A New Beginning

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Chapter 21

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

I came out of my fantasy to find myself firmly between them. We were in the bedroom standing next to the bed. Gabe was pressed to my back sliding his hands up and down my thighs. He would slide them down the outside of my thighs and back up the inside. Just as he would brush right where I really wanted his hands he would slide them back to the outside again. Ryder was laving my neck with his tongue licking up the column, biting my earlobe before sliding back down to bite the spot where my shoulder and neck meet.

His hands were caressing my sides in much the same way lingering on the sides of my breasts but never fully cupping before moving them away. They were teasing the hell out of me. “We’re going to have to be gentle at first Love. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who takes you where. Make no mistake we will take you to heights you’ve never seen. I can’t wait to bury myself deeply inside of you, filling you until you feel like you can’t take anymore. Mmm just think about both of us pounding into you creating a delicious friction that sends spirals of pleasure through your entire body. Think you can handle all that pleasure baby?” Gabe was whispering in my ear causing goosebumps to cover my skin.

He had pressed his hands harder into me pulling me back into him so I could feel his hardened length pressed against me firmly. I whimpered causing his hands to finally remove my panties from beneath my pajama shirt. Ryder took that as his cue to remove my top all together and leave me standing before them completely bare. They were entirely overdressed for what I wanted so I slid my hands up Ryder’s torso dragging his shirt up and off of his body before sliding my hands back to the waist of his pants. I slipped my hands into his boxers taking them with me as I went sliding down his body making sure to press into Gabe as I did so.

Before he could do or say anything I slid his hardness into my mouth just testing the tip to see if he still tasted the same. I ran my tongue around the tip making sure to taste everywhere before sliding him deeper into my mouth. Both men groaned as Gabe slid his hands under my hair gathering it up and holding it out of my way. I figured this was his way of making sure he could see as I took his brother inch by inch between my lips.

I looked up through my lashes so I could watch the pleasure cross Ryder’s face while tilting my head to the side just enough so Gabe could watch as I tasted his brother. I relaxed my throat, pressed my tongue to the vein that ran along his shaft, and took as much of him as I could. I wanted to see his reaction with every inch I took. I started with pressure on the head and my tongue pressed right beneath lowering my head slowly until my chin was pressed firmly into his balls before sliding back up giving a twist of my mouth as I reached the tip again.

His head tipped back as if he were trying to absorb the pleasure I was bringing him as I slid back down taking him deep in my throat again. He rested his hands on Gabe’s shoulders trying to keep his balance while I kept up my torturous pace. They were both breathing heavy and unable to control the sounds they were making.

“Take him faster Baby. He can’t take this slow pace much longer. Your driving us both mad and you haven’t even touched me yet. I want to see you take him fast. He needs you to. Don’t torture him anymore.” Gabe’s words were husky and enthralling. I almost did as he said but this was my game and I was in control. I slid back to his tip at the same slowness as before. Looking up again I saw Ryder’s brows scrunched in pleasure and self restraint. He wanted to pound into my mouth and find his release but he wouldn’t allow himself to do so. He was giving me the control over this right now just hoping I would comply with his brothers urgings.

I twirled my tongue around his tip lapping up the precum that was enthusiastically leaking just for me to taste. After a moment of simply teasing him I slammed down sucking as much of him into my mouth as I could. It wasn’t as easy fitting him down my throat at such a fast speed but I took what I could manage before giving a twist and sliding back to the tip. Ryder yelled out his pleasure before he lost control and began thrusting at the pace I set. He didn’t seem to be able to hold his hips still any longer as I quickly threw him over the edge. I put as much pressure and suction as I could into slamming him repeatedly as far as I could.

His head was bowed, eyes closed trying to absorb the pleasure of finding his release in my mouth. After a while he pulled from between my lips pulling me up to wrap his arms tightly around me. He was trembling from the intensity of everything at the moment and simply held me like a life line. I held him just as tightly knowing it was exactly what he needed. Gabe began sliding his hands on my thighs again bringing me back to earth. I felt his hands caress my cheeks before sliding between my legs to my core.

“God she’s so wet Ry. She’s practically dripping for you.” Gabe groaned in my ear as he slipped a finger into my waiting heat. Ryder’s attention snapped back to me as I moaned from the feel of Gabe’s fingers. He leaned down taking a hardened bud in his mouth giving the other a squeeze before sliding his hand down my stomach. Slowly he caressed my skin until his fingers were sliding between my folds feeling my wetness for himself. With Gabe’s fingers deep in me and Ryder’s playing relentlessly with my clit I couldn’t concentrate on returning any of the pleasure they were giving me.

“Give and take remember baby? It’s your turn to take. Feel both of us as we pleasure you. Look at him take your delicious hardened nipples between his teeth using his tongue to taste you. Feel my breath on your skin causing goosebumps to jump everywhere. Feel how hard I am for you, how much I want you right now. My fingers buried so far in you I swear I’m pumping into your stomach. I love how you tighten around them, needing to pull them even deeper. Give her a little bite Ry. I know how much our girl loves that.” As Gabe finished instructing his brother he gently bit into my neck pumping even faster into me. Ryder complied without a sound biting my nipple and rubbing my clit faster in circles throwing me over the edge. I screamed out my release not being able to hold back anymore. I fell apart in their arms with my eyes rolling back in my head while I absorbed the pleasure shooting through me.

As I came down from my high I realized Gabe now had his fingers in my rear hole gently sliding them back and forth. Ryder’s had taken Gabe’s place in my core slowly sliding in and out as his thumb rotated just as slowly on my clit. He switched to my other breast giving it as much attention as he had laved on the first one. They quickly brought me back to being fully aroused knowing we weren’t anywhere near finished. My hands were tightly wrapped in Ryder’s hair so I began rubbing his scalp where I had undoubtedly pulled violently as I came.

He moaned against me pulling his fingers out to make way for Gabe to slip his fingers back in. After gathering my wetness he slid back gently easing two fingers into my rear entrance. They were both being so very careful with my body at this point alternating who was in my core every couple of strokes. They were preparing me for both of them with my own natural wetness. Ryder stood sliding his lips up to my ear letting his breath caress my skin the whole way. He licked the shell of my ear causing shivers down my spine.

“I want to be in you Scarlet but I think Gabe needs you more. Should we give him a little attention Love?” His whisper had me trying to turn around to give my full attention to Gabe who, for some odd reason, held me firmly in place. I twisted my head back to look at him with my brow arched in question. The confusion showed plainly on my face.

“If you touch me right now I may explode. I’m sorry I don’t think I could control myself right now if you put those hands on me. Just, please, let me pleasure you and don’t turn around because I will get sucked into those mesmerizing eyes and end up buried in you before I even have time to register what I’m doing.” He muttered huskily avoiding looking at my face.

I turned back to Ryder trying to convey without words exactly what I wanted him to do. It must have worked because he placed a quick kiss on my lips before pulling away from me enough that I could step away from Gabe. Gabe groaned in protest as I turned to him fully but he didn’t stop me from pulling him with me to the bed as I climbed on the edge to kneel on it before him.

“Scarlet! Please I don’t have much control left. I need to be gentle and easy with you and I can’t if you keep this up.” He muttered harshly against the side of my face as I pressed my lips to his neck. I pulled back to look him directly in the eyes while cupping his face to make sure he didn’t look away from me.

“This whole thing was because I want to take care of you the way you take care of me. Please let me do this. I can’t explain why it’s so important to me it just is. I need both of you to let me take care of you while you do the same for me.” I tried to explain what I was feeling right now knowing it wasn’t coming out right.

I must have said it well enough for him to understand what I meant because after staring in my eyes for a moment he gave a single nod while burying his hands in my hair as if he needed something to hold onto. I leaned forward leaving a gentle kiss on his lips before trailing them back to his neck. I left wetness from my tongue trailed down his neck to his chest where I placed passionate kisses along his body.

I took my time tasting his skin all the way down his body pausing at his nipples for a moment longer than anywhere else. Once I reached his erection I looked up at him trying to gauge just how much control he had at the moment. Ryder’s hands suddenly grabbed me from behind sliding me back into the middle of the bed leaving me on my hands and knees. As he did this I slid my mouth around Gabe as far as I could. I don’t think I had it in me to tease him the way I did Ryder so I took him as fast as I could.

After a few strokes I let out a surprised scream as I surged forward feeling Ryder’s tongue trace my core. I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that. He traced my center for a moment before flicking his tongue up to play with my swollen bud. Gabe groaned at the impact losing his restraint thrusting into me as I pushed back into Ryder. Fingers entered my core as well as my rear hole at the same time his lips left me. On finger was pumping forward brushing my clit every time he pumped into me. His other hand was stretching me before adding a second finger.

If I was honest with them I would tell them this part scared me as much as it excited me. I couldn’t believe the pleasure his fingers were bringing me. I let my lips remain at Gabe’s base giving quick stokes concentrating more on what Ry was doing. The more he pumped everywhere the closer I came to my climax, needing nothing more than the release his fingers promised at that moment. I noticed he was alternating his hands to keep my lubed with my own arousal. The thought of him using my own juices to lube where they were going to fill me completely turned me on even more until my moans became uncontrollable.

“That’s it baby. Suck my brother down that throat. God I love the way he disappears between those perfect lips. You look like you want to eat him whole. I want inside you baby do you think you could handle that while you swallow him?” Ryder asked as his fingers seemed to stretch me even more. I just let out a moan letting him know I wanted him just as much. His hands left me long enough for him to position himself behind me sliding into my core before going back to stretching my rear star entrance. He pushed as far into me as he could before pulling back, his hand following the motions of his hips.

I liked this rhythm so I did the same with Gabe, pushing forward every time Ryder pulled out and pushing into Ryder every time he pushed forward. Gabe met me thrust for thrust gently pressing himself deeper into my throat. I could feel the intensity of my orgasm building as my stomach clenched wanting release. I wanted to keep going though so I help on as best I could not allowing myself to fall over that edge.

That is until two very arousing things threw me over the edge. Ryder smacked my ass as Gabe puled my hair burying himself as far as he could and both men ordered me to cum. Now how is a girl supposed to ignore an order like that? I let go feeling my body clench and release trying to milk Ryder as I yelled against Gabe sucking him even harder and faster. Ryder moved but my body was still on it’s high as I continued my release for a moment.

As I came back to my senses I noticed Ryder was very still, my rear entrance was very full and Gabe was already beginning to harden again. I released a moan as Ryder’s hips rotated as if he was trying to test my reaction to where he was.

“Relax honey. He’s just trying to prepare you for both of us to fill you. That is what you want right? Both of our hard cocks buried to the hilt filling you completely. This will make it easier and more pleasurable. We need to make sure you are ready to take both of us. The last thing we want to do is hurt you. Take a deep breath as he pulls back. That’s a good girl. Now I want you to slowly empty everything in your lungs as he pushes forward. Your so very amazing baby. Do it again but this time concentrate on his fingers that are rubbing on your clit. Feel the pleasure it’s sending through you. Feel my hands pinching your nipples. Another deep breath baby. Do you like it when I give them a little twist like this. From the sound of that moan I’d have to say you do. Do you want me to do it again or would you rather have me cup you and squeeze you just like this as his thrusts get faster? I want you to match your breathing to his thrusts baby. Relax back into him. Just like that. Your doing amazing baby. Does it feel good having him there while I touch you here or are you ready for me to join him and bury myself in you as well. God knows I’m more than ready to feel you sliding along me.” Gabe’s encouragement had me panting needing both of them to a point that I was afraid I would pass out from all the pleasure coursing through me.

“Please Gabe. Please I need you. Both of you. Now. Please.” I wasn’t above begging at this point. The pleasure had overridden my fear as well as any other thought process I may have had. I needed them both. At my words Gabe stood from the kneeling position he had slid to after our climax and Ryder slid out of me. I whimpered at the loss of both of their bodies at once. This was not what I wanted. Gabe grabbed my arms helping me kneel before sliding to my hands to help me to my feet.

Once I was on my feet Gabe lifted one of my legs propping it on the bed before pressing against me sliding between my folds teasing me with his hardness. After a moment of teasing me he spun both of us around so he could lift the same leg and wrap it in front of my body again placing it on the bed. The intense look in his eyes almost had me shying away from him afraid that from one look I would burst into flames. Ryder pressed against my back cupping my breasts as he did distracted me from Gabe’s intensity just enough to relax back into him.

Both men positioned themselves at my entrance while Gabe supported my thigh enough for them to both fit. As they both pressed into me stretching me further than I have ever been I laid my head back on Ryder’s shoulder simply absorbing the pleasure and trying to adjust to both of them being in me at the same time. Gabe slid in easily, pausing to allow Ryder to make his entrance without causing me pain. I felt Ryder’s bulbous head press into my tight star entrance stretching me before popping in fully allowing a slight relief as I took his shaft. I could feel the lube he had spread on his hard length allowing for easier sliding.

We all paused for a moment while I leaned my head forward onto Gabe’s chest and adjusted to them both being in me. “You feel so good baby. So tight. So hot. I could stay right here forever and die a happy man. Do you like being filled by both of us? Do you feel fit to bust? I’ll bet you can feel every twitch with us buried in you like this. Can you feel every inch of our rock hard cocks filling you completely? I’ve wanted you just like this since I first laid eyes on you. This is so much better than I ever imagined.” Ryder’s husky words combined with Gabe’s lips on my neck caused me to wiggle wanting them to move.

“Please I need...” I never even finished my sentence before Ryder pulled back slowly leaving only his tip in before pushing back into me fully. As he pushed back in Gabe began his slow pull out. They continued this slow torture for what seemed like forever, arousing me incredibly but never giving me enough to tip over the edge I was hanging on to. As my whimpers grew almost never ending they both pulled out of me.

Ryder laid down on the bed pulling me on top of him spreading me legs on either side of his hips. I braced my hands on his chest lifting my hips enough to allow him to slide into my core. Gabe joined us after a moment pressing me forward into Ryder. He must have covered himself in the same lube as Ryder did because he slid into my star entrance easily. My knees were pulled up at Ryder’s side as far as I could get them opening myself completely to these men. They began their rhythm causing one of them to always be pumping in and one out constantly.

Gabe held himself up with one hand while using the other to pinch and roll my nipple between his fingers. Ryder was holding my cheeks open allowing them to thrust freely. It felt so good especially when they started going faster. “ Harder please.” I begged as I felt myself getting closer to my orgasm. This seemed to set their inner beasts free as they began pounding into me. The repeated sound of skin smacking skin sounded with our moans and heavy breathing. Over and over they slammed into me driving me to the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

“Come for us baby. Come all over our cocks. Let us know how much pleasure we bring you. Give us everything.” At Gabe’s panted words I let go allowing my release to take over my entire body screaming their names as I did. They found their release only a moment later shouting my name hoarsely. We all collapsed to the side to catch our breath, our release being so intense we couldn’t hold ourselves up any longer. They stroked me as I trembled between them.

“Are you okay?” Ryder asked while lifting my head to look in his eyes. I stared into his eyes for a moment finally calming my body. His eyes are always going to draw me in. It took me a moment to realize I hadn’t answered him.

“I’m more than okay. That was absolutely amazing. Thank you both for everything. I’m sorry I got upset before. I was just being silly I know that.” I averted my eyes too ashamed of my earlier behavior to look at him. They both pulled fully out of me before turning me on my back so they could both look in my eyes.

“You have nothing to apologize for. I am the one who was stupid and selfish. We both know you are dealing with a lot and even if you did eventually go overboard we would understand with everything going on. We are here for you no matter what.” Gabe’s eyes said he meant every word he spoke. The honesty and sincerity brought tears to my eyes. They really did care about me and I cared for them as well. I never want this vacation to end. I don’t want to leave them any time soon. Just as this realization hit Ryder gathered me up taking me to the shower to get ready for our day at the fair before I could freak out over my epiphanies.

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