A New Beginning

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Chapter 32

Scarlet’s POV

I stood up so fast their hands had no choice but to drop from me. I slid between all of them and began pacing the living room muttering incoherent words to myself. I couldn’t believe it. I was relieved it wasn’t someone else but how dare people do things like that to me when they were meant to love and cherish me. I was their child. Hell I was only a child. And then another thought hit me.

I turned to the three people sitting patiently waiting for me to make some kind of sense. “You kept this from me! You had my mind twisted thinking I was some kind of monster. You, All of you, let me worry, let me panic over your reaction simply because, what, you didn’t think I was strong enough to handle this information? Is that how you show your love for someone? It never occurred to any one of you that my memories would start coming back and I wouldn’t realize it was me? It never occurred to a single one of you that I deserved to know these people treated me the way they did? What if I had happened to meet one of them in the street not knowing who they were? Oh my God that’s why the full staff following me every where! Don’t deny it I can see it on your face. They did this to me as well didn’t they? One of them found me. They put their hands on me. They took all of my memories away. The good and the bad. Did it not occur to you that you were opening me up to another attack. You don’t come from the best life. They weren’t the nicest of people doesn’t even begin to cover my dreams. You let me think I was a monster” By the time I had finished my rant my voice had dropped to a deadly whisper.

I wanted to hit someone. I wanted to lash out not only for me but for that little girl as well. I wanted someone to hurt the way I was. I wanted them to pay. All of them. Not just the ones that hurt me but the ones that let me think I was a monster as well. I wanted blood. How could they all sit there saying they loved me and let me think I was a monster at the same time. Didn’t I deserve to know what happened to me? Didn’t I deserve a chance to try and handle it?

“You all sit there telling me how strong I am. How different I’ve been since losing my memories. You sit there like frauds claiming to protect me and all you’ve done is hurt me. You want me to trust each and every one of you but you can’t trust that I can handle a rough past. I’ll admit it’s a little worse that just rough. The dreams are nightmares. The things they did are unforgivable but you should have told me. I had a right to know. I had a right to protect myself from the likes of them. I had a right to protect the world from them. How do you know they haven’t found a new little girl to abuse like they did me? How do you know they don’t have her locked in a closet somewhere torturing her? Oh God I’ve let them get away with all of this for way too long. They need to pay for what they’ve done. They need to never be able to do it to someone else. How could you withhold all of that from me?” I couldn’t stop my rant.

I slipped back into incoherent speech as my pacing increased with my anger. I was beginning to think my blood was going to boil in my body. I felt overheated and just so very angry. How dare all of them. Just how dare they treat a little girl like that. How dare they keep it from me. What was wrong with all of them. How could they? Why? Why would they hurt anyone like that but especially a child? A child they were meant to protect, to love? How dare they!

“Calm down Baby. We knew you were strong enough. We also knew there was a large possibility with the damage that was done that you may never remember what they were like. We simply didn’t want you to have that knowledge if you didn’t have to. You were doing so well. You were excelling in your self defense classes. You were coming out of your shell and connecting with not only us but Cammie too. You were living freely without all of this over your head. That was what we wanted. We wanted you to breath freely. Trust me we have all gone back and forth on weather or not to tell you. We have fought with each other running over the same arguments over and over again. Gabe and I have begun to suspect this is what was going on but we had no solid proof and didn’t want to burden you if we didn’t have to. The things you told us in the past were horrific. Would you want to have to tell any one of us that we lived through those things. Or worse yet that those things had come back to get us? It wasn’t easy for us to hide. It doesn’t mean we don’t trust you. But now that you are remembering we can go full force on getting them taken care of. We are going to make sure they are put away for the rest of their natural life. We just want to protect you. Please let us protect you.” Ryder held onto me tightly so that I had to quit pacing.

I melted into his embrace as Gabe’s arms surrounded me as well. I had no choice their arms took the fight completely out of me. I was no longer shaking with anger but I felt an icy anger slide through my veins. I was calm but I wanted these people to pay. I needed to remember more. I needed to know everything I could in order to put them away. I wasn’t even sure how I was going to punish them. I just knew they needed to be stopped.

We stood there just absorbing the presence of each other. It was comforting in a way that nothing else was. I really couldn’t blame them for the way they had acted but half of me still did. I couldn’t seem to help it. I understood what they were saying but I just couldn’t let it go. I had felt so scared and so horrible these last few weeks. “You could have told me you thought she was remembering things. I may have been able to probe a little and see if she really was. Idiots.” Cammy’s words and the smacks upside the twins heads brought a chuckle from me. I couldn’t help it the looks on their faces were priceless.

“Yes I just smacked you and I’m going to do it again if you ever keep something like that from me. I am fully capable of helping Scarlet in any way I can. I agreed to keep things from her because I believed it was best. I truly believed she wasn’t going to remember anything. If you thought she was starting to, even just suspecting, you should have come to me. You do not have sole rights on loving her or caring for her. You are going to have to accept that I am here as well and I have no intentions of ever going anywhere. If you ever keep something this important from me again I am going to turn you both into women. Do you understand just how serious I am about this? I will yank off your man parts with my bare hands and fuck you both in your assess with them while you beg for mercy. Mercy I have no intentions of giving you. “Cammie had both men grabbing themselves as if that would protect them from her words.

The horrified looks on their faces had me on the floor laughing. She was dead serious and I’d never let her actually go through with it but they were showing just how serious they were taking her words. They all stared at me dumb founded as I sat at their feet laughing off all of the tension from the day. Once I had started I didn’t seem to be able to stop. It broke a dam inside me somewhere and the laughter turned almost hysterical as tears raced down my face and I clutched my sides trying to hold my ribs that started to ache.

They were looking at me as if I had finally snapped and maybe I had. I saw them through the tears clouding my vision glance at each other as if asking the other what they should do. I felt more than i saw as they all sunk to the floor each reaching for me. I wasn’t sure what they thought that would do but I only found it funnier. I didn’t really think I was going to be able to breath for much longer. This was insane. Everything they did seemed funny to me for absolutely no reason. The look on their faces to them sitting around me in a circle trying to hold onto some part of me.

Their words fell on deaf ears as I thought about the tension from the last few weeks. The dreams that haunted me. The relief that it wasn’t some poor little girl that didn’t have someone to love her. I had three people who loved me immensely and even though they weren’t there when I was a child they certainly were here now to hold me, to love me. I had a fit about them withholding information from me but they really did do it for me. Cammie was ready to disfigure both men on my behalf. seriously the idea of her doing that sent me into another fit. I just couldn’t stop. Here they were trying to comfort me and hold me together and I sat here making them worry more by not being able to get myself together. But really. Little red headed Cammie. Ripping off their junk. She said man parts. Oh my gosh. Man parts. That is really just too funny and holding themselves like it would somehow stop her if she really wanted to.

I took gasping breaths trying to control the laughter. It wasn’t right for me to worry them. eventually I was able to settle down by focusing on the buttoned shirt in front of me and the smells coming off of them. I still couldn’t look any of them in the face and I raised my hand to silence anything they may say as I knew it would throw me right back into the laughing fit. “I’m fine. I’m sorry it was just too funny. Please just give me a minute to get it under control.” All of this came out in breaking gasps. I wanted to assure them without having a fit. I heard their collective sighs of relief.

After several minutes I finally looked up at them. “Whatever is causing these memories to come back we need to keep doing. I need to know everything I can. These people can not be allowed to get away with what they did. Weather it was me or some other little girl I would have felt the need to put a stop to them. But we don’t really have enough info to go on. I mean how do we find them? Who do we go to in order to get it investigated? How are we going to prove something that happened so long ago?” I had no answers. I only had some fragmented memories to go by. I remember the field. I remember the house like the back of my hand. I can see their faces but some still remain without even first names let alone full identities. I don’t even know where I came from so how would we even have a starting point to look for them?

“We know a real detective. He’s helped us several times with our books. We can call him and ask for some advice. You mentioned Ohio as a starting point but we aren’t really sure if you changed your name when you came down here and if you did what it was before. We’ll figure it out. I can only hope they aren’t doing this to some other little girl. We’ll take care of this Baby. It’s going to take us some time but we’re going to take care of you.” Ryder’s words helped me to calm down more than anything we had a plan. We had a direction. The details could wait. The memories could wait.

“It’s time to take you home before Cammie does something we will all regret Love. Please I want very far away from her hands.” Gabe pleading almost started my laughing again especially when said Cammie reached out and smacked him again.

“Come on girl. It’s time for you to go get some rest. Call me in the morning. I want to hear anything else you remember if anything at all. We’re going to get you through this. And I definitely want to know if they try to convince you they will do more than me. Or if they try to convince you that I don’t need to know anything. Because as much as I love you and want you to be happy there will be retribution. Understand?” Cammie pulled me up wrapping her arms around me tightly. She made sure her words were loud enough for the twins to hear though.

“Sure thing Cammie. I’ll just step out of the way and let you have your way with them if they do anything they aren’t supposed to.” I really did think her whole attitude was funny. I walked to the door with a promise to call her and walked to the car with the boys.

“There will be no such calls. You will not be encouraging her to rip any part of us off. That was not even right. And you are sitting up here with both of us.” Ryder said as he pulled me onto his lap in the front seat. I didn’t even put up any resistance. I wanted to be close to them in any way I could right now. I wanted their arms around me. I just wanted to be held for however long they would.

As the car started and pulled away I felt Gabe slide his hand between my thighs gently rubbing circles into my skin. Ryder’s hand grasped the other thigh and pulled my legs completely apart so i was straddling him facing forward. A sigh left me as a hand pulled my head back onto his shoulder pointing my face toward the roof of the car. I could no longer see whose hands were where. The darkness around us in the city only served to heighten every touch. I gasped as my skirt was jerked and fingers slid straight into my core just after my panties were jerked to the side.

My brain jumped to another incident similar to this. I was in Gabe’s lap. I had both of their hands on me. I was going to explode between the memory and the fingers currently curling inside of me. I let out a breathy moan begging for more. I wanted them right here in this car. I didn’t care who saw us. I needed them inside of me.

“Don’t you dare cum. You were naughty encouraging Cammie to remove our dicks and you are going to pay for that little comment back there.” Orgasm denial. It seemed to be their new favorite thing to try. I really was bad at holding it. His fingers slowed and became too gentle to allow me to cum. Fingers slid across the fingers pumping into me gathering my wetness and dragging it across my now swollen clit. It never took but a moment for me to be soaked for them.

“Damn love you are so wet for us. What about this has you so turned on? Is it the car or simply both of us touching you like this? Doesn’t matter you won’t be coming until my brother and I agree that you can and that won’t be until we get you home.” Great the entire car ride was going to be about torturing me.

Fingers grasped my nipples tightening almost painfully. Pleasure shot straight to my core. Just two fingers repeatedly grasped and plucked me through my shirt and bra. my hips jerked trying to get the fingers pumping me to go harder, faster something to give me release. I couldn’t tighten my thighs. my hips were grabbed preventing me from moving them. The hand in my hair left to travel to my other breast applying the same torture. I whimpered in need. This was so unfair of both of them.

“Please.” Left my lips as the fingers left my core just before they were pressed to my lips. I tightened my lips around the fingers as they slid into my mouth clear to the knuckles. With my head still on Ryder’s shoulder I sucked the fingers clean as they slid in and out of my mouth like it was their cock. I could feel how hard Ryder was beneath me and only imagined that Gabe was just as hard while driving.

The car finally slowed to a stop and shut off after what seemed like forever. “I think I remember something almost like that. Only things went a lot further in the car and I was sitting on Gabe’s lap. Did we ever do anything like that?” I said as we walked up to the front door. Both men stopped in their tracks turning back to look at me. They surrounded me on either side, hands around my shoulders and surrounding my hips.

“Yes baby it did. You realize you’re getting more and more of your memories back. It won’t be long before you remember everything. We couldn’t be happier about this.” Ryder whispered into my ear as though he were afraid saying it louder would cause me to forget all over again.

I let them pull me into the house. We never made it further than the entrance as I was pressed flat against the door

Lips attacked my neck as my clothes were pulled from me as quickly as possible. “On your knees baby. We want to watch you take our cock between those perfect lips of yours. I want to watch the pleasure cross your face as you suck my brother off and then me.” I couldn’t help but follow his commands. This night was about to get very interesting. They were both being very dominating and I was dripping in anticipation of what was to come.

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