A New Beginning

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Chapter 30

Scarlet’ s P.O.V.
I have no idea how I got on the beach but it’s calling me tonight. The last thing I remember is falling asleep with my men. That sounds weird doesn’t it? My men. They have been so incredible and loving. I don’t have a clue what I would do without them. They make me laugh so much and every day with them seems brighter than the last. The feeling contrasts with the way I feel now. My chest aches and I’m honestly finding it hard to breathe through the pain. I have no clue as to what brought it on.

I stood facing the water watching as the moon kissed the soft waves. This sight should bring me peace as it always has but it’s not tonight. There’s not another soul around that I can see. It’s so quiet with my only light source being the moon. I should be scared but the only thing I can feel is this pain slicing through me. Why does it hurt so much? With tears coursing down my cheeks I turn towards the pier hoping to find answers for the feelings chasing through me. I don’t know why I’m drawn there but I’m hoping to find what I’m looking for there.

As I approach the end I watch the figure of a woman as she slides to her knees with her arms wrapped around herself. I didn’t want to intrude but I found myself creeping closer to make sure she was ok. With her head bowed towards the water I watched as her shoulders shook. We were surrounded by the sounds of the oceans waves. The moon light shining off her beautiful hair. Her pain was almost visible the closer I got to her. After a moment I could hear her soul wrenching sobs that seemed to shake her even harder than before.

What could have possible made this beautiful woman feel so very broken? I could feel her pain as if it were my own as I stood about a foot behind her. Coupled with my own it became to much for me to bare. I dropped to my knees unable to take my eyes from the sight in front of me. It was all too much for me.

My sobs became uncontrollable as I watched her break apart. She began screaming her pain to the ocean just looking for the smallest release from her emotions. It took a moment for me to realise she was yelling Gabe and Ryder’s names.
As I looked closer this woman looked just like me. She was me. This pain could only come from losing those two men for me. I began to panic. My vision was going black from the lack of oxygen and the panic I now felt combined with the pain.

“Come back to us baby. Come on. You have to. Please love.” The words came from the darkness. I couldn’t see them which freaked me out even more. I need them. I needed to assure myself they were okay.
She climbs up the pier muttering about ending her suffering forever. I couldn’t move. I could only clench myself tighter as she dove head first into the pounding ocean forever silencing her pain.

As soon as she was gone I felt it slice through me. Every ounce of pain. I crumpled to the pier floor, arms wrapped around myself trying to hold myself together, screaming out the anguish as the pain tore my soul to shreds. Every ounce of my heart and soul went into my screams, into my tears as they poured down my face, simply rocking my body gently to try and survive this all consuming pain. I wanted to jump in that water. I wanted to sink to the depths of the darkened ocean letting it swallow my pain whole. I couldn’t take this pain.

I’ve never been suicidal but this was to much even with all the pain I have endured in my life. The screams continued to rip from my throat being pushed out by the tension in my stomach as I fell apart. The word why ripped from my throat. The only word I could manage. Over and over again like a chant.

I heard them calling to me again. I shook from the force of the wind around me. All I wanted was to hold them again. To be wrapped in their embrace. To have their scent surround me. I needed them so I could breath again.

I closed my eyes trying to shut out the world and my pain with it. My body began to shake harder almost as if I was in an earth quake. Quickly, I snapped my eyes open taking in my surroundings. I was alarmed by the abnormal shaking.

“Thank fuck.” Was muttered from behind me. I slowly took in the fact that I was on my side curled into a ball, clutching my pillow to my chest as if it was my lifeline. I looked up to see Ryder in front of me. I didn’t even hesitate before throwing myself into his arms. I needed to feel him. To make sure he was really here with me.

I twisted my head slightly panicked looking for Gabe. When I spotted him directly behind me I grabbed him, pulling him to me as closely as I could. Their arms tightened around me holding me between them as closely as they could.

“Oh thank God. Thank God.” Was all I could mutter before releasing the pain from my dream into Ryder’s chest. Hands ran through my hair and along my side as comforting words were whispered into my ears assuring me everything was fine. They were here. I was ok. They weren’t leaving. They were here.

As I began to calm enough to speak I told them about my dream before they could ask. They tightened their arms around me as I spoke. Finally having let it all out I laid between them just breathing them in. I was safe. They were here with me. Memories don’t matter. I can make new ones as long as they included these two men.
“I love you. Both of you. I can’t imagine my life being anything other than that dream without you two in my life. I want to wake up to you. I want to eat together. I want to always feel cared for and loved. Promise me you’ll never leave me.” I begged. I know they would promise me the world right now to keep me calm but I needed to hear them say it. Their heads caused my head to lift so I could look at them.

“You love us? You have never said that before. We’ve known how we feel about you since almost the beginning, but you have never, not one uttered those beautiful words.” Ryder looked at me in awe. How could I have never admitted how I feel to them?

“Do you mean it?” Gabe said as he turned my head slightly to look at him. His eyes were shining with hope, fear, and something I really couldn’t name. I just nodded in reply to both of them before they pushed me flat on the bed. They both took turns kissing me breathlessly before they pulled back to just stare at me.

“Let us show you how we feel baby.” Ryder never waited for my answer. He simply leaned toward me taking my lips in a gentle kiss. As his lips massaged mine gently I felt Gabe glide his index finger along the hem of my shirt. He must have raised it just enough to touch my skin. I shivered at the contact.

I focused back on Ryder as his tongue slid across my bottom lip before sinking his teeth into it gently tugging. My shirt was now just under my breasts as Gabe stroked the underneath of them. He only used a finger, almost as if he was trying to memorize every inch of my skin. A moan escaped my lips as his finger brushed my nipple causing it to harden instantly and giving Ryder access to slip his tongue in to my parted lips tasting my entire mouth.

When he deemed my mouth thoroughly tasted he slid to my jaw pressing light kisses. I felt his tongue flick out every now and again to taste me. He traced my jaw back to my ear, sliding his tongue along the edge of that as well before nibbling on my ear. I felt his teeth scrape against my skin just as Gabe began circling my other nipple. Their touch was light almost as if they were afraid to break me.

They were worshiping my skin. Ryder’s hand slid up my thigh. Just the slightest touch of his finger caressed my skin. They skimmed the line of my panties bringing a gap it of me. My legs parted on their own giving him more access. I wanted his touch there. They had me dripping wet and I didn’t know how much longer I could take their light touch.

Gabe’s lips surrounded my nipple pulling a moan from my lips. His tongue circled me as Ryder finally pulled my panties to the side. He separated my folds gently testing my wetness. I cried out as his finger finally slid into me as Gabe used his teeth to tug my nipple. Every touch confirmed they were here, they were mine.

“I need to feel you inside of me please I need you.” I begged them to let me feel them. I needed them deeply. I didn’t realize there were tears running down my face until both men hovered over me brushing them from my cheeks.

“Shh baby girl. It’s ok. We’ve got you. We are going to take care of you just give us a few minutes to prepare your body to take both of us.” Ryder’s words calmed me slightly knowing he was right. They would never leave me like this for too long.

Gabe rolled me towards him as Ryder shifted behind me. “You are Soooo amazing Love. Look at how your body responds to us. Look how wet you are for us already when we have barely touched you. I bet if I slid my fingers inside you I’d feel you clench around me right now. Can you feel through our touch just how much we love you? How much we desire you?” Gabe whispered as his hand caressed my jaw with a gentle touch.

I could only nod in reply. His words increased my breathing as my body clenched wanting him. He pulled my leg up to wrap around his body before slowly testing my wetness himself. Ryder’s hand finally came back to me as he began to rub my backside. His hand slid from my shoulders down the curve of my back before finally grasping my cheeks.

I tensed as his finger pressed to my rear entrance before quickly relaxing into his touch. His finger slid into me slowly as Gabe dragged his back out. I moaned into Gabe’s chest as they continued this pattern adding another finger each.

I could feel them drag against my insides. Slowly twisting their fingers as they pulled them from me only to guide them back to their starting point, deeply buried inside of me. I could feel my insides clench around them tightly. Lips met my neck as Gabe continued to tease my nipples. I was a moaning mess. I couldn’t come up with a single coherent word if I tried. Teeth scraped my neck just as they did my hardened buds.

I arched into Gabe trying to get them to pleasure me more. I wiggled between them trying to force more of them into me. I couldn’t control my body as the passion they infused in it took over my every move. I could feel myself reaching that peak even with the slowness of their movements.

“That’s it baby. Cum. Let us feel every drop. Give us what we want and we will fill you. We will take both of these perfect holes together and bring you back to this height over and over before coming inside of this perfect body.” Ryder’s whispered words in my ear set my body off. I cried out their names as I released on their fingers.

Before I could come down and catch my breath I was rolled into Ryder. He carefully slid into me from behind stretching me almost to the point of pain. Gabe pushed me to lie back on his brother so he could slide on top of me. Ryder held still, twisting my nipples, as Gabe slid into me. I snuggled my head into Ryder’s shoulder simply adjusting to being this full. It really was amazing.

I don’t know how long we laid there simply absorbing the moment before they began to move. I felt every inch of them drag against my walls as they glided out. As they slid back in just as slowly Gabe grabbed the side of my face. “Look at me Scarlet. I want to see every emotion float through these beautiful eyes. Our sweet baby. I want to watch as you fall apart between us. Can you feel it? All the emotion we are putting into loving your body? Can you feel every inch slide into you? You are ours and we are never letting you go.”

I couldn’t resist his words. I had to open my eyes and stare right into his. I let every emotion they made me feel shine for him to see. I dropped every wall so he could see how much they opened me up, how much I loved them. Over and over they withdrew only to slide back in as far as they could. I once again flew apart, my muscles clenching them tightly, repeatedly.

Gabe held my face for a moment more before he grabbed a cloth from the bedside table. He gently pulled from me before cleaning himself and grabbing the lube. Ryder then withdrew as well. I lost track of what he was doing as I tried calming my breathing. Damn these men would be the death of me. But it would be well worth doing to feel that emotion flow from them like I just had.

Ryder suddenly pulled me on top of him. “You didn’t think we were done did you love? We are just switching places. I want to see you fall apart as well. I want to be buried deep inside this tight little pussy, feeling it strangle my cock, as your eyes shine with pleasure.” As he said this he began rubbing my clit with his tip. He was moving back and forth right where I needed him to, pulling his name from my throat on a moan.

" Yes baby. That’s what I want to hear. My name, Gabe’s name pulled from you, said with unimaginable pleasure.” As he said this he slid deeply into me. It wasn’t a moment later I felt Gabe behind me, slowly pushing into me. Their combined moans caused a shudder to pass down my body. I trembled in their arms knowing what was to come.

I learned forward on the first stroke, pressing my face into Ryder’s neck. God they felt amazing like this. I felt hands pulling at my hair forcing my head up. “Look at him. Drown in him the way you did me. Let him see everything. Every emotion, every drop of pleasure. Everything you are, everything we feel reflected in those eyes. He deserves to see your soul as much as I did. I know it’s hard. I’ll keep your head right here for him ok.” Another shiver passed through me.

I couldn’t help it. There was something about their voice, about the way they spoke to me, that caused intense pleasure to course through me. I did as he asked though. I instantly became lost in Ryder’s gaze. I watched as he inhaled sharply at whatever he saw in my eyes.

I felt his hips slam forward unable to hold back anymore. “I know right. I almost lost my shit as I watched her the first time. Keep watching brother, it gets better.” Gabe seemed to know just what Ryder was seeing.

“Better? Fuck I just want to bury myself in her. This is amazing Scarlet. I wish you could see what I do baby. To feel you, so tight and wet wrapped around me with that look in your eyes. Fuck baby I don’t know how much longer I can keep this slow. I want to for you but I really don’t think I can for much longer.” I watched as Ryder lost control. His eyes looked wild as he tried to keep his movements slow.

“Please. I want you harder, faster. I don’t need gentle. You’ve already given me...” I never finished the thought as they both slammed into me. Ryder looked possessed as he quickly began to slam into me. Their groans mixing with mine.

" Cum with me. I want to feel you fill me. Please.” The plea left my lips before I even knew what I wanted. I screamed their names as I came feeling them burst inside of me. My insides milking every last drop from them even after we stopped moving. Still like this I could feel them twitch their final spurts deeply within me.

Gabe released my head allowing me to fall into Ryder. They held me tightly as our breathing slowed back to normal. I think I dozed off into that place between awake and asleep for a while. I felt them move me gently before cleaning me up. Arms wrapped around me after some time. “She is amazing. I can’t believe she said she loved us. That look in her eyes tonight. I will never forget it.” I’m not really sure who was talking. I was simply happy they were here.

" I know Ry. Trust me I know. We’ll make sure she never regrets saying it.” Were the last words I heard before darkness sucked me into its embrace.

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