A New Beginning

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Chapter 22

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

I wasn’t really sure why they wanted to go to a fair of all places but here we were with stamps on our hands standing in line for bumper cars. I didn’t really want to be here but I was going to try and have fun because this was something they wanted. “Have you ever been to a fair Scarlet?” Ryder’s question caught me off guard as I was looking around at everything.

“When I was a kid we went once or twice. I was handy to carry things for everyone.” I replied distracted by all of the bustle around us. The smells coming from the booths were tempting. I looked at a few of the rides wondering if they would want to go on them. I looked at a few others hoping they wouldn’t. I wouldn’t mind the roller coasters or the pirate ship but I most definitely didn’t want to try the demon drop or the gravity spinner. I was pretty sure both would make me vomit. I also wanted to try some of the games we had passed. I always wanted someone to win me one of those little stuffed animals. I knew better but whenever we would come I would still hope to get one.

I was brought out of my thoughts as Gabe slid his arms around my waist from behind holding me to him.”What’s on that intriguing mind of yours? I’m fascinated with the expressions crossing your face and so proud that your allowing them out more and more often but I’m completely curious as to what would cause that particular mix.” It seemed odd to me that if he loved my facial expressions he would grab me from behind where he couldn’t see them but I wasn’t going to dwell on it too much because I really did enjoy being in his arms.

“I was just thinking about the different rides, games and food. And how sweet it was of you guys to bring me here. I was hoping you didn’t make me go on some of the rides because I don’t think my stomach can handle them and hoping I won a stuffed animal if you guys were okay with us playing some of the games. I walked by them all the time growing up and never was allowed so I was hoping you wouldn’t mind too much.” I thought that explained away all of my expressions.

“Baby, you don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to when you are with us. All you ever have to do is say no. The same if you want to do something. All you have to do is say so and we will do our damnedest to make sure you get to do or have whatever your heart desires. We’re here for you. This whole trip is for you. We will do whatever you want. We want to make sure you enjoy your vacation. Hell I want to make sure you enjoy life period.” Ryder said as he came to stand directly in front of me brushing his finger down the side of my face like I was something precious and cherished. That was how they usually made me feel.

After our little chat the boys dragged me around the park for what felt like hours making sure I got on every ride I was okay with. One of them was always beside me if not both when they could. We finally stopped for a while to get some fair food. I swear it was only this good because it was from the fair. We all decided to let the rides go as our food settled and headed over to the game booths. They made sure I got to play as many a I wanted showing me how several were won. I wasn’t very good at it but Ryder and Gabe both manged to win me the stuffed animals I had always wanted.

“I know it’s a silly thing to want but have you ever gone on an outing with your family where you’re the pack mule and they always went home with something they could keep forever to remember their day of fun just wishing you had something to hold as you fell asleep? You could look at it and remember all of the things you did, how the food was, how many times you laughed, all the lights and colors of the day. You could fall asleep with that day on your mind so you could dream about how a particular ride felt as you swished across the rails or slammed into someone laughing that you hit them first. I know it’s silly and childish but I will treasure these for a very long time. More than I would have if I had won them because you both got them for me.” I kissed each of their cheeks letting them know how much the day meant to me after they gave me the white teddy bear and the white tiger. I hugged them both trying to convey just what they were coming to mean to me.

“Your welcome baby. Just the smile was enough for us but we are glad you like them so much and they mean so much to you already. Besides it was only fair. You won me the black panther and Ry that cute little lion. We love them. Now come on the rides are calling our names. It’s getting dark and we still haven’t done the house of mirrors or the Ferris wheel.” Gabe said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the rides. I had laughed and smiled more in this one day than I can ever remember doing. They seemed to enjoy the day as much as I did if their smiles were any indication of how they felt.

Eventually we made our way to the Ferris wheel. I was getting on first with Gabe. The sun was just settling on the horizon as we climbed onto the ride. It lit the sky like orange fire just in the distance. As cheesy and movie like as this was I found it utterly adorable and romantic. Who was I to argue with them if this is how they wanted to end our incredible day? We climbed into the swaying seat for our turn. Gabe pulled me into the side of him cuddling me tightly. When we got to the top I could see the entire fair grounds and surrounding area.

When it reached the top and stopped Gabe grasped my face turning it to him making sure I had the perfect view of the sunset behind his head. He leaned in gently pressing his lips to mine as if I was precious, cherished. I was confused by the strength of the emotions pouring into that kiss. It was almost as if I was feeling his emotions on top of mine but that’s impossible. You can’t feel someones emotions. Either way I doubted it was all mine as he pulled back with a smile on his face.

“Did you enjoy our day out love? You seemed to have a great time.” I could only nod in response as the emotions clogged my throat. I pulled him to me just holding on committing every detail of this moment into a forever memory. He seemed to understand as he hugged me just as tightly to him with a soft hum at the back of his throat. The rest of the ride went exactly like that. The two of us wrapped around each other as if our lives depended on it creating a forever memory. I loved spending time with both of them separately but I also was loving the individual attention.

As we reached the bottom I saw a man standing with Ryder as the lights began coming on all over the fairgrounds. Gabe and I both exited to look at Ryder inquisitively. “He’s here to take a picture. I wanted to remember this night for a very long time. Do either of you mind?” After we both agreed it was fine we stood together in front of the Ferris wheel letting the man take our photo with the lights coming on and the sun finishing its decent into the horizon. The man took a couple of different shots before assuring us that he would have them printed before we left and we could pick them up at the stand by the entrance.

By the time Ryder and I got on the sun was down completely and the fair was lit up everywhere. I knew it was getting late but I wanted this time to continue for longer than it was. our evening was coming to a close very shortly and the closer the end came the more I tried to saver every moment. The more time I spent with these two men the more they slipped behind my walls. They didn’t break them of tear them down they simply slipped on this side of them with me where no one has ever been. I couldn’t stop them anymore.

Ryder kissed me at the top the same as his brother had. The sweetness mixed with passion and something I couldn’t name all mixed into that single kiss. I couldn’t name what it made me feel either. I had never felt quite this way and it was odd and scary while being comforting and safe all at the same time. When he ended the kiss he stayed close just to stare in my eyes. I wasn’t complaining. We both knew how easily I got lost his. He seemed to be searching for something in the depths that no one knew about. It felt like he was searching my soul for an answer to a question he never voiced out loud. He leaned forward again and kissed me with such tenderness it felt as if my heart was fit to burst it was so full. This time when he pulled back he seemed satisfied with what he saw in my eyes. He gave a half smile and a quick nod of his head before pulling my head to rest on his chest simply holding me there for the rest of our ride.

When we got off we went over to Gabe who was holding a package in his hands waiting for us. He grabbed my hand as we reached him and led me between a couple of nearby vendors. The lights were blocked by the trucks and it was definitely more private back here. “I want you to see something Gabe. Watch.” Ryder said as we cam to a stop. He grabbed me spinning me around to face him. He laid his hands on either side of my face before leaning forward to give me yet another tender kiss. His lips glided along mine so gently you would thing I was made of the most exquisite crystal ready to shatter if he pressed to hard. I got the same feelings off this kiss as I had the last one. It truly was incredible to feel and not have fear and anger swallow me whole.

“Wow that is amazing. I see what you mean her expressions give it all away don’t they? I wonder if I can do the same.” Gabe’s reply confused me. I have no idea what they are talking about. I usually guard my expressions. I looked at both of them with my silent question staying between us. I stayed confused as he turned me so my back was pressed against Ryder. His slid his hands on either side of my face brushing his thumbs along my cheek bones while staring into my confused eyes before he leaned forward pressing his lips to mine with the same gentleness as his brother. I know it sounds odd but I felt safe from this kiss. It was like it let me know I was cared for and protected from anything.

“Beautiful simply beautiful.” Gabe muttered as he stared into my eyes after pulling back from me. Again his words confused me but I had no time to ponder them as a loud boom shook over our heads causing me to jump into Ryder as a squeak left me. I hated loud noises. They both chuckled as one of them pushed my head to look up. They pressed me into them holding me tightly as lights splashed above our heads lighting up our little hiding spot. My head was quickly pressed to Gabe’s chest as I trembled with the next loud boom to go off. Ryder pressed more firmly into my back as he whispered in my ear that I was safe and they were here. He kept whispering to me as the lights splashed vibrantly across the sky.

I never noticed Gabe looking down at me as he kept his head out of my way so I could see the large explosions of light and color float across the night sky. Gabe’s hand came up to cover my ear as the finale started. They were both chuckling at my jumpiness but trying to ease me at the same time. I stayed in doors on the fourth of July for this exact reason. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to subject themselves to a cannon going off every few seconds until I did it from the security of their arms. It was beautiful. Once the light show was over they both stepped back from me and Gabe spun around before crouching down to the ground. Again I was left confused.

“Hop on princess I’ll give you a ride back to the car and Ry can carry everything. We both know you’re getting tired and your feet have to hurt by now.” Gabe didn’t leave me confused for long but a piggy back ride really? We were three grown people who attended a fair playing games and getting on rides as if we were kids all day long and now he wanted to give me a piggy back ride. I stared at his back contemplating exactly what we were doing.

“He just wants to take care of you. We can both see how tired you are getting and the slight limp you have from walking around all day. Humor him and let him carry you to the car Princess.” Ryder whispered into my ear quickly making up my mind for me. I climbed on his back allowing him to take me to the car. They were right, my feet were killing me and I was so very tired after our long day out. Gabe helped hold me up with his hands around my thighs. I pressed my face into his neck blocking out the light and just resting against him a he carried my tired body.

We reached the car rather quickly. I was surprised when Gabe slid me around to the front of him before allowing my body to slide down his. He pressed me into the car as I heard the other side of the car open. “You were amazing today. I’m proud of you. You made it an entire day out without freaking out about anything. Your strength takes my breath away. The more I am with you the more I realize you are everything I have been looking for.” Gabe muttered before kissing me making me forget everything he had just said. I’m sure it had been important and would have shocked me if I had not been distracted before I could absorb it all into my tired brain.

As we parted Gabe opened the back door sliding me in before climbing in with me. It seemed Ryder was driving again. After all the doors were closed Gabe pulled me to rest against him and I curled my legs onto the seat to get more comfortable. I really just wanted to sleep at the moment. Gabe rummaged through the bag beside me for a moment before pressing the tiger into my arms. I snuggled with it finally knowing what it felt like to fall asleep with a stuffed animal in my arms and in the embrace of someone who cared for me. I was asleep before we even made it out of the parking lot as Gabe’s fingers ran through my hair relaxing me even more.

Gabe’s P.O.V.

“Why just the tiger? She has plenty of room to hold the teddy bear as well. It’s not fair and you know it. If you were only going to give her one animal it should have been the teddy bear in the first place since you already get to hold her all the way home.” I was pulled from my thoughts as this came from the front seat. Did he know how childish and jealous he sounded? I glanced into the rear view mirror catching his eyes before he looked back at the road.

“Why brother if I didn’t know any better I would think you were jealous. She is holding the tiger because I am the one holding her and I won it for her.” I answered him with humor in my voice. I was honestly floored. He has never been jealous before. For that matter we had never been with any single girl this long. They never lasted and if they did it was never quite like this for us. We shared quite well because neither of us ever got the urge to share any kind of alone time with the girl we were with. We never wanted her to have anything that was specifically from just us and not the other. However it seemed we both felt that way about our Scar.

“Did you see her today. My god I thought her smile lit up a room but her laughter lights the entire five mile radius. I don’t think I have ever seen her as happy as she was today it truly was amazing. I felt like I was feeding off of everything she was feeling. And that look in her eyes when I kissed her. I saw the same look when you did it as well. She’s letting us in. Her eyes show her feelings so clearly when we are with her. I can’t help but want to make her feel that happy everyday for the rest of her life. “ Ryder quickly glanced into the mirror catching my look confirming that I felt exactly as he did before driving us silently home.

I gazed down at sleeping beauty thinking of all the times her face lit up with her smile or the sound of her laugh causing my heart to pound uncontrollably in my chest. She truly was our match. She was everything we had ever wanted. I was proud of the way she had trusted us to protect and comfort her when the fireworks went off overhead. I watched the look of awe on her face at the fireworks. Her face was more beautiful than any light show they could have ever put on. I wonder if we could convince her to stay with us permanently. I can’t ever think about her leaving.

We arrived home much sooner than I thought we would. Ryder took everything inside before coming to help me get her out of the car without waking her up. I slipped out while he supported her head before leaning back in and gently sliding her out and into my arms. I stilled as she wiggled slightly. I really didn’t want her to wake up just yet. Once she was comfortable in my arms I carried her into the living room laying her on the sofa before grabbing a blanket and covering her up. Ryder had said he was going to make a light snack on the way in the house so I was left to pick out a movie for us.

I went across the room looking at our selection wondering what Scarlet would want to watch. I know my brother and I didn’t own anything too sappy. We didn’t sit down and watch movies with girls so we only owned movies we liked. After several moments of looking around I found Thor. It had enough action to keep us interested and hopefully enough romance to keep Scarlet happy. I turned on the TV getting everything ready before slipping into the kitchen. I must have taken longer than I thought because Ryder was already finishing up the sandwiches. He had everything out for salads as well. I went to the sink getting Scarlet a glass of water for when I woke her up.

“It’s a good thing we don’t have sappy chick flicks or we could be in for a long night. I can’t believe you left her to pick whatever movie she wanted. Not that it matters I could always distract her and end a sappy movie early.” Ryder’s said sightly distracted with what he was doing.

“She is still sleeping. I picked out Thor and came in here to grab some water. I’ll wake her up when I get back out there just to make sure she’s okay with that movie.” I didn’t notice his silence as I filled a glass for myself. I was thinking about Scarlet’s peaceful look before I went to pick the movie. I jerked around as his knife dropped with a loud thud on the counter.

“So you mean to tell me you left our girl to pick a movie and then left the room all together to get some water while she was sleeping. The same girl who always seems to be afflicted with nightmares whenever one of us is not close enough for her to feel in her sleep. The same girl who has been broken more ways than we can count and is just now coming to feel safe and protected by us. The same girl who is beginning to truly care for us and trust us. Trust that we will take care of and protect her even from her own dreams. That’s the girl you left alone on a couch while you debated on the perfect movie and then came to get drinks?” He seemed to want clarification that it was truly Scarlet I had done that to.

I didn’t bother to answer him as I ran back to the living room to make sure she was okay. She had thrown her arm over her eyes and was twitching slightly. If she was having a nightmare it was only in the beginning of it. I had gotten to her before it could be an all out horror. I slid her onto her side and slipped next to her. I laid her arm across my waist before wrapping my arm around her. This seemed to settle her as she relaxed fully into me. I let my hand slide down her side, over her rear and back up to the side of her breast.

She let out a sigh of pleasure as I caressed her. I continued my motion allowing my thumb to graze her breast a little more firmly with each stroke. She moaned at my last pass across her sensitive flesh. I had a good idea of what her dreams were when she moaned my name. I meant them to be comforting strokes but I couldn’t help but want to bring her dreams to life. I laid her back carefully removing her shirt and pants so I could stroke her bare skin. She stirred as I did this but never woke up. That was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want her to wake up until I had her first orgasm spreading through her delicious body.

I carefully bared her nipple. I liked that tender but before blowing gently on it causing it to tighten before my eyes. This would be way to much fun. I repeated the process loving how her body responded even in her sleep. Another moan left her as I took her tightened bud into my mouth sicking gently so she didn’t wake up. I alternated between them loving how she squirmed beneath me. I wanted her much closer to the edge before she woke up so I slid down her body placing kisses along her abdomen pausing only slightly at her belly button allowing my tongue to dip in quickly before focusing on removing her panties.

I slid them slowly down her legs before planting gentle kisses along her thighs. I slid my finger along her lower lips feeling how wet she was for me already. When I slid my finger into her core and slowly sucked her clit she lifted her hips moaning my name yet again. How she knew it was me I’ll never know. Maybe it was my cologne. I checked to make sure she was still asleep before continuing my assault on her most private area. I wanted her to wake up with fire in her eyes. As her breathing got heavier and her moans louder I pushed two fingers into her ramming them quickly while I bit slightly into her swollen bud.

Scarlet jerked awake with a scream under my ministrations to her body. “Oh God Gabe I want you inside of me. Please Gabe.” She panted as her orgasm began calming. I ripped my shirt off followed quickly by my pants and boxers. I stroked my finger along her once more before I placed myself slightly behind her while pushing her leg over her other one twisting her just right to change any position we had done so far. I wanted a different angle while still being able to fee those ample breasts. I can’t believe how turned on I was simply because she was having a naughty dream about me. I slammed into her as fast and as hard as I could making sure my balls sapped her delectable ass.

“God you feel so good Baby. Is this what you wanted in those dirty little dreams of yours? Me buried balls deep? I’m more than happy to oblige.” I muttered to her leaning forward to take one of those tight little buds into my mouth finally being able to nibble and suck it as hard as I wanted. Her cry was the only answer I received. Her hips tried to jerk onto mine. I wanted her to cum again. Hell, I needed her to because with the sounds she was making and the way her heat felt against me was driving me very quickly to the edge. I ground into her twisting my hips allowing her to feel all of me buried deeply inside of her before I pulled back. I grabbed her leg twisting her to lie on her back properly before slamming back into her fully causing my pelvic bone to rub on her now exposed clit. I rotated my hips before withdrawing again.

At this point I saw Ryder approach the couch near her head. He grabbed a fist full of her hair tilting her head to face him before slamming his lips onto hers. I increased my speed loving the slap slap slap sound as I rammed into her wet slick core. Ryder’s hand reached for the nipple not current being suckled by me. I saw him twist it before pinching gently and then tugging it out of the corner of my eye. It seemed as if he wanted to push her to the edge just as quickly as I did. I was trying to hold on until she came again. I knew she needed just that little push to get her to fall over that edge.

I reached down to rub her clit furiously as Ryder told her to look at him. He stared into her eyes as I leaned forward to nip her breast again. “Cum. Now.” Ryder told her sternly as I slammed into her again with more force this time. She literally squeezed my release from me. I released her breast as I groaned her name pushing into her several more times to keep both of our releases going as long as I could. Not being able to hold myself up any longer I collapsed against her chest trying to catch my breath.

“That was amazing. Your eyes looked like they were on fire as my brother pushed you over the edge. To watch that explode in your eyes is something I want to repeat as often as we can. Are you ready to eat and watch a movie? I was trying to take my time making it but I heard your cries of pleasure and couldn’t stay away any longer. I kept imagining exactly what that looked like crossing your face.” I looked up as Ryder finished speaking just in time to see him press his lips to Scarlet. I puled myself from her reluctantly knowing she needed to eat. After helping her into my t-shirt and her pants I threw on my boxers.

I didn’t notice Ryder had left until he returned with plates for all of us. I put the movie in the player setting everything up before settling next to Scarlet. I pulled the blanket over her and my legs before settling her plate in her lap. I pressed play before grabbing my plate and digging in. I couldn’t help but lean over and kiss the column of her neck. “You have made this day so amazing.” I whispered in her ear before resuming my meal like I hadn’t said anything at all.

Scarlet leaned forward placing her empty plate on the table. She quickly got a drink before settling back into the couch. Ryder and I set our plates down giving each other a knowing look just after a yawn escaped our girl. Ryder pulled her head into his lap as I pulled her feet into my lap. I began to rub her feet as he ran his fingers through her hair. She gave a sigh that let us know just how content she was. I resumed watching the movie while rubbing her feet. I gave up on the movie to stare at her face. She was struggling to keep her eyes open. I knew the day had worn her out. After Ryder leaned down to whisper to her she finally closed her eyes.

“Okay Gabe saved me in my last dream from him I’m not so worried about sleeping this time.” Her slurred words caught me by surprise. I stared at her in shock. What did she mean I saved her from him? Him who? How did I save her? It couldn’t have been by waking her up. She had already been dreaming of me before I touched her intimately I finally raised my eyes to look at Ryder’s stunned face.

“What did you say to her? What did she mean I saved her? She was already dreaming of me when I started touching her. It was the reason I even started. Hearing her moan my name in her sleep is what made me think of waking her up the way I did.” I couldn’t wrap my head around her dreaming of me saving her.

“I’m just as surprised as you are. I only told her she could go ahead and sleep. We would take care of her. I am jealous again though. She dreamed of you saving her and not me.” He pouted like I had taken his favorite toy.

“Oh get over it. It was weird how she knew it was me even in her sleep. I’m sure she sensed it was me with her and that’s why I was the one to save her in her dream. God could she get any more amazing. Just when I think I’ve seen it a she surprises me again.” I rubbed up her leg just thinking over all of the times just today she had surprised and delighted me. We finished watching the movie before carefully carrying her to bed.

“I think it’s time to get back to work. We could always do that photo shoot in Hawaii. We could make it a surprise for her. I could set up the photographers with Cammy and book the trip. You could sneak and pack her a bag and get her to the airport. I’d love to see her face as we set down in paradise. I’m nowhere near ready to let her go but I think she may be ready to get back to work.” Ryder said as he settled on the other side of her. I thought it over for a while. Was I ready to get back to regular life? If we did this would she go back to her place? Would she pull away from us again?

“Can we try it slowly. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this. I think we should take her to this photo shoot but I don’t want to push her back into work too quickly.” He saw my doubt but nodded in agreement with my decision. I slid down into puling Scarlet’s head onto my chest holding her as closely as I could. I was no where near ready to let her go. Call me clingy or needy. Whatever you wanted but I held her all night as if she was going to disappear any moment from my life. I needed to find a way to make her want to stay with us forever. With those thoughts swirling through my mind I fell asleep thinking of different ways to convince her we were where she wanted to be.

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