Kinky's Carnival

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ON GALATEA. Cleo accepts an invitation to the new carnival in town, hoping for a distraction from her recent breakup. What starts out as an evening to forget how sexually deprived she is, quickly blossoms into a night of intense and *ridiculous* pleasure, given to her by none other than members of the circus. They’re rough, unhinged, and not exactly human. And for tonight? They’re all hers. Welcome to Kinky’s Carnival, where nothing is as it seems and you just might be the star of the show. Please be advised, this is erotica HUMOR and a short story. And no, I don’t know why I wrote this.

Erotica / Humor
M L Smith
4.8 99 reviews
Age Rating:

Welcome To Kinky's

“You realize we’re too old for this, right?” Cleo asked, staring down at the flyer in her hand.

It was black, glossy and smooth, with the words ′Kinky’s Carnival’ etched across the ...

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