A New Beginning

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Chapter 28

Scarlet’s POV

I looked up with pleading eyes hoping they would get my message. They didn’t seem to understand what I was communicating with my eyes. They looked slightly disappointed as they began to pull away from me. The separation of our bodies sent a chill down my skin clearing my brain slightly.

“No. Please I need you.”

My words had the desired effect as they stilled completely before moving right back to my body. Gabe’s lips attacked mine once more as he pressed his body into mine. His hands fisted my hair causing a gasp to escape my lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth tasting me with a hunger that echoed through my entire body. A moan escaped my lips from the sting of his hands pulling my hair to hold me to him. He used his grip to tip my head to the side before attacking my neck with his lips and teeth. My hands were pulled above my head and secured in a large unyielding hand.

A pinch to my tightened nipple combined with a bite to the side of my neck shot pleasure straight to my core causing my hips to lift. Gabe began to grind into me with his covered erection. He pulled away from me enough so one of his hands could slide between us. His finger separated my lower lips finding me soaked for him.

“Baby you’re so wet, so ready for me. I want to slam myself into you. I want to press your legs up by your head and have Ryder restrain them from moving. I want to pound into this sweet pussy until your screaming from pleasure. I want you to beg for release. I want to hear you beg for more knowing I won’t give it to you until you beg. Only then will I let him release your legs to wrap around me I want to see your eyes the entire time. I want to see them burn with fire when I finally let you cum. I want to consume your entire being. And I want it all now!” As he said now he slammed his fingers into my tight hole.

I threw my head back as far as his hands would allow releasing a scream of surprise and pleasure. I couldn’t focus on anything except his fingers moving inside me and his lips at my neck. His teeth scraping against the sensitive flesh near my shoulder. A please escaping my lips as a whimper. I wanted what he was offering. I would beg him. I would let them hold me down as long as he finally, finally buried himself deeply inside me where I needed him. Where I have dreamed of him for so long now. I needed him. I needed them more than my next breath.

I whimpered as his fingers left me only to gasp as I felt his length being buried deep within me. Ryder slid under my head pulling my hands around his waist. I grabbed him holding on tightly as my legs were lifted towards my head. Ryder grabbed my ankles holding me open for his brother. Gabe began slamming into me hard enough you could hear his balls smacking my ass. I couldn’t do anything but dig my nails into Ryder and hold on for dear life. I couldn’t contain the sounds coming out of my throat every time he slammed back into me.

His head tipped down taking one of my nipples between his teeth. His bite ripped a scream of pleasure from my throat. My muscles clenching around him as pleasure shot through my body. It couldn’t be this easy to make me cum. He must have thought the same thing because not a moment later he slowed down. His thrust became torture as I felt him circle his hips grinding into me before slowly dragging out of me. I could hear how wet I was as he as he dragged against my walls.

“I’m next baby. Just think with every thing he’s doing right now there will still be more. I can’t wait to bury myself deep in you. I want you to feel me in your stomach a lot like I imagine you feel my brother right now. Can you feel how deep he is? Do you feel stretched and completely full or does it feel like something is missing? It’s me that’s missing baby. When you’re ready I’ll remind you just how it feels to take both of us at once. I want to hear how good he’s making you feel. I want you to scream for me.” At his command I let out a scream. My body was being pushed beyond the point of pleasure into oblivion

“Please Gabe. Please I need to cum. I need to wrap my legs around you and hold you to me please. I need to move against you. Please.” I begged just like he wanted me to. The results were amazing. Ryder let my legs down and I automatically wrapped them around his waist. Lifting my hips to match his thrust. His hand came down to play with my clit.

“Look at me baby. I want to see you fly apart under me, because of me. You feel so amazing baby I want to stay buried in you forever. Cum for me Scarlet. Now!”As he finished speaking he slammed into me deeply while pulling my hips up and towards him. That was all it took for me to arch my hips screaming his name as I convulsed around him repeatedly. I stared into his eyes getting even more lost as I flew apart under him. Ryder’s body clutched in my hands and Gabe’s body against mine were the only things tethering me to this world. I was completely lost in a sea of pleasure.

I don’t know how long we laid there catching our breath and coming back down to earth. I didn’t really have a sense of anything other than their skin against mine. Soft hands stroked my skin helping me calm down. I have no idea who was touching me where anymore. I felt hands softly drift up and down my sides and hands gently gliding through my hair. Gabe was still buried deeply with in me.

“Are you OK sweetheart? You haven’t made a sound or moved in a while.” Ryder’s voice stirred me out of my pleasure induced haze. I looked at both of them before nodding. I really was okay. Better than okay. I couldn’t find words to express just how they made me feel. My body had received intense pleasure with both of them here. I’m still not sure this is normal for people but it was all I really knew. Being with these two felt natural.

Gabe sliding out of me brought me back to my senses quickly. I whimpered in protest as I felt him withdraw from me. “It’s OK Baby. I’m just going to get a cloth to wash you up.” His reassurance didn’t stop me from being cold once he left me. I tried snuggling into Ryder for heat but it wasn’t the same as when they were both here.

“You are absolutely amazing. Watching you fall apart under my brother has my body aching to top the pleasure he brought you. I wanted to take things slow with you but I just don’t think I can. If you’re not too sore and tired I would love nothing more than to love this exquisite body of yours until you scream from pleasure over and over again.” Ryder’s words had my body tingling in anticipation. My breathing increased with my heart beat at the thought of what he was going to do to my body.

“I can tell you like the thought of that and I can’t wait to watch you fall apart under Ry. I feel very privileged to have brought you that much pleasure and to have been the first of us to do so. Let me clean you up so we can continue making you feel good Baby.” Gabe made my cheeks flame red as he began to wipe me down. All I could think of was being with these two men once again and here he was cleaning me from the last time. I felt insatiable and worried they would see me as a whore for wanting them so badly.

“We want you just as much Love. You are no where near a whore and I don’t ever want to hear you say that again. You don’t remember but we are the first men you have ever given yourself to and we pride ourselves in that fact. It wasn’t something you did easily and we watched as you struggled with yourself to do so. You are as innocent as a new born baby and we love you so much more for everything you have given us. You are perfect in your ability to keep up with both of us. We love every minute of bringing you pleasure. We are going to remind your body just how much it wanted us. We are going to make you fall in love with us again. We are going to spend every day as we have been showing you that you are loved, wanted, needed, cherished. You’re it for us baby and we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Ryder’s speech had tears coming to my eyes.

Gabe had simply caressed my back the entire time giving weight to his brothers words. I ;leaned forward pressing my lips to Ryder showing my emotions in that one simple kiss. They both seemed to understand just what I was feeling as Gabe pressed his lips to my shoulder. The combination of them both had my head quickly spinning. I was twisted into Ryder with my lower half still exposed. A fact I was quickly reminded of as I felt fingers slide between my lower lips to slowly rub circles into my clit.

A moan escaped me as pleasure began to run through me once more. It’s amazing how that one small motion could make me wet all over again. A pinch to my nipple brought gasp out of me as my hips jerked towards the hand caressing me below as pleasure shot through my entire body. Our kiss became one of hunger very quickly as his tongue slipped past my parted lips to taste me deeply.

“God you’re still just as responsive to our touch. I have missed being able to touch you like this Scarlet. I have missed every reaction you have to out touch. Can you feel how hard you make me baby?” Ryder managed when his lips finally left me gasping for air. I was twisted to lay on my side with my knee propped into the air. I felt fingers slide into me caressing my inner walls. I never got a chance to catch my breath from this sensation before the same finger quickly slid to my rear entrance pushing past any resistance quickly. I was quickly distracted from my rear as fingers slipped back into my core. The dual sensations quickly bringing me to the edge.

Just as my inner muscles began to tighten they both quit moving. I groaned in disappointment. I had been so close. “No baby I want you to cum on me not my hand. I want to be buried deep inside you , feel you in every inch of my dick as I pound into you knowing I’m causing you to cum. I want to compare this moment to my memory and know that actually having you is so much better than any memory I can think of.” As he spoke they both withdrew from my body. I was lifted onto my knees by Gabe who leaned me against his body.

He leaned down pressing his lips to mine while I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I felt hands at my hips but paid them no attention as Gabe slid his hand down to toy with my hardened nipples. I pressed my lower half into Ryder from the sensations. This must have been exactly what he was waiting for as he slid right into me without pausing. I squeaked in surprise as I felt him buried to the hilt. He groaned in my ear making him sound like he was in heaven just by being inside me.

I pulled away from Gabe to bury my head into his neck. I tried catching my breath as Ryder pulled slowly out of me. Gabe supported my full weight as I was overwhelmed with sensation, with passion. His fingers continued to pinch my nipples. Twisting them causing pleasure to shoot to my core. He slid down just enough to take my nipple in his mouth as Ryder slammed into me hard enough that I lurched forward slightly. Gabe kept me upright as Ryder set a slow, hard pace. He made sure I felt every inch of him as he slowly withdrew just to have him slam forward a moment later. The combination along with Gabe’s lips had my moaning incoherently.

It was all I could do as my body was overwhelmed with sensations. “That’s it Baby. Let me know just how good I’m making you feel. Let me know how much you want me. I love knowing how much you enjoy my touch, my dick, my body. God you feel so good. I was right. It’s way better than my memory.” His words snapped something inside him. He began to slam into me fast and hard. The sound of skin hitting skin had me grabbing Gabe for a better grip. You could hear how wet I was as he rapidly pumped into me.

“Let go Baby. Your right there just let go for him. He’s holding off for you but he won’t be able to hold on much longer.” Gabe muttering against my skin causing vibrations to go through me. I still couldn’t release. I needed something. I don’t know what but I needed something to throw me over. I whimpered at not finding what I was looking for.

“Cum now.” The stern words were punctuated with him rubbing my clit roughly as he slammed into me from behind. His hand buried into my hair pulling my head back so he could stare into my eyes. I felt myself spasm around him trying to milk his release from him. I cried out both their names repeatedly with my release as I felt Ryder let go inside of me. My eyes rolled into my head as my toes curled from the pleasure pounding through me.

Finally I slumped forward exhausted. Gabe pulled me from Ryder before laying me down. I felt him cleaning me but I was unable to open my eyes. I was somewhere between sleep and awake. I heard them say how amazing I was and how they couldn’t believe they were finally able to be with me. They sounded so happy that I had finally pushed to be with them. I disagreed. They were the amazing ones while I was lucky to have them both in my life. I finally fell fully into the darkness of sleep with that thought floating around my brain.

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