A New Beginning

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Chapter 34

Scarlet’s POV

I dressed in the gown I had picked out with Cammy. It was a floor length black and green gossamer silk. It cinched over my left shoulder with a diamond broach. I had my hair in a tight up-do with baby ringlets surrounding my face. The emerald tear drop earrings matched the tiny teardrop necklace I wore. I couldn’t help the nerves running through me. I just felt like something horrible was going to happen tonight. I had worked so hard to put this masquerade ball together for the release of the twins book. I couldn’t afford for anything to go wrong. I simply had to pull myself together and get out of here so we could get this show on the road.

I slipped into my black heels that were covered in emerald glittering stones to catch the smallest bit of light, grabbed my mask and headed for the boys. They were waiting for me in the living room completely dressed in their tux’s with masks in hand. They turned as one towards me and my breath caught in my throat as the full impact of them dressed to the nines caught me unprepared for the delicious sight.

None of us moved for several beats until Gabe headed straight for me, catching me around my waist, pulling me tightly to him. I loved this man and his brother, as hard as that fact was for me to comprehend some days. I breathed him in as Ryder’s scent and hands joined his brothers only his were around my hips.

“A goddess. You look just like a goddess right from Olympia. This dress was made to be worn by you baby. I don’t want to go to the release. Can’t we just stay here and I can rediscover what a goddess you are under this gown?” Ryder murmured in my ear while I stood between them absorbing their heat.

“I have to agree with my brother there love. I’m sure they can have the release without us. You look breath taking in this gown. How are we going to keep all of the men off of you tonight? Every single person there is going to want you without even knowing who you are.” Gabe of course had to vote with his brother. My stomach muscles clenched from their one,two punch.

Taking a deep breath I slid from between them both. “I wouldn’t say I looked as good as a goddess but thank you both for the complement. And no we cannot stay home after I went through so much effort to get dressed up like this. Besides I would be insane to not want two to die for gorgeous men to take me out and allow me to hang on both of their arms all night.“I was serious. I wanted to be seen with both of them. I was proud to be theirs in every way that counted and I no longer cared what others would think of it’s unconventionality. These were my men, my happiness and I was proud of their book release.

I slid the mask over my face indicating that I was ready to go. It really was a well matched mask that Ryder had found me. It was black with tear drop emeralds decorating around my eyes and the feathers that stuck up and away from the mask. They followed suit with their plain black masks matching the investigator to a tee straight out of their book. It was amazing how we all tied back to the main hero and heroin in their novels. I let go of my anxiety and let myself look forward to the evening as the limo pulled up to take us to Tampa Bays Yacht charter where they had a yacht docked for this evenings festivities.

Uncountable hours had gone into finding the perfect location. One that matched the book to a tee. In the end of the twins story, the climax of the book, where everything was reveled, took place at a masquerade ball help on a yacht in the bay. I had spent hours matching the gauzy materials we had decorated the walls with, the low lighting, the exact candles described, down to the meal they had on the exact dishes described in the novel. No one attending would realize they had been in the scene until after the book was released. Only Cammy, Ryder, Gabe and I would know when we got there exactly what they were looking at. The best part is I went on my own and created the scene.

We made it to the dock in very little time as I spent most of it worrying that everyone had everything in place just how I wanted it. I was almost giddy anticipating the twins entering the yacht. I had checked everything earlier just to be sure everything was in place. All they really had to do was make sure the food was ready to be served. Still that uneasy feeling was back so I worried even more that something was going to go wrong to upset this night. The twins would definitely know if even one small detail was out of place because they had written the book.

I held my breath as we climbed the stairs to the deck of the yacht. I was simply waiting for their reaction, waiting to see if they liked it or not and if they did just how they would feel about all the effort I had put into making this an evening to truly celebrate their accomplishments. I made it to the deck first and stepped forward just enough for the twins to join me. I took a quick surveillance glance around to make sure everything was in it’s place before slowly absorbing the whole area pulled straight out of their imagination.

The black plates with golden rims matched the crystal champagne flutes to the letter. The round tables were covered in black table cloths with the thinnest gold line running around the circumference. The black gauze twirled around the thinner gold ones perfectly hanging from the walls and bar area. The circular tables surrounded a beautiful dance floor with slightly haunting music flowing over the entire area giving it that same classy, spooky effect reading the book had given me. Waiters stood by waiting to deliver any food or drinks that may be needed. Each one dressed in black button down shirts, black slacks, and black dress shoes looking highly impressive in the atmosphere. Everything was perfect including the chocolate waterfall that was more a pain to find than the matching glasses were. I drew as much courage as I could into my lungs before turning and examining the twins expressions just as Cammy came aboard. She stopped dead in her tracks simply taking in the entire evening.

I have to say the dress we picked for her looked even more stunning now that her hair was done and her shoes added to the ensemble. It was a tight red mermaid style number that she finished off with a flashy diamond crusted slim cut black mask and sleek velvet black high heels. I thought the boys were crazy because Cammy looked so much better than I did. She had curves that filled out her dress to perfection and seemed to be completely comfortable in her skin as she stood there dateless just taking in the entire area.

My nerves were even worse. I had talked her into letting me have this. I had wanted a huge surprise for all of them to show them how much I appreciated them,how much they had come to mean to me. What if they thought the idea was horrible? What if it didn’t match the picture they had in their head of how this was going to go or how the scene went in the book.

“You did this without any of us finding out? Scar this is amazing! I can’t believe you did all of this without help. We are going to have to take a look at your job title. I think you could be so much more. It’s very possible you’re ready to take on something so much more!” Cammy broke the ice as the twins still hadn’t moved. They seemed to be frozen until she spoke. I was happy she liked it but ready to bite my nails off trying to figure out what the boys thought.

I stared at them as they looked around taking every last detail. I wondered if they noticed that I had gotten even the smallest of details and added an array of several different vases filled with an array of flowers on each table. They w seemed to drink it all in before they turned to me each grasping my hand.

“This is amazing. It’s like seeing our imagination come to life before our very eyes.“Gabe stuttered out after a moment.

“You got everything Scar. Every last little detail. We never put which flowers went where.” I guess Ryder was going to finish his brothers thoughts. They both seemed to be having trouble getting out what they wanted to say.

“We never gave a detailed description of the vases but you nailed them. You got the construction of the walls.”

“You even got the tablecloths right baby. This is truly amazing.”

“The light even matches what we were going for. It’s dark and mysterious.”

“It is the perfect setting for the hero to save the girl and solve the mystery. I can’t believe you did all this for us. Damn baby. ”

“And to think we almost missed it because you distracted us with your beauty. This is just so amazing. Best book release we’ve ever had. Thank you so much love for everything you’ve done, not just here but in our lives.”

“Hey what do you mean you almost missed it! There was no way I was ever going to let you miss your own release! Quit using the wrong head to think when it comes to our Scar. She’s working hard for you and you just want to up and miss all of this? I really should smack both of you right now.“Cammy cut off the back and forth before Gabe could anything to Ryder’s last statement. She had her hands on her hips and you could tell she was scowling even with her mask on.

They both looked at her completely chastised by her outburst. “Of course not. We wouldn’t have missed this for the world.” Ryder’s reply seemed to redeem them somewhat until Gabe had to add his two cents in.

“But if we did can you really blame us. I mean come on look at her. She is like the walking embodiment of a goddess brought to life. I know she’s worked very hard as you have but can you really blame us for being distracted from every single thing on this planet by that?” Gabe flung his hand toward me like that explained everything away. Some how he had just made this all my fault for looking the way I did.

Cammy seemed to be mollified but Gabe still got smacked upside his head by Ryder before he pulled me from Gabe’s grasp. It was like a huge tug of war between two toddlers. I wasn’t sure weather I should be upset that the blame was being placed on me or if I was amused at their antics to distract Cammy from the fact they had contemplated missing this.

“Hey you can’t blame my girl for looking as good as she does! I mean it’s really not her fault that this dress falls over her like spun gold. It’s not her fault that her skin is creamy and soft setting off the colors of her dress and accessories. No way in hell am I letting you blame my girl for being so distracting. You should be able to handle a little distraction and still take care of business. What you’re saying is that you’re weak and need a nurse maid.” Ryder’s words just caused Gabe to grab me back to him. I’m pretty sure they were going to knock my hair down with all this back and forth but by the time Gabe opened his mouth I was laughing right along with Cammy.

“What do you mean your girl? She’s mine too! And it is her fault! She chose the dress, she did her hair that I just want to pull down with my hands! Nursemaid!!You wanted the same thing I did. Actually you were probably the first to voice staying home weren’t you?” I stepped away from Gabe before this could go any further. We needed to get this show on the road.”

“You were both equal. Come on now lets get this party started right. I’m glad you all love the idea. I wanted to let you know what you meant to me by doing something sentimental. ” I Grabbed each of them by a hand and pulled them further into the ball we had set up. I couldn’t wait to see them signing copies for the select list of people I invited. I led everyone to the little mini stage set up off to the side and left them standing in front of it as I mounted the stage grabbing a microphone.

“Hello everyone! Welcome to the newest release of Gabe and Ryder’s newest mystery novel. I believe everyone here is aware of who they are! Let’s give a huge hand to the people who made not only this book but the release possible. Here they are ladies and gentlemen! Now that we have gotten that out of the way enjoy the evening. We are going to eat shortly,there will be plenty of dancing, and to finish it off nicely the boys will be giving out personally signed copies of their novels! Thanks for coming. We all hope you enjoy yourselves!” It wasn’t really eloquent but I tried to copy some of the phrases that were used in the book while still communicating what we were really here for.

Ryder grabbed me as soon as I stepped down, sweeping me off onto the dance floor. It really was amazing how smoothly he moved us across the floor. I leaned into him, staring into his eyes as much as the limited light allowed. There really wasn’t music to dance by going just yet. I had planned some for after everyone ate but apparently we weren’t waiting before we danced. No words were spoken but who really needed any. The look in his eyes told me how happy he was, how much he loved me. I was truly overwhelmed by the emotions I felt radiating off of him. It never even occurred to me to look for Gabe which was a mistake as he came up behind us swinging me away from Ryder and into his embrace.

That was king of how it went for the remainder of the song, being pulled from one brother to the other, both looking at me with such intense emotion I could almost feel it in the air around us. When the song finally ended we found our seats at the edge of the dance floor. “You even matched what was served. I’m truly impressed Scar. I’m also thinking this maybe the start of a new tradition. Every time a book gets released we’ll have to see if we can pick one of the best scenes and bring it to life like this. I know we do it up huge for each release but this is truly genius. Think of what every person here is going to think once they go home with their personally autographed copy and read this exact description in the book. How many reviews do you think will come in for all that effort. And once word gets out that this is how we chose to release this novel we’ll have more than we can handle with top name people wanting us to publish their books.” Cammy was gushing over everything. I didn’t really think it was that far of a stretch. I really just wanted to show them I loved them by doing my best work for them.

“Thanks Cammy. I hope we can do something like this again. Excuse me guys I need the restroom. I’ll be right back. Don’t let anyone steal my place at the table!“I left with a wink and a smile. I really was feeling pretty good about myself, about all my hard work. Everything was turning out amazing. I have no idea what I was so worried about.

I finished using the bathroom and was washing my hands when I heard the door open. I didn’t turn to see who had come in until I heard the lock turn. When I did I was pretty sure I quit breathing all together. “Jackson!”

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