A New Beginning

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Chapter 5

I sat in my car for a few minutes just trying to calm my nerves. Please let the professional approach work. Maybe I can speed up the book release. Cram so much into a short amount of time to limit my time with them. Or simply keep them so busy they forget all about me. I wonder if I should simply do both so it isn’t obvious. Not only have they seen directly in my eyes while I was thinking of my past but they have this uncanny ability to make me feel.

I don’t know what the hell to do with emotions! It’s been years since I’ve felt anything but pain. I know for sure that I definitely can’t let them continue to touch me. Their touch brought not only warmth to my stomach but it made me shiver and my heart race uncontrollably. That was plainly unacceptable. This wasn’t going to happen. The faster we released their books the faster they were out of my life for good. I would wave them away at the airport for their tour with a huge sigh of relief and an even bigger smile. They would not get to me. I sat for a couple more minutes staring at myself in the mirror and repeating that sentence over and over. They won’t get to me! I won’t allow it ever!

Once I had reasonably convinced myself of this I got out of the car and turned to quickly lock it. There were the twins parked only a couple of spaces away. Oh my gosh had they been watching me talk to myself? I hope so maybe they’ll think I’m crazy and go find someone else to harass. At that thought my heartbeat accelerated and all I saw was red. I was so angry at just the thought of these two being with someone else.

OK that’s weird. Why should I care? Taking a deep breath I turned walking calmly to the office ready to just get this over with. I needed my calm place more now than ever. I needed to relax and quit feeling and thinking. I needed the waves to either violently rip these emotions from me or gently carry them away into the vast never ending blue water. Either way they would be gone after tonight. I just had to hold on until then. I can do this for that long at least.

As I walked down the hallway I suddenly felt a presence on either side of me just before hands gently grasped both of my elbows guiding me in the direction of the conference room. It was a few doors down the hall from my office so it didn’t take us long to get there. I told them both to sit and wait a moment while I went back to my office for their files. I tried dragging my feet and fought with the lock for a while.

After I got their files together and printed off the ideas I had previously of their release I decided I would make coffee for the meeting. As slowly as I could manage I dragged cups from the cupboard and filled them to the rim. I rummaged in the lower shelves for a tray to bring everything to the conference room. Finally I couldn’t drag it out any longer and made my way back to both men.

Walking through the door I noticed the blinds were pulled down. They must want their privacy during the meeting. It put me slightly on edge. They were touchy feely in front of an entire restaurant what would they do in the privacy of an enclosed office. Gabe got up quickly and took the tray from me as Ryder closed the door behind me. My back went rod straight and my shoulders tensed beyond tense at the click of the door. I quickly sat at the head of the table and arranged their files out waiting for both men to sit down so I could hand their coffee out.

Gabe surprised me by placing a cup in front of and beside me. Ryder grabbed the creamer and Gabe grabbed the sugar and offered them to me. I shook my head declining either and grabbed the freshly printed file of ideas.

“ I’m thinking of at the least three photo shoots. One in Hawaii, one in Florida, and one in Ohio when it’s snowing. This way we can have you posing with some hula girls and clear blue water in the back round. In Florida we can have the party scene in the background. They even have party strips that we can use as a background. Then we’ll have you in the snow. The book has Florida and snow in them. So the press releases would include a little of both. I want to do all of those in the next two weeks so we can start throwing it out there to the public. After that we are going to have some Q&A sets with the press about the newest book. I’d like to add some quiet parties to introduce the new book and answer questions about why you have changed publicists. We need to smooth the transition over so there are no questions as to why it’s a different name on the book. People will notice the smallest things about books especially when you have such a strong following the way you do.” I said all of this quickly trying to prevent them from noticing I just put four months of work into one.

“Hmm don’t you think that’s rushing things a bit in the grand scheme of things. We don’t want a few parties that look like they were thrown together at the last minute.”Ryder said while he slid his hand onto my shoulder brushing my hair back.

“I have to agree with my brother on that. And if we did a photo shoot we would have to time it perfectly with a fresh snow fall. We wouldn’t want some old brown half melted snow around us. Also we would have to do allot of site scouting just to find the perfect places for a shoot.” Gabe said while placing his hand on my thigh. I jumped slightly at the contact from both of them getting highly uncomfortable.

“ Let’s keep this professional guys. Please no touching.” I had to talk slowly so the shaking in my voice wasn’t noticed. They noticed anyhow.

“Are you nervous love?” Ryder said.” We are just being our natural selves and we are finding it unnaturally hard to keep our hands off of you.” I couldn’t quiet my breathing as they both started rubbing soft circles on me. It almost felt as if they were everywhere at once. This was quickly becoming a feeling overload situation. I couldn’t say anything I simply left it and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening.

“As I was saying, I guess we could space them out a bit more. I simply got excited and ahead of myself.” I squeaked out.

”We can show you excited Love. All you have to do is ask. Or rather at this point allow and enjoy.” Both men looked at me expectantly. Gabe’s hand slid slightly higher on my thigh as Ryder’s hand slid down my arm barely brushing the side of my breast.

“We can make you feel good love all you have to do is enjoy.” Damn that sounded so good and sent shivers down my spine. Was I really going to let this happen? This can’t happen isn’t this what I swore would never happen? And yet here I am in a private room with them both brushing my body in some sensual way. Taking my silence as confirmation to continue I feel lips pressing lightly to my neck. Just enough to make me shiver. I couldn’t move or breath.

I simply sat their trying not to get crushed under the onslaught of emotion and lust running through my entire body at the simplest of touches from them. I didn’t quite know what to do so I shut off my mind and went blindly on instinct. Leaning into the mouth at my neck I softly moaned at the sensation. Gabe’s hand slid even further up this time, sliding just under the edge of my skirt rubbing bare skin, Ryder kissed more intensely at my neck, sliding from just under my ear to my collar bone and repeating. Both men moaned in sync when they realized I wasn’t going to stop them. But how could I when I couldn’t put two words together in my head let alone speak them.

Gabe crashed his lips onto mine in a passionate kiss that made my toes curl. Slowly licking my bottom lip practically begging for entrance I simply sat there kissing him back. I gasped as Ryder bit my neck. Not hard enough to hurt but it did send a jolt straight through me to my core. At the same time I feel Gabe slide his hands directly between my legs lightly brushing me through my pants.

I did the only thing any sane rational person would do...I threw my head back and let out a moan of pleasure as both men continued to overwhelm my senses. Gabe took the opportunity to stabilize my head with a hand wrapped at the back and dive his tongue into my mouth tasting every inch there was. Ryder took advantage of the exposed skin and nipped down to my collar bone. I simply sat kissing Gabe and allowing my instincts to take over my actions. I leaned into Gabe just absorbing the smell and feel of him running my hand along his chest, thrilled to be touching him.

Suddenly the twins lifted me up and placed me on the table so they were directly facing me. Ryder started unbuttoning my shirt while Gabe raised my skirt to hip level. Their hands soft and gentle not seeming rushed at all. All I could hear is my heart beat hammering in my chest and my unsteady breathing. Ryder started with gentle kisses down to my exposed bra while Gabe’s hands slid back to the inside of my thighs gently massaging them with the tips of his fingers.

I placed my hands behind me and did what I was told, let them please me. What else could I do? I felt something warm on the inside of my leg and looked down to see Gabe placing wet kisses on the inside of my thighs while his hands crept up to my panties. I felt his teeth scrape my thighs as his fingers finally brushed my dripping core. Oh my god how am I going to handle all of these sensations.

Ryder’s hot mouth finally made contact with my nipple making me jerk and cry out. Ryder switched sides as Gabe moved his mouth closer to exactly where I wanted him. I think I’m going to explode into a million pieces. I have never felt all of these sensations at once and I certainly didn’t know how to handle them. Finally Gabe’s lips connected with my core as he pulled my panties to the side.

Ryder held me in place while ravaging my chest and i started to jerk my hips towards Gabe’s face. I wanted more. Hell I needed more. I just don’t know what it is that I need. Apparently Gabe knew because he slid a finger into my waiting heat. I was so surprised I screamed out in pleasure grasping the table more firmly. Both men groaned at the sound of my cries of pleasure.

Gabe slowly pumped his finger inside of me moaning every now and then against my skin as he ran his tongue around my clit making the sensations almost unbearable. Ryder continued to switch sides repeatedly sucking slightly harder each time until he was gently nipping them and scraping his teeth on my skin. “More, please more” I muttered incoherently.

This seemed to set both men off as Gabe seriously went to town slamming his fingers inside of me as Ryder moaned loudly and attacked my chest with a vengeance grabbing my hair and pulling my head backwards increasing my pleasure. My orgasm hit me quickly making me scream both of their names while collapsing back onto my back,, both men following my actions until I rode my orgasm to completion.

As I was trying to catch my breath both men slid up to my ears and whispered “That was amazing.” Stoking my side and kissing either side of my neck soothing me I tried to make sense of what just happened. That probably wasn’t going to happen any time soon. But just as Ryder began buttoning my shirt and Gabe smoothed down my skirt the conference door opened. There stood my boss with a completely shocked look on her face.

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