A New Beginning

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Chapter 33

Scarlet’s POV

I stood looking at both men simply admiring the dominant look on their faces. It’s cute how they thought this night was going to go their way. Normally I would submit to them the way they were currently looking for. This time though I have an agenda of my own. “How soon you forget the rest of the evening. Yes I sided with Cammy. Yes I said I’d step aside for her. That doesn’t erase what the two of you have done for months. It doesn’t change the fact that you both lied to me, hid things from me making me feel like a monster for months. It was cute how you tried to ignore that and change the subject. It didn’t work so here’s how tonight is going to work. You both are going to pleasure me. You’re going to do as I say until I can’t take it anymore. Then and only then are you going to receive your pleasure. And if that’s not okay with you both then I’ll be heading to bed, alone.” I said all of this very calmly barely above a whisper.

The look of shock on their faces almost caused me to laugh. I rendered both of them speechless by the looks of it. I had never been this demanding. These two were about to get a dose of their own medicine and I was going to enjoy every minute of it. I slid from between them as I slowly removed my shirt letting it drop. The shock wasn’t wearing off so I thought I’d give them a trail to follow when they came back. Their jaws were dropped to the floor and their eyes wide open staring at me as if I were a new species they’d never seen.

I left my shoes spaced about a foot apart, dropping my skirt next. My panties I left hanging on the bedroom door and my bra at the foot of the bed. I made my way into the bathroom. There was no telling how long it could take them to catch up. I washed up and headed back to the bedroom where I found two very large, very aroused men. “What is it you’d like from us Scar. We’ll make it up to you any way we can. You’re right and we are very sorry. You, however, will have to eventually pay for the Cammy issue.” Gabe was the first to speak. It didn’t seem Ryder was quite himself yet.

“Are you being the negotiator? There is no negotiation. I’m not paying for sticking up for my friend when what the two of you did hurt me. It tortured my thoughts for weeks. If she wants to hurt you for hurting me then just don’t hurt me. You want to prove you’re men now by dominating me because your egos were hurt and that’s just not going to happen. I love you both more than I ever thought possible and you allowed me to imagine losing you every single day. You let me think I was a monster and now you are both going to get on your knees and worship me as if you were trying to keep me. You’re going to show me exactly how much you love and need me. You were afraid of Cammie but she doesn’t have the power to take me away from you, I do. I can simply go to the guest room for a few days unless of course you’d both like to convince me I should stay right here.” I knew I was playing with fire but I wanted to see if they would do what I was asking, if they would make up for the pain of the last few weeks.

Ryder gave his answer first as he dropped to his knees in front of me. “If he won’t baby I sure as hell will. What do you want from me. I’ll give you anything I can and then some. Just tell me what you want me to do.” His words were husky as if this were turning him on as much as it was me. Gabe quickly followed suit knowing I was serious. I would throw him out and let Ryder make it up to me. My core flooded staring at these beautiful, gentle, loving men on their knees ready to worship me.

“Touch me. I need to feel your hands and lips on me. Gabe, I want your beautiful lips sucking my breasts while Ryder finds out just how wet this is making me. Taste me Ryder like I was your last meal. I want everything.“My words were hesitant. I wasn’t really sure how to take control like this but I sure wasn’t paying for something that was only natural.

They complied immediately making me gasp loudly. The pleasure shot through me like lightning as Gabe’s lips surrounded my nipple and his hand pinched my other nipple almost to the point of pain. Ryder’s fingers slicked through my folds testing just how wet I was for them. My hips jerked causing Ryder to groan as his finger circled my clit. This was torture, but a torture I wanted desperately. He kept his finger circling lightly spreading my wetness slowly making sure I felt every movement of his finger without giving me the pressure I needed. Gabe caught on quickly cupping my nipple with his lips and lightly stroking circles while making the same motion with his finger on the other breast.

“Is this what you want baby? You want to feel us both at the same time? Mmm, you’re so wet for us. You seem to get wetter with every stroke of my fingers. That’s right, I forgot, you wanted my tongue too. Are you ready? I don’t want you to jerk back when it happens.” He didn’t give me a chance to answer as his tongue swept across my swollen clit.

I held still for the torturous fluttering of his tongue. “More. I need you to press harder, please. Gabe too. I need you to suck harder, use your teeth.” They instantly gave me what I asked for causing me to yell my pleasure to them. Ryder slid a finger deeply into my core. I felt his knuckles press into me as he pushed, slowly, as far as he could. Gabe jerked back long enough to wet his fingers quickly before switching to my other breast. His fingers slid quickly through the tight ring of muscle on my back side. The combination was too much for me.

Ryder was quickly moving his fingers in and out of me allowing me to hear the slosh of my own juices while sucking hard on my clit, flicking his tongue rapidly over the bundle of nerves. Gabe began pounding my ass with his fingers. They seemed to be in perfect sync. I threw my head back and just let the storm take me over completely. I convulsed around their fingers repeatedly feeling my orgasm rip through me quickly, violently. This was what I wanted. I wanted them both to focus on me, to pleasure me, to show me what they were feeling.

Apparently they were feeling worshipful because that’s how I felt. Worshiped, loved, my every desire attended to instantly upon my voicing what I wanted. I felt them every where. In me, on me, surrounding me. They pushed harder wanting me to go higher. I may have passed out for a moment from the pleasure because when I opened my eyes we were laying on the bed and their hands were lightly stroking me.

I laid there staring at them not really believing they had brought me to climax that violently, that fully, in the span of just a few moments and neither one had stuck their co ck into me. I am never going to get used to how their hands make me feel. How they make me feel. I know the love I feel for them is shining in my eyes because I see it reflected in theirs. It’s simply a perfect moment. They have successfully washed off all of my negative thoughts from earlier today.

Their hands began to wander as they realized I was becoming more aware of my surroundings. I felt light and sensitive to everything. The touch of the satin comforter under me brushing against my skin. The feel of their skin against mine. I slowly became aware that they were undressing slowly trying not to jar me into reality. Their hands slid along my arms, my sides, my stomach. A hand came up to slowly stroke my face along my forehead and down my cheek. Fingers slid across my lips making them part on a sigh of pure happiness. I felt them, their emotions, their devotion, their love for me in every whisper light touch.

They were completely quiet, now naked, just worshiping me. Allowing me to feel their love for me. How could a girl ask for anything more than what they gave me. I relaxed completely into their touch allowing them full reign on wherever they wanted to take the remainder of the night. My eyes closed as I wallowed in their gentle caress. It seemed to go on forever. I absorbed it , committed every second, every detail to memory. They seemed to be trying to brand every inch of me into their own memory, their own skin.

I gasped as that same soft touch slid across my lower lips, another hand doing the same to the inside of my thigh. Gentle, unhurried motions gliding across my skin. The hand on my face slid down the side of my neck and then back up to caress my ear lobe. I turned my head allowing better access to those wonderful fingers. One of their hands now slowly slid up my stomach, whisper light, before circling the bottom of my breast. It went around the edge before sliding down my arm to my fingers, then sliding just as slowly back up my side.

I couldn’t stop the quiet moan that escaped me when their touch got just a little harder sliding between my folds and circling my nipple. Lips brushed the side of my neck. A tongue brushed my ear flicking it just as whisper light as the fingers that caressed me. It was a slow steady burn of pleasure. They touched every where from my knees to my head. Not a single spot was left untouched. Slowly they both slid their legs around mine pulling them apart so they could touch me more thoroughly.

I just laid there allowing them to stroke the flames higher with every touch. I didn’t want them to ever stop. I wanted to feel the love, the pure emotions roll off of them as they were right now. I wanted to feel their touch forever. It was pure bliss as fingers slid into my rapidly dampening core. I had thought earlier that what I wanted was that quick, harsh release. But this beat that a million times over. Lips surrounded a nipple tugging lightly, gently as finger slid in and out of my core with the same gentle rhythm. Every time their fingers pushed deep enough for me to feel their knuckles a finger would lightly stroke my clit stirring me even more.

Their bodies moved closer in the same unhurried motion as everything else until I felt them firmly pushed against me. I felt every rough hair on their legs brush against my overly sensitive skin. The smooth muscles of their chest pressed to my arms. The hair on their arms brushing some portion of skin with every move. Their breathing became ragged the more they touched me. I knew they were suffering and honestly I wanted to feel them this lovingly buried deeply inside me.

" I want you. I want to feel you just like this deeply inside of me. Please. I need you.” I don’t know why I asked when I was supposed to be in control.

Neither man disappointed me. I was slowly turned on my side to face Gabe. I reached my hand up to lovingly caress his beautiful face. His eyes closed, lips parted on a sigh, pressing his face into my hand seemingly distracted from what he was currently doing but I didn’t mind. I wanted to touch him,to let him feel my love for him. Ryder’s reaction was much the same as I twisted enough to cup his face with my other hand. These were my men. My heart and soul. My love and life.

Their eyes remained closed as they shifted slowly sliding into me. The look of pure pleasure etched into every line on their faces. My body clenched as I felt every inch of them slide so very slowly onto me. The pleasure of having them both this way was so immense it brought tears to my eyes. I was glad they had their eyes closed so they didn’t see the effect they were having on me with their slow, gentle loving.

I noticed Ryder must have used the lube in the side drawer but when he did I have no idea. I simply noticed the gentle slide as he pulled back until just the tip was left inside of me. Gabe did the same thing, holding their positions for a moment before sliding just as slowly back in. this rhythm continued until I thought I’d go crazy. I saw the strain on their faces. This was costing them dearly to hold themselves in check. I wanted more, harder.

I waited until they were in that hold position, Gabe bent to take my hardened nipple and Ryder leaned into my neck sliding his tongue along, before asking for them to give in to the fire burning through all of us. ” I need more. Harder, deeper, just more.”

Gabe’s eyes flashed open to stare up at me with tenderness and love filling his eyes.

“No baby. We have let you feel every part of us. We are going to bring you apart slowly.” Ryder’s words vibrated against my neck making me shiver. A hand slid to my clit slowly circling matching the rhythm they had set with their bodies. I was so close I trembled with my need for release. I needed something not so gentle to throw me over that edge. Anything. A rough brush of their fingers, a pinch in the right place, harder sucking on my nipple or teeth scraping my skin. Something, anything. Yet they kept their pace slow, their hands and mouths gentle.

I was whimpering with need, writhing gently trying to get them to go faster. My stomach muscles quivered in anticipation of the explosion I knew was coming. I got lost in the pleasure coursing through my body, closing my eyes trying to handle it all. I was so wet I felt it on the inside of my thighs. I felt it flow to where Ryder was slowly dragging himself in and out of me, lubricating his slide even more.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more too many things happened all at once. My hair was fisted pulling my head back. Teeth sunk pleasurably into my neck. Gabe nipped sharply at my tightened bud. The fingers circling my clit pinched roughly. If that wasn’t enough to throw me into a mind blowing orgasm they both slammed into me fast, hard and as deeply as they could. I screamed in pleasure as I completely shattered around them. They rapidly pounded into me prolonging my orgasm as long as they could, finding their own release with a shout of my name, a guttural growl leaving both of them.

Every muscle in my body clenched harshly trying to milk every drop from them as I uttered unintelligible non-sense. It seemed to go on forever before I only felt little after shocks ripple through me. I drifted off wrapped in them both listening to their breathing slow down. Their whispered I love you’s in my ear as my body surrendered to the exhaustion of the day. To the exhaustion of the evening and to the absolute pleasure and love I felt radiating from every pore.

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