A New Beginning

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Chapter 36

“Stand up slowly, hands in the air. Only one person needs to be hurt here tonight. I’d rather not hurt innocent people.” Jackson’s words bounced off the absolute silence surrounding us. The music had been shut off and everyone was shuffling to the side. I had lost track of Gabe in the chaos. My next thought was that Ryder was going to get himself shot if I didn’t get control of this situation quickly. I needed to stall until the security team got here to take care of Jackson.

“Get up Ryder. There is no point in you getting shot for me. It’ll be okay as soon as security gets here. Please don’t do anything stupid. Please!” My words were successful in getting him to move but after slowly coming to my feet I wasn’t really sure what to do. I went with offensive rather than waiting to be attacked.

“What is this about Jackson? You’re supposed to be my brother, my family but you have never, not once ever treated me like I was. Hell slaves were treated better than what you and your family have done to me over the years. Is it any wonder I ran away? I didn’t want to be raped or beaten anymore. Are you really surprised by that?” My words bounced off the same silence that surrounded us. Several gasps could be heard after the words left my mouth but I was done being the victim to this family.

If I had learned anything while I had no memory it was how I deserved to be loved. How being loved felt and how very worthy I was to not be abused by anyone ever again. If the twins weren’t in the room I wasn’t sure I could have stood my ground the way I was but at that moment I was pretty proud of the fact that my voice didn’t tremble in the slightest, that my back was ramrod straight and my head was held high.

“You shut up slut. Dad said all along you were getting what you deserved. He just didn’t want to do the doing. Your mom was never any better she actually encouraged me to do worse to you. You should be thankful that I held back. I simply didn’t want to scar you up to the point of my friends not wanting you. I can’t believe you can stand there and talk shit. See this is the kind of shit that needs to be punished. Instead of being grateful that I spent my time and effort teaching you how to behave your spitting ugly ass words at me. Maybe I should shoot one of your little boyfriends to punish you this time.” His words spurred me into action covering Ryder as much as possible with my body.

He wasn’t taking it well and kept trying to shove me behind him causing Jackson to simply laugh himself silly. I decided to keep him talking as he was obviously in a chatty mood and simply wanted to torture me. Whatever was going through his mind this was my chance to make it work for me.

“Are you really so twisted that you would take the word of your parents to torture an innocent child? You raped me from well before I even knew what that was. You hurt me as much if not more than they did. Do you think I care weather they told you to do worse? At the time it probably would have killed me and your little toy would be taken away forever. At the time I probably would have been grateful to have the reprieve. Even though I never once considered suicide I would have found it comforting if you had just offed me. How would you have felt having people stick things inside your body regularly. There’s nothing you can say or do to stop them. Add into that all of the things that I was called on a regular basis, fists hitting me, feet kicking me, getting locked into tiny rooms regularly because I wasn’t fit to be in the family. No explanation as to what I ever did wrong. You and your family did that to me every day until I ran. How would you react if it was done to you Jackson? And yet you stand there saying I need to be punished,that I should be grateful, that I never should have run. That’s the biggest load of bull shit I’ve ever heard.” I got that my mouth was probably going to get me in trouble but Ryder had finally stilled behind me.

He truly seemed stunned by my words. At the same time he couldn’t hide the pride and fear leaking from every other poor in his body. This was going to end badly. I still couldn’t find Gabe or Cammy in the crowd. Where could they have possibly gone to? I know Gabe would never run when I was in danger but he could have been pushed back by the crowd. I was just worried Jackson would spot him before I did and shoot him just to shut me up. I was actually glad he was somewhere safe. I hoped like hell that he was protecting Cammy as well.

A shot at my feet caught my attention quickly. The ricochet pieces bounced off my shoes scaring me but proving he simply wanted my attention on him.

“Do you think I give a shit as to why you deserved it? I only knew you did. That was all I needed to know. As for why it never happened to me is easy, I wasn’t a nasty little whore who everyone hated. Who cares how old you were? The fact that you were alive was enough for any one of us to torture you. And now you’re going to come home and finish off your life the way it started, getting exactly what you’ve always deserved.” His hand didn’t shake in the slightest as it was pointed directly at me. The only way to save the people I loved was to go with him and hope they rescued me quickly before to much damage could be done. I knew how to handle whatever they threw at me. Hell they’d done it all before right.

Just as I took my first step forward toward Jackson a hand grabbed me from behind preventing me from moving. “You are not going any where with this douche. Not even if I have to die and make it impossible for him to get me off of you. In order to take you he’s simply going to have to kill me because there is no way I’m letting this happen now or ever.” Ryder’s words sounded like they were ground out between his teeth. I couldn’t stop the flinch from the venom in his voice.

“Careful there pretty boy. Your little slut knows whats in everyone’s best interest. Better leave her to handle the situation and save yourself and her from feeling what a bullet feels like. I’m a pretty good aim. I’ll just hit you somewhere that you will slowly bleed out then you can watch as I have fun with her. On second thought that might be fun.” As he said this he aimed in Ryder’s general direction making me scream.

“Wait. Just wait. I’ll go with you there is no reason to shoot him Jackson. Ryder stop. The last thing I need is you dead. Let me say good bye to him so he doesn’t try anything please!” A swift nod from Jackson was all it took for me to launch myself into Ryder’s arms.

“Please Ryder, please don’t do anything foolish. Come find me before he can hurt me okay but don’t do anything that will cost your life. I know you love me enough to do that but I need you to love me enough to let me save you right now. Come quickly though because I don’t know how long I can hold him off. Make sure Gabe is okay and if anything happens to me know that I love you both more than life itself.” I whispered all of this as quickly as I could knowing we didn’t have much time together.

“This is bull shit and you know it Scar. Would you let me walk into the fire like you’re doing knowing you could lose me forever and not put up the fight of your life to get me to stay? It wouldn’t happen. Love you enough? Baby I love you more than anything in this goddamn world but I am not about to let you go with him and simply hope I will find you before he can kill you.” Ryder’s words were harsh but I had to make him see this was the only way out of this mess.

“Tick tock love birds, what’s it going to be a bullet to slow you down or just letting her go?Actually I think I should shoot several people here so you have to wade through the bodies to get to me.” He swung the gun in a wide arc imitating shooting random people throughout the room lending weight to the threat in his voice. He was simply crazy enough to actually do it too. I couldn’t let random people get hurt for me. I just couldn’t allow this family, these people that I came from to hurt others in any way. They’d done way more than enough damage tome, no one else ever needed to suffer at their hands.

I turned quickly pulling a plan together in my head in record speed. There may yet be a way to make this entire family pay and never be able to do it to any one else ever again. “You know I’m actually surprised at you Jackson. You have outright admitted that you raped me the entire time I was growing up. You are essentially kidnapping me in front of an entire audience. You have loudly admitted that your father and my egg donor not only beat me my entire life but encouraged you to rape me not only by yourself but with your friends as well. Are you also going to tell them how I was basically a slave to all of you? Are you going to tell them how I was never allowed to do anything you were doing but simply had to be around to clean stains, carry everything your family deemed worthy of buying yourselves? Are you going to give the gory details of how I was treated? Maybe we should tell them how duct tape was wrapped around my head and my hands taped to a chair as you all walked by taking turns hitting me. Or we can tell them how many times I was thrown into the snow in rags to freeze to death because my voice offended someone to the point that I needed a time out and well if I froze to death that was okay too. Shall we give them the times your family drove out to the lake and after I had cleaned your mess you all ran to the car locking me out and drove off leaving me to wonder how my little self was going to get home or if I ever was? How cold and dark it was until hours later someone would drive back and pick me up? Should we tell them all that being smacked with anything,lamp, glass bottle, whatever, having my head slammed off the floor repetitively, locked in that god awful closet was better than the things that were said to me most of the time? Even thinking you somehow broke everything inside of me didn’t compare to the mental torture I was put through. Are these some of the things you were hoping to recreate? Are your dad, my mom and the rest of that demented family waiting for you to drag me back for a redo?”

His answer was slow in coming but I could tell he didn’t really care that everyone heard what was said. He was above all of it. He didn’t deserve to be in trouble for any of his actions therefore it was completely okay to let everything be heard. He truly was out of his mind if he thought this was going to go the way he wanted it to go. I could feel Ryder tense more and more with every word I spoke. He seemed at his breaking point when Jackson opened his mouth to answer.

“Actually yes they are all waiting. They sent me here to bring you home where you belong. I’m sure at this point they have a list of punishments in store for all of your transgressions. If you’re smart you will keep your slut mouth closed and take them as you deserve every last one of them. Finish your goodbyes. We’re done here.” His words were exactly what I needed.

“Find me and then lets end this. You have a tracker in my phone. I will try to open the air ways as quickly as possible once I walk away with him but please don’t get anyone killed. I can’t live with that on my conscious. He admitted everything we need to put that entire family away n o matter how long it takes to track every last one of them. Just find me okay.“With those final words I turned to walk to Jackson. My feet didn’t really want to obey me so I paused to ask one final question.

“What guarantee do I have that if I go with you that you won’t simply shoot people the moment I get close enough to grab?” I still wasn’t shaking like I should be. I should feel scared but I was simply too confident in one of two things happening. Either they would find me in enough time or I would fight my way out on my own. Either way this was ending in my favor. I would not let this family ever win against me again. I took him out in the bathroom and I could take him out again. I simply needed to pick the perfect moment to strike. While he had a gun pointed at one of the men I loved with everything I had was not the time.

“You’re simply going to have to hope I don’t. Doesn’t really matter does it? You can come with me and hope I don’t shoot knowing you did what you could to save them or you can stand there and know you caused their deaths and I’ll drag you with me. Either way you’ll leave with me and you will do it now before my finger starts cramping over this trigger.” He meant every word. His eyes looked completely drugged. It was as if he was getting a high from the power he commanded over so many at that very moment. He was truly getting off on his power trip, off the fear rolling off everybody in that room.

“Okay. I’m coming.” before I could get withing a foot of him a figure grabbed his arm from the back and jerked his hand straight into the air. A shot fired but it didn’t hurt anything. There was so much movement after that I had trouble keeping up with what was going on. After a moment it didn’t matter as I once again found myself face down with a body draped over my head. I could hear metal clang to the floor and then scrape as it slid. I hear fists hitting flesh over and over again. It was like being caught in a real life night mare. Whoever the person was that took on Jackson could be on the receiving end of those hits. It could be seconds before he gained his gun back and struck out at anyone around him. It never seemed to end. Just hit after hit of someone being pummeled. Finally silence descended on the area again and I had to wonder if I had gone deaf. The body slowly lifted off of me but I simply couldn’t bring myself to move even an inch.

I had probably gone into some kind of shock but I didn’t really care as nothing effected me. Hands roamed my body. Voices sounded in the background but none of them made any sense. It was all gable to me. I laid there simply waiting for Jackson to lash out and finally shoot me or someone I loved. That was probably the worst part, thinking of Cammy or one of the twins getting hurt because of me. And it would be because of me. I led them here. I took him on in the bathroom. I should have just gone with him then and we wouldn’t be here now.

As I lost consciousness all I could really think was please don’t let them get hurt. They are all I have and all I have ever truly cared about. If there is any mercy in this world you will spare the ones I loved. Screaming voices couldn’t keep me from that black abyss that pulled me in. I willingly went not wanting to ever know if they did get hurt. I easily surrendered.

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