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The Fraternity

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Short Story - Moving to Galatea! What would you do if four sexy fraternity guys prepositioned you to take their virginities? That's exactly what Harley asks herself as her classmates try to bring her to their beds. Will she go through with it and come out happy or will she regret it?

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Chapter 1 - Friend zoned?

"Ok, she's on her way here. Is everything ready?" Kai asks as he pockets his phone.

"Are we sure about this? I mean, what if she gets mad?" Trey nervously straightens a pillow on the couch. Suddenly he's turned domestic when he's usually the biggest slob of all of them.

Kingston, or King, pauses his game. "We can't stay virgins forever. She's a girl who tolerates all of us, what could go wrong?"

"She could report us to the dean." Henry shyly adds. He thinks of the dean of the engineering department and shivers. They could get kicked out of the university, they could be blacklisted and ridiculed.

"She wouldn't. Really, she's too kind for that." Kai tries to reassure them all but fails to even reassure himself. Being the only four members of their fraternity has a huge drawback, being that girls look at them and see engineering nerds, and that is about it.

"Kind? She would kick all of our asses, even yours Kai." Trey tries to lift their mood. Henry and he are shorter and overall smaller than Kai with his Pacific Islander genes and King with his mixed African American heritage. They both work out and their physique really shows it. Not that Trey and Henry aren't fit... for a skinny gamer.

That being said, Trey is still not short but taller than the average male. Henry has the advantage of an amazing metabolism and tones muscles without even trying, so who's really winning here?

"Stop worrying, everything will be fine," King says although he doesn't really believe that. In truth, he's shitting his pants.

Henry shakes his head and stands up. He fidgets with his pockets. "It will be so awkward. We have to study with her for another 3 years."

"If she doesn't report us and we all get kicked out, that is." Trey jokes.

"Why would she even go for us, any of us? Let's face it, she's gorgeous and smart as hell. She has the pick of the campus and we certainly don't." Henry's voice grows more and more anxious. He's about a moment away from tossing in the towel and going to his room, rubbing one out while thinking of the subject of all their spank bank.

"Yet she spends all her time with us." Kai rests his hand on Henry's shoulder, calming him down. Henry sits back down.

"Why?" Henry starts but is interrupted by the doorbell and stands back up to pace the floor. "Oh, fuck." He swallows the lump in his throat. "Oh, fuck."

"Calm down, we don't want her to run off before we've even suggested it now do we?" King barks. King goes to open the door while the others sit down on the couch.

The door flings open and Harley is met by a smiling King. She fixes the shoulder strap on her heavy backpack and returns the smile. "Hey, Kingston."

"Harley... Hey." He's floored by her long brown hair that bounces in perfect ringlets, her plump rose-shaded lips that always smile at him, and her big green eyes that sparkle when she's learning something new. Her heart-shaped face compliments her hourglass figure perfectly and the dress she's wearing does nothing to relieve his hard-on.

"Kai messaged me, I'm not early am I?" She hugs King and then walks past him. "Where's everyone?"

"In..." King clears his throat. "In the living room."

"Oh, we're studying in there?" Harley happily bounces into the living room and puts her backpack down with a loud thud. "Hey, guys."

"Hey." Kai pulls her into a bear hug.

Trey awkwardly hugs her next and when it's Henry's turn, he stays seated and looks down at the floor while blushing. "Hi." He quietly says with a small wave.

"Hey, Henry. How's Radion?" She asks about Henry's pet project, a robot that he started in high school.

Henry scratches the back of his neck. "Erh, good."

"Glad to hear it."Harley sits down next to him after digging out her computer and textbook.

"Let's start with the stats of Mechanical engineering," Kai suggests and everyone groans.

"Have you ever seen those posts asking what book ever made you cry and people will say Bridge to Terabithia or The Fault in our Stars? Well, they are all wrong, this is the book that can make anyone cry. Harley slams the engineering textbook shut, leans back on the couch, and starts rubbing her temples.

"Want to take a break?" King suggests.

"Please, a snack break." Harley groans.

Henry goes to the kitchen for snacks and drinks. King signals with his head for Kai to sit down next to Harley. "Turn with your back to me."

"What why?" Harley asks but does it anyways. Kings starts rubbing her shoulders slowly. She closes her eyes. "Oh, yes please." She giggles as she relaxes to his touch. Kai takes his seat on the other side and gingerly rubs her temples.

Harley moans, causing both men to grow a painful erection. They glance at each other and nod. "That feels heavenly."

King kisses her neck while Kai's hand travels further down to her chest. His lips are pressed against hers in a careful kiss, afraid to be rejected if he comes on too strong. Trey scooches closer and rubs her feet. After a few moments and they still haven't been rejected, he braves further and starts rubbing circles up her leg, eventually finding his way under her dress.

Harley moans louder and then suddenly slams her eyes open. She backs away from them, which is hard since she's cornered. "Guys? What are you doing?"

Henry stands in the middle of the room with a tray full of snacks and drinks. He puts the tray down, forgetting all about his erection and his basketball short that leaves little to the imagination.

"Making you feel good," Kai says as a matter of fact. He tries to get closer to her again but she quickly stands up and takes a few steps away from them.

"All... all four of you?" Harley's lip quivers. It's true that she likes them, more than friends, and has hoped to grow closer to one of them. Their lack of girlfriends always surprised her, after all, they were all rather good-looking and the nices gusy around.

She thought that maybe she could finally find a kind and sensitive boyfriend instead of the idiot she normally went for. Turns out, these four are just as much of idiots.

A tear slips down her cheek that she hastily wipes. Harley grabs her computer and textbook and shoves them in her backpack.

"Harley, please don't go. We're sorry." Trey exclaims as he follows her to the front door.

"Leave me alone."

King runs to the front door and blocks her as her hand lands on the doorknob. "Let us explain."

"There's nothing to explain. You're just like everyone else." She wipes another tear.

"Everyone else, who?" Kai's frustrated voice makes her jump. He's getting angry. His advances didn't work and instead, he made her cry.

"Every guy I've ever dated. At first, they are sweet and then it turns out that all they ever wanted was sex." Harley sniffs. "You know, people always talk about being friend zoned but no one ever talks about how it feels for a woman to think she has a friend only to find out that he just wanted to fuck her."

"That's not... fuck. Yeah, you are right but it's more than that." Trey takes a step closer to her but stops when she holds her hand up.

Harley shakes her head and looks at King. "Please let me go."

"I will, in a moment. I can't let you leave thinking that we only want sex from you." King takes a big breath and prepares to let all of his feelings out. He's interrupted by the least likely reason, Henry.

"You are a dream." Henry shyly says.

"What?" Harley sniffs again.

"Any guy would love to be near you and the four of us are lucky enough that we get to. At first, it scared the shit out of me. Just think about it. Here we are, four nerds who still haven't found the right girl to lose our virginity to and then we finally do. Imagine our surprise when we found out that it is you." Henry has stepped closer while talking and is within arms reach now. "Yeah, we're friends and all four of us would love for a chance to be more but if you say no to us all, or to one, two, or three of us, then we'll accept it and be happy for your friendship, assuming that we still have it."

Henry wraps his arms around her and lets her cry into his shoulder. Not a word is spoken as she gathers herself. The four guys look at each other, worry etched across their faces. Did they just screw up the only real thing they had going for them outside their program?

Eventually, Harley pulls away. She wipes her tears and blows her nose in the tissue Trey hands her. After clearing her throat she looks at them, one at a time. "I will need some time to figure out where to go from here."

"Yeah, that's fair," Trey says.

Kings opens the door and they all watch her walk away without looking back.

A week and some change later, the four guys are playing COD and are getting frustrated since their current mood is affecting their gaming skills. Kai exclaims and throws his controller on the couch as they lose again.

"I'm gonna call her." He announces.

"Don't." King barks.

"She needs time." Henry quietly says.

"How much time do we give her then? A year, is that enough?" Kai spits. All of their moods have taken a turn since they saw her last, his being the worst.

"As much time as she needs." Trey offers.

"Let's face it. At this point, we should be glad she didn't report us. Four classmates prepositioning her for sex. that'll go over well." Kai continues.

"That's not what we did... is it?" Henry asks. "I mean, I made it clear that we like her, didn't I?"

King shrugs his shoulders while Kai tosses his head back in frustration. Trey stares at the paused TV screen.

A phone chimes and they all jump to it, trying to dig out their phones. Trey groans when all he finds are countless notifications from spam emails, his mom nagging him to come for a visit, and late work he needs to complete.

King shoves his phone back into his pocket and Kai slams his on the coffee table.

They all look at Henry as he lets out a thrilled sound. "What?"

"She messaged me. Harley messaged me!" Henry shouts with excitement.

"What did she say?" Trey was on the edge of his seat. He couldn't remember a time he'd been this nervous. Is this when they lose her or has that already happened?

"She says that I need to be ready tomorrow night." Henry grins.

"That's it?" King is mad but mostly he's sad that Harley chose Henry and not him. From the looks of Kai and Trey, they are feeling the same.

Henry goes to his room, determined to clean it, wash his sheets, and do some grooming.

"Now what?" Trey asks with defeat.

"Now, we are happy for our friends despite the ache inside us," Kai replies.

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