A New Beginning

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Chapter 19

Their whole plan was to plant a lasting memory in my mind. They had definitely succeeded. Three days later and I was still thinking about that night. I could still practically feel Gabe’s gentle caress and Ryder’s rougher one. God the way Ryder had taken control that night still sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. He had let me catch my breath before he had attacked me with renewed vigor. He seemed possessed that day.

He quickly inflamed my desire to where it had previously been. He started at me neck going directly to my sweet spot. He scraped his teeth across it before biting gently. One of his hands rolled my swollen nipple as the other gripped my hip tightly while he pressed his bulge into my core. Gabe didn’t have a lot of room to do anything so he settled for grasping my hair and pulling my head to the side giving Ryder more room to assault my neck.

The slight pain from my hair being pulled only added to my pleasure, making it sharper more enhanced as it shot through every portion of my body. Ryder’s teeth and tongue traveled down to my collar bone where he nipped and then soothed the area before moving to the valley between my breasts. He turned his head sucking the side of my breast between his teeth. I knew he would leave a mark from the bite he gave me there. I didn’t care at that point if he did mark me as his, I needed more.

The moment he sucked my hardened bud into his mouth my hips shot off of the bed trying to press him more directly into my core. My back arched trying to press more of me into his mouth. He literally had me begging for him to enter me.

”That’s it baby. Tell my brother exactly what you want. Show him where you want him. Feel how much he wants you. Almost as much as I do. Do you feel that? He’s hard as a rock thinking about being inside of you. Touching your body has him shaking with need. The way you’re responding to him has his need spiking to an all time high. Can you feel it in his touch? He needs you baby. All of you. Can you give him that? Can you let him in the way you did me?” I hadn’t noticed in my pleasure induced state that Gabe had slid down next to us until his husky voice was in my war.

He liked the shell of my ear before sucking and biting my earlobe sending yet another shot of pleasure to my core. When my hips lifted from the sensation Ryder slammed his hips into me adding more pressure right where I needed him. “Please.” I felt like I was going crazy from the pleasure. I was so close to my orgasm already. I just needed something, anything.

I needed him in me. Gabe grabbed my face forcing his tongue between my parted lips while his hand slid to my breast pinching my swollen damp nipple. He attacked my mouth, his tongue dueling with mine as I moaned into his mouth. I was so caught up kissing Gabe I had completely lost track of Ryder.

It took me by surprise when he slammed into me as far as he could causing me to release a scream into Gabe’s mouth. He won the duel as my attention divided between both men. Ryder pulled out so slowly I felt the friction against my walls until he paused with just the tip remaining inside of me. It was agonizing pleasure as I lifted my hips trying to force him back in. I also gripped Gabe’s hair as he continued to explore every inch of my mouth. He seemed very happy he won and explored enthusiastically.

Just as I pulled away from Gabe to suck a huge lung full of oxygen into my lungs, Ryder slammed forward again. His thrust was hard enough it forced the air right back out with a loud moan. All of that only for him to draw back out with the same agonizing slowness. I was already going crazy from the pleasure, did he want me to be asylum worthy? Gabe slid his hand his hand under my head, which was presently pushed into the pillows trying to contain the pleasure. I gasped as he grabbed a fistful of my hair tightly pulling so I had to tip my head up and to the side giving him access to my neck.

Just as he sunk his teeth in a pleasurable bite Ryder slammed as far as he could into me again. He didn’t seem to be able to control himself after that as he gave a loud groan and began slamming into me over and over again. As fast as he pulled back, he was roughly buried back into my waiting heat. He changed his angle just slightly slamming into a very pleasurable spot inside of me. That spot had my hips lifting and slamming forward to meet his at a punishing pace trying to get him there quicker again and again.

Gabe alternated between my lips and neck with passionate, wet kisses. He cupped my breasts sliding my nipples between his fingers to pinch and tug my flesh gently giving each equal attention with one hand. It was all becoming too much for me. I was right there but couldn’t quite reach my orgasm. I needed something, anything, to push me over that edge. “Cum for him baby. I can see you want to. Your entire body is trembling. Just let go. Give him everything.” Gabe whispered in my ear.

“I can’t. Oh God Ryder I need.. I don’t know. I just can’t. Please!” I moaned at the end , not at all coherent. I was answering all on instinct with no thought at all. Hell I had no control over my mind or body at this point.

“Look at me Scarlet. That’s right baby, right at me. I want to see into those beautiful eyes as you cum. I want to hear you, feel you, see you as you fall over that edge. I want to know the pleasure I’m bringing you.” As he said this his hand slid down my stomach, circling once around my navel, straight to my swollen bud. He made his strokes long and hard. His pelvic slammed into me on every stroke in. his fingers rub bed violent circles on the sensitive bud every time he pulled back.

I somehow managed to keep my eyes locked on his as my body tightened, my stomach clenched, my back arched clear off the bed and I began milking his release from his hard cock with my own release. “Oh fuck Scarlet.” The words tumbled out of his mouth as his warm liquid squirted into me coating my walls. The emotions in his eyes held me captive as we laid there trying to catch our breath. No words were needed as we came down from our high snuggling together.

A hand lifted my chin forcing my head up and my attention to the present. “Is everything okay love? You have been silently staring at the remainder of your food for a while now.” Ryder asked. I couldn’t help the blush that spread across my face at the question. Nor could I prevent the look of hunger that I knew radiated from my eyes at the mere memory of what they had done that night.

Gabe slid his hand from my knee under my skirt to stroke me through my damp panties. He used two fingers against my lips through my panties. “Mmm brother, I do believe our princess is thinking about us. It is us that has caused you to soak your panties like this isn’t it baby?” Gabe said from his seat next to me. They had taken me for an evening out and even though I couldn’t remember my own name right now let alone the place we were eating I was glad for the long table cloths and the dim romantic lighting considering our current situation.

“Tell us exactly what you were thinking about baby. What has you so turned on with just a mere thought. And I warn you one, if not both, of us had better be the star in this dirty little fantasy in that beautiful head of yours.” Ryder demanded, his words coming out harsher at the end. Gabe’s fingers pressed my panties between my lips applying more pressure to my already throbbing clit. He circled my core causing me to clench from the pleasure.

“God Ryder! Not only is she soaked, she is completely ready to explode. I bet if I slid my fingers into that delicious heat she would explode right here, right now. I’d be more than happy to give you that release baby. All you have to do is tell us what you were thinking about or better yet fantasizing about. What has you this close to the edge?” Gabe just had to blab to his brother how very close I was . Friggin tattler.

Just as I was going to answer Gabe pressed right at my core with enough pressure to press my panties slightly into me pulling them tightly across my clit. The only reply I managed to get past my lips was a low moan. How did they expect me to answer when I was so worked up? “Shh you don’t want anyone investigating what’s going on do you? We’d probably get thrown out.” Ryder was full of amusement as he hushed me. Oh he really was enjoying my predicament a little too much.

Gabe yanked my panties out of his way. He slid his fingers between my folds rubbing along me gently back and forth. He never allowed his fingers to actually enter me. He would slide them right to my entrance before retreating teasing me with what I needed right now. I didn’t care anymore where we were. After a few strokes he positioned his fingers right at my entrance before stopping all of his movements. He remained still and silent simply raising his eyebrow waiting for my answer.

“Fine! I was thinking about the other night. I was thinking about your gentleness and your roughness as you both brought me pleasure repeatedly. I was thinking about the way it felt when your hands grasped and traced my body. I was thinking about how much pleasure shot through me as you teeth scraped my sensitive skin, you tongue soothing the area you roughed up. I was thinking about how different yet equally pleasurable you both felt while inside of me that night.” If they wanted to play dirty I sure as hell wasn’t going to be left behind. I couldn’t look at either of them as I spoke or stop myself from blushing which probably didn’t accomplish quite the shock I was going for being so open and honest.

As I finished speaking Gabe slammed his fingers deeply into my wet heat before curving and then twisting his fingers making sure to touch every spot inside of me. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped my lips at the feeling. Ryder was quick to put an end to our fun though. “Not here Gabe. I don’t want to chance anyone seeing our angel coming apart under our touch.” His words quickly brought me back to the fact that we were still in pubic.”Take her to the car while I settle up here. Don’t you dare start any fun until I’m there to watch! Either of you!” With those parting words he waved us away while summoning the waitress.

My emotions went on a serious roller coaster ride. I went from excited to disappointed to frustrated to embarrassed to suddenly happy tinted windows existed to sexually frustrated all in the span of about sixty seconds. Finally settling my emotions enough to get out of here, I stood with Gabe allowing him to pull me to the car. We were only waiting a moment or two before Ryder appeared sliding into the drivers seat. I was surprised and slightly hurt when Gabe climbed into the passenger seat leaving me to sit in the back alone.

I gave a yelp of surprise when one of Gabe’s hands grabbed me pulling me into his lap in the front seat before I could even open the back door. Well this wasn’t awkward at all with my feeling all rejected and all at the moment. Nope not at all. “This is illegal guys.” It was all I could think as my confused mind registered the bulge pressed into me form behind. Both men simply chuckled at me.

“Tinted windows sweetheart. I’ll drive carefully so we don’t get pulled over I promise.” Ryder’s answer stopped any more objections I may have come up with. The doors closed, the car started and we pulled out of the parking lot in the next twenty seconds. Thirty seconds after that Gabe was situating me in his lap so he pressed his very hard bulge directly to my entrance. He spread my legs on either side of his opening me to his touch. My skirt was pulled up to my hips to allow better access. His hand pushed me forward so he could unhook my bra before pulling me back into his chest.

His lips attacked my neck as his hand slipped up my shirt to my loosened cups, moving the bra out of his way so he could grasp my rapidly hardening nipples. His other hand quickly slid up my thigh to my panties. He roughly pulled them aside so he could dip his finger in me. I was literally panting from the attention he was giving my body. My head was tipped back resting on his shoulder, eyes closed in utter pleasure, as I simply rode out the tide of passion my body was on.

Gabe slid his finger out, using two fingers to hold me open while pressing his hips up where his finger had been a moment ago. The texture of his pants and the pressure of his erection caused a shiver to wreck my entire body. As he lowered his hips he slid the tip of his finger back into me only to retreat a second later pressing his hips forward again.

“Is this what you want baby? God knows I want to be in you so badly that it hurts. I’m ready to explode. Just knowing that a simple memory of us caused you to be that wet, that ready for us has my need for you spiking off the charts. Hearing those beautiful lips say that we were bringing you pleasure. I can’t wait much longer baby I have to have you!” His words had me pressing into him trying to press him through his zipper and straight into me. I was aching for him. I moaned trying to convey exactly what I wanted.

“Not good enough baby. Your going to have to use actual words to tell him what you want. I want to hear you say how much you want to feel him buried deeply in that tight pussy of yours.” Ryder’s words came out husky letting me know how effected he was by this little show of ours. It had to be killing him to not be able to join us but somebody had to drive. I can see his knuckles turning white on the steering wheel as if he was restraining himself from reaching over and touching me. Seeing that only turned me on more.

I rocked my hips trying again to convey my message. I’m sure I can convince Gabe without words. He suddenly lifted me with one arm as I felt his hand under me fiddling with his zipper. He lowered me back to his lap sliding his hard cock between my swollen lips pressing into me roughly. The skin on skin contact had me almost flying apart.

“Oh I know Ry. Don’t worry she gets nothing until we get those words out of that pretty little mouth of hers. She didn’t seem to have a problem talking dirty earlier. “ Gabe said crushing my hopes of not having to form coherent words. They must have been having a silent conversation above my head because I never heard Ryder object to the skin on skin contact. He grabbed my hips stilling all movement to show he meant exactly what he said.

“Please Gabe. I need you buried deeply inside me. I need to feel you everywhere inside and out.” I finally managed to get my plea past my lips. Gabe’s hands slid up my arms pulling my hands behind his head.

“Hold on tight Honey. This is going to be a rough ride. I don’t have the patience or restraint for slow and gentle right now.” I’m sure he felt the effect his words had on me as my muscles clenched and my clit throbbed in anticipation. Gabe quickly lifted my hips positioning himself at my entrance. My hands tightened in his hair, holding on as I was told, causing a hiss of pleasure to leave his lips. He slammed my hips down to meet his upwards thrust driving deeply into me.

At the same time Ryder pulled onto the shoulder of the darkened, deserted road. His patience had obviously reached it’s limit as he slammed the gears into park. Ryder quickly leaned over jerking my shirt up and out of his way before hungrily attacking my pebbled nipple with his lips and tongue. I arched my back while raising my hips trying to press more firmly into his hot, wet mouth. This only caused him to bite down firmly around my nipple holding it firmly in place while flicking his tongue across the tip of it. He moved one of his hands to the head rest to brace himself as he slid his other hand to clit.

The second he touched my swollen flesh I slammed back onto Gabe. As we set a rough, hard pace I slid my hand to Ryder’s zipper freeing him from the confines of his tight pants. I squeezed his shaft stroking it twice before I pressing my hand over his swollen head and back down spreading his precum making it easier for my hand to slide along his length. This caused a loud moan to escape Ryder’s lips as he continued his administrations to my body.

Gabe was roughly thrusting into me while grasping my hips helping me meet his harsh thrusts. I pumped Ryder to the rhythm Gabe set for all of us. Ryder pinched my clit before rubbing it roughly while moaning again around my nipple. Gabe’s thrusts became frantic as Ryder began thrusting into my tightening hand. “Cum with me baby. I can’t hold back anymore.” Gabe muttered in my ear before nipping it while trying to concentrate on holding off until I had reached my orgasm.

I squeezed Ryder tighter, stroking furiously as my body milked Gabe’s hot cum from his body. I screamed my release as both men groaned my name loudly. I felt Gabe release into me coating my insides as Ryder shot off all over my hand. With one final slam he buried himself deeply into me before stilling so we could ride out our highs together.

After a while Ryder reached into the glove compartment grabbing out some napkins that were hidden there. He handed some to Gabe before taking the remainder to clean up my hand. He then cleaned himself and fixed his clothes back into place. Gabe slid slowly out of me before cleaning both of us. He fixed our clothes so we were covered again.

Gabe pressed his lips to the side of my head, stroking my hair as I twisted my body curling myself into his lap as Ryder started the car and took us home. That had been amazing and adventurous for me. I laid in Gabe’s lap simply thinking over how quickly these two men had wormed their way past my guard. I should really find a way to show them my appreciation for the way they had cared for me. I wonder if I can trust that their caring is real. Can I finally open my heart to someone and trust them to care for it?

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