😎 - EXCLUSIVE - Perfect Obsession - An Unsettled Novelette

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The way he looks at me ignites something inside of me, the darkness in his eyes promising to do nasty things to me all afternoon long. Until I find out that the fucker is married. Or at least I think he is. By the end of the night, the only two things I know is that I’m thoroughly confused and 100% horny.

Erotica / Drama
4.8 22 reviews
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Chapter 1


I didn’t expect to find a silver fox in my house when I came back for a weekend dinner. Dad rarely brings his friends to the house when I’m around, citing that he wants to pro...

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Elvia: El tema es muy interesante el termina enamorado de la chica pero está en contra de ese amor por ser la hija de su enemigo

leila162010: J'ai bien aimé cette histoire. Juste ce qu'il faut de piment. Par contre j'ai relevé 2 ou 3 fautes...

Teresa Knapp: Cute story. Needs some work on spelling and grammar and a few times the names got mixed up but overall it was a nice read.

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Anna: It was a great story, well thought through. Reading went quite fast, no grammar problem or typos.Thank you, author, for this great short story.

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Azumy alexia: Tienes un buen gusto bonitos gracias

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