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The Rubber Maid

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Mose loves her boss who is kind, generous and super hot. What's even better, she seems to be interested in her but Mouse knows that she is too ugly, too awkward, too everything. When Cathenne needs a house sitter, Twilight Zone stuff happens.

Erotica / Romance
Dee Vee Iante
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I woke to another beautiful morning and stretched. With the early department assessments done, Franchisheck should confirm our bonus today and tonight will be a night out with the girls. I swung my legs out and had to untangle my long green latex nightdress from my rubber Cheshire Cat onesie with cat ears, worn over my pink, hooded, gloved, and footed rubber catsuit. I stretched, enjoying the way my latex drew up between my legs, clinging to my skin and the pleasure of silence with my rubber hood layers.

I padded to the shower, turned the water on, and removed my beautifully warm and heavy nightgown. Waiting for the water to get hot, I hung the green nightgown with the many others in my secret rubber room. Only access through the full-length mirror in that bathroom, my rubber room was full of my rubber clothing since I started wearing rubber around age fourteen. I also undressed my Cheshire Cat onesie, which also covered my face with translucent rubber for eyes. I love my rubber!

The water was hot, so I turned it a little cooler and stepped under the rainfall showerhead in my pink onesie. I loved those first few minutes of hot water running over my rubberized body and it gave me a high. When my heated onesie was loose enough to stretch the hood and neck entry open, I let water flow in then wriggle out of the pink suit; what a ride!

I stood in my latex boy leg leotard and latex tights, pink of course, ready for them to come off. I opened the leotards, hood and neck and let water flow in. What a fierce feeling. Quite yer gurning lass and get on with it! Off with the latex tights, latex bra and latex undies and time for shampoo and soap, the tedious part of showering. Out of the shower, turned the latex inside out. Put each item in a pillowcase and into the mini washing machine in the rubber room. Step back into the shower for an all over air dry.

Dried, time to get dressed. Pink for sleep, but baby blue for under today. Baby blue short-sleeved, high-cut latex bra and latex boy shorts. The blue neck entry gloved and footed catsuit was from the time she was seventeen and gloriously tight. Too tight for today? Banjaext, go for it. I put on the blue and then out of sheer lust, I took a second, sprayed my suit with latex glide and put on the second. I would regret it around lunchtime when it got hot, but right now, I’m gee-eyed out of my head.

I did my morning yoga routine, not for health or flexibility, but to have my catsuits sit right, tight and in contact with every part of my skin. Oh Raging, I was drawing out the routine excited by the feel of the rubber layers tightening, settling, and gliding. What a Ride! Settled, I went to brush and floss my teeth, noticing my wild red hair all over the place. Mouse would sort that.

Out of the bathroom, looking at the pair of blue fleecy lined tights I prepared for this morning. But again, my wild hormones gave me no choice. I slid into the tights, feeling the gliding of my rubbers as I did. It was so sensual, carnal, yes, hedonistic, but that is who I am since my teenage years. No, no, I can’t, but I did put on the matching long-sleeved, turtlenecked fleecy lined leotard. I knew I would boil outside of my air-conditioned office.

I looked at my ribbed fitted dark blue woolen oval necked to the knee dress with a full-length rear zipper and long sleeves. I hid most of the blue fleecy lined tights and leotard but not all. With hints of blue by my boots, wrists, and neck, Mouse will surely like that. One of these days, Mouse will accept and come out for drinks, I hoped! Fierce how hot I felt and was on the verge of changing, but then Mouse’s face flashed in my mind. Oh-my-I-am-cooking, and I will regret it, but I will love the way Mouse reacts when she sees me this morning.

Walking to the office, slowly, stopping for a short black, Cat wondered what it was about the strange Mouse girl that made Cat try so hard to get her attention. Its not that she craved attention! She got that already even when she hid her shape under many layers. Even cool Arunah occasionally hit on her then turned cold again. That is a strange relationship between me and Arunah as it is between me and Mouse. It has to be me that is strange. It had to be Roxy’s fault! Since Roxy, Roxanne, the mad sexy weird bitch, a tough act to follow, no one exploded my hormones as much as the quiet, unassuming mousy Mouse.

Thinking about Mad Roxy excited me, For all her antics, Roxy was a Sub if the Dom was strong enough. Usually, she would start out as a Sub, but then, without the Dom noticing, she would turn the tables and before you knew it, you were her rubber doll, her weekend entertainment, her slave, her sex toy. Once that happened, Roxy lost interest and moved on. It was a strenuous few years with Roxy, unforgettable, but also stressful. Not again.

Thinking about Mouse I felt the heat building and was acutely aware of her rubber layers and the tightness of her tight hot rubber. I floated out of the elevator on a wave of sensual hot and tight rubber pleasure, short of ecstasy. I hurried to my desk and composed myself, cooling down in my air-conditioned office. I checked the temp, and it was a few degrees below the usual office temp. Sigh, Mouse turned it down when she came in.

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