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YouTube:1, Cat and Mouse's Rubber Blog

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Dom Cat, and Sub Mouse share their Monthly extreme Rubber Adventures on YouTube and have a large following.

Erotica / Fantasy
Dee Vee Iante
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Base Layer & Depilation

Good evening, Cats and Mice to the seventeenth edition of Cat and Mouse. We have over one hundred thousand viewers since our fifteenth post and are close to two hundred thousand. Over seven hundred have become Cats and Mice. Thank you. This means Mouse and I can go full time and will post a monthly video and event. This Saturday, we are at the Ice Palace. The venue can only manage two hundred guests, so the first 100 cats and mice to register will receive the invitation. Shall we start with the dress up recommendation? Yes.

My Mouse is already in her base layer rubber catsuit. I like her to wear suits a size smaller. It is uncomfortable for Mouse at first, but then she flips, and she loves it. Before you put her hood over, we need to shave Mouse’s head stubble. Hair under rubber is irritating. Last time when we did this, you overwhelmingly wanted me to include shaving Mouse’s head. If you do not, just skip to the second part of the recording.

Shaving Mouse’s head is cathartic for us both and relaxing. I have Mouse use a rubber comforter as part of the process. Once we have her head and eyebrows leathered, we shave her hair carefully with a cut-throat razor, and twice. As we do, we like to listen to Celine Dion…

There, all done. Does she not have a perfect head shape? Yes, the ears stand out, but the hood will fix her ears. The more she wears her hoods during the day, the flatter the King Charles ears become. What? Oh, Mouse wants a second rubber catsuit. Bonus!

We use high quality but low sheen rubber suits. The higher quality rubber glides smoothly over the base layer cat suit and makes it easy to remove unwanted air bubbles. It has a higher tensile strength and is less likely to tear. There we have it. Notice how the solid rubber catsuit smooths out her sharp hips and shoulders? It compresses Mouse nicely and gives her a soft feminine outline. Mouse needs a few moments of rest and so too will your mice. I will resume in a moment…

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