A New Beginning

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Scarlet’s P.O.V.

There were wildflowers surrounding me as I watched my husbands play with our son who had just turned 3. Christian giggled wildly as Ryder threw him into the air before catching him and flipping him over to blow raspberries on his tummy. The wind blew gently through my hair as the sun caught the diamonds of my ring.

It brought to mind the day my men proposed to me. We were laying in this exact field after they showed me the house they bought for me at the top of the hill. It was two levels with a huge wrap around porch. They already had a swing hung from the ceiling swaying gently as we passed it. I could see many summers spent on this porch as we entered the house. The front foyer was huge with a chandelier glinting in the afternoon sun as I stood frozen in awe.

“Come on Love there is much more to see.” Ryder gently guided me through each room with a hand settled gently at my lower back. We were all silent as we finished looking at each room and entered what they called the back yard. It looked like miles of grass and flowers. I walked to the bottom of the hill and laid buried in them just looking up at the fluffy clouds in the sky.

The trial was finally over and each one of them sentenced to a life sentence with Jackson getting two. I knew I’d never see any of them ever again. They would die in prison. My only concern was what kind of monster I was when I felt nothing as the judge handed down his sentencing. Ryder and Gabe both assured me that with all of the counseling I was going to and the healing I had done that it was normal. It simply meant these people meant nothing to me any longer. All of this they swore was a good thing.

I watched as both men got down on one knee on either side of me fascinated with the halo the sun created behind them. “This is all ours? Isn’t it big for just the three of us? I know you guys wanted me to have my training room and you both needed an office but this is huge!” I stopped talking as I took in the looks on their faces.

“Baby you make me the happiest man in the world just by existing. You would make my life even better if you would agree to be my wife. Please marry me.” My eyes teared up as my jaw dropped. I was definitely not expecting this. How could I choose to marry just one of them?

Before my mind could wander too far into that topic Ryder grabbed my face gently forcing me to look at him. “ My life has changed so much since I met you. What I fear the most now is losing you. You have changed my bothers and my life so much for the good. You inspire us to write new exciting stories. You give us someone to love and cherish every single day. You make waking up an adventure I can’t wait to have. Going to bed with you snuggled between us each night is like sweet torture because I’m always torn between needing to physically sleep and wanting to watch the angel next to me rest peacefully. Please marry me so I can spend the rest of my life struggling between watching you and sleeping. So I can cherish you every day I have left on this earth and then wait for you in heaven. I need you with me always the same as I need air or water.” Ryder finally fell silent next to me as they both grabbed one of my hands simply waiting for the answer.

I sat silently crying as my love for both of these men grew beyond what I could hold. I cried happy tears and that alone was a testament to how much my life had changed since meeting them. “If I could marry you both I would say yes in a heart beat. It’s not legal. I can’t and won’t ever be able to choose between the two of you. How can you ask me to..” fingers covered my lips before I could finish what was bothering me.

“ Baby you would marry Ryder since he was born first out of the two of us. Then we would have a separate ceremony where we would both pledge our lives to you. Essentially in our hearts you would be married to both of us. You would wear both of our rings and we would both wear yours. We would both be the father to any children you gave us in the future. The world doesn’t need to know it’s the three of us for our lives to be happy. Just us and our closest most trusted friends would be in attendance. “ Gabe settled all of my fears moments before I launched myself at them knocking them over in the process.

“I still haven’t heard a yes come from you yet. I’m hoping your reaction means yes though.” Ryder’s quiet words came with a gentle laugh as he ran his hands down my back.

“Yes, Yes of course I’ll marry you. I love you both so much. I couldn’t ever imagine my life without you both in it forever.”

I was pulled from my memories as a gentle hand stroked my growing stomach. “There you are finally back with me. What were you thinking about so hard? I’ve been laying here for a while watching as you looked so far away.” Gabe was next to me in my beloved flowers watching me with love shining in his eyes.

“I was remembering the day you both proposed to me. It has been an incredible four years since then. I can’t believe I got pregnant again without the fertility shots we used to have Christian. Now we are having a little girl and life couldn’t be any more different or any better than where I was when I first met both of you. I am thankful every day that I have you both in my life along with our children. We’re going to be here years from now aren’t we? Watching our grandchildren play in these same flowers. Our kids falling in love and fighting with each other. Christian beating up our daughters boyfriends if they hurt her. Our future will hold so many more happy memories than I ever thought possible.”

“Yes Love that and so much more. We couldn’t have picked a better woman for the mother of our children. Or a better person to love forever. Thank you for taking a chance and loving us even if we are idiots from time to time. We have forever to love and make you happy and that alone makes us the happiest men in the world.” Ryder said as he settled next to me with Christian in his lap.

He was right. I was finally whole. I was finally loved. Life with them would be amazing and I was looking forward to every single memory we could make together.

The End.

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