A New Beginning

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Chapter 23

Scarlet’s POV

I woke up with a jerk from the dream I had just been having. I have to admit these dreams I have been having were way better than the nightmares. They just left me disturbed and hot. I fell asleep thinking of the look in Ryder’s eyes as Gabe made love to me last night. It resulted in a very steamy dream. I woke up just as Ryder sucked my clit into his hot mouth flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud. I laid there waiting for my breathing to slow down. It didn’t happen though. I couldn’t rid my mind of the dream and the more I thought about it the more aroused I became. I needed them. Now.

I couldn’t take anymore but I was worried about what they would do if I actually started things. It has always been them coming to me. Would they be upset that I took the initiative from them? Would they turn away and leave me frustrated? Would they torture me by withholding what I needed right now? Would they be happy and take care of me as they have with all other things?

With those thoughts in mind I turned over to face Ryder. I had to have a backbone somewhere. I ran my hand along his chest coming to a stop right at the waist band of his boxers playing with them slightly. I leaned in towards him taking a deep breath to calm myself. Once I had gathered enough courage I took his earlobe between my teeth grazing the skin there. “Ryder I need you.” I whispered to him still half afraid of his reaction. I slid my hand down the slowly hardening bulge in the front of his boxers. I leaned back to see if that had gotten him awake.

“Baby if this is a dream I really don’t want to wake up.” Ryder let out a groan as I tightened my hand letting him know this was anything but a dream. His hand slid up my shirt to rub my already hardened nipple. I released a moan as he twisted the hardened bud in his fingers. My hips jerked trying to get a little friction. I was ready to explode already just from the dream I had been having. I kinda wanted to start where my dream had left off. I just didn’t know how to let him know. His hand slid into my panties slowly parting my lips.

“Mmm baby your so wet already. What has you like this first thing in the morning? Not that I’m complaining. I’d gladly wake up to this pleasure every morning, I’m just curious.” He breathed into my ear as his finger circled my entrance. His finger refused to enter me just holding me captive with breathless anticipation of what was to come. He actually seemed to enjoy the fact that I came to him like this. The word please escaped my lips before I could stop it. The only thought going through my head is how much I needed him and Gabe in me right now. I wanted them to stretch me as far as they could while filling me completely.

“Please what baby? Tell me what you want.” Were the words moaned against me neck. The words traveled down my spine straight to my core causing my hips to jerk in response. I tried steadying myself with a deep breath. I opened my mouth to speak only to release a moan as his thumb rotated on my swollen clit.

“I want you and Gabe. Now. Please Ryder.” I finally managed to get past my lips. The effort to form even those broken sentences seemed to be harder than I thought it would. I managed to remember that I wanted both of them in my dream even as his hands stroked the flames higher in my body.

“Gabe huh? Hey Gabe wake up. I don’t think your going to want to miss out on this. As for you baby, you know I’ll give you whatever you want, whatever you need but I need a little more detail. What is it exactly you want us to do to this luscious body of yours?” Gabe propped himself up so he could see exactly what was going on. He seemed to wake up faster when he saw the desperation on my face, the need I knew was blazing in my eyes. His hand stroked my hip as he looked me over with a curious look probably wondering what was going on.

“Our little minx woke me up telling me she needed me but is now shying away from telling me exactly what it is she needs from me. She is soaked by the way. I woke up to her hand squeezing me. I thought I was dreaming her hands on my body only to figure out it was no dream.” Ryder informed Gabe as his hand still circled my entrance. He still wasn’t giving me what I wanted. I was going to have to tell them before they would bring my dream to life. Well if that was the only way to get what my body needed at the moment I guess I was just going to have to man up and tell them exactly what I wanted. I scooted away from Ryder’s hand so I could at least think while I told them.

“I was having a dream. Both of you were caressing everywhere with your hands and lips. I woke up just as Ryder’s lips took my clit in his mouth. What I want is to pick up where my dream left off. Gabe was caressing my backside while Ryder held my leg up to kiss me down there. Now please, not only have I told you what caused this but I have told you what I want also.” Just as I finished talking both men grabbed a leg pulling me to lay flat. My clothes were gone in a flash and Ryder was between my legs just where I needed him. Gabe leaned forward to take my breast into his mouth pulling as much in as he could.

Their hands stroked everywhere they could reach as my head flung back into the pillow. I was quickly turned onto my side my legs being brought up, one resting on Ryder’s shoulder. “Like this Baby? Is this how you dreamed us?” Ryder’s words vibrated my lower lips causing me to whimper. I could only nod to his question. Words were beyond me as I felt Gabe’s hands caress my ass, massaging each cheek. Ryder’s tongue flicked over my folds teasing me just as he had in my dream before sliding into my core causing my head to fling back on a low moan.

“Just like that. Please don’t stop.” I moaned as I slid an arm around the back of Gabe’s head holding him to me. I felt his lips against my neck. His teeth gave a sharp nip before his tongue laved over that area soothing the spot. His finger began to gently probe my rear entrance with slight impatience. It seemed as if both of them were trying to ready me as fast as they could so they could slide in exactly where I wanted them.

“I need to be inside you. I don’t want to hurt you but I don’t think I can wait any longer. Please, please tell me your ready.” Gabe sounded breathless as released those words into my ear. My hips again jerked of their own accord while I let out a please that couldn’t be controlled. Ryder quickly slid up my body attaching his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He let me know in that one kiss just how desperately he wanted me.

His movements weren’t quick enough for me though so I pushed him onto his back before climbing onto him. I positioned him at my core before slowly sliding onto him. I wanted to feel every moment for as long as I could. Gabe positioned himself behind me before pushing between my shoulder blades so I was laying flush with Ryder’s chest. God how I needed this. My two men fast and hard, now. As Gabe entered me we all held our breath, waiting for the moment he would be buried to the hilt. Once he was I rocked my hips just slightly testing out how very stretched I was.

“I want to take this slow for you baby. I want to wring out every cry of pleasure that you can give. I want to feel your body squeeze me over and over again. I don’t know that I can hold on long enough to enjoy it the way I want. God you feel so good wrapped around me like this. I can never describe just how good it feels to be buried inside of you this deeply.” Ryder let out a groan as he finished talking. I thrust my hips sharply at his words wanting them to take me rough, hard. I wanted them to plunge into me until I was screaming from pleasure.

“I don’t think that’s what our girl wants right now is it Love?” Gabe seemed to sense just how badly I wanted both of them. I quickly shook my head knowing I would have to tell them what I wanted in order to get it. I don’t mind as much as I used to and at this point I am desperate.

“I need you deep, hard and fast. I need you so bad right now I don’t think I could handle slow. Please.” I let out knowing I would never get what I wanted without speaking the words. I didn’t mind as much as I used to though. It helped that my mind was clouded with enormous amounts of lust for these two men. I rotated my hips as they remained still allowing a whimper to leave my lips.

That was all it took for both of them to pull back before slamming back into me. I lifted up as much as I could so that I could push back into them with every slam. I wanted to meet them head on. Ryder lifted my chin so I was looking directly into his eyes.

“I want to see what we do to you. I want to see you explode.” Ryder let out harshly causing me to stare at him. I didn’t dare look away from his eyes as they pounded into me. I felt sweat drip onto my back as they held me still. The intensity I was feeling became overwhelming as Ryder reached down to pinch and twist my nipples. I couldn’t hold back any longer so when they both slammed into me one last time I let out a scream of pleasure. My stomach tightened as my insides clenched both of them rhythmically. I felt them release deep inside of me causing my eruption to intensify as I screamed out the pleasure I was feeling for both of them at the moment.

After a few moments we shifted onto our sides just cuddling in the bed. ” I am going to need you to dream like that every single night of your life because that was amazing. The way you woke me up makes me want to take you again already with just the thought. I love that you were dreaming of us like that.” Ryder’s words were muffled against my hair as he buried his face in the top of my head.

“Ry we still have things to do today. Shouldn’t we get ready for our little trip?” Gabe asked over the top of me. I looked between both men curious as Ryder simply nodded. Gabe helped me up ushering me to the bathroom as Ryder began to dig through my clothes. Well then I guess I’m taking a shower without any answers.

I washed up quickly trying to decide if I was staying here or going to my apartment while they went on their little trip. I have to admit I was curious as to where they were going. It was rare that they went anywhere without me and then only when I wanted some alone time. For them to voluntarily go somewhere without me was new.

I left the bathroom only to find the room empty. I hurried downstairs hoping they hadn’t left without a goodbye. It hurt a little thinking they had left without a goodbye. They had never done that before. I was probably just working myself into a state but with every room I went through and couldn’t find either of them the more it weighed on me that they left without a goodbye. Just as I sat at the island giving up going through the house they both came in the back door.

“Come on Love. The car is packed and we’re ready to go. I hope you don’t mind that we packed your clothes for you. If you need anything else we’ll just pick it up while we’re gone. If we don’t hurry we will miss our flight.” Gabe rushed out as he lifted me from my seat ushering me to the door. As Ryder locked up Gabe settled me into the front seat of the car. Ryder climbed in the front and we were off to who knows where.

“Where are we going? You guys never even told me we were going anywhere until you were ushering me into the car. What on earth is going on?” I rushed out not being able to contain my confusion at the events my day has taken.

“Calm down Love. We are going on a business trip sort of. Well we’ll be doing some business while we’re on the trip anyway. Where we are going is a surprise. We are taking a private plane so you don’t get to know until we are there.” Gabe calmed my nerves as we headed towards the airport.

We reached the airport well before I had expected. I was quickly ushered through security and onto a waiting plane. They were serious about not letting me know where we were going. I cuddled into Ryder as we took off to who knows where. If they really aren’t going to tell me I’m going to sleep the whole way there. The boys have assured me all my sleeping is normal for my emotional roller coaster ride recently so I guess they wouldn’t mind if I took a nap.

I woke up to a hand shaking my shoulder. “We’re here beautiful. Come on I’ll get you in the car and Gabe can check us in when we get there. I just wasn’t sure how you would feel about everyone seeing you carried off the plane.” Ryder gently guided me off the plane and to the car that was mysteriously waiting. I dozed off again as the car put me to sleep. I finally woke up fully as we pulled into the hotel.

“How long are we going to be here wherever here is?” I asked the boys. It looked like paradise. There were our normal palm trees but these looked taller. The hotel was amazing in it’s complete and utter beauty.

“Welcome to the Hilton at Waikola Village baby. We are here for only a couple of days and we have to do our photo shoot while we are here but we will have plenty of time to explore the island and have fun while we are at it. Lets get settled into our room our shoot is in an hour and a half. Gabe’s gone ahead to check us in.” Ryder steered me towards the elevator waiting for Gabe to appear with our key. Once we were in the room I couldn’t help but spin around trying to take everything in. there was a huge bed to the side of the room and an open balcony that gave a breathtaking view of the ocean. You could smell it from here. I can’t believe I slept through arriving here. I stepped out to the balcony just to try and take in everything I could see. I didn’t notice the clicking noise behind me until Gabe slid his arms around my waist.

He pulled me to his chest just enjoying the view with me. But it drew my attention away from the scenery enough to notice Ryder clicking away on his phone. “What are you doing? You’ll break your camera taking so many pictures of me.” I was just trying to use humor to get him to stop. I was never happy with my picture being taken. I only allowed it every once in a while and these boys had more pictures of me than anyone to ever enter my life. They were adamant about getting pictures of me.

“It hasn’t broken yet and even if it does somehow manage to break from your beauty, I’ll simply replace it with one that can handle taking pictures of the sun.” Was his cheesy comeback. I just shook my head at his antics and went into the room to change out of my travel clothes. I dug through the bag for something business worthy. I could always change again when the shoot was over.

The boys changed and we all headed off to the shoot site. It was only a short walk to a beautiful little waterfall with a swimming pool. The cameramen had everything set up just waiting for us to arrive. The boys wore jeans with singlets. They quickly had their hair styled and were off to take the photos. I had them do a couple of different shots in front of the little waterfall and then told the photographer to get whatever he thought would look good and I would decide from the shots which ones I would use.

At some point I had been talked into a summer dress and right into the photos with the boys. This never happened. I never entered the publicity photos. I only did it because the boys begged as well as the photographer when the model that was supposed to be there was a no show. It felt like hours later when we were finally released to have dinner. I was assured that should be all we would need. I can’t imagine they would need anymore. We had changed location about four times. I’m sure they are going to be great though and well worth the effort.

We sat down at the outdoor restaurant waiting for the entertainment and the food before I broached the subject that had been poking the back of my mind all day. “So if all of our photos were taken today what are we going to do tomorrow? Do you guys want to stay another day or are we going back home?” They didn’t get to answer for a moment as our food arrived right at that moment. Thank god the pretty waitress didn’t flirt or linger. She just politely set our food down asking if we needed anything else.

“So I thought we could go explore tomorrow. We wasted the sunset today on out pictures but I want to watch it with you from someplace special tomorrow. After that we can head back the following morning. I want you to consider staying with us and going back to work after we get back. You can keep your apartment for storage purposes but I want you to really move in. I have grown way to accustomed to waking up with you by my side or in my arms to consider you going back home. Besides Ryder and I chase away your nightmares so you will be able to sleep better. Ryder will feel better knowing that you will be close by and that he is taking care of you. If...if it makes you feel more comfortable we could replace your bed at your place and we could come stay with you.” Gabe stuttered as my fork paused on the way to my mouth.

I was completely shocked they had spent enough time around me that they should be getting bored by now but it seemed they only wanted more of me as time passed by. Should I really move in with them? I got my answer from the way they were both looking at me. They seemed terrified that I was going to say no. They needed me as much as I needed them.

“I think I can do that. We will just pack up a few things though and my clothes. You guys pretty much have everything a person could need to be comfortable.” With that said they both sighed and relaxed for the rest of our trip. They took me everywhere they could think of and then their special place for the sunset. I was honestly sad to see our island fade into the background as we headed home. I slept all the way home again only this time it was because the boys had kept me up most of the night.

They claimed we were surrounded on all sides by the ocean I seemed to love so much and they couldn’t let my peace go to waist. They had to shower my body with the same slow loving that the waves caressed the shore with. Repeatedly. At around four am. I passed out from all of the pleasure they brought to me. I’m pretty sure the neighbors complained about the noise but no one ever said anything to us about it if they did.

When I woke up again I was wrapped up in Gabe’s arms in our bed at home. I lifted my head to see if he was awake. “Ryder went with an associate of ours to your apartment. He made me promise to tell you that he was the one packing everything and he wouldn’t let Jason do anything in your apartment other that carry anything that needed to be carried. He doesn’t want you killing him for bringing a stranger into your apartment but he couldn’t chance you changing your mind. We need you here with us and didn’t want to take any chances.” Gabe looked like a little boy who was caught playing in the mud on picture day.

I just shrugged and got out of bed. There were really only two things on my mind at the moment. I needed a shower and I needed food. “When your done come on down to the kitchen and I’ll introduce you to Jason. It sounds like they just got back. I’ll also make you some food. I know you have to be hungry by now.” Gabe’s words floated through the closed door before I heard his feet retreating down the hall. I raced through my shower with the promise of food for when I was done.

I raced into the kitchen only to slam into the chest of someone I didn’t know. I quickly took a step back forgetting what I had even come down here for. I did not like new people in my personal space. I looked up quickly to see who I had run into. The apology froze in my throat as I recognized exactly who was in front of me. I spun on my heel running back to the bedroom. There was no way he could be here. I left him, all of them far behind. What was he doing here? I slid down the wall trying to catch my breath. I had to figure out how to get out of here before he realized who I was.

The boys came in the room just as I sat completely. “What’s the matter baby? Are you okay? That was just Jason. Your safe. He’s not mad. He just laughed it off. You’re okay. Come back down and eat.” Ryder tried consoling me but it was just too much. There was no way I was ever going back down there. Not while that was down there.

“That’s Jackson’s friend. There is no way I am going down there to eat with one of my tormentors. If he figures out who I am he will just tell Jackson where I am and they will pick up the torture right where they left off. I can’t do it. I just can’t go down there.” I was shaking just thinking about one of them finding me. I had to get out of here. I had to eave this state. There was no way I could risk anyone else finding me.

“No baby. He has nothing to do with Jackson. We have known Jason for years. He’s nothing like that piece of shit. You have to be mistaking him for somebody else. Come on down and I will properly introduce you. I’ll show you he’s not who you think he is.” Ryder rushed out. As his words sunk in something snapped inside of me. Ryder brought that man to my apartment and then back here. Ryder didn’t believe me simply because he had known him for years. Ryder had brought the danger to me instead of protecting me from it. This is what I have been waiting for. Sort of. He betrayed me. He put me in danger and it was time for me to go.

I slowly stood up nodding my head to myself as all of my walls slammed right back to where they were supposed to be. They took a step back as I stood giving me room to move. I walked to the dresser and grabbed my purse and car keys. I quickly walked to the front door not bothering to pay attention to anything else they had to say. I got into my car as fast as I could. I peeled out of their driveway never even glancing back. The first thing I needed was a safe place to stay where none of them could find me. After I found that I would decide what I was going to do with my future now that one of them had found me. I could cry over the twins later. I felt their betrayal to my very soul. I was right they would hurt me.

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