be there with the chilled fruit. Well they certainly didn’t shed any light on what it was for. Show them my trust, but how?

All thought stopped as they helped me from bed as the song changed. Ryder remained in front of me as Gabe slid behind me successfully wrapping me in a protective cocoon between them. They began to sway together to the beat lightly humming it in my ears. “Right this very moment how do you feel?” Ryder’s question took me off guard as I thought about what he said.

“Don’t think baby just say whatever emotion you are feeling. Let it flow through you without over thinking everything in that way that you do. Trust us with your emotions. Let us know exactly how you feel with us like this.” Gabe said cutting my thoughts short. There was that word again. Trust.

“Safe. Protected. Warm. Cared for. A little turned on by your closeness. Stunned to say the least and very touched that you would both go through all of this trouble for me. Curios about so many things. Things like why would you do this for me? Why did you not take my option to leave? Why not let me and all of my problems go when you certainly don’t need it nor did you cause any of it? What does all of this mean? Could you both really care for someone like me?” My words were silenced by Ryder’s lips pressing into mine. They had asked and were now not going to allow me to answer? What The Hell?

“That’s enough love. Your mind is working over time again. Here and now remember. I’m glad we make you feel all those things but let the questions go and simply feel. Do you think you could do that for us?” Ryder let out as he slowly pulled back from me. All I could do was nod my head as I had no more thoughts anyhow. He had consumed my mind with a simple kiss. The song had changed to tonight and with both men pressed to either side of me grinding into me I quickly lost my ability to breath normally.

Both men pressed into me firmly, swaying slightly to the music. Gabe’s hands feathered from my hips down to my still naked thighs and back up. Ryder’s fingertips ran from my waist to my wrists that were resting on his shoulders as we swayed. Their heat completely surrounded me, their scent consumed me, and their feather light touches scorched my skin leaving a trail of goosebumps and fire in their paths. I had no thoughts outside of them. Leaning back into Gabe and staring into Ryder’s eyes I was lost to the pair.

Ryder caught the shirt that Gabe was slowly lifting up to expose more of my skin to them. I felt one of Gabe’s hands leave me as he leaned over to the side of me. Ryder brought his lips to my collar bone leaving slow passionate open mouthed kisses. He seemed to be leisurely tasting the skin there. Nothing was rushed. I never questioned anything even as Gabe slid the silk over my eyes fastening a knot at the back of my head securing the silk around my eyes.

“It’s to heighten your senses baby. We want you to engrave absolutely every moment of this in your memory.” Gabe mumbled as he did this. With one hand he continued to stroke me as I imagine the other is what brought the fruit to my lips. He rubbed the melon across my bottom lip coating it in the juice of the succulent fruit. The cantaloupe teased my lips apart from the smell and was slowly slid onto my tongue. I moaned at the sweet flavor while catching the finger pressing the cold fruit into my mouth sucking gently to remove any remaining juice from it.

I chewed and swallowed the fruit slowly savoring the chilled sweetness, allowing it to slide down my throat. I felt the same chill slide along the column of my neck to be quickly followed by a warm tongue wiping away the sticky flavor. I’m pretty sure that was honey dew by the smell. As soon as that one had passed I felt a wet chill circle my already hardened nipple. It only served to tighten it more before I felt lips envelope me sucking gently on my tight nipple. I threw my head back from the pleasure this was causing. Who knew anything could feel like this?

I never felt as if anyone truly cared for me. Yet as I allowed the strawberry to slip past my lips that was exactly how I felt. This entire situation felt as though they truly cared about me inside and out. It never for a moment felt as though any of this was for their own pleasure. Not even as I felt Gabe’s skin press against my already naked back. I felt every ridge, every ripple in his muscles, every inch that was pressed against me as it all embedded into my memory.

They gently guided me to the bed and laid me before them. I was excited by the thought that their eyes were devouring me and yet I couldn’t see a thing. I was edgy thinking on what they were going to do next. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt the chill of the fruit drag up the inside of my thigh only to be followed by warm wet lips. At the same time I felt a chill circling my belly button to be followed by a tongue not only circling it but delving inside as well.

My breathing became ragged at their ministrations to my body. I released a loud moan as I felt cold fruit pressed to my lower lips coating them completely, slowly,agonizing my senses. It also coated my nipples at the same slow agonizing pace. I arched my back as the coldness was replaced with heat. I have no idea who was where. I only knew I felt lips sucking the coldness from my body gently tugging the flesh. Hands caressed my thighs and stomach.

I started thinking that I couldn’t take much more of this torture as a tongue firmly pressed further into me pushing straight into my core. A finger was brought from my thigh to stroke my clit bringing my hips off the bed trying to press closer to whoever it was causing such excruciating pleasure to course through me. A piece of honey dew was slipped past my lips as my neglected nipple was tugged by teeth from one of them.

“Please. I need...” I gasped as the tongue was replaced by a finger slipping quickly as far as it could and the tongue that had been there began rapidly flicking my throbbing clit. Suddenly my clit was sucked into that amazing, warm, wet mouth. The finger currently buried inside my heat was slowly dragged back out of my passage only to come back roughly with another digit added to it pressing into my walls. I could feel myself tighten on those fingers as my senses went into over drive.

“We want to hear you Scarlet. What do you feel, what do you want, how do you want it? Scream it to us if you have to baby but let us hear it all. Quit biting that lip and let it all go.” Ryder’s husky voice reached my ears still not letting me know who was where as both had removed their mouths from me when he spoke and I couldn’t pinpoint where it came from. I hadn’t realized that I was biting my lip until he brought it to my attention. Releasing my lip caused a loud moan to escape me.

“I want to feel... you in me. I need to explode... at this point but I want to do …that while feeling you inside of me. Please! This feels amazing...but I want to see you. I need to feel you...see you.”I was beyond thinking of what I was saying. I was gasping for air while trying to convey exactly what I needed right now.

“Okay baby we’ll give you that. But first cum for us. Give us that much and we’ll give you exactly what you want. I’m sure you won’t mind going twice will you.”Gabe’s words floated to me much the same way his brothers did. Floating somewhere in front of me. Between his words , the harsh thrust of fingers deeply inside my core and the pinching of my nipple, I did just that. With a scream I slammed my hips into the hand between my legs as my body tightened with my release. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

His words set my body free causing even my womb to contract. My hands grasped the sheets as my head pressed deeply into the pillows. I felt as they both moaned against my skin. Gabe was right the blindfold increased my senses causing my orgasm to feel like it rocketed though my entire body. My release had never been that powerful. Each experience with them became more intense than the last. Lips covered mine absorbing my shouts of pleasure as my body continued to clench under their ministrations. The only thing holding me together was them. I felt them everywhere.

As I came down from the high one of them removed my blindfold. I looked up to see Gabe slide on top of me settling between my legs. I could feel his hard dick pressed to my thigh as he caught my eyes. “I can’t wait to be in you love. Watching you come apart from us touching you has got to be the most erotic thing I have ever seen. It has me more turned on than I could ever imagine. I want to be slow and gentle but I don’t know how long I can keep that up as badly as I want you right now.” As he said this he positioned himself at my entrance.

“Just breath baby. We’ve got you. Don’t hold back give us everything you have and trust that we’ll take care of you. We’ll give you what you need and want.” Ryder said as he licked the shell of my ear. I turned my head catching him off guard as I pressed my lips to his needing his kiss. He definitely didn’t disappoint as he took control of the kiss dominating my mouth as he pushed his tongue in to duel with mine passionately as if he was trying to consume my very essence.

Gabe sucked my right nipple into his mouth flicking his tongue across my nipple as he pressed into me agonizingly slowly. All I wanted was to have him buried deeply inside of me. I wanted rough and hard. I wanted them too much to try going slowly. I tried lifting my hips and pressing into him but he grabbed my hips holding me in place. “Slow baby. I want to push your limits. I want this to be a memory for life. It’s hard for me to trust me, but I want to make this last for you. Let me do this for you. Just enjoy it.” Gabe said lifting his head from my chest.

I leaned away from Ryder to take a deep breath trying to steady myself. “That’s it baby. Relax. Let us do the work.” Ryder praised my attempt at calming myself. I tried again just to see if I could relax into what they were doing. It seemed to work as Ryder ran his hands through my hair.

Gabe began to move again as I relaxed into him. He stared into my eyes while he pressed further into me. I got lost in the storm in his eyes, in the sensations running through my body as he finally slid in completely. We both moaned at the sensation of him being completely buried deep within me. “You feel so good baby. It’s like heaven right here.” Gabe mumbled as he pulled back out at the same slow pace. I felt Ryder settle beside me slipping his hand over my breast. Gabe shifted onto his knees lifting my hips as Ryder slipped spare pillows beneath me to support the new angle.

He never increased his speed nor did he look away from my eyes as he continued to pump into me. He did give Ryder the room he needed to place his lips over my nipple again. Ryder pinched my nipple twisting it gently between his fingers as his tongue flicked the other nipple. The combination caused my back to arch simply enjoying the sensations running through me.

As I neared my climax I felt my eyes slide closed of their own accord. Gabe reached out to cup my cheek wiping away a stray tear that rolled down my face from all of the emotions they were causing me. “Look at me while you fall over that edge baby. I want to see in your eyes just how I make you feel.” My eyes snapped open focusing on his eyes as my body once again began to spasm. This time it constricted around Gabe’s hard cock. He was exactly where I wanted him.

I didn’t make a sound as I was shook with my orgasm. I couldn’t. I had stopped breathing, my jaw fell open with the intensity of the feelings rushing through me. Never once did his movements become faster or harder. A slow loving pace that literally caressed me into a mind blowing orgasm. I watched my feelings reflected in his eyes as he came with me. Every motion gently rocking us to our finish. It was beautiful and passionate and I couldn’t hep but let the tears fall as I came down. I had never experienced such tenderness, such caring, such passion ever before.

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