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Cold(#1 Ruthless Player)

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Nick stalks towards me like a predator who has cornered his prey. And right now I very much feel like one. I scrambled up on the bed, he followed. Prowling until he is plastered against me, with the headboard digging into my back. I was entirely at his mercy. There was no place for me to run. No place for me to hide, I'm trapped. He lifted his hand and slowly, leisurely stroked my face. From my brow to my chin, he rubbed my lips with his thumb,I trembled. “You're shaking Andrea, why's that?” I tried to speak but no words were able to come forth, it seems my ability to speak had abandoned me. “You have nothing to fear from me. I just want to know one thing, who sent you?” “No one, I swear … I didn't.. I don't know what you are talking about Nick.” He tsked, he didn't believe me. Of course he didn't. He's smarter than that. Nicklaus Montgomery didn't become one of the richest, most influential people in the world by being stupid. Even I could hear the lie in my voice, I'd always been a horrible liar. “You don't know how hard I'm trying to control myself right now. So do yourself a favor and answer my questions honestly. Maybe I could try not to call the police and have you arrested and we could find a way to work things out between us.” His voice was calm,he was not shouting as I expected anyone in his position would be.

Erotica / Romance
A K Adam
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London 1987

“Cosa dicono le autorità?” (What are the authorities saying?) The older man asked in quick Italian, it wasn't phrased as a question, more like an order. He was a man who was used to giving orders and expecting nothing less than obedience. He was a tall, broad chested man,his age somewhere between early forties and late fifties. His suit and long coat were all black. His equally dark fedora shrouded half his face in shadows. The other man who had just come back from checking the scene of the accident where the cops were busy conducting their investigation. He was the opposite of his boss, two decades or so younger, his height not more than 5 feet 9 maybe 5 ten,he answered the question in english.

“They are saying the accident was caused by brake failure, Sofia and one of the kids are dead. The other child has been taken to the hospital by the paramedics.”

The older man nodded with satisfaction,it was for the best that she died before he could do the deed himself. She had gotten what she deserved in the end. The child that died with her could have made a good capo, nowadays there aren't good enforcers, he could have taught him everything and made him into a fearsome man. But no worries he had his heir. The surviving child who would inherit everything including his rightful place as Don when his time came and he was dead.

“Santorini, make preparations and get the baby from the hospital, call the pilot and order him to refuel tonight . We leave in the morning.”

“Sì Don, mi occuperò di tutto".(Yes Don I'll take care of everything.)

Present day, Two years ago,


The hospital was empty of all movement as it was with most hospitals around this time,except in the cases of emergencies. It was midnight after all, fortunately there weren't any such cases. Alessandro had planned this, had timed his visit when it was late and the hospital staffs were exhausted and sleepy and weren't paying much attention. He got out of the elevator on silent feets and bypassed the nurses station—where one of the two nurses manning the station was deeply asleep, the other distracted over the phone. He walked unhurried, almost leisurely, through the narrow hallway of the second floor completely at ease, sure he wouldn't be caught.

There was no reason for him to be alarmed,just yet. If anyone came upon him the only thing they would see is that he belonged. No one would question him, not dressed as he was, he read the name tag with the name of Doctor Benjamin again. Tonight Alessandro was just a doctor checking up on his patient. And as a doctor his patients health is priority,checking up on patients is what doctors do. He grinned darkly; he almost believed that bullshits himself.

Alessandro was no doctor. That's for sure, he was the opposite of a doctor. Doctors heal wounds, patch up people, bandage them up and save lives. He? He inflicts pain, he cuts and makes men bleed and cry like babies, torture them and if he wants take their lives, that's who he was, who he still is. Alessandro mentally counted down room numbers watching out for the room he was looking for.

When he came across it, he casually surveyed his surroundings before he quietly walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Like he had every right to be there. He moved on silent feet until he was standing over the prone body on the bed. If not for the beep beep sounds, the zigzag lines on the EKG monitor and the slight rise and fall of her chest. Alessandro would have thought the woman was dead. In his heart he knew if she was on life support it means she hasn't got much time.

She had become thin, almost frail, her once dark lustrous hair had thin and lost its luster. If Alessandro had a heart it would have twisted with sadness of seeing a once lively woman reduced to this. But all he felt was emptiness. When he'd met her years ago he'd thought she was the strongest most beautiful woman he had ever met. But seeing her on this bed like this. It made him uncomfortable, she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, but she was now fragile and broken.

She was so sick there were too many wires stuck into her, her face was half covered by an oxygen mask. He turned to leave but stopped when he heard her too soft voice. It was the same voice, slightly accented unlike before, but still the same. He turned back and faced her, she was still lying down but she'd removed the oxygen. She tried to sit up.



“Aiutami a sedermi.” Alessandro walked closer, and touched the buttons on the side rail,until the bed was raised. Then he proceeded to righted her, placing the pillows on the bed behind her until he was sure she was comfortable. He went to step back, but she quickly held his hand in hers weakly. Alessandro didn't do emotional, he certainly wasn't a touchy-feely kind of person. But for once he didn't break the fingers that touched him uninvited, he didn't utter the usual warning.

“Sei venuto.” You came. Her voice was weak and speaking took effort. Just these two words had winded her,the sickness had ravaged her once healthy body and made her weak. Weaker than Alessandro had first thought.

“Si, you left me a message, remember?”

“Non ho molto tempo. Voglio chiederti un favore, un ultimo desiderio, per favore.” I haven't much time, I want to ask you for a favor, a last wish please. She started to dry cough, the sound was nothing Alessandro had heard before. It was bad. He rubbed her back. It was instinct, nothing more.

“Stop straining yourself,save your strength. We can talk another time. I will call the doctor on my way out.” She weakly clutched at his hand with surprising strength and continued speaking when the cough ease.

“No,I want you to promise me ... .promise me…me you would save them and right whatever wrongs had been…done, Per favore.” Stubborn woman. Alessandro only wanted her to stop exhausting herself, he knew it was costing her. This unnecessary talking. But if promising her would stop her, then it was what he would do.

“Si, si, I promise.” She nodded exhausted.



“Do you hate me?” There was sadness in her voice when she asked this.

“Never.” There was no hesitation. He meant it, once, long ago he might have resented her, he might have been angry with her. But he never truly hated her. Never.

“It's okay if you do. I deserve that.” Her voice was weak and sluggish.

“I don't. And you definitely don't deserve any of these.”

“Forgive me?” He shook his head, then he realized her eyes lids were droopy almost completely close. She couldn't see him.

“There's nothing to forgive.” Satisfied. A serene smile graced her dry lips. Like his forgiveness mattered, like it meant the world to her. And maybe it did. Alessandro didn't know.

“Your hair is shorter, I like it.”

“Thank you.”

“I'm so tired Alessandro, I want to sleep.

“Then go to sleep.” She sighs and patted his hand, her eyes completely closed now. She looks serene, almost peaceful.

“You're a good person Alessandro Amore mio. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” He wasn't. Far from it actually, but Alessandro let her believe it, if it would make her happy, who is he to argue with her.

“I'm sorry I hurt you,it weighs heavily on my heart the…the.” she started hysterically coughing, it sounded fucking horrible.

“Please stop talking, save your strength,si? I'm going to call the doctor now.” He would call the doctor,he didn't fucking care he would be seen. Whatever happened later he could handle it right now, his primary objective is to help this woman. But when he went to press the emergency call button. He realized her hand had become lax and she'd let go of his hand. The hand she had been holding on to like a lifeline. The hand now holds a small single key.

Alessandro knew in that instant that he had been wrong, it wasn't emptiness he felt when he looked at her earlier. It was shocked, to him she was strength personified. When he saw how sickly she was his heart froze, Alejandro realized that he did in fact have a heart, that was until now. He'd fail his primary objective but he'd gain a new one. He meant to keep his words.

He would save and protect.

Then he would right every wrong.


“The patient Mr John Doe has already been transferred to another hospital in New York by his guardian last night.”

“His guardian? Officer Danny asked, confused. Then quickly he masked his confusion and said.

“Can you please tell me the name of his guardian? And the name of the hospital he was transferred to.”

“I'm sorry but I can't disclose that information, you'll have to ask the director,excuse me.” With that the pretty middle aged Nurse turned and walked away.

Without wasting time he'd go to the office of the Medical director. The man had cooperated with him, giving him the name of the guardian and the hospital the patient was transferred to. But when Officer Danny went to the hospital, there was no patient with John Doe's description. He'd even checked the hospital rooms but he found nothing.

In all his 15 years working as a police officer, Officer Daniel O'Connor has never left a case unsolved, if he can help it. He has a reputation as a stubborn hunting dog. He knew people call him that and he didn't mind. He loves his job and loves solving cases, the more mysterious the case the better. Two weeks ago he'd witnessed a car accident that shook him,on I278.

The driver was lucky—if he could even call it that, he'd barely manage to crawl out of the car before it exploded, though he wasn't unscathed,he was badly burnt to the point of being unrecognizable. But he was alive and with a few surgeries and maybe some plastic surgery he could go back to normal, the other passenger wasn't so lucky, he'd burn with the car in the end there was nothing left of him. Officer Danny was the one who had rushed him to the hospital.

What had really confused him and had made him question if the accident was really an accident and not a murder was the way the fire had burned for hours, even the fire department hadn't been able to put it off. The fire had burned everything to ashes, not leaving a single means of identification. Somehow Office Danny suspected foul play, he was the investigation officer of this particular case and now the only lead he had has escaped him. He has so many questions and no answers but the most pressing question was. Who was the guardian of the John Doe? And where had he taken him?

Hi guys! So, if you're a native of Italy or can speak Italian, you might or might not notice incorrectly written Italian words. Please please don't blame me, 😁 I don't speak Italian and the translation I found were from search engines. With that said please don't forget to comment like and review. Thank you!

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