A New Beginning

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Chapter 8

It’s so hot. When did my room get this hot? I don’t even remember coming to bed last night. And heavy. I feel like I’m being smashed into the bed what the heck? I cracked my eyes open as far as I could get them and saw arms across my waist. Not breathing I followed the arm up to it’s owners face. Spotting the twins looking at me I exhaled slowly beginning to relax into their embrace. It hit me then. I didn’t have a nightmare.

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a nightmare while sleeping. I just laid Both were unique to them. Ryder was leather and outdoors with a cologne I couldn’t place. While Gabe was more woodsy and yet another cologne I couldn’t name. Both together had me salivating at the simple smell of them. I could feel them staring at me but I just couldn’t be bothered to care nor move right now. I was comfortable, content and most importantly nightmare free. How we came to be like this could be dealt with later.

“How do you feel this morning love?” Gabe asked from in front of me. His voice was husky with sleep so they couldn’t have been awake for very long.

“ I’m ok.” It came out a hoarse whisper but they heard me none the less. The arms around me tightened. I felt safe. WOW! I felt safe. I’ve never felt like that before and I really didn’t want to leave that feeling any time soon. But I had work so I knew I would eventually have to move. But I can stall as long as possible.

A hand brushed my hip rhythmically and I realized I was in sweats. I looked down to confirm my clothes had been changed. Hmm last night is kind of foggy what the heck did I do to get here? “Umm, guys, I changed myself right?” they both grinned at me. Uh oh. I don’t like those grins. Creasing my eyebrows I tried figuring out how on earth I got here.

“ We changed you.” Ryder supplied making me instantly tense against them. They had changed my clothes? What else had they done to me? I knew all they wanted was to get in my pants.

“But don’t worry we didn’t see anything we were in the dark and made quick work of it so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable the next day.” Gabe finished for him soothing my now tight body.

“Your beautiful when your confused Scarlet. I love how your face scrunches all up while you try to figure something out. What is it your thinking about little one maybe we can help.” Ryder commanded my attention sounding more demanding than questioning. I ask him my questions rather than fight with him.

“I didn’t have a nightmare?” It came out as a question but I meant to make it a statement. Both boy’s instantly took on a look of concern as they snuggled closer. They seemed to be trying to comfort themselves as well as me.

“Do you have nightmares often Hun?” Gabe seemed to really want to know so for once I didn’t hide I answered honestly.

“Yeah. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember. But I didn’t? This isn’t normal. Weird. Why am I here in bed with you? How did I even get here? What happened last night? I really don’t go out and get drunk. That I would remember. Everything is still kind of fuzzy.” I looked to both of them for an answer. They looked worried as if when I remembered I would run.

Tightening their arms they made sure I couldn’t move before answering me. “You were at the office with us. Do you remember what happened there?” I guess Ryder was going to be the kind that just tried to jog my memory instead of outright telling me what happened. I thought for a moment back to our meeting in the office and my cheeks heated as I remembered exactly what happened. I lowered my head unable to look either of them in the eyes.

Gabe gently lifted my head with a finger gently under my chin.” Don’t hide Scarlet. There is nothing to be ashamed of from what happened yesterday. We moved to fast and we understand that now. But don’t be ashamed.” I looked at him like he was crazy. Don’t be ashamed? He had lost his mind!

” I acted like a whore! I have only known you for a few days and not only did I let you touch me but I let you see me in a very intimate position. It’s something that should have never happened. I don’t let people touch me.” Probably just to prove me wrong both hands started a gentle rub one on my hip the other on my jaw simply soothing me. Right I was letting them touch me again. Hell I had slept in bed sandwiched between the two.

Omg I slept with them. I let them touch me! How did they even find me? No one knew about me going to the pier except Cammy and she’d never tell. Oh my gosh they low jacked my car! They had to have put some sort of tracking device on my car. The previous nights evens started flooding my mind. I couldn’t get the waves to take away my feelings and bring me peace. I had stripped to my bra and panties and figured maybe a swim would wash them away and bring me the calm I so desperately needed.

I’m pretty sure I was hyperventilating. “Love you need to calm down or your going to pass out.” Gabe said patiently like that was going to work. Yeah right. Not happening as more events from last night came back to me. Had I really fallen into their arms. Actually seeking comfort as I cried. Who does that? I don’t even know these men!

Suddenly I was flat on my back with Ryder’s hands firmly grasping my cheeks and his face right in mine.”Calm down.” He said it with so much power in his voice. A pure command that I think I simply quit breathing for a moment and felt my breathing slow down when it resumed. I stared at him in awe taking in every feature. Every small detail in his face.

I realized up close there were noticeable differences that couldn’t be ignored. It wasn’t just their dimples. Ryder actually looked slightly darker than Gabe who seemed to have more of a boyish charm to him. “That’s it. Just breath nice and deep.” With the command still evident in his voice I simply followed instructions without thinking.

“You are fine.”

“ You are safe.”

“We are going to take care of you today.”

“There will be no work today,”

“Gabe is going to make you some breakfast and then you are to simply relax for the day.”

“And later tonight Ryder and I are going to take you to dinner.”

I think I’m getting whiplash as they both tell me all of this bouncing back and forth between them. What can I say to that? Do I want to spend the day with them? “How do you even know if I want to spend the day with you?” For a moment they both looked slightly hurt and just as quickly sheer determination took over their features.

“We know you do. You are just scared to. There is nothing to be afraid of. But either way you are spending the day with us. Besides your car is still at the pier. You have no way of getting home. Your stuck!” Ryder rushes all of this out to me as Gabe simply watches my face looking for the truth in what I truly want. I sit there debating. I could always call a cab have they not thought of that? Do I really want to spend time with them? The answer was instant. I really do.

Gabe’s eyes light up as though he can read my thoughts. I’m pretty sure he can as my next thoughts strike me. He starts brushing his fingers everywhere. Softly, gently reassuring me. I really shouldn’t be doing this. I have already acted like a whore with them proving I don’t seem to have any self restraint where they are concerned. What kind of humiliation would I feel if anything happened again? I really can’t do this. Feel I mean. How are they getting me to feel? They aren’t doing anything other than showing me affection.

There have been people in the past that have tried and failed with the same approach so what is so different about these to men? How are they doing this? I have to get out of here. I honestly don’t know how to handle these feelings. I’m pretty sure they are going to get exasperated dealing with me and I will be even more broken than before.

“ You can do this. We will be here every step of the way. We are not going to get tired of dealing with your roller coaster ride of emotions. But we are going to be here to help you deal with them. We want to help you, to be here for you and to protect you from whatever has made you the way you are.” Gabe assures me. I look at him completely shocked. Yup he can read minds or at least mine. That’s really kind of freaky.

Both men start to laugh. Not a little laugh either. Oh no a complete full bellied laugh. “Has anyone ever told you love that when you are deep in your thoughts you talk out loud?” Ryder asks as his laughter dies down to chuckles. Ok I didn’t know you could get any redder than I was. I’m pretty sure the blush extends all over my body right now. Closing my eyes briefly i just let everything wash over me accepting that I am going to be here for today at least.

“Gabe can you go make us some breakfast while I get our lovely Scarlet ready for her day of relaxation?” Ryder asks quietly seeming to not want to disturb me while I am processing and accepting everything.

“Sure the bath crystals are on the bottom shelf left hand cupboard. She may as well start her relaxing now with a warm soak before breakfast. If you want to add bubbles they are on the shelf above the crystals.” Gabe muttered as I felt his side of the bed move as he rose to go do as his brother asked.

As soon as the soft click sounded through the room alerting us of the door closing Ryder got off the bed rummaging through what I assume is a closet. I just stared not saying a word as he came back with clothes in his hand that looked similar to the ones I was currently wearing. He stopped at the end of the bed and stared at me for a moment.”Don’t move I will be right back.” Yet another command coming from him. And I’m pretty sure he expected to be obeyed to.

I just nodded not taking my eyes off of him. He smiled softly at me and walked into another room attached to the bedroom. I didn’t move even a muscle as I heard water running. I just laid there consumed in my thoughts. How was I going to get out of this? Do I really want out? They are only going to hurt me in the end. I have to keep my guard up but with them it seems impossible to do.

Ryder came back much sooner than I would have thought and scooped me out of bed carrying me to the bathroom. He set m e gently on the counter and began removing my shirt. Then my pants. He picked me up and gently placed me in the tub. I was so lost in thought that the water was a surprise to me as my nose was suddenly filled with cherry blossom and jasmine. That must be the bath salts and bubble bath I am currently surrounded in.

I looked at Ryder feeling completely exposed and vulnerable. I had never allowed myself to feel this vulnerable. I was lost just staring into his beautiful eyes. I couldn’t seem to look away. Holding my gaze he grabbed a soft wash cloth and lathered it up with soap. Lifting my hand out of the water he began to softly brush the cloth on my skin running it from my finger tips all the way to my shoulders making sure he didn’t miss a single spot of skin. Gliding across my collar bone as he used his other hand to bring me closer to him.

The cloth made its way across and down my back just as softly cleaning every inch of skin in it’s path . I still couldn’t look away from his eyes as I sat here allowing him to bath me. It wasn’t sensual but it was caring. I could almost feel the emotions that were shining in his eyes roll off of him as he administered the gentle strokes over my body. Gliding gently over my breasts, lingering for a moment more than was needed I finally felt the cloth move to my stomach. His gliding and my staring as I seemed to be hypnotized by the entire situation. He gently cupped my core cleaning and quickly moving to my thighs. Was he going to wash my entire body?

It seems he was. He lifted my leg out of the water and washed from my thighs to my toes again making sure not to miss a single spot anywhere. When he was done he dropped the cloth into the water and maneuvered me so that I was tipping back with my hair cascading softly into the water. He grabbed a cup from the side and carefully poured water into my hair wetting it thoroughly . He still had not broken eye contact. How did he know which bottle he was grabbing?

He supported my head in one hand and pumped shampoo into his other. His fingers were like heaven as he messaged the shampoo into my scalp and the rest of my hair. He rinsed it with the same caution making sure not a drop of water hit my face. He then did the same thing with conditioner. When it was completely rinsed out and I had let out several moans from the sensations he was creating in my body, he asked softly, “Are you ready to get out love?”

I could only nod at him still seeming to be hypnotized. He lifted me from the water not seeming to care that I was dripping water all over his floor. He placed me gently on a floor rug and wrapped me in a fluffy towel. He took a smaller towel and wrapped my hair for me. I still just stared straight into his eyes. Wow if I don’t look away soon he is going to think I’m crazy. Just as I started to move my gaze it snapped right back as he started moving the towel drying my entire body. Wow no one had ever taken care of me like this before. I have to admit I was enjoying every moment of it.

“Lift your leg for me love and hold onto my shoulders for balance.” I lifted first one leg and then the other allowing him to slip the sweats over me. Without being asked to I simply lifted my arms for him to slip the shirt over my body. When I stood completely dressed he slipped his arms around my waist and lowered his face to mine.

“Just a kiss Scarlet. I can’t resist any longer.” With those words Ryder pushed his lips gently against mine sliding them slowly across mine with passion and gentleness I had never felt with any one else. He licked my lower lip slowly and a moan escaped me. It seemed to bring him to his senses and he stepped back enough to scoop me up again.

“Gabe should have breakfast ready by now. Why don’t we go find out?” Ryder said striding to the door still staring into my eyes.

We were both startled into looking away from each other as a voice from the door relied “ It’s ready. I would have told you sooner but I didn’t want to interrupt that beautiful moment you two were having. It’s been done for a little while now. Lets go before it gets cold.” With that we all headed downstairs. Not like I had a choice. I was being carried like a baby everywhere today.

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