A New Beginning

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Chapter 20

Ryder’s P.O.V.

Just knowing the plan was working and we were giving her new memories to think about instead of painful ones had me wanting to bend her over the table and give her yet another memory to fantasize about in the future. Of course I had to realize just how many men were around and would see what we see when she explodes. That just simply isn’t happening. She’s ours and no one is ever going to watch the pleasure we bring her.

I figured I was doing really good restraining myself as I drove home as well. My pants were painfully tight and I couldn’t wait to get home and slide myself inside the beauty on my brothers lap.

And then she begged.

I had to touch her, taste her, now. I pulled over before I wrecked the car. Ripping off my seat belt, I grabbed her shirt pulling it out of my way. I wanted her skin. I wanted to taste her. I jerked in surprise when she freed me from my pants. I thought for sure I was going to break the head rest. I don’t know quite when I slid my hand down to play with her, but I do know when I began to rub her roughly.

That happened as soon as her hand covered the tip of me. She squeezed, twisting her hand and then sliding it down my shaft. Her hand quickly matched the rhythm of her hips, pushing against both my brother and I in perfect sync. I don’t think she even realized how in tune she was with us. I couldn’t hold from thrusting into her hand harder as I felt her strokes become frantic with her orgasm.

I released in her hand unable to hold back any longer. God, she was amazing. I leaned my head against her trying to catch my breath. After a moment I realized no one had moved at all. Her hand loosely held me covered in cum. I reached into the glove box grabbing napkins. We needed to clean her up and get her home. I put myself back together and drove the rest of the way home. Parking in the driveway I turned to see Gabe running his hands through her hair. She looked so adorable curled up in his lap like that.

I walked up to the house letting everyone in. Gabe was still carrying Scarlet in his arms. She looked so worn out. “I think a bath and then bed for our princess. She doesn’t look like she could stand long enough for a shower. Take her up and start getting her undressed and I’ll grab everything.” he went up without a word. I followed going in the bathroom to fill the tub. I walked in our room to grab clothes and towels to see Scarlet sprawled on the bed while Gabe undressed her. She looked amazing like that.

Carrying everything into the bathroom I shut off the water and quickly stripped before climbing in waiting for them to enter. Gabe carried her in sitting her in my lap as he climbed in near her feet. “She hasn’t moved or made a peep since the car. I hope she’s okay. I started to worry when she just laid there while I took her clothes off. She didn’t raise her arms or attempt to help at all.” Gabe informed me as soon as he was settled. He kept staring at her face as if he was waiting fro some type of movement out of her.

“Why move when I know you’re taking care of me. I’m sorry I worried you. I’m just sleepy and figured I’d let you take care of me because you always seem to enjoy it so much. I thought it would make you happy not worried.” My head jerked down to catch the slight frown on her face. She never opened her eyes or moved her head though. I flicked my eyes back at Gabe to catch his look of awe before looking once again at the beauty in my arms.

First our princess was reminiscing about us and now she was allowing us to take care of her. She trusted us enough to close her eyes and let us completely care for her. She is amazing. “Baby never apologize for worrying me, I worry because I care. I never want for either of us to push you further than you can handle or into extreme exhaustion. I was worried we wore you out and you had passed out on us. I’m really glad your okay.”Gabe gently cupped her cheek as he spoke gently to her. She still didn’t open her eyes though.

“M’kay Gabe. Thank you for taking care of me. No one has ever cared for me the way you two do. Now I’m sleepy, can we go to sleep now?” She turned her face against my chest placing her hand under her head. She sounded so content to just be here with us as she let out a sigh while snuggling into me.

“In a few minutes honey. Relax we will take care of you.” I began to wet her hair being careful to not get water in her face. Gabe handed me the shampoo once he was done using it. I lathered her hair as best I could without jostling her too much. Once I rinsed it out I applied conditioner knowing she would hate not having it done. I took extra time messaging her scalp. Letting it sit for a moment I quickly washed my own hair before rinsing it out. I grabbed a soft face cloth and gently wiped her face clean .

“Is she asleep? You can pass her over here if she is so you can wash up. I’ve already washed myself and her lower half while you were lost in her beauty. When you’re done hop out so you can lift her out and I’ll dry her.” I gazed at her a few moments more than needed looking for a way out of handing her over. I didn’t want to give her up just yet I liked the way she felt right here.

“She seems out. But it would be just as easy for me to wash her and then lean her forward a bit so I can get clean. You can lift her out and I’ll dry her.” I sighed with relief as I came up with a quick excuse too keep her.

“You do realize your being a greedy son of a bitch right? I thought mom taught you to share a long time ago. I get it Ryder and I’m okay with it. You need her right now. I’ve been there remember. You don’t need some bull shit excuse with me to keep her to yourself for a while longer. I will always understand that need.” He went from amused to serious in about half a second as I frowned at the first half of his reply thinking he was going to make me share right now.

I gave a quick nod in reply as I allowed him to fade from my consciousness. All I saw was her. All I needed right now was her. The more time I spent with her the more I needed to be with her. It’s insane the way she effects me. From one look at her amazing ass to the first time I saw that broken look in her eyes I belonged to her. The more she opened up the more of me she owned. Her strength took my breath away as did her beauty. And here she was, in my arms, trusting someone for the first time in her life.

Even though Gabe was in the tub he remained still and silent allowing me to create my own little world for just sleeping beauty and I. I slowly lathered up the wash cloth before sliding the suds down that beautiful column of her neck that was exposed. I watched the cloth slide down her shoulder, caressing her skin. She was curled on her side with her hands under her head which disappointed me slightly as the cloth reached her wrist and couldn’t go any further.

I pushed the disappointment aside as I moved back up her arm. She moaned in her sleep as I slowly dragged it down her side. I stilled hoping not to wake her up. After a moments hesitation I moved to her back making sure I got every inch of skin completely clean before leaning her back, twisting her so her back rested flush against me instead. The side of her face that was pressed against me was red from being pressed there for so long.

I tried to message the redness away with the same slow motions I covered her body with before sliding to clean the rest of her neck. By the time I finished washing her chest she was moaning again. She slipped her arm up to hook around my neck. I admit I may have lingered there longer than was necessary to simply clean her.

She doesn’t seem completely out, nor is she anywhere near awake. It was adorable watching her float on that middle cloud somewhere between the two. I was running out of skin to wash though. I knew my time with her was growing short. So I did the only rational thing I could. I slowed down even more savoring the glide of soap along her skin. I held her for a while running my fingertips along her arm when I was done.

Finally I had to allow Gabe back in and help hold her up so I could wash. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but we were pruning. Gabe was supporting her when I heard her sleepy voice. “That was a nice bath. Now can we go to bed?” Moving her must have brought her back to being fully awake. I quickly finished as Gabe helped her out of the tub. As he dried and dressed her I rung out the cloth and let the water out of the tub. We worked as a team brushing our teeth and finishing everything up for bed.

I loved how well we worked together on the simplest things after such a short time. Climbing into bed behind Scarlet a plan formulated in my head. She had missed out on so much in life. We didn’t have to just stick to replacing old memories. Drifting off to sleep I made a list in my mind of normal childhood activities most people took for granted. Gabe and I could present it to her tomorrow if we got up early enough. I hope she’s willing to do at least some of them.

Scarlet P.O.V.

I woke up still engulfed in very warm bodies. I was getting used to waking up to this heat. I had decided that I was going to show them my appreciation even if they hurt me later. Right now that meant making them breakfast. They took care of me so often it was time I took care of them as well.

I slipped out of bed trying my best not to wake them up. I took care of my morning business before sneaking down to the kitchen. Digging in the fridge I found the fixings for french toast with strawberries and bacon on the side. I started the coffee pot and set everything on the island I would need. I found everything I would need after a thorough search of their well organized kitchen. I mixed all of the ingredients for the french toast before starting the bacon. It was domestic and gave me something useful to do.

As I was preparing the bread for the pan I felt arms slip around my waist causing me to drop the bread as I jumped in surprise. “Shh it’s just me. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was worried when I woke up and you were gone.” Lifting my head I saw it was Ryder behind me. “You’re making breakfast?” His eyebrows arched as he looked at me curiously.

“I figured since I was staying here I should do something useful. And since you guys are always taking such great care of me I would take care of you somehow.” Complete honesty spilled out of me without a second thought. These men had found their way behind my barriers there was no need to hide my reasons or emotions. They already knew some of my bigger secrets why bother trying to hide why I was making breakfast. I was also trying to open up the way they seemed to want me to.

“Love that’s amazing. I will gladly let you take care of me any time you want. On the same note, not only do we enjoy taking care of you, we will continue to do so at every opportunity. You. Are. Ours. We take care of what is ours. That being said I think Gabe and I should take this opportunity to get a few things done in the office. After Gabe comes in for his good morning kiss that is. Call for us when it’s done and we’ll come running. I can’t wait to taste your cooking.” I simply nodded as he spun me around claiming his own morning kiss. With a groan he released me before retreating from the kitchen.

He must have let Gabe know where to find me because a few minutes later he came in with a big smile on his face. I responded with one of my own before looking back to the strawberries I was slicing seconds before. He rounded the island settling his arms around my waist and his chin onto my shoulder. He peered at what I was doing for a minute simply holding me.

“It looks good Baby, but you know you don’t have to do this for us right? I’m more than happy to cook for you.” Gabe finally said before pressing his lips to my temple. Was he upset that I hadn’t let him cook?

“I know but I wanted to. You take care of me so I should take care of you.” I figured he would have gotten my reasoning from his brother. I spun around with gentle pressure on my hip knowing what he wanted. I lifted m head to accept the kiss he was leaning in for.

“Well enjoy yourself. We’ll be in the office apparently. I’d rather stay in here and take care of this for you though.” He said as he finally released me leaving the same way he had come in. it’s a wonder with all of the distractions the food hadn’t burned yet. I turned switching out the food, piling the cooked portion onto plates to sort out when I was done. Resuming their breakfast with my thoughts churning probably wasn’t the best idea but it couldn’t be helped.

Did he not want me to take care of them? Wasn’t I supposed to reciprocate their kindness? What the hell was Gabe’s problem? They were allowed to take care of me but I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger to help? That isn’t who I have become. That’s not who I would let myself become. Yes I loved the feel of them taking care of me but I wanted to do the same for them. I was staying here wasn’t I?

Maybe it was time to go home for a while. Getting back to work wouldn’t hurt either. I don’t want someone taking over my life. I know what that is like. Except in those cases it was all about what I could do for them. It was never a problem for any one else when I took care of everything! I was only fixing breakfast for crying out loud! It’s not like I had taken over all of the household chores or forced to slave over them. I had wanted to do it!

Setting out plates for everyone with coffee I went to the door yelling towards the office that the food was ready. I walked back to the island making sure I sat in Ryder’s seat so they would have to sit next to each other. I know it was childish but I didn’t want to sit next to Gabe right now. He had irritated me with the way he phrased things. I realized how much I was relying on these two men. I was stronger than this and I’d be damned if I just let them do all the work.

I didn’t look up as they paused in the doorway probably deciding who was going to sit by me. Thank god Ryder took the seat. I probably would have taken my food elsewhere if it had been Gabe. Again, I know I’m being childish. I really don’t care right now. I ignored both of them while I nibbled on my food. I wasn’t hungry anymore. I hate when I get irritated to the point of loosing my appetite.

“This looks good baby. Mm it tastes good too.” Ryder let out as he tried his. From the corner of my eye I could see them both looking at me trying to guess what was wrong. I wasn’t going to respond either. I was going to push my food around for a while and then go pack to go home. I never used to eat breakfast. I sure didn’t need to start now.

“We want to take you out later. There’s a fair in town that we thought would be fun.” Ryder yet again tried to engage me in conversation. I wasn’t mad at him but if I talked to him then I would have to talk to Gabe eventually. I didn’t want to do that until right before I left. I really wasn’t in a talking mood at the moment either.

“Man this bacon is perfectly crispy. How did you get it this perfect?” Ryder wasn’t giving up was he? Just a few more minutes and my coffee would be completely gone and I would be free to go on my way. I concentrated on getting the scalding liquid down my throat instead of even pretending to push my food around anymore.

“Scarlet is something wrong baby? The food is perfect but you seem upset about something. Did we do something to upset you?” Gabe finally spoke. I can’t believe my reaction to him just speaking to me. I slammed my cup onto the counter and stood up to leave. I turned to storm out of the room seething from just hearing his voice ask me if they did something wrong. No , they didn’t do something wrong. He did.

Ryder grabbed my arm pulling me into his lap before I could escape. I didn’t struggle as his grip tightened on me. I just buried my face into his shirt trying to calm my breathing and irrational fury down. I can’t believe I am this mad over something as stupid as breakfast but I am. No matter how many times I told myself it was stupid and to let it go my blood still pumped with anger at his earlier words. He didn’t want me to take care of them the way they took care of me. It was only a meal for crying out loud.

Ryder seemed to sense my attempts at calming myself because he just sat there for the longest time rubbing my back. When Gabe tried to touch me I jerked away from him as if he had scalded my skin. It only made me madder when he tried to comfort what he had caused. I didn’t look up. I didn’t want the hurt look on his face to sway me. I didn’t want to feel guilty for my actions right now. I knew that’s exactly how I would feel if I looked at him.

“What is it Baby? You can tell us. Did Gabe do something that upset you? Do you want me to beat him up for you? I’ll do it. I’m pretty sure I could win a fight against him. Hell if he did do something, I’m pretty sure he’d let me win knowing he deserved it.” Ryder said as my trembling eased. I wanted to laugh at his antics to get me to talk to him. If I wasn’t upset I probably would have.

Gabe grasped my face forcing me to look at him and just like that the fury ignited to full blast all over again. He gasped at the look in my eyes as they met his. “What did I do Love? I’m sorry for whatever it was. You look like you want to kill me right now. I can’t imagine what I could have done that would cause this reaction. Please, if you don’t tell me how will I know how to not do it again. I’m sure I didn’t mean whatever it was but I can’t change or fix it if you won’t even tell me what I did.” He practically begged to know what he had done wrong. Looking at him made me just mad enough to let him have it too. He was going to regret wishing he knew when I was done with him.

“You get to take care of me but I’m not allowed to make a simple meal? I’m not an invalid. I have taken care of myself my entire life. Do you really think I need someone stepping in and running my life for me. I’ve had enough people tell me what to do and not let me do enough shit without you having the need to not allow me to cook. I love the way you two take care of me and all I wanted to do was take care of you as well. I wanted it to be mutual. Give and take. Not just you taking care of me. I have admitted no one has ever done that for me and I have always had to take care of not only myself but those around me as well. For once I wanted to take care of those around me. I didn’t feel forced into it or anything. And what do you do? You complain that it isn’t you taking care of me! You say that you would rather be in here doing this for me than up in the office getting something accomplished with the time I freed up for you! Not that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if you had been here helping me but I in no way needed you to do it for me!” I finished my angry rant while yanking my face out of his hands.

“Well brother it seems you have some groveling to do. You screwed up and I for one am not going to save you from her wrath. Sounds like you deserve this one. Go on baby I say you smack him upside the back of that thick head of his so he knows how serious you are. He deserves it that’s for sure.” Ryder’s words quickly cooled my anger as I gasped at him in shock. Hit Gabe? What the hell. I’m not about to go around striking people! That was something I could never bring myself to do. From the look on his face he knew that would shock me out of my anger. He just nodded towards his brother as if egging me on to really smack him.

“He’s right I deserve that. I’m sorry baby. I just love taking care of you. Ever since I found out that no one ever has all I want to do is just that. I don’t want you to have to lift a finger. I certainly wasn’t thinking about what you would want when I said it. I was being selfish and I’m sorry. You are so amazing can you blame me? It didn’t register that you might actually want to take care of us too. I care about you way too much to try and control your life. If you want to do things for us you are more than welcome to and I promise I will try to control my need to do every little thing for you. Please say you forgive me.” Gabe said so honestly that he deflated the rest of my anger.

How could I stay angry after that. I mean damn, the guy just wanted to do what no one else ever had. I knew I was being childish but I had a point. “I forgive you Gabe. I’m sorry to. I know I was over reacting. I couldn’t help it for some reason my anger just got away from me. I know you just want to take care of me. I love the way you guys do. It tugs at my heart at every little thing that you do for me. I just wanted to do something nice for you guys too. I thought you were upset that I did. And once that feeling set in I got angry thinking of how unfair it was that you do everything for me, I stay here for free and yet I have yet to do anything for either of you other than cause you stress and burden your lives with my problems. I wanted you to know I appreciated you.” He deserved an apology while I explained my reasoning.

I cupped the side of his face needing to touch him now that I had forgiven him. “I understand exactly Love. I know I was being selfish. When it comes to you I can’t seem to help myself. I wouldn’t blame you if you hit me in the head every time I get like that to knock some sense into me. I’d be okay with you getting a little physical with me.” He grew husky at the end of his speech letting me know exactly how he wanted me to get physical with him.

“I think it’s time to kiss and make up. Hell I think it’s time we took this little wildfire upstairs and both make up for your big mouth. I can think of a few ways to put his mouth to use if you want Love.” Ryder was just as husky as Gabe.

“On one condition. You both take me this time. You have been teasing me with that for a while now. Don’t you think it’s time you fulfilled that little promise.” I egged them on as I felt myself become wet with just the simple thought of how that was going to work. Lost in the fantasy of it I missed the heated looks as well as Ryder carrying me upstairs. This was going to be an interesting morning.

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