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Phantom's Desire 2: Brother's Fall

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Taking place during and just after Phantom's Desire: Sister's Choice. This is the side of the story that Rin's younger brother, Nez, experienced leading up to the conclusion of the previous story. Events unknown to Rin are revealed through Nez's point of view and shows the full picture of what these siblings have become and what their future may have in store for them.

Erotica / Fantasy
Nezaka Pracala
Age Rating:

Fate of the Book

“Yo! Dude! Check this out!” Matthias calls out to me from across the store. He brought me to this store that apparently sells supernatural oddities, like cheap ghost hunting equipment, voodoo dolls, and tons of things related to witchcraft along with some books about spells and history. Now that I think about it, Matt probably just wants to learn more about what my sister is into since he has a huge crush on her. As I approach, I see a large assortment of various types of dolls. “There’s so many voodoo dolls here. Do you think Rin would want any of these?”

“Nah. She’s into witchcraft and ghost stuff.” I back away from the creepy wall of dolls and slowly walk around the shop. I was hoping to find something to entertain my sister’s hobby since she lets me live with her while I go to college, but after helping her with research on all sorts of occult stuff, I can now see that most of the items in most of these stores are obviously fake versions of things that I’ve researched. Eventually, the old man working at the desk notices that I’m looking for something specific.

“Young man, are you having trouble finding something?” His crackling voice spooks me a little since I forgot he was right there.

“Kinda. My sister is a huge nerd for occult stuff, so I was hoping to find something she’d-”

“Hey, Nez!” Suddenly, Matthias interrupts me while waving a voodoo doll at me. “Ya think if I use this on Rin, I’d be able to- OW!” I step on his foot to shut him up quickly. “Fine, I’ll just annoy my mom with it instead.”

“Sorry about him. He doesn’t know anything about this kind of stuff.” I quickly apologize to the old man as Matt walks back to the voodoo doll wall.

“Don’t worry, kiddo. I see folks like him all the time here. Hmm.” He smiles before pausing to think for a moment. “I might have something your sister hasn’t seen before. See that ragged book at the far end of that shelf? Bring it here, would you?”

“This one?” I pull out an old book and he nods.

“This old thing’s been sitting on that shelf since before I started working here almost fifty years ago and no one seems to even notice it. I doubt anyone else is going to take it and you seem like an honest young man, so I’ll give you a discount. How does seventy-five percent off sound?”

“Hmm.” I hesitate while looking at the book. It’s definitely really old and I’ve never seen markings like the ones covering it. After checking the price to make sure I can afford it with the discount, I pull out my wallet. “Sure, I’ll take it.”

After waiting for Matthias to buy a voodoo doll, we leave and I drive him home before driving myself home. By the time I get home, it’s about midday and the house is completely quiet. I let out a sigh as I know that means my sister hasn’t gotten out of bed yet. Although I normally wake her up at about eight o’clock in the morning, I let her sleep in on the weekends, but I think it’s time for her to get up now. I head to her bedroom with the book in my hand and knock on the door loud enough to wake her up.

“Hey! Rin! Ya wake up yet? Hey! Wake up ya big nerd!” I yell, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to get up unless I give her a good reason. “If you don’t get up, I won’t give you the cool book I found!”

Eventually, Rin opens the door and I tap the book on her head. I struggle not to stare when I notice she’s only wearing her hoodie from the night before and a pair of purple lace panties that barely cover anything. I can even see a tiny bit of pubic hair and the indent of her pussy underneath, but thankfully, I’m able to keep a straight face. After handing her the book so she can confirm that I wasn’t scammed, she gives me a little bit of money as a reward since I actually spent most of my weekly allowance and I leave her to mess around with the book while I play some games. I don’t completely understand all the occult stuff like she does, so I don’t really pay much attention when she tells me there’s ghosts of some tribe or whatever sealed inside the book. I think she mentioned it was an ancient African tribe, so it’d be a little funny if she summoned a black guy since Rin is actually somewhat racist.

A few hours later, I decide to fix up a sandwich for dinner and check on Rin to see if she wants one. Honestly, it was actually a little funny seeing my sister crawling around on the floor setting up some kind of dumb ritual while still half naked. After making her a sandwich, I check on my sister again and actually scare her enough to get her to jump a little. Apparently, she was trying a summoning ritual, but she was missing a name or something, so it didn’t work and now my sister’s in a bad mood. However, she must not be in that bad of a mood since I’m fairly certain she’s actually horny while we’re eating and watching anime. I can barely hear her breathing heavily and I can kind of see her nipples poking through her hoodie. I try to hide my glances, but I can’t help but think that she left off her bra just to tease me like this. I manage to get through watching the show without being caught, but I honestly can’t remember what we were watching. I tell Rin goodnight and go to the bathroom to take a quick shower before going to bed.

I get up at my usual time the next morning and have breakfast while getting ready to leave for the day. Before leaving, I go to wake up Rin, but after opening her door, I remember that I promised not to wake her up this week as a condition for getting some cash as a reward for finding that old book. I see the book on her desk and decide to take it to either get a refund, resell, or just chuck it since Rin said it does nothing and she usually doesn’t keep dusty old books like this anyway. Just before leaving, I can’t help but stare at my sister as I finally notice that she’s asleep with her hoodie opened halfway and her perky tits are clearly exposed for me to see. I quickly pull out my phone and take a picture, but I freeze when my phone makes a noise. Thankfully, my sister doesn’t wake up from the noise. I pull a blanket over her and quietly close the door before finally leaving.

The day slowly goes by and it feels like it takes forever to finish my classes since I was distracted by the mental image of my beautiful older sister laying mostly naked on her bed. I wish that I could hook up with someone as hot as Rin, but I doubt that would happen since my sister told me that girls like her prefer big, strong guys and not slim, weaker boys like me. I believe her, but I really don’t want to admit that I’m not strong. Those thoughts continue to bounce around in my head until I meet up with Matthias after all of my classes are finished.

“Seriously? She actually tried to summon a ghost? Wow, dude. Too bad it didn’t work. You sure it was done right?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure Sis did everything these notes told her to do.” I hand the old book to Matt and watch him flip through some of the notes. “I think she said something about there not being a name of someone to summon.”

“Damn, dude. This thing really does look legit. Hey, what if we use a title instead of a name? Like warrior, hunter, chieftain, or something like that.” He actually looks as interested in the dumb book as my sister was.

“Nope. Rin tried saying chieftain, but nothing happened.”

“Hmm. Maybe whoever wrote these notes did the same thing, so the chieftain isn’t in the book anymore? A tribe only has one chief, so you’d have to summon someone else for it to work, right?

“I guess that makes sense.” I shrug and zip up my bag as I finish my snack and get ready to leave, but I notice Matthias looking at the price tag that’s still on the book.

“Hey, alright if I have the book? I can pay you for it too.” He quickly pulls out more cash than what I spent since he doesn’t know I got a discount.

“Deal!” I grab the cash immediately. He may be my best friend, but I’m not passing up that much cash if he’s offering it. I then notice that he has a somewhat evil grin on his face. “Matt, what are you thinking?”

“Huh? Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about getting someone to haunt my mom to freak her out a little. She thinks I’m useless and since Dad works all day, she’ll be in a total panic about a stupid ghost! Haha! Doesn’t that sound hilarious?”

“Yeah, I’m sure Mrs. Arion is going to love being haunted by an African ghost, especially since she’s more racist than my sister. Well, have fun with that. Anyways, grab your stuff and let’s go.” I pick up my bag and start heading to my car with Matt.

After dropping Matthias off at his house, I head home to find no sign that my sister has left her room. I set my bag on the counter and go to Rin’s room where I quickly open the door to find my sister practically naked. Sure, she’s wearing thin black panties and a crop top, but that crop top is basically transparent! I forgot she even had that shirt since she got it a year ago to get some sexy pictures to sell to some of her fans, but she never actually went through with it. I thought she got rid of that shirt, but now she’s standing in front of me with her boobs clear as day!

“Something wrong? Did you break or something?” Rin snaps her fingers and finally gets my attention.

“Huh? Oh, no, nothing’s wrong. I just, uh, blanked out for a second.” Am I going to tell her that I can see her breasts? Hell no! I just need to act natural and she won’t catch on and kill me. So, I just smile and try my best not to stare at my sister’s perfect body.

Unfortunately, Rin asks about the book and, judging from the tone in her voice, she actually really wants it for some reason. Since I don’t want to say I scammed my friend into buying it from me, I tell her that I sold it to some random guy who was looking around the shop where I got the book. She seems a little disappointed, but not angry and she gives up on finding it, so I guess it wasn’t too important to get it back. I should still ask Matt for the book back tomorrow though. Rin also acts a little strange and even asks if I heard something, but I’m sure she’s just trying to get me paranoid about something actually haunting us because she performed some dumb ritual.

I quickly change the topic and tell her about a new anime I heard about and we relax on the couch with some food for dinner. However, I’m not paying any attention to the anime because I’m looking at my phone while trying to stealthily get some pictures of Rin while she’s distracted. This time I mute my phone so it doesn’t make any noise when I take a picture. While I’m taking pictures, I notice that she’s breathing heavily and her nipples are trying to poke through her crop top again, but this time I can actually see them! Her panties also look a little wet too. I wonder if she was watching porn or hentai right before I got home because she is so horny right now.

After taking some pictures and videos, I tell Rin that I’m tired and quickly run to the bathroom to take a shower while hiding the obvious bulge in my shorts. Once I get to the bathroom, I turn on the shower and quickly strip and stand by the toilet. I spend the next few minutes stroking my six inch, white dick as I glance back through the pictures and videos I took of Rin before switching to social media to find more stuff to help me cum. Eventually, I squirt a little bit of semen into the toilet and finally go limp, so I flush and step into the shower where I zone out for a while. I realize I’ve been in the shower longer than usual, so I quickly get washed up and finish showering before heading to Rin’s room to apologize for taking so long even though I’m not entirely sure how long I was actually in there. I knock on her door and apologize, but before going to my room, I swear that I heard Rin make a faint noise that almost sounded like a moan of some kind. I shrug it off thinking my imagination is still having some lewd thoughts and proceed to go to bed.

The next day arrives and it’s just as slow as yesterday. Lewd images of my beautiful sister haunt my mind throughout the day and make focusing even more difficult than it already is. The end of the day finally comes and I meet up with Matthias as usual. However, he seems a little worried about something. I’m just hoping he didn’t sell the book to someone else and I’ll have to buy it back from them.

“Yo, Matt. Mind if I borrow the bo-”

“Yeah, that’s gonna be a bit of a problem…” He stops me while avoiding eye contact like he’s been preparing this apology.

“Why’s that?”

“So, I was trying out that ritual thingy with the book and wanted to see if my mom would react to the ghost of an black African warrior suddenly haunting her last night.”

“And how’d that go for ya?”

“Well, nothing happened. Well, something happened, but it didn’t involve the book. Well, actually it did involve the book, but not in the way that you think-”

“Matt, please. Just fucking say it already.” I try to get him to quit avoiding the conclusion.

“Yeah, okay. Mom saw the ritual symbols and the book. She kinda flipped out on me for doing something she thought was satanic, took the book, tore pages out of the book, and threw it in the trash.”

“Fuuuck. Dude. Wait, isn’t it trash day today?”

“Yep. We’re not getting it back.”

“Fuck!” I lay my head on the table and groan for a moment. “Whatever. Rin didn’t seem to care too much when I told her I sold it, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Speak for yourself. I paid you back for it, so I’m the only one actually losing something.”

Without lifting my head, I hold up a middle finger and Matt does the same after holding up my head so I could see it. We laugh it off as a dumb mistake and carry on by talking about games and anime. After some time passes and the sun begins to set, I give Matt a ride home and then drive myself home. I’m surprised by my sister when I arrive home since I normally have to go to her room to tell her that I’m home, but this time she actually left her room to welcome me home. It was weird, but nothing else unusual happened and we spent some time having dinner and watching anime like we normally do. Eventually, I head to the bathroom to take a shower before bed, but once again, I end up taking more time admiring the pictures I took of my sister yesterday. I know it’s weird, but I can’t help myself since my sister happens to be the type of girl I think is perfect. She’s beautiful, honest, totally chill, loves games and anime, and she’s the type that doesn’t care about physical attractiveness, so a girl like her wouldn’t mind that I’m slim and have an average six inch dick. After spending a few minutes jerking off and cumming to the thoughts of how perfect Rin is, I quickly take my shower. As I’m heading to my room, I stop since I thought I heard Rin, but I don’t hear anything else, so I continue to my room and go to bed.

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