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Billionaire's Bed

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The billionaire Leonardo Ferrari feels disappointed. And that woman who left his bed without giving a damn explanation has emphatically disappeared from his life. Red-haired, tall and magnificent, calling herself Gigi, she seemed impossible to locate, until a trail leads him to her... to haunt her in a sick way and, completely obsessed to the bone, he wants to force her to marry him. And he will be willing to do anything to achieve his still sinister plan. Mature content.

Erotica / Romance
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Her very lingual name only made my dick even harder after approaching that beautiful and enigmatic woman waiting alone at the bar. It’s not uncommon for such beautiful girls to come alone to this kind of place, most of them stand at the edge of the bar waiting for a guy to come over to pay for their drink and offer them an extra one. Some come looking for a husband, and others look for money offering a prostitution service, but we could say that none of them is interested in finding love.

Unfortunately for a woman as bestial as the one I have right now by my side. Bare-shouldered with long, wavy auburn hair falling on her bare back in her dress edged with sparkling gemstones that sit perfectly against her gorgeous skin.

For my part. I have to force myself to loosen the knot of my tie as it begins to tighten as well as my belt and my fly, but it would not be the right thing to loosen them in this place. Besides that this girl, “Gigi” seems to have something else, something that allows me to think that she would not be excited if I did such a thing but would scare her away since she seems to keep on her side as if she did not care that I am here ready to give everything to her sculptural body.

“And may I know what brings you to Milan...Gigi?” “Hell, I have to stop mentioning her name like it’s some weird fetish, or else she’ll end up looking at me weird.”

“I work,” she tells me.

”You don’t seem to have an accent very typical of these places bordering the Alps. Where are you from?”

”From the south.”

“Uh… Rome? Or further south?”


Wow, if she got paid to be sharp, I think she’d be a millionaire. Even so, it fascinates me that she tries to evade me, perhaps she knows the kind of women I like and that is why she maintains that gesture.

I can also feel the weight of the gaze of my friends, and business colleagues with whom we go out from time to time. I am the youngest of the whole group. While they are around thirty-five, I am about seven years younger. Even so, I was never bad at seduction strategies.

But you see this woman is costing me.

“And what do you do, Southern woman?”

She looks at me and seems uncomfortable. Damn, what am I doing wrong? just show me the way to go.

”I have a…business.”

Oh, wow. An enterprising girl. “You know, I have a company linked to investment groups and capital teams. We could provide help if necessary, as long as you let me know what it is.”

“Can I offer you money directly?”

She seems to feel insulted as she says to one of the bartenders:

”Excuse me, bring me the bill, please.”

”Hey? Wait, I’ll invite you, don’t worry,” I rush to tell her, and then I go to the guy with the drinks. “Add it to my frequent account, please.”

“Yes, sir,” he replies.

And, to my surprise, this manages to pull a full sentence out of that meaty mouth of hers:

“You seem to be a regular at the Terrazza.”

“Let’s say yes.”

In that, a very attractive girl who does not compare at all with the bombshell that is Gigi approaches me and asks me from a very inappropriate distance, but who seems to have been studying the limited responses of my interlocutor:

”Excuse me, handsome, do you have a light?”


She takes a deep breath, gets up from the bar, and heads off in the opposite direction. Nope! Don’t go yet, damn it!

“Sorry, I don’t have any for you” is my curt reply and I go after her.

“Wait!” I tell her, trying to push aside the people who are piling up in front of me and closing the space between us.

For an instant, I notice her gaze like a flash until she disappears from my sight. Not for long. A few meters away lies the women’s bathroom. Wow, now I understand, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ended up fucking in the bathroom of a nightclub.

I try to wait for her outside, but anxiety consumes me, if I have interpreted her signals correctly, she dragged me to this place for something more intimate. She’s a girl who likes to play dirty huh?

“Stop right there, man,” a guy guarding the entrance tells me. What is a man doing with access to the entrance to the women’s restroom? “Where do you think you’re going?” —Then I recognize that it is Daniel, he is from the security at the Terrazza floor where transgender target shows are held and matters that are not those that correspond to those of us who come to this floor. He can be here and take care of women without them feeling harassed by him since I know him and it’s not his sexual preference. On weekdays, he is sent to this sector and that is why I know almost everyone in this high-net-worth club. “Where do you think you’re going?”

The guy who is over six feet tall (I’m barely over six feet, but I don’t want any trouble anyway) crosses his arms in front of me and stares at me menacingly.

“My girlfriend just came in and she needs help.”

”You don’t have a girlfriend, Leonardo. You have more than one per night, but you know that we keep discretion here.”

“Then keep this discreet, it’ll only be a minute, I swear,” I tell him, putting a good mud of bills in the pocket of the shirt with the nightclub insignia: the word TERRAZZA wrapped in laurels.

He finally lets out a sigh and steps aside:

“Only because it’s you. One minute. No more no less.”

”Thank you!”

I leave the money and go inside. Inside, some girls who put on makeup, come out when they see me enter and seem to be scared by my presence here.

Finally, I hear a voice that seems familiar to me coming from the last cubicle of the toilets.

It’s her, she’s on the phone.

* “then come with me... Do not yell at me! ...NO! I’m not yelling at you, it’s just that the music is very…! Go to hell!”

She hangs up.

Damn, what a brave woman.

Although knowing that she is another man’s wife is not exactly something that raises my self-esteem, it is a brutal desire.

So, she opens the door and hits me head-on.

“AAAH!” she yells.

“Calm down,” I say. “It’s me, sweetie.”

“Get out of here, you pervert!”

“I’m flattered you called me that. Trouble in paradise? Anything I can be of help with?”

She gives me a shove in the chest and heads to the lavatories. I go after her and meet her face to face through the mirror while she washes her hands.

“Are you going to be there all night? Because I’m leaving this place now.”

”You don’t seem to be the kind of attractive and heartstopping girl who stands at the bar waiting for a drink.”

”And you do seem to be the slimy and unbearable stereotype.”

“Wow, you have character. You don’t know how that makes me feel.”

“Are you going to let me out?” she asks after drying her hands and I face her at the door before the girls outside make a mess because I’m taking away their chance to get in.

”Yes of course. My name is Leonardo, nice to meet you, Gigi.”

“Okay, Leonard. Can you step aside?”

”Yes. But I have something that can help you with those screams I just heard by accident.”

She seems ready to yell a lecture of insults at me, however this time she seems to be concentrating on containing it and asks me almost rhetorically:

“What do you want?”

I get so close to her that my chest and hers squeeze until her delicious perfume enters my nostrils leaving me intoxicated with her aroma.

“Buy you a drink, baby. Then, you decide how this story continues. In agreement?”

She frowns again in that unique way that begins to draw my attention. She fills her cheeks with air as if she were a little girl and finally answers me with:

“If I agree to that drink, will you stop bothering me? You are a magnificent stalker.”

“Thanks for the stalker thing.” I wink at her. “You look great too, beauty.”


Gigi sways against the wall of my hotel room as we walk past the magnetic entrance.

The weight of my body does not seem to be seen against hers, but we are both fascinated by the physical proximity that impetuously magnetizes us. The smell of alcohol intoxicates us both when we are already inside the room with the dim light of the lamp next to my king-size bed.

I try to get closer to her full lips, but she stops me with a finger against my mouth somewhere in the middle.

“For the record, I’m not doing this because I’m drunk,” she tells me.

I smile and I’m surprised that the sound comes out as if it were some kind of animal licking its lips ready to gobble up a feast.

“You don’t have to think about motives,” I declare.

And I pull her closer to me, kissing her with such force that every muscle I feel squeezes under the fabric of the tight shirt. Heat washes over me as soon as I’m able to stand with my arms out to her to pull my jacket off and toss it aside.

She also helps me with the buttons on my shirt as I undo them one by one from the neck until it is completely open and she hugs me feeling the definition of my wide back with her hands that are too thin as well as tiny. But something about her isn’t tiny, her luscious breasts as she feels me squeezing her body. A growing heat surrounds us when the shirt is already on the floor accompanying its sack companion and I take care of dragging her to the bed, inviting her to fall on its back on it. She looks magnificent between the white sheets in her tight satin dress. As delicate a woman as her image is, she might be able to get it painted like a renaissance painting and it would be worth billions and she doesn’t seem to know it.

She looks at me over her breasts as I drop to one knee and remove her heels. With these already on the ground, I take her feet and massage her delicate soles, delighting myself with their softness.

“Uufff!” she blurts out, letting herself be carried away by the pleasure, throwing her head back on the mattress.

”You like it like that?”

”It’s fabulous.”

”Oh yeah? And this?” I ask, kissing one of her toes down to her soft instep and down to her ankles, continuing to stimulate the erogenous skin of her feet as I move up her legs, feeling the way she arches as a cat in full act of defense, although in her it is a reaction of sensitivity.

Damn, she has sensitive skin.

This makes it even more interesting.

“I won’t ask permission to do this,” I warn her, reaching for the edge of the zipper on her dress, opening it and taking it off, fighting the urge to rip the fabric apart and leaving her as she came into the world.

a minute though…

Her pale breasts with pinkish nipples are exposed, leaving me with my cock a mile a minute as I watch her.

“You’re not wearing a bra,” I state.

She gasps, seeming to want to blurt out some kind of explanation that isn’t even relevant, to which I rush completely:

“What would be the point of covering something as magnificent as this?” I tell her and sit up on top of her, kissing one of her breasts. upturned

Sensing me, her mouth emits a long “aaahhh” while her nails are nailed to the bed sheets. I put them in my mouth and delight like someone who is submerged in a strange personal drug.

I suck and pull decisively, caressing her slowly down, finally finding the edge of her panties, turning me on with the little lace fabric covering this delicious area ready for more.

I go up with my mouth to the hollow of her throat, kissing the valley of her breasts until I go up to her lips that receive me decisively, letting herself be invaded by my mouth that fills her.

I can feel the way her tongue caresses against mine, the way her breath mixed with fruit and alcohol makes me addicted, and also the way her breathing quickens as my fingers play with the skin that covers the edges of her mouth. Holy shit, this is fucking crazy, fucking crazy! It’s on the verge of driving me completely insane.

Although she pushes me away and tells me still with my mouth glued to hers. When she speaks I can’t help but look into her eyes and pull away just to appreciate how magnificent her swollen lips look.

“No…it’s…okay this,” she barely articulates. I should...

“Shhh, don’t break the spell now, Cinderella.”

She laughs at my words.

A smile that soon turns into a long guttural cry as I reach down between her legs and pull off her panties. But I do this the way I like it, ripping them to shreds and throwing the tiny scraps of fabric to the side of the bed.

“Aaaagggg!” She cries out in a long moan as I sit down licking her wet and delicious core.

I grab her hips and pull her against my mouth, feeling the way her legs wrap around my shoulders and I nibble at the sensitivity of her labia minora until I reach her clitoris, that fascinating sensitive button that I caress first with the tip of my tongue, feeling the way it jerks with intense arousal as I invade it completely.

My teeth pull at the leather that covers the skin of his sensitive button, eliciting a gasp from her.

My fingers must grip her hips more tightly, even knowing this may leave her scarred tomorrow. She releases an earth-shattering moan as I pull and suck hard, nibbling at her skin and caressing her tortured tissues with the stubble on my chin.


She whimpers my name and it makes me even more beastly to hear her mention me, however, she insists:


I move away and look at her from below.

“You can call me Leo, baby.


I pull away and face forward, anchoring my knees to the sides of her hips and my hands on top of her shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her.

“I shouldn’t… be doing this…”

" Are you having second thoughts? Hmmm, yes you are doubting it.”

And the truth is that she would not want to know the reasons why she seems to be hesitating, she would not want to invoke the figure of someone else if that is what now seems to be making her question.

I set her down on the bed and she lies there as I step away and watches me loosen my belt, then drop my pants to the floor. I push my shoes off with my heels and feel the way my cock presses against the tight fabric of my boxer briefs.

She watches carefully.

I take off my boxer, freeing my cock which is very hard and drives me crazy at the idea of ​​being able to bury myself in her delicious core.

I walk over to the bed and get between her legs.

“So,” I murmur, “do you have a sexual appetite that doesn’t measure up to that…character?” It would be a shame if you don’t want to…”

I move closer to her.

I feel the weight of her gaze on my cock. She bites her lower lip and I read each of the gestures that mark her tender muscles.

I sink my knees to the edge of the mattress and brace myself against her core. She parts her lips looking for a deep breath.

With her legs spread wide ready for me, my fingers caress her sensitive area. She’s so wet…

I open my way between her core until I penetrate her with my index finger. I let myself in slowly feeling aroused at the way she is so tight and ready for me.

“Oh!” she lets out a little cry.

“Are you sure you still doubt it?”

She smacks her lips as she watches me like a hungry kitten and leaving barely any room between my stimulating fingers down there, I let the tip of my cock plunge into her.

Her whole body tries to arch up but I pin her against the mattress with my body weight.

“P...please...please...” she mentions, taking a deep breath.

I stop.

I stop with the cock already inside her, just my glans has entered while I watch her and start to move circularly.

She brings her hands up to sit on my hips.

“Why do you hesitate, baby? Do not do it. Don’t think of anyone but the two of us. Don’t think about the idiot who was yelling at you on the phone earlier, okay?”

“Oooh!” She gives another little cry as I bury myself deeper inside her until at least half of it has gone.

Her body responds by raising her hips and anchoring to mine, which put weight on her.

“Gosh,” she mutters.

“Do you like it?” I ask her, as I move inside her magnificent sex.

She presses her lips together and finally just nods sheepishly.


Okay, I guess the tough girl wasn’t taught what it’s like for a real man to be able to possess her in bed.

So I end up sinking hard into her.

“Do you like it, Gigi?”



“Y-yes!” I LIKE IT!

I pull out and slam hard into her feeling the impact of our pelvises and thighs slamming together.

“AAARRGGH!” she whimpers.

”You like it like that?”

And another one.


And stronger.


“I said you could call me Leo.”

She digs her nails into my back as I whip her into hard thrusts. She tries to hold on to me as I fuck her hard. However, my hands seek to cling to her chin, pushing her back and watching her with my fingers closed on her neck, intimidating her while I take her with devotion.

“So I can see you better,” I tell her.

She closes her eyes, but soon they meet mine as I penetrate her again and again, moving in and out of that tasty core as if it were a kind of home for me and my desire to be there.

I move away a little so I can go down and catch one of her nipples sucking hard while I continue to fuck her and I get up carrying her anchored against my hips, pushing her against a wall and taking her standing up.

The mirror in front of us returns our image and seeing it becomes one of the most exciting images that are recorded in my memory.

I let out a very hot, hard whimper.

I sink as deep as I can, feeling her scream.

I brace her against the wall so I can look her in the eye.

I hit her one more time.



”What’s going on?”

“No... I can’t take it anymore...” she declares.

”What’s wrong dear? Have you never been fucked like this before?”

It’s obvious when it happens that way which fascinates me even more. I attack her again with hard thrusts, obtaining her pleading voice as a reward.


”What? I can not hear you.”

“I won’t... be able to hold it in much longer…”

“Shhh, no, not yet,” I say.

Holding her hips and listening to the way her body and mine hit like warm applause that fills our ears.

“AH!” she cries, anticipating what is to come.

“Not yet!” I ask.

However, feeling the way she lets herself go against my cock is reason enough to fill her as well, leaving my seed and precious nectar climbing inside her.

Vanished against my body at a point of no return, I carry her against the bed and drop her here.

Feeling the way our bodies merge, I let her rest her head on my pillow and watch her submerged in the effects of sex and alcohol together in a dangerous cocktail.

“Gigi...” I murmur, moving her reddish hair aside, looking at her from the front and being fascinated by her beauty as if this were a fantasy.

I rest a kiss on her lips with a tenderness that I never do with anyone and I turn off the light of the nightstand at the edge of the bed to plunge us both into a deep sleep.



The sound comes bursting into my ears as if it were a true nightmare come true.

I feel a hangover thump on my head as I drag myself to the service phone at the hotel and answer,

“Y-yes?” Hello?

“Ferrari, good morning. I’m talking to you from Reception. I’m calling to find out if you need more time to vacate the room, it is ten o’clock.”


”Yes sir. Your check out was at eight, but if you need more time…”


And I hang up on the phone.

However, reality hits me with all its might, thus discovering that there is no one by my side.

Only a magnificent perfume on the pillow proves to me that last night was not just a dream.

“Gigi?” I try to call her, jumping out of bed like lightning and going to the bathroom looking for her.


She’s gone.

“Gigi!” I yell as I walk to the door and open it completely naked going into the hallway.


All deserted, she’s gone.

I don’t know what time, I don’t know what time.

The only thing I feel sure of is that Milan has brought me a surprise among so many trips that I have been able to make to this place and it has not been a coincidence for me.

So I go looking for my cell phone trying to track her down.


Gigi, what’s her number?


I don’t have any reliable information or confirmation that this could have been her real name...

For God’s sake, this woman...

Damn, Gigi, I swear with my life that I will find you!

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