A New Beginning

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Chapter 29

Scarlet’s P.O.V.

It took me an hour and a half to get to the beach i wanted but it was so worth it. There was no pier but it didn’t have a lot of people either. the waves in front of me flowed gently, the sound a new found lullaby. The sand beneath my feet was very soft and felt like an over stuffed cushion as my toes sunk deep into it. The birds squawked all around me as the fresh smell from the ocean sunk into my senses. Everything around me seemed to still as if the world had stopped as I stood before this magnificent body of water. Peace and calm surrounded me.

This is what I came here for. I let every emotion roll off of me into the beautiful blue depths before me. All of the confusion from the time I woke up until now. Every frustration from not remembering. Every whispered conversation that stopped when I got close enough to hear anything. Every time I couldn’t distinguish a memory from a dream. Every time someone had to tell me about my own life because I simply couldn’t remember, Every time a session with a new doctor or hypnosis specialist failed to produce anything other than the boys need to make me sleep on my own.

Like that was actually going to happen. Ryder’s reaction actually caused me to laugh while Gabe shut me up rather quickly as he became angry every time this was suggested. After a while I began looking at them like they were crazy. I won’t be able to prevent someone from getting punched if they continue this line of thinking. I had to beg Ryder to stop Gabe the last time it was suggested. He was only too happy to see his brother beat the doctor to a pulp.

I had walked further down the beach while thinking of all the stress of the last couple of months. It started when I woke up not knowing who I was and was finishing with not knowing who I am. I had gone back to work after a while. I don’t see a reason not to. Apparently Cammy and I are great friends. She kept muttering about being thankful for good coffee and thanking God that I was back and remembered most of my job. I have no idea what she is talking about because I don’t remember anything other than what she has told me. She went through an entire day explaining just exactly what I was supposed to do.

On top of everything else going on Cammy has started what she calls a girls day. She picks a place once a week that we have to go to and discuss how I am being treated, how I’m feeling, if I have remembered anything. I enjoy the time out but honestly if things had changed I would have told her. I can’t count the number of times I had told her this. Then for some reason she began to invite other people from work. It made me uncomfortable. I was very nervous around new people and everyone seemed new to me.

I had also noticed that I startled very easily. Any loud noises caused me to tense and jump looking for I don’t know what around me. The guys noticed the same issue and would simply press me between them holding me tightly until my heart slowed down and my breathing became regular again. They always looked so sad after an episode. I don’t think I will ever figure out why they still insisted on encouraging me to go out. Why they whispered everything was okay when clearly they felt the need to comfort me during such events. They were always so careful to let me know they were around.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with I had overheard the twins arguing in the kitchen. Ryder wanted me to regain my memories and seemed upset that it was taking so long. Gabe on the other hand seemed to feel it was best if I never did. I was told that before my accident I had argued with Ryder. They had even explained that at the time Ryder had thought I had mistaken someone for a different person. They explained that I had taken this as betrayal in the worst form because it was something very important to me. They explained that Gabe had frozen in fury from what I had told him. That his reaction didn’t help at all and ultimately that was the reason I left.

We had a very long talk and hashed out so many different things the night they came clean about it. They still refuse to tell me what the actual thing was that the fight had been about. They claimed it was better if I simply didn’t visit that place again. I was told if I remember then fine they would deal with it then. They made sure I knew if that ever happened that I was to come to them and they would help me deal with it. For now I had no way to argue with that as I truly didn’t know even remotely what the reasoning behind it all was.

Why did Gabe not want me to remember? If it was true that Ryder was the one I fought with and Gabe had simply frozen then why shouldn’t I remember my past? Did Gabe and I fight as well? Were they only telling me this because Gabe did worse than Ryder and they simply wanted to cover it up? I was going to drive myself crazy with the questions I so badly wanted to ask. I really didn’t want to fight with them though. No matter who I was before or what had happened to me these men were there for me always.

They taught me about love and kindness. They comforted me when i became overly emotional about the situation. They took care of me in every sense of the word from cooking for me to bathing me. They even had input on what I wore. They taught me about trust and honesty even when they kept things from me. I believed it was because they simply couldn’t bring themselves to hurt me.

They had the sexiest ways of teaching me things. Just last night for instance. I was washing laundry when Gabe came up behind me caging me against the washing machine. His cologne seemed into my nose as his body heat surrounded me. He slid his hand into my hair wrapping it tightly around his fist before pulling my head back. He placed his lips on mine with a passion so intense my knees began to shake. I couldn’t stop the moan if i tried. He pulled back for just a moment. “I want to taste you, consume you, devour you. You are mine!” He muttered against my lips before pulling me upstairs to our room.

Ryder was waiting for us at the edge of the bed. I couldn’t help but feel nervous at the assortment he had next to him. I had let them hold me down but never handcuff me. He had a blindfold as well. I saw a cup of ice on the table next to the bed. I’m not completely sure why I noticed it or what it was for. “Do you trust us Baby? You know we would never hurt you right? We simply want to see how much you trust us. We want you to see how much you trust us. I promise you will feel nothing but pleasure from what we are going to do.” Ryder’s words sent a shiver down my spine.

I couldn’t speak. Gabe fisted my hair once again pulling my head back so he could look into my eyes. I nodded my head slightly letting them know I was okay with this. Ryder was right they would never hurt me. As soon a I nodded Ryder pressed himself to the front of me while reaching under my shirt. His hands slowly caressed up my sides pulling my shirt up with them as Gabe unbuttoned my pants. Gabe turned my head back to his brother just in time for Ryder’s lips to crash into mine. Ryder pulled back just enough to remove my shirt before coming back to my lips.

“Do you want us to tie you to the bed Scar? We will blind fold you so that all of your senses are heightened. The only thing you will be able to do is lay there and feel as my brother and I pleasure your body. We will take our time caressing, touching, kissing, licking every inch of you before we finally slide deeply inside you giving you what you will be begging for. Tell me this is what you want. Tell me we are what you want.” Gabe’s words set my body on fire. I wanted all of that and then some. All I could do was whimper at his words as my stomach clenched tightly.

A stinging smack to the side of my breast combined with my pants being slid to my ankles brought me back just enough to answer. “Please I want you both. Right now. I need you inside me. ” As I spoke the words i was pushed back onto the bed. They wasted no time handcuffing me and blindfolding me. I felt the remainder of my clothes being removed before the entire room went silent. I couldn’t even hear them breathing. The longer I laid there the more I heard. At this point i could even hear the central air blowing but I still could not pin point either twin.

I jerked as ice touched my collar bone sliding along it to the valley of my breasts. I tensed as the ice slowly circled my breast coming closer and closer to my tightened bud. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to hurry and place it on my aching nipple or simply not touch there with something that cold. Before I could decide the ice was swiftly placed there anyhow taking away my need to decide. I moaned at the sensation wondering what else they were going to do. As the ice moved from one breast to the next something very warm dripped onto the first nipple. I jerked at the sensation releasing yet another moan.

This was becoming very intense very quickly. The heat followed the path of the ice traveling own my stomach to my hips and thighs. Teeth scraped my skin shortly after removing whatever was dripped on me. “Does it feel good Baby? Can you feel us everywhere? Have we missed a spot? I believe we have missed your entire back side. I’m going to turn you over and we are going to love every inch of you there as well.” The words no sooner left his mouth than I was flipped onto my stomach. I can only guess it was Ryder as Gabe usually calls me love.

That was when I quit thinking all together. They repeated the pattern across my back before adding a stinging slap to my ass and continuing down my legs. Teeth once again followed the path. I felt the teeth sink into my cheeks before my hips were pulled up causing me to lift up onto my knees. With my hands cuffed to the bed and my arms twisted I couldn’t lift up my shoulders or move much. I felt Ice being pushed into both of my holes as finger followed stroking me slowly. It was absolute torture. I simply wanted them in me now.

Despite the cold i felt myself building into what promised to me a mind blowing orgasm. the sensations never quit. As the fingers moved in and out of me at a slow pace i felt a hand wiggle under me until it was pinching my nipple. A few smacks to my ass had me almost flying off the edge. As soon as I began to clench the fingers inside of me they both pulled away causing a whimper to escape my lips. Please tell me they were not going to leave me like this.

“You know what you have to do Love. You have to beg us to take you. Tell us what you want. Tell us how much you want it or we will not be able to give it to you.” I’m guessing it was Gabe. I tried catching my breath enough to speak but that seemed almost impossible at this point. “Tell us!” Was muttered against my ear as a hand fisted into my hair pulling me up as far as it could while I was in this position.

“Please...Please fill me. Both of you. I need you inside me. I need you to fill me until I explode. Please.” Their words were enough to have me begging. I was once again flipped over as the cuffs were slid up the headboard. I was lifted off the bed and laid onto a warm body I couldn’t tell who was under me. A Cock was placed at my star entrance as another rubbed up and down my slit. My head tipped back onto a shoulder as i felt both being pressed into me at the same time. I felt so full. It was like I could feel every ridge, every twitch as they slowly slid in and out of me.

The word please was all I could manage to utter but they seemed to understand what I needed better than I did. They pulled out before slamming back into me causing me to scream with pleasure. They set a relentless pace that I could only lay there and absorb. They didn’t lie when they said I would have to take whatever pleasure they gave me. My legs were draped on one of their arms as they pounded into me. I was so very close to my release but I still couldn’t seem to find it. I needed something I just wasn’t sure what that something was.

“Cum.” It was only one word but when it came with a hard rub to my clit and a sharp pinch to my nipple to go with the pounding they were doing I could no longer hold back. I screamed my release milking theirs from them as they called my name. It was amazing. After a while my cuffs were removed along with the blindfold. My lesson over. I loved these lessons.

Arms circled my waist pulling me back to the present. I turned quickly to see Gabe behind me.“I knew I would find you out here. Come on it’s time to have supper. Ryder is in the car. We are taking you out as it would take to long to take you home and then cook. You have been out here for a very long time Love.” With that he walked me to the car gently settling me into the back. I loved these men. Flaws and all. But I was determined to find everything they are hiding from me. After dinner maybe I should see if they would let me tie them up. Then maybe I would get some answers.

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