A New Beginning

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Chapter 9

I don’t normally eat breakfast. It’s just coffee so this will be different. They sat me down at the island counter and took a seat on either side of me. No one said anything as we started to slowly eat. Gabe didn’t make an extravagant breakfast and for that I was thankful. Simple eggs, bacon and coffee. I chewed slowly hoping it would give me more time to think and figure out if I wanted a way out. I’m sure they would let me leave if I wanted to.

But do I want to? I am so torn over this situation and everything is simply overwhelming. Can I send a day with these two men? Alone? Is Cammy upset about yesterday? I wouldn’t be surprised if she fired me when I finally made it into work. Oh god Cammy really is going to fire me. What was I thinking when I let them do that to me in the conference room? I’m crazy. Yup that’s it. I have lost my mind and finally succumbed to insanity.

Two hands started gently rubbing my back. I practically jumped right out of the chair. I had forgotten they were here yet again getting lost in my thoughts.

“She is not going to fire you. She is your best friend and was more worried over your reaction last night and how you were doing. She meant what she said as only a joke. She is actually the one that told us where we could find you. After threatening to hurt us of course. I called her this morning while you were taking your bath and let her know you were fine but wouldn’t be coming in today. She told me to tell you that she is glad your okay but to never run off and scare her like that again. She also said you could and should take a few days off and just relax for a while. I believe her exact words were girl you deserve it.” Gabe said all this while neither brother stopped the gentle rubbing on my back.

I really do think I have gone insane. My brain seemed to be taking a long time to absorb any information. “ I can’t take a few days off! There really is to much work to get done. Does she not realize we just got on your account and how much will need to go into all of it in the first few days. Honestly I have to call her and ask what she is thinking.” Ryder’s hand slipped from my back to my thigh grabbing my attention and placing it solely on him.

“We can wait for you to start our account. We are more concerned about you right now. I’m sure Gabe told your boss that when he spoke to her. Let us take care of you for a couple days. Relax and get pampered. Please Love.” He seemed so sincere. They wanted to take care of me now but would they later? I’m sure this is all for show just to get in my pants and hurt me later. It’s what people do. I’m actually surprised they haven’t simply taken what they want and left me crying in a ball like so many others before them.

A growl brought me out of my thoughts quickly. “Who?” They both asked at the same time. I looked at them like they were crazy.

“Who what?” was my intelligent response. No one had even said anything. What do they mean who? We were talking about work right?

“ You do remember us telling you that you talk out loud when your thinking right?” Ryder was still rubbing my thigh but it was slightly more aggressive as was the pressure of the hand at my back. I don’t normally talk out loud when I’m thinking. What is he talking about? And then I realized that when I’m with them and lost in thought I seem to be working everything out in my head by talking to myself about it. I never do that.

This stress is making me crazy. What had I been thinking about that would make them look so angry? “ What did I say?” Both men growled again but it was Gabe who answered.

“ You wondered why we haven’t simply taken what we want like so many have before.” As he said this I instinctively cringed while both men’s hands stilled.

I jumped out of the chair before either of them could comprehend what was going on and ran for the bedroom I was in before. What was I thinking? No one was supposed to know and I just blurt it out while thinking to myself. Oh god what am I going to do?

They know. They don’t know even a quarter but they know one and I can’t handle that thought. I can’t handle any of this at the moment. I was hyperventilating again and I couldn’t stop it. I simply couldn’t breath. I was panicking and couldn’t get away from it. There was a pounding somewhere behind me and finally a crash. What the hell was the crash. I didn’t know and couldn’t look. What I did was pass out instead. Everything went black as I felt my body hit the soft mattress. In the distance I heard someone yell my name but I couldn’t stop the pull of blackness that took me over.

Gabe’s POV

Ryder was ramming the door trying to break it down. We were both panicked as to what she would do after the look on her face as she ran from the room. It took us a few minutes to shake off being stunned by her sudden departure. But when we did the panic set in and we took off down the hallway. She could hurt herself in the state she’s in right now. We could tell all day she was completely overwhelmed.

We were trying to give her time to absorb everything going on at the moment. She has to start feeling again in order to deal with whatever is going on with her. She can’t keep shutting out all feeling. We shouldn’t have pushed her but when she said that at the island we couldn’t contain our rage. We wanted to kill the person that had hurt her like that in the past. I just wanted to know who to go kill. I could see it plainly on my brothers face that he felt the same way. We should have controlled ourselves. We knew we were already pushing her.

She has been alternating between being lost in thought and completely hyperventilating about whatever she was feeling, thinking and going through at the moment. But I couldn’t stop the rage and now she’s locked in the bedroom going through god knows what by herself. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from hyperventilating by herself. Worse she could do something to purposely hurt herself due to whatever memories or thoughts were going through her head. I don’t think either one of us could handle that.

Finally the door gave way and we both burst through just in time to see her collapse onto the bed. Yelling her name I ran to her to make sure she was ok and had simply passed out. I got to her first and gathered her in my arms laying her on the bed more comfortably checking everywhere while I did so. She simply looked to be asleep her breathing was starting to even out. I laid her in the middle of the bed so we could lay on either side of her and wait for her to wake up. I wasn’t going to let her be alone when she remembered exactly what happened in the kitchen.

She would simply start panicking again or worse she would run and we would never find her again. I can’t let that happen. I don’t know what it is about her but I was already falling for her and I just wanted her to be happy and whole. I wanted to fix her. I gently ran my fingers down her face thinking of different things we could do to get her more comfortable with us. Different ways we could take care of her.

“ She is going to have a headache when she wakes up. We should get her some water and Tylenol. See if there’s any in her bathroom will you Ry?” He just walks off looking torn between wanting to make sure she is taken care of when she wakes up and not leaving her side in case she wakes up and freaks out while he’s gone. I don’t think she is waking up anytime soon. An overload like that and it being a couple of days worth she is going to need a few hours unconscious for her brain to manage everything that’s happening.

I want to take her shopping. I want to cook for her everyday. I want to love her like no other has before. She is so beautiful. We will fix this. Ryder came back in with a glass of water and tablets in his hand and silently put them on the table while slipping into bed behind her. My arm was under her head so he placed his around her side holding her to him burying his face in her hair. I know he was feeling sad due to what she had revealed and mad as hell at whoever did it. He was trying to calm himself by holding her close while I was simply trying to distract myself from the problem at hand.

Some one, maybe more than one person, had hurt her, had force ably taken her body against her will, and left her broken and crying. I softly stroked her face while thinking this. How do you fix someone who thinks that is the normal way men deal with the cravings they have for her?

“ I want to kill them. Why would anyone force a woman to do anything they don’t want? How can she believe that’s what we would do to her?I know we haven’t known her long enough for her to trust us. The logical side of me says she doesn’t know us and that she has been so hurt, so broken in the past that she can’t trust right now and that we have to earn it from her. But the other side of me, the emotionally driven side is so hurt that she would think we were capable of ever hurting her. I just want to love her. I want to spend every day for the rest of my life making her feel loved, to feel happy, to never think of what those monsters did to her ever again.” Ryder let all of this out without ever taking a breath of air into his lungs. He was as torn as I am over this whole thing.

“ I know Ry. I feel the same way. But logic is winning. Even though I am hurt and angry she comes first. We will gain her trust and her love. No matter how long it takes, we will fix her and make her whole again. One day she will tell us who and that will be the day we ruin that person forever. We won’t tell her we will just make the rest of their lives miserable. She will have gotten it off of her chest and we will have punished whoever it is. It’s going to take a while but lets start with these first few days. We’ll spend every minute with her showing her what it’s like to be loved by us. She liked what we did yesterday and she wanted to spend today with us. She was just torn not knowing why she did and now that some feelings are showing everything is hitting her at once. Like you said earlier we will distract her from everything until she can handle it and while we are distracting her we’ll show her how to feel loved.”

He seemed to think about this for a minute.”She was entranced in the bathroom when I bathed her. She acted like no one has ever done that for her before. I wonder if anyone has ever taken the time to take care of her. Wouldn’t her mother have done something like that until she was an age where she could do it herself? Wouldn’t her parents at least have loved her and taken care of her? The way she acted I don’t think they did. I don’t think anyone has. Before she can remember anything when she wakes up we should distract her and make her feel taken care of.” He’s right we just have to wait.

It only took about an hour before Scarlet started stirring next to me. “Mm it’s so warm in here.” She is so cute when she mumbles. We weren’t going to back up but I knew it was our body heat keeping her this warm. I started running my fingers on her neck gently sliding them to her collarbone. Ryder’s hands were slipping down her side, over her hip, down her thigh and back up just repeating the process.

“Mm.” She was obviously enjoying what we were doing. That made my heart soar and my cock harden. Dimply hearing her moan made way to many things run through my head but we had to show her that we weren’t going to just satisfy ourselves. That we weren’t going to just take what we wanted and leave her broken.

” Is this ok love?” I knew she was half out of it but I still had to ask. When she looks back on it she will remember that she was asked.

“ It feels nice. “ As she mumbled this out Ryder’s hand moved further on her thigh to caress the inside of her thigh as mine slipped down to the top swell of her breast

“ And this? Is this still OK?” Ryder asked. He seemed just as cautious as I was. She gasped and peeked at me through her eyelashes. He slowly dragged his hand back up the inside of her thigh while I made gentle circles over the top of her cleavage, never quite delving my fingers into it.

“Yes.” What a beautiful breathy reply to come from her. I leaned forward kissing her forehead, cheek, and jaw line while Ryder moved her hair and kissed down the side of her neck and behind her ear letting his breath hit her ear. I felt her tremble. Such simple touches brought amazing responses out of her. I slid my hand over her breast as my lips slip over hers giving her a gentle slow kiss. Everything about right now would be gentle and slow.

Ryder slipped her ear between her teeth as his hand stroked higher and higher towards her core. “Is this still OK Love.” It sounds like his breathing was increasing as well knowing that if she let this continue we would be touching her bare skin soon. Just the thought of loving her body made it hard to breath but I had to remember this was for her and her alone.

He seemed to be thinking along the same line but damn was it hard to do while she was responding with the same amount of gentleness to my kiss, even though she seemed a bit hesitant while doing so. I didn’t want her thinking just feeling. I wanted her to feel our emotions on display for her. She simply moaned in response to his question and i had to wonder if the moan was because she was ok with what we were doing or a simple gut reaction to how we were making her feel.

I circled my thumb around her nipple wanting to get more of a reaction out of her and i guess my brother thought along the same lines because his hand found her center and gently stroked her from the outside of her clothes. I slipped my hand under her shirt enjoying the feel of her skin. She was so soft under my hands. So warm from being between the two of us. I slowly brushed her stomach with my fingertips wondering if she would let us bring her pleasure. I moved away from her lips to just watch her face while we brought her pleasure.

She moaned again and her hips jerked towards Ryder’s hand. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing. We had control at that moment . It was easy to tell that she was simply feeling what we were giving her. I slipped my hand further up brushing my thumb on the underside of her breast watching as she opened her eyes to look at me. The heat coming from her eyes was nearly my undoing. This was for her. I could take a cold shower. And I was going to need one especially after her hand started to explore my chest. She seemed very hesitant but there was no way I was going to stop her.

Ryder’s hand slip up playing with the waist band of her sweats as if asking to go further. Her response wasn’t vocal, she simply brought her other hand to cup the back of his head locking his mouth near her neck and arched into me and closer to his hand. The hand on my chest slowly made its way to the waist of my pants and slipped inside before I could stop her. “Damn.” her hand felt good.

Taking my erection she slowly rolled her thumb around the head before butterflying her fingertips down my length. If she kept this up i truly was going to explode. I leaned forward taking her nipple between my teeth through her clothes. My hips jerked into her hand as I heard that beautiful moan escape her lips. Ryder’s hand slipped into her pants moving his finger along her slit I’m sure he found her wet. She was too responsive to not be. This was torture.

She surprised both of us by bring her hand behind her back and fully cupping Ryder through his pants. It wasn’t long before her hand was inside had she was stroking him with the same light pressure she was me. We both kept up our administrations of her body thoroughly loving the fact that we were touching her. The pressure on me tightened and I let out a groan. Yup I’m definitely going to get off if she keeps that up much longer. My hips jerked at the same time hers did as she circled the head again with her thumb only with more pressure this time.

Ryder lifted his head from her neck.”Whatever you just did do it again. Oh god it has her as wet as ever and clenching my fingers spasmodically.” So she likes it a little rough then. All I did was give her nipple a little bite. Just enough to sting but not hurt. I did it again and again as her thumb circled me and her hips jerked. I dragged her shirt up wondering how she would react to the bite being on bare skin. I could feel her getting wild with the attention we were showing her.

“Show us what you’ve got baby. Don’t hold in those delicious sounds. Take the pleasure we’re giving you and just enjoy it.” Again her hips jerked as i mumbled these words against the underside of her breast. Finally her breast was bare and I quickly sucked a nipple into my mouth wanting to devour her. Her hand tightened again around my shaft. It wasn’t painful but it wasn’t helping my effort to not explode in her hand. I wanted to bury my entire length in her and pound the hell out of her until she screamed our names.

I bit her nipple again and was fascinated when she screamed in pleasure tipping her head back into Ryder. I could hear him murmuring to her.” Let go baby. We’ve got you. We won’t let you fall. Just let go. Come for us.” I watched in fascination as her eyes set on fire and her hips jerked uncontrollably towards my brothers hand. I couldn’t hold back any longer and with a simple stroke into her hand violently jerking my hips towards her I found my release with her. Ryder must have felt the same way because I felt him jerk as he let out a loud groan.

She was screaming our names and panting as he swiveled his hand slowing down enough to keep her orgasm going for a while longer. I felt her hand slide out of my pants slowly as we finally caught our breath. My face was still buried in her chest giving her small comforting kisses along the skin there. “Beautiful, simply amazing.” I muttered to her. We were all going to need a shower. What better way to take care of her than to pleasure her and then bath her. One brother for each side.

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