A New Beginning

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Chapter 2

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul. What happens when the soul is shattered beyond repair and all you see in the eyes is pain? Softly glistening eyes stare out over the soft waves of the vast ocean. The mind wonders if the pain will ever ease. If life will ever be more that simple survival.

Scarlet stood on the peer staring for hours. No one would ever guess the woman that stood there was so very alone and so very broken. She went to work everyday and laughed with her friend. She went to her peer everyday. Then she went home every night and curled up on the couch with her very worn books for company reading the night away. No one would ever guess what this woman had been through because she never looked anyone in the eyes. Scar vowed to never let anyone see how broken she truly was. Every time she had they broke her even more until you got the shell she was now.

She read her books and wondered bitterly if any one has ever truly felt the love she reads in her books. If anything like that really exists in real life. She got off the couch and told herself to stop being so stupid and finally let her parents lesson sink in. She was in fact truly unlovable. Hadn’t she been told that very thing her entire life? Yet she couldn’t help wishing she had just a touch of that amazing feeling she always read about in her life. Someone who looked at her like she was the best thing in the entire world. Someone to gently glide their fingers down her cheek and whisper they loved her. Someone who saw the broken soul inside and wrapped her in their arms and mended the pieces back together.

She shook her head and went to her car deciding it was time to go home. The sun had gone down hours ago. After driving home she thought of ways to help herself fall asleep. Finally deciding on a shower she headed up to her bathroom. Yes a hot shower was exactly what she needed to help her sleep at night. She knew that the awful lonely ache in her heart and stomach would keep her awake for hours but she had to try. She had work in the morning and couldn’t be late. So she climbed into bed after a steaming shower and proceeded her nightly routine of staring at the wall wishing there was a better future out there for her.

Gabe’s P.O.V.

Gabe sat straight up with a start from the sinful dream he had been having. He had never seen the woman in his dreams before and had to wonder if she was real. He tossed the covers to the side wondering when his brother would finish the meeting. He wanted to know if they were starting their next book soon or if they were looking for a new publicist again. He was pretty sure they were going with this one as they had extensively researched her and her company and both agreed this was for the best. But he knew how his brother was after a night of drinking.

Ryder always was short tempered and absent minded when he was tired and hung over. Damn he needed a cold shower. That dream was still affecting him as he replayed the scenes in his head of the goddess in such sinful positions. He wanted to wrap his hand in her long blonde hair and kiss her heart shaped lips until neither of them could breath. He wanted to take her in as many different positions as he could think of and in as many places as well. Damn why couldn’t she be real. What he wouldn’t give for that particular woman to be his. Gabe reminded himself several times she wasn’t real as he jumped in the freezing water.

Quickly showering and dressing he headed to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. He knew his brother wouldn’t have eaten due to his meeting and quickly gathered everything he needed for omelets. He still couldn’t get that woman out of his head. As he sliced green peppers and onions for his massively stuffed omelets he let his mind wonder to the beautiful blonde of his dreams.

Remembering her soft sighs of pleasure, the way her legs wrapped around him so tightly, the way her cat shaped eyes shone with passion as he stared into them. He couldn’t see the color no matter how hard he stared there was always a shadow. What was wrong with him? Idiot, this woman isn’t even an actual person quit thinking about her he firmly told himself.

As he was pouring the whipped egg mixture into the pan his brother came in the back door. “I’ve already eaten at the little deli across from our new publishers office” Ryder said quietly while his mind was still running through different scenarios to get the blonde woman to talk to him.

“So you made the deal then?” Gabe said slightly surprised his brother stuck around long enough. Then it registered, “Wait you’ve eaten as well? You never stop to eat when you are as tired as I know you are.” He exclaimed. Ryder simply looked at him with a distant look on his face.

“What is going on Ry?” Gabe knew his brother never acted like this. He had to wonder what had happened that his brother would get that look on his face. It scared and worried him.

“I have met the most gorgeous woman in the world. I’m telling you Gabe I want her. Forever in our arms, in our home, and in our bed!” Gabe looked at his brother dumbfounded. Of course they had women before but they were one night stands. Never anything lasting. Neither brother was looking for anything more than a quick tumble. Hell half the time they were lucky if they remembered the girls name until she left let alone ever thought of them again.

He could not believe his ears.” What does she look like Ry? She must be something special to have you acting like this.” Ryder looked his brother straight in the eyes so he could see the honesty running through them.

“She is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen. Long wavy blonde hair, eyes like a cat, soft creamy skin that just has your hands itching to run them along her and see if that skin covers her entire body. And her mouth Gabe oh my god her mouth is the most perfect heart shape.” Ryder began his description of his mystery woman.

Gabe suddenly interrupted his brother, “Perfect round face? High cheekbones? Perfectly grabable round ass?” Ryder looked at his twin slightly confused and completely surprised.

“Yes! How do you know? Have you met her? Do you know her name? I have to know her name Gabe. When did you meet her? How?” Ryder grabbed him and shook his shoulders slightly. “Tell me everything!” Gabe was looking at his brother like he had lost his mind.

“I was dreaming of her awhile ago. That beautiful face and those legs haven’t quit haunting me all morning. I’ve never met her. I thought she was just a dream.” Ryder let out a sigh and sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen. He needed to know this woman.

As Gabe finished his food they were both silent simply thinking of their mystery woman that haunted their thoughts. How were they going to get her to fall in love with them? They needed this woman more than they have ever needed anything. Gabe couldn’t believe she was a real person. There was a chance that he could have her and the effect that had on him was overwhelming. What color were her eyes? The thought had haunted him frequently as her eyes had always been in shadow. He just had to know. He couldn’t understand how he could see them gleam with fire and passion but could not see the color properly. Both men were staring into space. Neither one noticed the other was doing the same.

Gabe turned to his brother. “Where did you meet her?” Ryder was startled from his thoughts and started his tale.

” She is actually the reason I signed the contract. I wasn’t thinking and just got up to leave. There she was bent over picking up papers. I’m telling you Gabe I have never seen a more perfect ass on anyone. And her legs seemed to go on for miles. I wanted to grab her right then and there and keep her in that position screaming my name for hours and I hadn’t even seen her face. Man I have no idea what is wrong with me. I only know that we need her and that you will want her just as badly when you see her for the first time.” Gabe simply nodded his agreement not telling his brother he already wanted this woman more than he wanted his next breath.

”How do we make her ours?” Gabe questioned. They had to make a plan if they wanted to have her. Not actually having met her yet he had to question why his feelings were so intense. What he did know for sure was that he really wanted her.

“I don’t know brother there has to be a way though. We can request she be very involved in the launching of our newest book. There would be meetings that we could make dinners and late nights that we could offer a drink before taking her home.” Gabe liked this idea but first they had to learn her name. Both brothers loved a good mystery and couldn’t wait to unravel the mystery that was wrapped around this woman.

Ryder made a call to Cammy to confirm his brother would be available in the next couple of days to sign the paperwork to finish up the contract. She had insisted on meeting his co-writer instead of simply allowing him to finalize everything. Ryder respected that and found himself thinking this company was going to be much better than their last. Their last publicist, even though they sold millions, were to loose with the boys money and they found themselves truly irritated with the owners after a while.

He had lost all respect for their previous company when the boys found the books were selling themselves instead of their publicist actually promoting their book. No wonder it was so slow in the beginning and the boys had never even done a book signing. No one knew their latest book was even out. They were sure this new company was much better for them. They could write, play and get the girl of their dreams all in one fell swoop. Content with their plans the boys went on with their day cleaning their yard and ending their day with a quick game of one on one at their courts behind their house.

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