A New Beginning

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Chapter 26

Scarlet POV

Wow my head hurts. What the hell happened? I pried my eyelids open just enough to to realize that annoying beep in the background was a monitor. I’m in the hospital? Now I really want to know what happened. I closed my eyes trying to focus my thoughts. What was the last thing I did remember? After a few moments all I could come up with was Gabe and I in bed and Ryder at my apartment with some friend of theirs. How the hell did I get here then?

I opened my eyes again and jumped when I heard a gasp next to me. Whipping my head to the side I saw a pale Cammy staring at me as if I was going to bolt any moment. “It’s okay. You’re okay sweetie. I’m right here. “ Cammy spoke slowly and quietly with that same worried look on her face. What. The. Hell?

“Cammy what is going on? Why am I here? How did you even know where I was?where is Ryder and Gabe? Why the hell are you looking at me like that?” I let it all fly while trying to rub the pain from my head. Damn that hurts. I watched as her jaw dropped.

“What’s the last thing you remember Scar?” What difference does that make? I again tried to remember anything beyond what I had. Nope. Nothing,

“Ryder was getting some things from my apartment. Gabe stayed with me. Then it’s just kind of blank. Why? What the hell is going on? And where are the twins? I’m hurt and neither of them are here? That makes no sense and doesn’t go along with the way they have been since meeting them.” now I’m just getting pissed. How could I be in the hospital and them not be here by my side waiting for me to wake up? Hell they don’t even let me take a nap by myself.

“ They are downstairs. You were at my place and became distraught. You passed out and hit your head on the coffee table when you fell. I’m going to get the doctor maybe he can help. It can’t be normal for you to not remember over a weeks worth of time. Don’t move, don’t get up okay. I’ll be right back.” She left before I could question her further. I stared at the ceiling forever just thinking about everything she didn’t answer. Actually she really only created new questions. Damn my head hurts. How hard did I hit it?

The door opening quietly pulled me from my thoughts. I lifted my head expecting Cammy or the boys to come in. I froze when I saw who was at the door. No. No. No. No. No. This is not happening. He is not here. I am imagining things. Damn it, I’m having a nightmare! Wake up. Come on! Wake up! This is not real. He is not here. I didn’t plan on dying today. Where are the twins? Please let them know I need them. Please let them save me.

“Hello you little whore. It’s been such a long time. I am so glad I kept tabs on Jason over the years. You left me like the little slut you are. And now you are fucking two different men at the same time. I always knew you were a slut but that’s a bit much even for you. Do you have any idea what you have done to our family when you left? This is going to bring back so many memories.” Jackson let the silky words fall into the room.

I couldn’t breath, couldn’t scream. I was immobilized with fear. All I could do was lay here and wait for whatever he had planned for me. How did he find me? What does he mean he’s been tracking Jason? What does Jason have to do with this? I haven’t seen him since he left years ago.

Before I had anymore time to contemplate Jackson grabbed a hand full of my hair pulling me up. He slammed the side of my head into railing on the bed before dragging me completely from the bed. He threw me in the floor once again my head bouncing off a solid object. This time the floor. I was losing consciousness quickly. I couldn’t take much more to my head.

“At my feet where you belong you disgusting piece of filth. I am so glad I found you. I fully intend to remind you what you left and the reasons you never should have dared.” His soft threat scared me even more. Without thinking I lifted my foot and slammed it into his crotch. Before he could recover I kicked out again this time landing a kick to his forehead as he leaned over grasping himself. This caused him to fall back. A noise in the hallway alerted us that someone was coming. He was on his feet much faster than I would have expected. His fist slammed into the side of my head once more before he was out the door. Everything went dark as I allowed my fingers to move in my blood next to my head.

Ryder’s POV

This is all my fault. I can’t believe what I have done to her. She could have died because I showed Jason where she was. I’ll never quit trying to make it up to her. I’ll never trust anyone with her ever again if she just comes back to us. Its been a week since Cammy came running saying she woke up. We still don’t know what happened to her. We went running to her room to find the doctors hovered over her as she laid in her own blood on the floor. We all stood there in shock. They said that someone had come in here and beaten her. The worst damage had been done to her head and they weren’t really sure when or if she would wake up.

We haven’t left her side all week. Gabe and I alternated sleeping on the cot they brought in. he still wasn’t speaking to me. I understand why though. I can feel his pain as deeply as my own. I caused all of this for both of them. She is in a hospital bed because I couldn’t just support her. Because I didn’t believe her. Gabe is suffering for the same reason.

“Do you think she will wake up? She has been asleep for so long. I’m sorry Gabe. I would do anything to take it all back.” I couldn’t take the silence anymore. I needed to apologize. I needed to hear that she was going to wake up.

“She’s going to wake up Ry. We just have to give her time to heal. I know your sorry. The condition she’s in isn’t completely your fault. Whoever the hell did this to her after she woke up is much more at fault then you are. Once she’s awake we will convince her to take us back. We will get her to forgive you. It was the shock talking anyhow. We both know that. And of course we will convince her to forgive me as well. I just stood there like an idiot. It’s my fault she’s here as well.” He sounded so sure that we could make this all work.

“My head hurts.” We both snapped to the bed. I held my breath as I watched her eyelids flutter before finally opening to show those expressive eyes beneath. She stared at us with a confused look on her face.

“Hey Baby. Your okay.”

“Everything is going to be okay now.”

“We are so glad you are finally awake.”

“We are never going to let anything happen to you ever again.” Gabe glanced at me with concern on his face when her expression never changed. I was just as worried.

“That all seems great but who are you guys?” I gaped at her. Did she really not know who we were. I pressed the nurse call button before turning back to address the new problem presented before us. How can she not remember us?

“I’m Ryder, Love, and this is my brother Gabe. You don’t remember us?” I couldn’t keep the hurt from my voice.

“It’s okay baby. Don’t look so distressed. What is the last thing you remember?” Don’t look distressed? Is he serious? She doesn’t remember us! His look clearly told me to calm down but how could I. He glanced at her quickly before looking back at me as if to say do it for her so she will calm down. For her I would do anything. I took several deep breaths as I watched her concentrate trying to figure out her thoughts.

“I don’t remember anything.” Her quiet whisper ripped at my chest. What does that mean?

“Okay baby. It’s okay. Just hang in there. The doctor will be in soon.” Just as he said that the nurse pushed the door open.

“Hello dear. It’s good to see you finally awake. Let me just take your vitals and we’ll get the Doctor in to see you.” She didn’t seem to notice all of the tension in the room as she went about checking her blood pressure and monitors.

“How are you feeling? Are you in pain?” She finally asked after her quick examination.

“My head kind of hurts. I can’t seem to remember anything. Why can’t I remember anything?” Her voice became more high pitched and panicky towards the end. She was beginning to freak out. I stroked her knuckles trying to calm her as Gabe did the same on her other side. The nurse looked worried before telling us she’d be right back with the doctor.

“I’m sure everything will be okay. You passed out while you were with Cammy. While you were here someone broke in and hurt you. We’ll figure this out together. You are going to be fine. We’ll be right at your side through all of it. I know you can’t remember but we really care about you baby. Ryder and I are going to make sure nothing ever happens to you again.” Gabe gave the only assurance he could. Before I could add anything the nurse was back with Dr. Korabathina. She was a well known neurologist in the area.

“Hello dear. I am Dr. Korabathina. I have been looking after you while you’ve been asleep. I hear your having trouble remembering some things. Do you remember your name?” Scarlet sat for several moments before finally shaking her head. She doesn’t remember her own name?

“Do you know what year it is?” Again no answer from Scarlet. “It’s okay dear you appear to have a severe case of Retrograde Amnesia. We are going to have to do some additional testing but I’m confidant that is what is going on.” This is insane. We waited through all of the testing before she was taken down for an MRI. Provided there was no swelling to the brain or bleeding we could take her home later today. We went out in the hall after Scarlet came back. We needed to speak with the doctor but didn’t want to disturb her sleep. The nurse gave her something to help her pain and to help her sleep.

“She really needs rest over the next several days. She is retaining all of her memories from the moment she woke up but absolutely nothing of her past. Her motor skills are working fine and she can read and write. It seems only personal moments that she can not access. Her reflexes show that she can still physically function fine. There is no telling when or if her memories will ever return but any additional stress at this point can cause her harm. She is confused and disoriented to go with the pain. I don’t want you to tell her anything about whomever it is that is out to get her but she does need protected. If you do not think you are up to the task I will contact Detective Jones and arrange for protection. You both seem to love her very much. So right now she needs protected as well as taken care of. Are you both up for it? Can you do it? Because we have no idea who hurt her before causing all of this.” Wow the doctor seems to care for our Scarlet as well. Even she is trying to protect her.

“Of course we are. We will hire security to help us protect her. We will make sure she is fully taken care of. She already lives with us so it’s not going to be a problem.” Even as Gabe said this I had my doubts. If she does remember what happened she’s simply going to hate us again. She will leave and put herself in danger all over again. Maybe we should just let her go. It would kill me to do so but maybe it was better for her at this point.

“Knock it off. We can do this. She will understand.” His words were punctuated by a smack across the back of my head. All I could do was nod in reply.

“When can she go home?” It was all I wanted to know at the moment. I looked in control but I felt like an ocean during a hurricane.

“I want to get her up and make sure she can move fine. Perhaps a shower and you can take her for a short walk all with the nurse helping of course. She can report to me how everything went and if there are no problems I see no reason we can’t release her tonight. Her scans didn’t reveal any reason she couldn’t. She really is a sweet girl. Make sure you take care of her.

We went back in sitting on either side of her bed.”So what’s the plan here Gabe. I’m worried she is going to hate us more. I’m worried that Cammy will tell her everything before we can get her to forgive us. I’m worried she never will forgive us. I’m worried she will never remember us and leave us for something better. What if she never remembers what we are to her? How we feel about her? What if we can’t fix this?” I finally let it out. All of my fears since I found out she couldn’t remember anything. This was all just too much for me to wrap my head around.

“Hey it’s all going to be fine. Stop. We need to be strong for her. I know we have had to be before so we can do it now as well. Cammy will just have to go with it because the doctor said no stress. We already expressed to Scarlet that we are together. We haven’t come right out and said it but we will get there. We can do this if we just stick together. We will just show her our love again. We will cherish her and make her feel loved. I have something in mind if things get too chaotic for her. We will protect her. Quit doubting everything. That’s not who either of us are. You said you would do anything for her. Anything to gain her forgiveness and mine. Hold it together for her sake if you can’t for your own.” He’s right. All I had to do was think of her and I could do this.

After a while Scarlet stirred. We got the nurse and showered her. She seemed a little unsteady from being asleep for so long but otherwise okay. Our walk seemed to get her a little more steady. It was as we were eating dinner that the doctor finally came in with a prescription for pain meds. She released Scarlet giving her instructions to rest and to come see her in a weeks time to do more testing. She explained that we would take care of her and that we could be trusted. She explained all the different ways that her memories could come back if they came back at all.

The drive home was silent as none of us seemed to want to leave our own thoughts. I let my mind drift over everything that has happened since meeting Scarlet. I thought about how heart broken I felt as she tested out her own name like it was foreign to her. I thought about Cammy’s reaction to the doctor wanting us to take her home. We got her to agree as long as we promised to never hurt her again. That was mostly Gabe’s doing. Scarlet seemed to be on information over load after our walk. I trusted Gabe. We could do this.

“I live here with both of you? These are my clothes? They’re mixed in with all of yours. Do we all share this room as well?” She seemed calm as she asked all of this. She was a little dazed but was taking everything in. I couldn’t be more proud of how she was handling this whole situation. I mean who wakes up, doesn’t remember who they are, finds out they are in a relationship with two men and takes all of that in stride. She hasn’t freaked out since shortly after she woke up. As always she is incredible.

I loved the way her cheeks turned red as we confirmed that we do indeed share a room as well as a bed. “We don’t have to if you aren’t comfortable with this just yet. We won’t try anything with you if you do want us to stay. We just want to be close to you. I would be happy sleeping in the floor by the bed if that’s what you want. I just want to make sure you’re okay.” I really wouldn’t care if she did make me sleep in the floor. I deserved it at this point. As long as she was safe.

“No we can share the bed. I would never ask anyone to sleep in the floor. Besides for some reason I feel as if I can trust you. If this is how we were before I’m okay with it now. Just no funny business okay. I’m not ready for anything more than sleeping.” Her cheeks turned even more red as it spread down her neck and into her shirt.

“Aww our little Scarlet is blushing. Don’t worry baby we won’t try anything with you. We just want to hold you and make sure you’re okay. You have given us quite a scare and we don’t want you out of our site. Now lets get ready for bed. I’m sure you’re tired. It has been a very long day for you. Do you need help getting ready? I know your head still hurts. “

“No but I could use my medicine. You are right about my head hurting and I don’t think I’ll sleep without taking something for it.” We both went to the kitchen so she had privacy to get dressed. It was the least we could do considering she was allowing us to stay with her.

“She seems to be taking all of this in stride. I couldn’t be happier that she is letting us stay with her. Does she seem slightly different to you? She seems more bold. More okay with herself. I am actually shocked she is letting us sleep in the bed with her.” I know I’m rambling but I am shocked. Gabe is talking to me again. Scarlet can’t even remember who she is let alone who we are and she is trusting us to stay in the same bed as her.

“I’ll bet the feelings are still there. She doesn’t have any memories but somehow she knows she feels something for us. She is trusting her gut. We couldn’t ask for better at the moment. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say it. She is amazing. Her reaction gives me more hope than I can possibly imagine.” Gabe grabbed her water as I grabbed her pills and we went back upstairs. She was in the middle of the bed waiting for us.

“Here baby take this. There will be a few extra people here in the morning. We are getting some security to watch over all of us for the time being. With our new book coming out we don’t want fans sneaking in trying to get memorabilia right. Don’t worry they aren’t violent fans. They just like to say they have been in our home but we don’t want them disturbing our lives right now.” She relaxed after Gabe gave her his crazy excuse for having security around. This was the only way we could thing of so she wouldn’t stress out over everything.

“You are so beautiful,so amazing baby. I am so glad you are okay. Lets get some sleep I know you’re tired.” I couldn’t help myself. She deserved all the praise we could give her. I would spend my life telling her what she meant to me.

We all climbed into bed falling asleep quickly wrapped around each other. It was honestly the best sleep I’ve had since she left us. Waking up was even better. We were home. She was here. Everything really was going to be okay. Whatever the day held I’m more than sure that we can handle it.

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