A New Beginning

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Chapter 27

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

I gasped in pleasure as my back hit the wall from the force of his kiss. I don’t know what has gotten into him. He just walked into the house and attacked me. I’m not about to complain or stop him. I needed him. I needed the closeness to reassure myself he was still mine. I needed to feel him pulsing deeply within me. “Gabe, please, I need you so much right now.” I moaned to him as his lips left mine to explore the curve of my neck. His teeth grazing my ear caused a shiver to coarse down my spine making me want him even more. His hands met my skin finally as he slid them under my shirt gliding up my sides. My shirt was off in record time leaving me in nothing but my sweats and panties.

“Patience Baby. I’m going to give this greedy little body everything it’s been begging for and then some. I’m going to slam into that tight little pussy until she weeps every last drop for me. I want to hear you scream from pleasure until your throat is raw and you can barely speak. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t form a coherent thought. Scar I’m going to love this perfect body until it gives out on the both of us. And then I’m going to wait just long enough for you to recover before I do it all over again. Just be patient love.” His growling those words to me caused my core to clench and my hips to jerk into his.

I gasped before completely forgetting how to breath when he pinched both of my tightened nipples hard before rubbing the slight pain in circles soothing them. He bit the side of my neck as he repeated the pinching process forcing a scream from my throat. The pleasure was overwhelming me. I began to rub against him trying to get any kind of relief from the fire he ignited through me. “Shh you’re okay. I’ve got you. Breath Scarlet. Just breath. That’s it, you’re doing good. Nice deep breaths. We have all night. I don’t want to rush. Are you calm now?” I gave a slight nod of my head letting him know that his coaching had indeed helped pull me from the sensory overload he had literally thrown me into after entering the house.

That is until he leaned down literally biting my nipple while grabbing my ass hard and slamming his hips into my pressing directly into me where I needed him the most right now. I tipped my head back releasing a scream as I arched deeper into his mouth. His tongue soother the bitten area while his hands continued to massage my backside. I moaned as one of his hands lid into my sweats, beneath my panties, sliding into my folds. He wanted me calm for this? This was not going to keep me calm. Hell, this was going to throw me right over the edge much faster than I have ever fallen before.

My hips jerked of their own accord as he slammed hiss finger into my soaking core as he bit my other tightened bud. His finger dragged along my inner walls as he pulled it out causing me to shudder against him. “Mmm, you are so wet for me. I just want to bury myself in your dripping pussy. She’s calling to me like you can’t believe. I want to slam into you so hard my balls spank you every time I drive home. Do you want that Scar? Do you want me to make you cum standing right here against this wall? Tell me and I’ll give you exactly what you want. I can’t hold out much longer. I need to be in you any way you want me to be.” His voice was sensually husky as he muttered against my chest slamming not only one finger but two deeply into me. I couldn’t utter a single word if I wanted to as he rapidly slammed his fingers into me repeatedly. He made sure to drag his fingers along my wall with every pull.

“Please Gabe. Please. “ It was all I could say as his pace increased as did his sucking. I was losing my grip on reality quickly. All I could do was feel the pleasure this man was bringing me. I needed everything he was offering and I needed it now but I could do nothing to get what I needed. I was that consumed by the passion swirling inside of me. I whimpered as he pulled out of me completely. His hands moved to my hips shoving my pants and undies to the floor. I stood there quivering as he ripped his shirt over his head before fumbling with the front of his pants for a moment.

He grasped me by my hips pulling me out of my clothes and up the wall so I could wrap my legs around his waist. He rubbed his hardened muscle against my swollen clit causing me to moan his name and arch my back as I tried to force him to end this torture. I just wanted him in me, around me, consuming me. “Yes Baby. God yes. Just like this? Are you sure you’re ready for me? Once I stop I won’t stop. I won’t be able to. I’ll push you until you pass out from the pleasure. Please say yes because I’m not sure I can stop at this point.”He moaned in my ear while sliding back and forth across my clit teasing both of us even more.

“ Yes. Yes. Please yes.” My incoherent words slipped out just before my scream of pleasure as he slammed into me. A strangled noise left me every time he slammed back in. I felt every movement of his body through my entire body. I couldn’t get enough of him. He reached between us pinching my clit lightly. I screamed his name yet again. It didn’t take much time for me to be on the edge. I was going to tip over quickly if he didn’t slow down. “Gabe I’m going to...” I couldn’t finish the thought as he lightly bit the side of my neck again. He lifted his head to stair directly into my eyes intensely.

“Cum baby. Let me feel you all over me sucking me dry. Let it go.” His words set my my body free causing me to fall off that edge. My core clenching him tightly, repeatedly. His moan in my ear set my body off more. I didn’t know I could feel this much pleasure.

I sat up looking around, panting while my core continued to clench. I sat confused for a moment before realizing the entire thing was a dream. It had been three months since I had been released from the hospital. Neither twin had touched me intimately in that entire time. They took care of me and slept in the same bed as me. Hell they went as far as to bath me but they refused to touch me like I craved. I recently needed them to badly as small memories came to me. I don’t remember enough to actually think I’m making progress. It was more like flashes.

Ryder’s arm tightened around me pulling me back to the bed just as Gabe entered with a tray of food. This was getting ridiculous. How on earth am I going to show these two men just what I want from them. I have walked around naked. I have worn next to nothing for days. I have moaned out their names in a plea as they washed me. Short of begging for them to take me and ravish me I couldn’t think of many more ways to let them know I wanted them. Still they refused to touch me further in that sort of manner. Sure they held me, comforted me,bathed me, showed me love but not once did they take it further.

I threw myself face down on the bed refusing to look at either of them as Gabe joined us on the bed. This was another of their routines, breakfast in bed before our day started. One was always here when I woke up and one was always coming in with breakfast. I heard the tray hit the table gently before two sets of hands began gliding up my back. “Are you okay love? I heard your screams while making breakfast. I was worried but hoped Ryder would get you awake quickly. I didn’t want you to wake up without any food.” They were once again having a silent conversation over my head. I noticed a while ago they seemed to do that a lot. Especially wen I had a nightmare. I never remembered them and I only ever had them when they both left me while I was asleep.

I felt Ryder shake his head answering some silent mystery question from Gabe. This only irritated me more as I laid there desperately wanting them. This is ridiculous. Maybe they just don’t want me that way. Maybe my not having memories turned them completely off making me undesirable. Maybe my past was so horrible they were disgusted by me. I wouldn’t know now would I? Was I really that horrible they didn’t didn’t want me like that? These are the questions I was now asking myself. I wanted them to the point of desperation and yet they haven’t even attempted to touch me. I know at one point they must have wanted me as those are the only tid bits of memory that I have.

Could it be that I just wanted them so desperately that I fabricated these memories? They felt so real as they flashed through my mind. I could see Ryder as I held onto a closet bar and he pumped us both to oblivion. I saw Gabe over the top of me on the couch as he pressed deeper and deeper. Could I have dreamed them all up? Maybe they weren’t memories at all but hopeful wishing. I had to get over my desire for them. It was becoming painfully obvious neither of them wanted me like that. Yes they cared for me just not in that way.

I allowed my tears to escape into the pillow my face was currently buried in every time I exhaled controlling my shoulders from shaking. I have no idea how I knew how to control my tears to a point no one would ever know I was crying. Maybe it was a natural thing. I didn’t want any questions about my tears. I vaguely heard them asking about my dream and suggesting hypnosis when I didn’t answer. They assumed like every other time I simply couldn’t remember what I had dreamed and that was why I refused to sit up. I definitely didn’t want to embarrass myself by alerting them to my need for them. I would deal with this on my own. They never needed to know how I felt.

I definitely need to quit trying to seduce them though. They must be so embarrassed by my behavior. Hell now that I think on it I really should be as well. You really shouldn’t throw yourself at a couple of men who have no interest in you like that. I am truly grateful to them for taking care of me and showing so much patience and love while I recovered from whatever happened a few months ago. I’ve gathered whatever it was it wasn’t a good thing considering they felt a need to have body guards around the house all the time. I wasn’t ever allowed to leave without at least two of them and one of the twins and I was never to sleep alone for the entire night.

God I had made a mess of things. How could I ever think they would want me when I couldn’t even remember who I was. I had taken advantage of their caring and kindness by trying to seduce them. How unappreciative can a person get. I should be simply thankful for them caring enough to take care of me, protect me from whatever is out there.

I refused to turn over no matter what they said. I couldn’t stop the tears and I certainly couldn’t explain to them why they were there. I felt hands try to turn me over as one of them asked if I was hungry. I simply grabbed my pillow tighter locking my body down while shaking my head in reply. I wasn’t sure I could stomach anything with my revelation. I was also too embarrassed to face either of them. It was childish to hide in my pillow but I just needed to get everything I was feeling under control before I faced them. I hardened my resolve to keep this to myself and I would never walk around half dressed or naked again.

“What’s the matter Love? Is it the mention of hypnosis again. We are just worried that not a single memory has come back yet. We just want to try everything before accepting you may never get your memories back. I don’t like when you’re confused and frustrated because you simply can’t remember. Please forgive us for mentioning it again.” Gabe’s words only served to make me feel worse. How could I be lusting after them and feeling angry when they were simply trying to take the best care of me.

My conflicting emotions prevented me from answering him. We just laid there while they caressed my back and I tried to get my emotions under control. It took so much longer due to the fact that once I thought I had I flashes of my dream would flash through my mind making me cry again. Finally I lifted my head just enough to let them know I was finally willing to do the hypnosis. At this moment I didn’t care weather I ever remembered anything ever again. The pain tearing through my chest made everything dim at the moment.

All I wanted was them and I was never going to have them the way I needed. It hurt more and more every time I thought that. Why did it hurt so much? Again they pleaded with me to tell them what was wrong. I couldn’t do anything besides shake my head at them. I know the food had gone cold and when I finally managed to get up I would simply head for the shower. I felt lips at me neck as a hand slid down to caress my ass. What. The. Hell.

“Please tell us baby. If you’re willing to so the hypnosis then what is wrong? We can’t stand to see you like this any longer.” I don’t know which one said it because I was distracted, not only by the lips, but also by the hand that was suddenly separating my legs and caressing the inside of my thigh. I’m sure they are only resorting to this to get me to talk. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want them. I’m sure if I look up I am going to see the disgusted looks on their faces. I refused to react to anything. I am not going to move and let them know this is affecting me no matter how much I want it. Didn’t I just swear I wasn’t going to subject them to my advances anymore? I will not force myself onto two out of the only three people in the world who seem to care about me.

They had introduced me to some girl named Cammy shortly after I woke up. She claimed to be my best friend and was here almost every other day to make sure I was okay and being taken care of to her standards. It was weird at first but I felt close to her for some odd reason. It felt like I trusted her so after the first couple of visits we simply got along talking about everything and anything. It turns out I work for her. A month ago she took me to work with my entourage and showed me what I was missing out on every day. Surprisingly I remembered how to actually do my job about half way through the day.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a finger stroking my core through my panties. My legs opened a little more involuntarily as I arched my hips trying to get closer. I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped into my pillow. “What was that baby? You want me to do that again? If this is what has been bothering you all you had to do was say so. Gabe and I have been waiting to take you like this. We wanted you to be okay with this.” Ryder let out huskily as he pushed my panties to the side sliding his finger between my lips.

His fingers rotated around my clit as Gabe lifted my hips slightly off the bed giving his brother slightly better access. I am not turning over. This is not really happening. I’m probably just day dreaming again. But damn, it felt so real. Were they really touching me? I got my answer as a hand slid beneath the gap made by lifting me slightly in the air. The hand grabbed my nipple pinching just enough to cause both mild pain and incredible pleasure.

“She is soaked for us brother. That move just made it worse. She is still just as responsive to our touch if not more than she was before. I didn’t think that was possible but my god just a couple of touches and I can feel her quivering already and I haven’t even slipped into her yet. I’ve just placed my thumb at her entrance. God I just want to bury my tongue into her and taste her like I have wanted to these last three months. I have missed her flavor so much.” With that Ryder’s head pushed forward and his tongue entered my core. My mind kept screaming yes, yes, yes. I couldn’t think beyond the pleasure they were currently bringing me.

Gabe pinched my nipple again before sinking his teeth into the back of my neck. He rolled it between his fingers as Ryder rubbed circles into my clit. I was going to explode if they didn’t stop. I was embarrassed enough by how my body was responding. They obviously already knew how they affected me. There was no hiding my wetness. A circle, a plunge, a bite, a pinch and a simultaneous moan at both ends of my body had me screaming into my pillow as my inner walls clenched the tongue that was plunging into me. I couldn’t quit cumming all over his tongue as they kept up their administrations to my body.

I finally collapsed onto the bed trying to gather my senses and catch my breath. That was even better than my dream. I couldn’t believe the heights they had brought me to so very quickly. I hadn’t realized they had flipped me over until I braved cracking my eyes open. “I’m sorry. I know it’s not what you want. I was trying to accept that when you did this. I had only just realized you didn’t want me like that. Please promise me this won’t change anything. I couldn’t stand it if I lost you two. I am so so so sorry.” My words were cut short by Gabe’s lips pressing firmly to mine forcing my lips apart so his tongue could sweep into mine.

The kiss left me light headed from the passion behind it. “We have wanted you for months. We simply held off trying to be sure you were okay with both of us taking you without you freaking out. This is how we were together before your accident. We couldn’t keep our hands off you baby. We have wanted nothing more than to bury ourselves inside your warm tight body. If this is what you want we will give it to you any way you want it. All you have to do is say the words. “ Ryder’s words were punctuated with Gabe pressing his hips into me right where I needed him showing me the proof of his desire.

Ryder’s hand moved one of mine down to grab him showing me his desire as well. They were both proving just how much they wanted me. “Please. I need both of you. In me, around me, on me. Please take me.” The words rushed from my mouth as Gabe’s lips slid from mine down the side of my neck. He was tasting me like I was a delicacy he hadn’t had in forever and wasn’t sure how long he was going to get to taste me like this. I heard the ripping of my panties as Gabe hastily pulled them from my body seemingly unable to pull himself from me long enough to remove them properly.

“Are you sure this is what you want baby? We will take you one at a time at first until you are used to it. But I can’t be gentle this first time. It has been too long since I have been buried inside you. I need you. All of you now. Rough and hard until you can’t remember anything but our names. If that isn’t what you want then you need to say so now so we can stop. I won’t be able to control myself if we go any further than this right now.” His groan was punctuated by his hips slamming into me roughly showing me just how he wanted to take me. The action took my breath away. They both stared at me anxiously waiting for an answer I was unable to give due to my lack of oxygen. We were all on edge. One word and my dreams would come true tonight finally.

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