A New Beginning

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Chapter 7

“Scarlet” The screams just kept tearing from my throat. I didn’t hear anything but that and my heart beating out of my chest. I quickly removed all of my clothes and started climbing the side of the pier. Jumping quickly into the water I tried to locate the one thing that was keeping me moving right now. Scarlet. There she was swimming about 50 feet away.

She looked like she was on a mission slicing through the water. Gabe landed swiftly next to me and we both began the swim to get to her. We had to touch her, make sure she was ok. Simply seeing it was not enough after what we had just witnessed. We also had to make sure she was ok from earlier and not trying to drown herself.

Could she be swimming out to let herself sink to the bottom? She made it past the pier itself which was luck on all of our parts. She was moving so swiftly and quickly just cutting through the water like a professional. My brother and I had to up our strokes just to have some hope that we would catch up to her.

Finally we reached her side and I quickly grabbed her by her waist making her come to a stop from the ferocious strokes she was executing. She instantly screamed not knowing who was grabbing her. “ It’s just us Love. Shh you’re OK. Everything is going to be OK.” I whispered in her ear as my brother did the same in her other ear. We floated there just whispering soothing words in her ears and stroking her hair and back trying to calm her down.

The later it got the colder it got and we needed to get her to shore and warm her up. I couldn’t stand seeing her like this. It tore at my heart. She finally slumped against my shoulder burying her face in the crook of my neck just breathing in my scent and shaking violently. I knew she was crying even though all I heard from her was her deep breathing. She made no sound and I suddenly wondered how many times she had cried in silence, forcing no sound to escape her while her tears poured down her face. I just wanted to hold her forever and take all of her pain away. Why did she jump?

“ Scarlet we need to get you to show love before you get sick.” Gabe said loud enough for us both to hear. But still being gentle, he must have known she was crying as much as I did. Our eyes met over the top of her head and we came to an understanding. We were going to fix her. We were going to love her. We were going to cherish this broken beauty. We needed to make her whole. I hoped she felt the emotions rolling through us.

Caged in as we were passing them back and forth to my twin. How could we not want to help her. Feeling her slight nod against my neck I started to tread towards shore as Gabe began to pull us backward towards our goal. We weren’t fast by any means. We didn’t want to startle her. She felt to good against us. She was accepting comfort and that brought warmth to my heart.

This was part of what I wanted. I am drawn to her like no other. I want to comfort her, to make her smile, to spoil her, to watch her eyes ignite in flames knowing I did that for her. I wanted it all and then some. I’m not sure what the then some is I just knew I wanted more from her in our lives. I could picture it in my head and I hadn’t even known her but a couple of days. It was honestly as scary as it was exhilarating. As soon as my feet hit bottom I scooped Scarlet up bridal style and carried her the rest of the way to shore.

She just clung to me like I was going to disappear any moment. “I’m not going anywhere Scar. I’ll be here for as long as you need me. I have a deeply ingrained need to protect you. We both do. We would never hurt you. We just want to help.” I continued to whisper to her as we made our way to the car. Gabe opened the back door so I could slide in with Scarlet still in my arms.

Gently easing us into the back seat on my lap I noticed Gabe run to the pier for her things. He made it back in record time holding her now damp clothes and purse. He slipped silently into the drivers seat and started it quickly easing out onto the road. Glancing up at the rear view mirror I saw the question in his eyes. Do we take her back to ours or drive around until she calms down enough to be able to tell us where she lived?

I mouthed a quick ours and redirected my eyes to the side of her face. There was a constant stream of tears there and her eyes were firmly closed as she tried to block the pain. I brushed them away as best as I could muttering softly in her ear that we were here for her. I slid my fingers gently through her hair removing any knots and making sure I rubbed her scalp with each pass.

As we drove the streets silently her breathing began to even out and the tears slowed to a stop. She began to slump even more and I knew she had fallen asleep in my arms. I continued what I was doing not wanting her to wake up. Gentling my movements even more just trying to comfort her in her sleep. How were we going to make this sleeping beauty realize we wanted to be there for her? To heal her and make her happy?

I guess we could just be gentle and take it one step at a time. I needed her to trust us, to believe in us and then I could move on to the rest of what I wanted from her. We finally reached our house and pulled into the garage. Gabe once again opened the door for us being as silent as he could. He let us in the house and led the way to our bedroom.

We came to a stop in the doorway as he gazed down at her. “Is she ok?” I was just looking at her allowing my brother time to get his fill as well.

“She has been asleep for a little while now but I want to change her into something warm and get her laid down. It has been a very long, hard day for her and I think if we simply hold her through the night she will be a little better in the morning. When we get up we can call Cammy and tell her Scarlet’s taking the day off and spend the day talking and getting to know each other better.” He agrees and went to the closet to grab a pair of his sweat pants and one of my t-shirts.

Gently placing her on the bed we began removing her bra and panties sliding the sweats and shirt on her quickly hoping to warm her skin up. Once she was fully dressed Gabe pulled the blankets back on the bed and I slid her gently to the center of the bed. Wow I can’t believe she didn’t wake up this whole time. I was holding my breath hoping she wouldn’t wake up and freak out about us dressing her. It really was necessary. We couldn’t let her go to bed in wet clothes. I hoped the fact that is was so dark in here would comfort her in the morning. I knew she would be distressed when she woke up but we would make sure one of us if not both were here to comfort her when she finally did wake up.

I slid in the left pulling her back to me as Gabe spooned her from the front trying to warm and comfort her while she slept. “What are we going to do with this beauty? She has been hurt so badly. I want to kill whoever has done this to her. No one should ever have to be made to feel like this. Did you hear Cammy? She let us touch her when she won’t even let her friend. That has to mean something right Ry? She feels a connection just as we do. Maybe we were meant to help her. To love her. I don’t think I can ever let her go. I fall right into her eyes. Seeing all of that pain in one person takes my breath away. I want to hold her like this forever.” Gabe muttered as he gently brushed his fingers down her face finally settling on just cupping her soft cheek in his hand.

“We need to be gentle. I feel the same as you do though. I just want her in our lives. This is the most intense I have ever felt for anyone. And we have only known her for a few days. She has been hurt and we don’t know how far it runs or who has done it. We don’t want her more hurt and shutting down out of fear of letting us in. We have to go slow with her. We have to show her how to trust us and get her to believe we will be there for her without hurting her.” I was lifted on my elbow to stare at my brother playing with the tips of her hair while stroking her hip softly.

“ Let’s start by making her breakfast. But I don’t want to leave her alone. One of us should always be in here with her. Then we’ll just have a lazy day around the house getting to know her and letting her get to know us. We will try and make her comfortable enough to open up even if it’s just a little. And we’ll be sure to comfort her through whatever it is she’s going through. After that we’ll take her to dinner or better yet we can make it here and stage a food fight to show her that she can have fun in life. But for now lets just get some sleep.” He looked at me for a moment more.

” How will we get her to stay in the morning if she tries to run? You know she is going to use work as an excuse. And she is going to be embarrassed and try to get out of here as quickly as possible.” I looked at him for a moment while he doubted my plan.

“We give her no other options and cut her arguments short not allowing her to think to much. We will distract her as best we can and use this connection we all seem to be feeling to get her to stay with us. This will work brother just have some faith and we will get through to her. Not only will we help her but we will get her to love us before this is all over.” With that I laid down completely and snuggled into her back giving her my heat while breathing in the scent of her shampoo.

It was sweet and I couldn’t quite place the scent but I knew it was heavenly. Gabe did the same trying to get as close to her as possible wrapping his hand into her hair at the base of her skull. We both laid there awake for what felt like hours just enjoying her smell and the feel of her in our arms. It was almost perfect. She fit perfectly between us. And I for one was determined that she was going to be here every night for a long time to come. Forever if I could manage it. She would be ours was the last thought on my mind as I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

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