A New Beginning

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Chapter 3

Scarlet was sitting at her desk the same as every day when she heard a husky voice, “We are here for our 3 o’clock appointment.” Scarlet looked up and thought she was seeing double. There stood the most handsome men she had ever seen with their jet black hair, the bluest eyes she had ever seen, and matching dimples on opposite cheeks. Her gaze just roamed down their figure without her permission. She couldn’t speak nor stop herself from staring at these two amazing men.

Her eyes followed along their strong tanned necks to the most amazingly sculpted chest she had ever seen. Slowly her gaze soaked in the site of their twin muscular stomachs and arms noting the different tattoos on these two. The twins never even noticed her stare. They were both so caught up in staring at her face and drinking everything in as greedily as they could. Now that Ryder was closer he could see that her eyes were three different colors. Both were a beautiful shade of brown that star splashed into a lighter shade of green and surrounded by an emerald green fire.

Scarlet mentally slapped herself. What am I doing? Men mean nothing but heart ache. People mean nothing but heart ache. She could not allow herself to stare at these men any longer than she had already. Standing coolly with her mask in place she directed both boys to Cammy’s office. There she announced their presence and left them gaping at her. She was like a block of ice. Both men took it as a challenge. They would melt that exterior block of ice and ignite the flames they knew resided in this woman.

As Scarlet returned to her typing both boys turned to their new publicist. Cammy stood up to shake both of the men’s hands. She was amused and plotting. She had seen the way both of them had stared at her friend. But even more surprising was the fact that she had never seen Scarlet look at any one the way she stared at the two of them. “Who is that woman at the desk out front?” Ryder couldn’t help asking.

“Her name is Scarlet and she is my assistant.” Cammy replied. This could be interesting They seem to be as interested in Scar as she was in them.

Gabe couldn’t stop himself from asking ”So she will be assisting with our launch I presume?”

Cammy’s eyes glittered with excitement. She just knew these two men were made for her friend. Besides two was always better than just one wasn’t it. Cammy had noticed over the year and a half that she had known Scarlet that her friend never saw anyone. Hell she rarely spoke to anyone other than herself and she knew how hard it was to even get her to do that. Over time she had gotten Scarlet to open up to her some but she knew there was way more to her than the little things she had been told.

Scarlet never seemed truly unhappy but she was never happy either. She rarely heard her best friend laugh and even when she did it was never more than a small chuckle. She wanted to see Scarlet’s eyes sparkle with true happiness. She wanted to hear an outright laugh from her best friend and she figured these two gods were her ticket to bringing the ice queen herself to life.

“Of course she will be helping. That is what assistants do. She will actually be doing a good portion of the work as directed by me, but for the most part you will be ironing out the small details with Scarlet.” Cammy replied not missing the mischievous glint in the brothers eyes.

“Such as?” Ryder asked hoping to fill some much needed detail into their plans for the beautiful Scarlet.

Gabe followed saying “We simply want to know what we will be ironing out and if we need to make ourselves available any evenings. We are very busy and probably should start the third book in our series. These things take a while to write and come up with. It’s not done overnight.” Both men stared at her intently waiting for an opening to spend as much time with their Scarlet as possible.

“Oh most of it I believe. Things are going to get very hectic when we launch your book. I know you want to get started on the book as fast as possible but maybe it can be put off for just a few months while we get your first story launched. Now then, with that being said Scarlet already has several ideas for your launching. We will do a book signing for the first day of release and then a small tour for many other signings. We have to map out just where we want you to go or if there are any places you would like added. Also there will be photo shoots for the cover and advertising of the book. All of these details will be worked out with Scarlet. Also we would like an elegant celebration party the night of the launching. We haven’t quite decided on an exact date but my assistant is already going through the market research of other book releases and the best time to launch it.”

Scarlet was in fact sitting at her desk doing that very thing. She was sending out emails to the nearby publishing houses gathering a spreadsheet of when all the other books were being released. It normally took a few months of promoting a book before you could launch one. As it was currently May they were looking at September as the earliest date for release. She knew she could put it together by then. She just didn’t know if yummy one and yummy two would be able to do it then.

Wait, what did she just think yummy one and two. No way! Quit thinking of them as anything other than the newest books she scolded herself. September seemed acceptable if they did it midway through the month as there was another large release planned for the beginning. There were only some small time books planned for the middle of the month anywhere near them. Now where could she send them for a tour. San Francisco sounded like a good opener.

From there they could just skip across the states stopping at high selling locations finally ending in New York City. Her favorite photographer was also available in the month of June for a lengthy photo shoot of the two gods in the other room.

When were they leaving she wondered. She was tired of fighting her body to not turn around and stare at their perfect bodies. She had simply never felt this way before and it bothered her greatly. She hoped Cammy didn’t mind doing most of the meetings with those two gods as she didn’t want to be anywhere near them. Ever. Suddenly she felt a pang of anger toward Cammy at the thought of her spending so much time with her boys. What the actual hell!

They were not now nor would they ever be her boys. She would make sure of that. She wasn’t dubbed the ice queen for nothing and she certainly wasn’t letting two people into her frozen heart ever! Scarlet didn’t care if she had to tie herself down to resist temptation there was no way in hell anyone was ever going to be hers or she theirs. She reminded herself she was unlovable and the road her mind was on would only lead to heart break and pain.

Even as she told herself all these things she couldn’t stop the onslaught of images that were flashing through her brain. She could see the boys shirtless playing volleyball on the sandy beaches she loved so much. Could practically feel their smooth firm muscles gliding under her delicate hands warming them even more than the sun already had. Her tongue darted out moistening her lips as she imagined kissing one of those gods while the other nibbled her neck gently. Her breathing became erratic as she thought of how it would feel to have one gently remove her shirt and gently massage her chest while the other swiftly removed her pants and dropped before her placing wet kisses randomly over her lower half.

Nope that’s it. She needed out of this confining office. She couldn’t sit here with them so close. Grabbing her purse she practically ran from the building as if it were on fire. She went to the nearest coffee shop and simply planned to wait for them to leave before she headed back to finish her work for the day.

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