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Selene meets a friend and ends up turning into more than just friends. How far will this affair go?

Erotica / Romance
C. S. Esmeray
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The past 5 years of Selene’s marriage had been a loveless sham of a relationship. Although she had given herself fully to working on it and trying to make it work out, her efforts had been a lesson in futility that she was ready to graduate from. She knew that it was time to walk away and cut her losses even after over a decade of being with John, but couldn’t find the way to just fully let go. When John and Selene were first married things were good, and they were both loving and beyond the honeymoon stage of things. After Bianca was born, life changed but the love was still there, until suddenly John changed. He started being listless, and more reserved, and downright suspicious. Early on when Bianca was just a newborn, John admitted to Selene about his feelings for another woman, and despite her knowing unequivocally there was an affair, John denied it throughout their marriage. That caused the first big rift in what had been a strong foundation in their marriage.

Selene eventually forgave John, but it was never fully forgotten. Life moved on, and he acted like he fully loved and was devoted to Selene and Bianca. Then life changed majorly for the couple. John was forced out of active duty army before he had planned to finish his military career and had to join the civilian world. They called it cutbacks in the military force in the government and he was one of the few unlucky numbers that were chosen at random to cut and force out early despite still having time in his current enlistment. After 15 years of military life, and taking orders from others, John was not equipped for life in the civilian world and with that there were numbers of fights. Selene had given up her career early on to be a stay at home wife and mother and travel all over the world at the whims of the needs of the army, and was forced back into trying to find a career, and keep things together. John was argumentative, and fluttering between jobs trying to get his footing, and blaming Selene for everything.

There were even some times that he lashed out and hit her in the middle of the fights but nothing that she thought was something to worry about. He finally, after a year outside of military life, found a decent job and seemed to love things there, but the fights and damage seemed to be already done. Selene was oblivious to the fact their marriage had fallen apart and kept on trying to keep it going. She loved John, and picked up the slack where they had been a team making decisions and getting things done, while John retreated more and more into letting go of any choice or decision to be made about Bianca, the marriage, or anything at all, even in his own life. And sex? Nonexistent at all, both were too tired, or not even in the mood when they weren’t in the middle of a fight.

Selene then started to find things had changed with John to the point of no return. She suspected another affair but it was to the point she no longer wanted to push to the point of making it work. She hit her last straw when he finally snapped and hit Bianca one night during a fight. His temper flared up when Bianca jokingly made a smart aleck comeback to something he had said and the back of his hand met her porcelain cheek. You could see the light in her eyes shatter and grow dim. Selene knew at that moment, she was over it all. There was no reason for her to try to salvage the small whispers of flames on any small hope of emotion she had left for John. His anger was out of control and it had been growing more and more everyday. She could handle his anger being directed at her but not at Bianca. She still looked up to him and loved him, but when he struck her, something changed with her and how she felt about him.

Bianca was young enough that she soon got over the slap but she obviously did not forget it and the sting from it and it was enough that it broke her trust with him. She started to withdraw and stay more in her room to herself instead of out with Selene and John doing things. When she started to retreat to the safety of her room, Selene started to spend more time reading or doing things with just herself. John tended to be oblivious to it all and continued to watch tv or play video games and this time without an audience. Gone were the days where they all sat and watch tv, movies, or went out together to do things as a family.

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